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i FRANCQ-BELCSAH FRONT. I .MORE SNOWSTORMS. J HOSTILITIES ALMOST SUSPENDED. ! PARIS, January IS"). J .Luniriiy 9.0. at 9.10 a.m.! A oornniimiipio stales : There is u-s.s activity a!oiu{ the front, as there have been ItKllly .Stlowstm |)|s. Another .■ was captured at Le Pretre Wood, where the French now I OCCUDV 500 IIK-tIV'S Hi' Cdmal! llOHcllCs. | ' • | HIGH COMMISSIONER'S CARLE. | The llicdi ('.uumiss.ioner reported under i date London, January 19 (5.1-5 ]). iii.'i : -- | Paris ivport* that at Arras the Allies' i artillery repeatedly silenced the enemy's j Mid*! the snow ;t very lively action J (<iok place at- La Riisvlle. when a-- a re- ! suit ..i a con Ik;-ration the- Allies were I oblieyd. -n the ni.-jit e.f .1 ja-ry 'IT. to '.evacuate their positions. At daybreak '■ l lies." were rcla.kon. and the .-nemy's at i tacks wee relieved. | North-west ~f Pout-a-Monsson the Allien carried another earthwork in I.e Pivtre [ Worn), where. 500 metres of 0.-rmau | trenches were occupied. Snowstorms are ! y-enera!. I PRISONERS rebel, AND PAY TDK PENALTY. -SIX P.RITISII AND EIOUT TURCOT. LONDON, danuary ]*.). (Received January 20, at. 8.45 a.m.! AuisU-rd.un reports that three- British prisoners escaped from Loiivaiii. hut wore ar.-es.ted and shot. As ,-i. result of this. seri.'US rioting ty-»-.h plaee in the prisoners' camp at- Ne.yrwin. deii. The prisoners attacked their <!er-ma-Ji miards, hi Hint,' one. After the outbreak was nuollnd' -six British prisoners and eiirht Turcos were oxeeuteW. INeerwinJeu is near Tirlemout, in Brliritim.] A COMMON INTEREST. ANOTHER BRIEF '• TRUCE." (London "Times' and Sydney 'Sim' Serrioea.) 'iiONDOV. January 19. A correspondent in the North of France says that when the floods washed away the. parapets from the opposim.' trenches the Rritish and Cornwns. in full view of each other, repaired the da-inn cjfl without firm;,,' a shot. THE ÜBIQUITOUS MOTOR. ANCIENT AMMCNTTION. A CAVALRYMAN'S P.ROPIIF.I'V. (London 'Times' and Sydney "Sun* Services.) LONDON. .January 19. A cavalry oilicer writes : ■' The motor despatch riders are ih~ of the war; thev stin-r us into action. Yon are- lyinsiiu';:iv between the blankets, wiieu you hear 'a, rider snorting up the road order*. 'l'he always ye! you <>n tile hop." Tin-, writer adds: "The Oormano are usmg- old ammunition tdieils rnarjied 1892. ALuiy of them do not, explode. There's many a. farmer will he Flown tip next- year ■when the piou-jji hump? into a buried live shell." THE AUSTRIAN DEBACLE. TX BETREAT 'FROM ST.RVTA. T. FLO RAPE'S RFJOR INiF (T.-e.iificn • Times' and .Sydney - Sun ' Services.) IJiN'RON. January 19. A correspondent, describing the Austrian retreat after Valiovo. says Ihnt 3.000 wounded were left in charge- of 13 doctors and. an atiiVmiance sta! v . They were '.vine, anywho-e. Milforint: a-n<l dyinir in appallintr tilth. The Austrian soldier in the eyes- of his rirp-iioi.--. ceases to I.e. worthy of com sideratiou tin: moment he is put. out of action: i,e is jus!, cauncn-fodder. When Kitm Peter re-entered Belgrade f.treet-iiehtin-.r was still proceed intr. lbtrampled imderl'oot Hie Hungarian 11a-.;, which had just keen hauled <ln«ii front th.Palaoe. Th'-'rt he attended a hastilyavraii.ire'l T.- ileum at the Cathedral. The : iiicoiiiiiii; soldiers pranced over a- pathway j Of Hewers lic-i.wtt hv jovoes women and children. ; COUNT i'.l-.TA FFI'OLD'N RESIGNATION. J TITE EM PI".TOR'S PEPROAC! I ES. ! ROME. .'January 19. (Receive.! .FnniPi-y 20. at 8.45 a.m.) 'lt. is rtate.l. here that-, tlie ex-Austio-TF,iie;aria.n Minister of I-'oreigTi Affairs. Count I'.erelf.ohl, aFvays was. anti-Servian, I and t-h.-.t- he resigned after a- stormy inter- ! vi. w vith ho Fimpcror. who icproaclM \ linn for withholding the e ( iii--er|Uenee.s <,i j the uitiuiattuu Austria, s--nt to Servia. and j Lor deelarini,' that Russia, would ic.t inter- j voile. DESERTERS FROM CRACOW HUM-; IN A CELLAR. Pl-.TRO(;RA!>. danua-iy I'd. i Received Januaiy 20. at 8.45 a.m.) Some- Russian tioopts in Calieia opened the trap-door of the cellar of a. chateau, despite a warnine; not to open it uwiuc; to an arenmutation of poisonous frn.-ses in tho cellar. They foutal 200 Austrians. deserters fn.tu ('rncow. av'uo ha<i heen }.!<iiuir tl.ere. i..r live. v.-coks. NiAV YE.\RS EVE. SMELL- DISTURBS SERVKd-i. (London 'Times' and Sydney ' Sun ' Services.) LOXDONk .Taminry 19A eorrestiondeut at the front in .Poland eavs that t lie Cn-.-eaeks on Xcw Year's Five, amid fierce, vice. Just when the priest pronounced "Oloiv to f'iorl in the" n, shell struck the -iv.ill with «:■ tl«ife.niii£ explosion. Xohody stirred. A group of oflieers repeated in elm nisi the priest's, words, the service was iiuivshed. and tho ha-ttlo was rer. umed.

