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kx.amim.i-: woit'i'ii yni.i.iiwiN'c:. In., kttle -ii-!.- ;,i Ihmd T.av. mm.l 10 and 11. enmeived the nhm ~f noire, son. •• that" they he allowed to ii<,|'.i ;i •■'net'li / concert "' in mother'.- dn.hir. mom.' Tim parents, (iinkine ii wi-ij ti. en.-dim -,u'f lin.i <iinp sympathy. assented to this pi m.nsa i. ami a prneraniin.' was m«.ii .ii-ramosl vniitiil'ii! pf'ilnrmci'-. Tii" children . n hsted tin- as-istame ..I a i.i.iy whn has. a. !T.-!'l!t Vl-ll 11l |-:>i'l'!;|; k |. see. soinr-rllii-LT .-!' ; is- lm: .."an 1. am! sufferers is tianslat.- I i.itn at I inn at i'\ em npportmiHY. Ilt-i | av. mice p:i.\i<h-.| th.' foil.ovine. ■;,,! y !-.'• i'.al ha! hetttO tVVfI lit t ii.- ploHKi'mm t Wr'te ju>t two lit; a- .-'liiilrrn On holiday frmii s. mm! 111 "lir hlUl We h'Ve tn nil 1!. !n (ho sii-ii-::-i.,;. -unm. thm. Or tiinihh 'mm..: tin- Ami fn'in <•;!. ii niin'i- hide. Kilt nt uiir iVi't a: e e. . n\ , Ami we" -it di.'.vii i.y tin., lire', Am] listen to mil- mm hers. W'iin law. r seem in tire. I'hi-v sp.-ak a mm!, th.- Lileincs, Wis. in this av.fnl tii;| i; ." Ar.' kniim ami mun!|-\ limy ,!„ v.h.ii's ii-hl. They knit ami sr.v for .■hihln.m Whose (laddies |i'iii,'ii! an.! mi; On the itrcadtiil tern! of haulKl.t- lllOSe tili'V loved si, wi-jl. Ami they leli Ik.v.- our hm i.rothci -. Our irmmls ami ..-..Usias. tun. Have sailed ~u;iy tn IVkrimil Tn see what limy ran <lu i'n help nur ISntlsh friemis in tiedit. Ami crush the i lel'ma.tis d.m, n. Ami keep them t heie for e\ eiI'mJvr the Lnti-h frown. Then we look al them, am! v,ommr. Whatever emihl v-.e .hi Tn help, tile pour, we" Bri.'lans - Children hlo- in.- ami you. Fathers ami hintin-i . m, to litrhl. Mothers am! sis;..,,' kin! Ate wmkm-- i vei v ii;iv for thi.-e The men have luL behind. We km.n a way that child,, n ( 'an do their I'ti ie hit : We"!! ejjv,. ; , Jin!,, ~,m-elt, So now you see it's it. Fntllllsiasm is ratehnie;. ami a '.veil krowii soihitor next iool; ;.. ham.!. Animii witli a supply o! wittily-worded conceit tickets, lie. with anotliei wiiline helper, canvassed the hav steamer In llie interests of the <llil,ire||-.s fiiml. Tiekets snhl like wildfire, pennies were nuinerniis. ami liianv were not made of runner. The ";ood will" of tin- aiidieme ami' the yen I o, lispcl'lnilllcl's ensured a- slieee-sftll com oil. and lire hlhln-i' wcio delighted to lind lli;H. tlmv weie ahle m hand n\ er a sum of £7, 10s lor the ISrleian i 1. LODV'S LAST LKTTI-.i:. On the day thai lie was shot at the Tower-of London. Hans Lndy. the- tmrma;.

spv, bH<le farewell lo his relations at ; Stut-leait in the fnllowiue letter, whiC'ii shows that he was a. manly man. every j inch nf him, throughout hi-, career:- i .Mv one. I have trusted in God. j and'll- has decided. My hour is eome. ! and 1 must stall on the journey Uirouj/h 11n- Daik Valley, like mi many of my j eiiuuade- in (his terrible wai of nations. I .May my life he honored as a humhle ] offering on the altar of the Fatherland. I A hero's death on the battlefield is eer- | tainly liner, hut, .such is not to he my | lot. and 1 die here in the. enemy's J try, silent and unknown, but- the con-, seionsne-s that I die in the service nf the Fatherland makes death easy. Tim Supreme Court- .Martial of London has i scuteiK cd me to death for military conspiracy. ... It is a consolation i that Tarn m-t l leafed a- a spy. I have the just jiidee-. ,i;| ( | | shall die as an ollieer. not a-n a sp,\. Fareweii. leal bios you, Hans, j

