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Now On. Now On. Now T m *?> ■&S*2^Mti : §&*? '• MESSRS BSEMG, HARRIS,, & CO.'S STOCK. Sheeting, Quilts, Blankets, Flannelettes, Calicoes, Cretonnes, Curtain Nets, Floorcloths, Carpet Squares/Mats, and Mattings, Etc., Etc. i The above are slightly damaged by smoke and water, and will be offered at Exceptionally Low Prices. Our Stocks of Drapery, Costumes, Millinery, Silks, Mantles, Dresses, Fancies, Hosiery, Etc., together with Mercery and Men's amd Boys' Clothing, have all been marked SALVAGE PRICES. Following are a few of the Hundreds of Bargains offering at the Fire Sale,

I RIBBONS. I RICH MILLINERY RIBBONS, Sin to Gin wide; ' seli' colors, new stripes, floral designs. Worth lind to 1/3. Now 6d per yard. lODD COLORS IN MILLINERY RIBBONS, about s.jin to 6jiu wide. To be cleared at 3d. LADIES' LEATHER SAGS. 35 ONLY, MARKED AT LESS THAN HALFCOST. Now 6d, 9d to 3/6. SILK ORIENTAL INSERTIONS ON BLACK NET, 2ia to 3iin wide. Worth ](kl to 1/2 per yard. „ Now 2d a yard. g LARGE PURCHASE WIDE EMBROIDERED § CAMBRIC AND MUSLIN INSERTIONS AND 1 A FEW EDGINGS. Regular prices, 3d to B}d 1 per yard. To clear at 1/6 per dozen. 1 NECKWEAR SAMPLES, about 35 dozen. I To clear at 3d and 6d each. I SHOW ROOM i Crowded Out with SEASONABLE GOODS, at 1 Prices that will ensure Speedy Clearance. 1 ONE-PIECE ROBES, all e;ood shades. Worth 18/ g to 30/. Now 3 11, 5/11. § LINEN AND CRASH COSTUMES, White and now I shades. To go at 3/11, 4/11, and 5/11. 15 onlv TWEED COSTUMES, some silk-lined. For 5/11, 7/11, 9/11. Skirts alone worth double the price. UNDERSKIRTS, in Print and Moirette. Salvage prices, 1/11, 2/11. SEVERAL HUNDRED BLOUSES AND SHIRTS, ail now designs; Cream and Colors. Sale prices, 1/11, 2/6, 2/11. 40 JAPANESE CREPE EMBROIDERED KIMONO DRESSING GOWNS, all good colors. Sale, 5/6. 50 DRESSING JACKETS. Sale, 3/9. Few only EMBROIDERED COATS. Were 25/ to 30/6 ' N3W 3/11, 5/11. 15 DUST COATS. Worth 25/ to 42/. Salvage prices, 5/11 to 9/11. MILLINERY SECTION. B\L\NCE OF SUMMER. STOCK MARKED AT SPECIAL PRICES. 5/11, 6/11, and 7/11. FLOWERS. At 3d and Sd a spray. UNTRIMMED STRAWS AND READY-TO-WEAR HATS at a fraction of their actual value. | LACE SECTION BARGAINS. i 5 000 Yards RICH OMENTAL TRIMMINGS, l 'GALONS,"BLACK SILK FRINGES, PINAFORE I TRIMMINGS. Wholesale prices, 6d to 2/3 per 1 Tarr ] Sale price, 2d per yard. I 83" BLACK SILK AND SATIN SASHES, with I Frinired or Oriental Silk Ends. Yvorth 3/11 to I 7 >]i " Now 1/9 each. 1 40 pieces IVORY. WHITE, AND BLACK SILK i INSERTIONS, for Neckbands, etc., etc V, ere | lid to 1/9 per yard. Sale price, fid. I GLOVES AND HOSIERY. 