I TURKS FOR EGYPT. I A FRESH KSTI.MATF, XKARLY 200.000 STROXU. traxsrort sfrvjcf poor;,. LOXDOX, January 19. January 20, at 9.10 i The ' Fvenine; Xfws's' (.'aim em-re,-pon : dent estimate, lint there aro 60.000 Tiir:-. . i-li reeuilars, 60.000 recruit-., and 70.000 Bedouins in Syria. A Pa.t'seval airship iimi many motor vehicles have been accumulated at 1 lamascir.. Tile, chief nf I!m transport service told an interviewer thai : he was unable to organise a proper pmvO : sion si;|,|)lv throned) (he delieiein-v of camels arid' !w r ,r-.. Colonel Kressenstein dohAor- freqiienl. ;,.i dre--e> in the Danm-rils moMpm,-. •i>rf-:)-;i;. allied. K'AISKR'S SEW ROLF. DKSCKXDAXT OK ISLAM. CAIRO, January 10. : Received January 20. at 8.40 a.m.! A mivMona.y ;cfu-:ee from Wfidv Haifa says the Turks there celebrated an' aliened ! victory over the Rus-jan- in the Cauea-u-. ' hv'nii.-iiiising their fete and procession. Tim chief feature <>:' this \\ a-.' honormMohammed ami (he Kaiser. A Lutheran pastor was compelled to join in the <-rv "(iod protect Kai-.-r Fladp WHlmlm." i For Ihe benelit of the. Arabs it ha; been discovered thai the Kaiser is a duvet do soeiidant. of lie- Prophet's sister, and lias ': undertaken to make a piierimaire to .Mecca and to the F_r, [.tian front. AVAR'S ixru.nKious SIDK. I DISTL'KSS AXT) FXPLGITATIOX. ; (London 'Times' and Sydney 'Sun' Services , LOXDOX, January 10. ■ I-'ood pi ice- in Merlin have inerea-ed 21 per ecu!, sine- ,ful>. In Rrilain bread i- per loaf. Farmers holding stocks ~f wheat are palpable speculator-, in supplies. 'Hie Miner-' AsMicialiun demand that the ; Ooveriiment protect the, public against, ar- | titieiai increases in judecs ~f fuud-tulL. NFI'TRAL SOCIALISTS RKPLORF TIFF WAR. : LIT ADMIT ITS JCSTiCK. | COI'FXTIAOFX. January LI. 'Received January 20. at EMS a..m.j i The Sociali-t partic, of the neutral State-. | have convened their !ir.-t coufereuco bearHue on the war. Holland. Xnrvwiy, Swei den, Denmark, rind Itaiv are repre-euted. J The resolutions pa--ed declared that, | public opinion wa- horror- ; irickeu at the j slaughter and the lar-reachinj; ravages of ! the war, and demandine; that immediate | steps be taken to shorten it. | _ Several delegates pointed out the impos- ! sibility of coocindine peace under <\'Wsliii:.' I cnuditious. and admit'ted that the Alii'-, : could not. make ,-« move towards pea,,. j while a ..i., K !e Cc-man soldier remained ~n I the soil of France, Moic-iuni. or Poland | The. J.resident, hoped thee would -,„,., call a meeting; ~f Socialists repre-entiic: vwry Power. ITXANCF A XI) WAR, A SYDXFY P.AXK'S "i;FCoi;i>. SVDXFY. Ja.nua.rv 2*o I At the half yearly nicetinc: of the Comniercia.l Kaukioe.- ('..mpanv. the ('ha it man stated that the bank had Lik.-n up ; -0200.0Q0 of the T.ritisl, win- .stock, :and had advanced. JMOO.OOO to tin:- Xew ; South Wah-i Stale Oovemmont. The ;Lank had aNo stiKscilLcl ]il„v-al.!y to th- ! uai- funds. .md 02 of its oilicers" were in I the Fxpedithmtiry Force, while between. ; oO and. 00 more were generally absent from idutv on bom,- defence. AlO ivr evr-t (dividend was declared. i ax TXJFDit'iors mixlstfr j fsi-:s vaoll tut. fats. j MFLF-OFJIXK. J. l mia,ry 20 | 'lit com,e, t ion with (he ChannU-r of | -Maimfaetiiicrs' decision it-it to sin-ii the j new chitise in 'he IV-fenco ])<-p;i rtnem \'rI conlr.'icls. Mr ,leiis--:> {Assistant, .Minister) jwnrns lie- (.resident c-f th" Ciianihor that ' lie in .-tan-dint; on rcrv thin ice, arid Hint | the depart:!,,.-.!! wid not allow- itself to bo j threatened. Mr Je-n.seu that pi r- | .soils liijve !;■"■;! inl-ei iusl for state, meet.-- concerning Ihe i-impire leys ftro'n- ! thrin the president's. j A PltonißlTlOX AROCMEXT. ! i SYDXFY, Jamtarv 20. ; j R..-v. Mr ILuiunond deciar.s that ; isinco the expediii.on.ii-v- were ojvned j iOOO recruits have been rojeet-d I'.-r dniuI kermess. j ! .ALIKX" l-iXK.MY'S Id-XIAL STA'Trs. LOXDOX, darmar-.- !". ; iKe.-eived Jamutry 20, at 9.10 a.m.! | The. Lord Chief Ju-sti.v, in the < ,„ !; -. ~; \ ! s\p-jM-al. decided t'sat an alien enemy'm-iy ; be rajed. but. himself .mhii-.!.- sue. thomrii ihe ha-s the pow-,- of appeal. j MARCH PAST AT TRENTHAM. j I A MFMOR.YRLF SIOHT. | [Rfr b'NrxED Association.J \ Tiie nui.Tch past of the Fxpedftionary Ivwces enc.'iui[)ed at Trenth.-Ltii, at lite ; Wellington Rticmg Club's to-day, j w.-im a memorable, scene, and one loii.tx to I lie r-ememJjore-d by> who witnes«id it. j Between 3.000 and 4.C00 men took part, j the whole of the Third, Fourth, a.nd Fifth Jteinforr-omeiit.*. Th.e men are a likely-looking lot, well-iaiined by their open-air life. And they iil.'.us with the ciae that denotes th;i.t th<> milit-ary training undercono is beginning to to!i its tale. Ap they paradeci past tho yfnuds aitd enclosures; there wa-s> a good of cheering, and admiration milgenera.Uy exjircssse-d at ih-eir businoss-like ( bearing. They headed by Die ramp band, playim; music, and n.t the 7'ejir of tfie proeession wat, the. Army Service Corps. Ambulance, and Yel-e'rinary Corps, and other units. This is the first and only opportunity afforded, of seeine; the men altogether. The troops were the quests of the Weilin.afon IRaeinn- Club al the, luncheon, .and the ho.sjiilaiity was much anpi-<-ciat-e<l.