1 MORLEY'S BLACK CASHMERE HOSE, Ribbed. | Two pairs for 1/9, 2/3, 2/11. 1 BLACK. PLAIN CASHMERE HOSE. | S2le arices, 1/4, 1/9, 2/3 pair. I no;) LOTS OF COLORED COTTON. LISLE, AND I WOOL HOSE. AYortli I'o to 2 11. Now 11£ d. g BL.icE LISLE HOSE, i'anov colored stripes. I Worth 1/fi. Mow 11 5 d - CHILDREN'S HOSE, ALL REDUCED. 10 dozen CHILDREN'S 0, 1. and 2 sizes BLACK CASHMERE HOSE. Worth ]■' to 1/11. Now 3d pair. ?5 dozen WHITE FABRIC GLOVES, Long and Short Sa!e pricss from 10Jd to 1/11 pair. MAKERS' REPAIRS IN KID GLOVES, White and C'o'orrd ; soi'.r' mostly Short-. To clear, 1/ par pair. OPD IN COLORED FABRIC GLOVES. To so at 3d per pair. 7 ,i f ./.er, HDH-S' UMBRELLAS. Sound, reliable ,'wh Sale price, 1/9. v- ( 1,-.; n NOVELTY UMBRELLAS. Sale prices, 2/11 to 8/6. 5 dcv.. n cidv EMBROIDERED SUNSHADES. Now 1/ each. lADIFS' I! ANPKERCIIIEFS. Hemstitched. 1/3, 19, 2/11, and 3/11 per dczen. CHILDREN'S PICTUHK SiANDKEM'HIEFS y Sale price, 1/ per dozen. FINE EMBROIDERED HANDKERCHIEFS. " Safe PMtiis, 3jd, s*d, 7|d each. I gg^mtasuiimaEamaaaaaßammaaKt^ini^saKr | SPECIAL PURCHASE IN MERCERY AND CLOTHIM" 45 pairs MEN'S STRONG SADDLE TWEED TROUSERS. 8/11. _..._ . , . ~ i 250 MEN'S TWEED useful colors, all sizes. 4/11, 5/11, 6/1 i. 60 MFVS RE\DY~TO-WE\R SITES, «ood Dark T/,.: f i, crises, 25/, 29/. 300 pairs'BOYS' KNICKUR*. 0 to 2, 1/3; 3 to 5, 1/6; 0 to :■■). I' 9; 10 to 12, 2/11 per pair. 5 dozen BOYS' GALATEA. 15LOUSES. Thrown out at Hnli-vn-H*'. Salvage prices- 2/2 to 3/3. 33 dozen MEN'S ASSORTED SUMMER SHIRTS, all kinds. Worth 3/11. to 4,0. All one price, 2 6 each. MEN'S WHITE DRESS SHIRTS. 15 dozen only. I " ' c'll Quatity for 211 each. ] 8 dozen BOYS' WHITE DRESS SHIRTS, 121 to TU- necks.' 25 dozen. BOYS' WASHING H.Vih. norm j;. i Salvage pnee, 6-J-d. i I SILK SECTION. 250 BROCADES, CHECKS. AND STRIPE SILK« Worth 2/11 to 4-G. All logout 11^ TUSSORE SILK. Sale prices, .I|d, i/3, 1/11. EXTRA SPECIAL. ! 20 dozen MEN'S LOUNGE HATS. Originally 8 6 I s t0 q/ 6 ' Now 1/11. 7 dozen MEN'S RUFF HATS, smart, colorings, all sizes. "Were 7/1.1. ~ , . Now 4/11. WIDE-END SILK TIES, sell and laney eolonngs. Salvage price, s*d or 3 fer 13. 230 dozen WIDE-ENDS, 1 HABERDASHERY. BEAT-ALL HAIRPINS. 3d dozen packets. VERIBEST HAIRPINS. dd dozen packets. LINEN BUTTONS. 5 cards for sp. LARGE BUNDLE TAPE. 2id, 6d. TREASURE SAFETY PINS. 2d dozen. WINDMILL SAFETY PINS. Id card. BOOTLACES. 2d and 4d dozen. GRAND HAIR NETS 1/6, 1/9 dozen. FEVf'HERSTITCH BRAID, id, 2cJ card. SHIRT PEARL BUTTONS, id, 2d, and 4d dozen.

GREAT VALUE IN HOUSEHOLD LINENS, ETC. SACRIFICE OF UNBLEACHED DAMASKS. Salvage Sale prices, lo£d, 12|d par yard. 3 pieces ROLLER TOWELLING. 12id to 1/3. Salvage price, IQ|d yard. 40 onlv SAMPLE MARCELLA QUILTS, at En K lish prices. 7/11, 10/8, 12/6, 14/6 each. HONEYCOMB QUILTS. Small sizes. Salvage prices, 3/6, 3/11. Large sixes. Salvage prices, 4/11, 5/11, 6/11. 62 DOZEN TOWELS. 1/ each. BROWN TOWELS, WHITE TOWELS. The Best Value procurable. COLONIAL BLANKETS, slightly damp; full double-bods. 13/11, 15/11 pair. SATIN-COVERED REAL DOWN QUILTS. Regular prices, 55/ to 75/ each. Salvage price, 35/. Several pieces MADRAS MUSLIN. Bing's price, 2/9 Salvage price, 1/3 yard. DOUBLE-BED WHITE TWILL SHEETINGS. Bing's prices, l/o, 1/9,'1/10. Salvage prices, 10d, i/ f 1/2 yard. PLAIN FLANNELETTES. Bing's Wholesale price Od. Salvage price, 5/6 dozen. WHITE CALICOES. Marked 33d and 6fd. Salvage Sale prices, 2/3, 4/9 dozen. 650 yards CRETONNES AND TAFFETA PRINT. Bing, Harris's price up to 10^d. Sale prices, 3/6, 5/6, 7/6 dozen yards. FLOORCLOTHS, 3ft wide; Canvas back. Bing's price 13Jd. Salvage price, B|d yard. JAPANESE MATTINGS. Bing's prices, IOJd, 12jd. Salvage prices, 7fd, Bfd yard. BING, HARRIS'S SALVAGE CARPET SQUARES. From £4 10/ to £8 10/. Salvage Sale prices, 69/6, 89/6. 6ft s 9ft SQUARES. 29/6 to 65/. Salvage prices, 17/6, 25/6, 32/6. Oft % Oft SQUARES. Absolutely worth double. Salvage prices, 29/6, 39/6, 49/6. 9ft x 10ft 6in SQUARES. Salvage prices, 39/6, 49/6, 59/6. Oft x 12ft SQUARES. Salvage prices, 45/, 65/. MADAPOLAMS. Bing's price, 4fcd yard. Sale price, 2/9 dozen. SINGLE-BED SHEETINGS. Salvage prices, 6£d, 7sd yard. HEAVY UNBLEACHED SHEETS. Salvage Sale price, 5/6 pair. a FANCY LINEN SECTION. !6 dozen WHITE MUSLIN CUSHION COVERS, Irish hand embroidery. „ Were 4/6 and 4/11. Sale price, 2/11. Were 5/6 and 6/6. Sale price, 3/11. 3Gin LACE AND INSERTION TRIMMED SUPPER I CLOTHS. Worth 3/6. A Real Snip at 1/11. 9 NEWEST IN PILLOW-CASES, hemstitched and I embroidered. Sale prices, 3/6 and 4/11 pair. I HEMSTITCHED RUNNERS, 12in x 45in; Irish 1 hand-embroidered. Sale prices, 11£ d, 1/3, 1/11. 1 SMALL TRAY CLOTHS, hemstitched and cmbroii dered Sale prices, 7£d, 10|c), 1/. I PLAIN PILLOW-CASKS. SPECIAL ! Sale prices, 6d, 10d, 1/1, 1/9 pair. 100 dozen FRILLED PILLOW-CASES, made from Horrocksos' B2 Longcloth. Sale price, 1/6 pair. COTTON DRESSES. | We are offering the Balance of our COTTON DRESS | STOCK at a remarkably low price. Note these few items : 40in PIQUE CORDS, in all good colors. Worth i/<j Now Bid. HEAVY DOUBLE-WIDTH SPONGE CLOTHS, in § new shades. 