TRENTHAIVI HOSPITAL SCHEME. The local medical officers of tin.' Territorial Force (Drs Fitzgerald. Falconer, Fleming. Ncwlands, and Fergus) have each contribtit-ed one guinea to the, Trcntham hospital scheme. As memhew of the (Hago Division of the British Medical Association they are at one with that section in supporting a? a Medical Association the urgent, appeal on behalf of the distressed Belgian doctor?, of which fund I)r (,'ulquhouu is the secretary. They ' consider also that, provision for the sick and invalid troops in Now Zealand is also worthy of support by them as individual member.-; of the uiodual prot'essioti. Heplyine to a query contained in our vcst»rday's article, Lieutenantcolonrl Falconer, principal medical officer. Otao-o military district, informs us that the New Zealand Medical Council are seeking to raise £2.000 from the public of the Itoiuiniou for extra comforts and special equipment for the Treiithnin base hospital, to the cost of which, ii, is • 011sidcrod. the Government: will need to contribute at least £IO.OOO to put the hospital on a proper footinu. This would mean £SOO from and Southland. Asked as to whether the Trentham Hospital would obviate, any further hospital accommodation heiiu; required in each of the main tentres, Lieu-tenant-colonel Falconer stated he had no definite instructions, but would make inquiries from the central headquarters. |\\'e will take charge of these subscriptions and any others that may be forwarded to us'for the same desirable pur-pose.--I'M. K.S. ] NATIONAL FKHKKVK. Mr dame:- Klliott. of Etlrick, a former lieutenant in the Wakari lliiies. will take charge of the detachment of the National lie-erve in and about Miller'.-. Flat, and will carry owl drills of instruction wheae\ er po-.-ible.

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ANOTHER LULL., Issue 15705, 20 January 1915

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ANOTHER LULL. Issue 15705, 20 January 1915

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