1/2. Now 10* d. 1 SILK-FINISHED FOULARDS, in Tussore, Br..»v7i, Helio., Saxe, etc. Now 5cJ yard. 1 REMAINS OF ORGANDIE MUSLIN STOCK. Worth 1/ to 1/6 yard. Now 7icl. 1 WHITE AND PRINTED VOILES. 1 Salvage prices, 9fi, 1/, 1/3. I STRIPE SPONGE CLOTH. Usually 1/6, 1/9 yard. I Salvage price, lo7}d. I 40 ASSORTED DRESS LENGTHS OF CRYSTAL 1 CREPE Half-price. Now 2/11, 3/6 Dress. 1 REMNANTS AND DRESS LENGTHS OF COTi TON FABRICS. Half original price. I ALL BLACK. CREAM, AND COLORED DRESS I MATERIALS specially reduced. I BLOUSE LENGTHS, EMBROIDERED. 8 150 WHTTE CAMBRIC AND LAWN, boautifully B embroidered. Salvage prices, V, 2/8, 2/9 each. B Worth more than double. UNDERCLOTHING DEPARTMENT. CORSETS.—ISO pairs various makes, unassorted" gj-es To go at 1/11 and 2/11. INFANTS' JAPANESE SILK DRESSES. Worth *B/ll to 12/6. Mow 3/11. 24in LINEN AND CRASH OVERALLS. Were 2/11 and 3/11. Sale, 1/3, 1/6. WHITE MUSLIN PELISSES, slightly out ot condition. Originally 10/6. Now 1/11. 30 ddzen CHILDREN'S COMBINATIONS, sizes 1 + o From 1/ to 5/11. WOMEN'S WOVEN COTTON COMBINATIONS. Verv Special. At 1/9£, 1/11|. WOMEN'S WOVEN COTTON COMBINATIONS, fancv tops. Sale prices, 2/3, 2/9, 2/11. SPECIAL LINES IN DIRECTOIRE BLOOMERS. s 1/11, 2/11, and 3/3. LARGE PURCHASE OF LONGCLOTH UNDERWEAR. KNICKERS 1/64, 1/11, 2/9. CHEMISES 3/3, 3/6, 3/11. NIGHTDRESSES 3/6, 4/6, 4/11. VESTS at ill prices From 9-|d. CHILDREN'S MERCERISED VESTS, sizes 1 to 7. Frcm S£d to 1/2. 12 dozen LADIES' WHITE UNDERSKIRTS, trimmed embroidery or lace. Sale prices from 2/11 to 7/11. 33 onlv LONG EMBROIDERED LACE SCAEVES, in I'vorv. Paris, and Black. Worth 10/ to 21/. How 3/6 and 4/6 each. SO dozen SAMPLE NECKWEAR. To be cleared at 6 for 1/. FEATHER BOAS. 18 onlv OSTRICH BOAS, alt colors. _ 1/ each. 6 WHITE FLAT STOLES. Regular pno», 10/11. Now 4/11. 3 WHTTE BROAD FLAT STOLES. Worth 39/6. NOW 12/6. DOROTHY PINAFORES, wonderful line. To clear at 1/11. HOYLE'S PRINT DOROTHY, large size. 2/6 cacn. HOLLAND COOKING APRONS. 10|d. SLIGHTLY SOILED MUSLIN APRONS. Worth 3/6 to 4/11. Now 1/3 to 1/11.

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Page 2 Advertisements Column 5, Issue 15706, 21 January 1915

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Page 2 Advertisements Column 5 Issue 15706, 21 January 1915

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