"FILL IT THF GAPS." "•The people did not know the truth, or anything like the truth. They thought that things'were far rosier than they were and are. They did not that our thin khaki line was heme; sorely pressed day by day. that it was strained over n:ul over to the hreakine; point . . . and that it, wa, brine ask.-l to bold its own against akim-t impossible odds. They did no* su.-pe.-t that our eoncrais were at their wits' end to make one man do the work of two. or thiee. or even ;-.'u. Thev did not realise the intensity oi the awful prossun) put upon their fathers and brothers and sons. Nor did they seize th(,'rini fad that our brave fellows were Ikihlmj: like Livers in defence of the Channel pints, which the Herman armies were ordered to take as bases tor attacks on our fleet and for the invasion of our soil.' London ' Star."

THE BATTI.E OF (After the Censor has censored'. (Ih I Jin * i* was a glorious tight. We opened lire at (hlankl a.m. The .asterisks! were on our right. And fairly waded into them : Ami then the batteries in the rear Regan to dong excision herd. \Yp lixed our bayonets for a charge. And slowly crept up leensoredf hill, Our casualties were fairly large. Uecau-e of the (suppressed until The end of war), but' then the dihink'i Creor round ibhu oeiieillctli on our 'tie. uk. We lushed their irem-hes with a- shout. And fairlv i.'."i them on the \yn\ : Poor (name' deleted, ua- knocked out. But not until the hill was won. Oli ! 'twas a famous victory. GERMAN SOU IAUSI'S. How little trust can he placed in the stories of Socialist unanimity in Germany i- seen from the following protest pubi idled in the Swi.-s Socialist paper, the ' Vnlksrech: ' : In the So. ialist Press of neutral countries .Sweden. Italv. Switzerland) comrades l)r Siidekutn 'and Richard Fischer have attempted lo portray the attitude of lhe German Social Democrats towards l lie present war in the light of their own ideas. We feel ourselves forced by this to •xpkiiu in th.» same place that wr. and certainly many other Germnu Social Demc-rats. iook on the war. its ..ail.-'''- its chara. lei. a- well a- Die role of the So, iai Demoinils at the present time from a standpoint which in no waiy corresponds to that of Dr s,i<ickum and Fischer. At the present lime the slate of martial law makes it impossible for u- to give public cxpre.-smn to our v i a '■'.. s. Kail Liebkuecht. Rosa Luxemburg, Fran/ Mchriug. Clara Zctkin. September 10. 1911.' 'lhe • Yolksie Jit ' reminds it- readers That at lit- oulbi.'ak of war 11 Socialist ui.'inls.r.- of the Reichstag voted a,g:nn.-l the credit., asked for by Die Govcrunieiil. „:id that three othei iiumiber> who were pieveu'ed Horn being present hud agreed to do the same. It may he remembered that at tin- time it was announced that tic wai cifdits had 1 i accepted without a

I'.oDY I'.lil.T I'HiM-'I'I'S. 11,,-.'. i!l.- Millie "I v.i.nlii'U l.u.iv lulls ~,,- -,!„. 1,,„,,,.- ha- IU.'M siii'V '.huni Masv's ;i|mh';il wa- simivii m ;i rase li,-,:rd ,:! s'limvdit.ii C '..' iIPI \ I": >'.ll-t. Il vva- .-lnl«'d 11, .-vi.l.-ii.-.' thai al'tr-i' lilf l'."ci War thn,> ~,.,iS a ,-.(,,, k 1,1«'i.l)liil nl' Ill''-'' n<-i!.- ;;:. tin' Annv <'lothiim Stun- lit i'indi'-., Tli,--.- had ,-'"st 20s I.l<l ii ii..z.'ii. mill tlicy UCIV .-..1 d II,1111(1 till- trade Hi II |'li'-<-4s ;i dozen. A |"h huyei . v,h-> rnnlUMli'ii to iiiiichsso ii quantity i'l 6* V'd ;, di./en fluin li dlanm in Ml,'ft idle |H <' .-.■ lit (InMaUll. le-old lie'lll HI In- ■' d.'.Vll. Tin- 1.,!, I.iivi'i'. Air Mark A I.r.iliiipi l -. ■■! ll,nudei-h M..d. Staiulnid Hiil. sued Mi lI.tIh'II .Inllli t Hill',ml. M.-IV..P- nl N.-Te \,.., v j,,,,.,„,. wl„. l|:|.l.'- II- Mini'!'-,' (I i',ui.,ii'.l. (li-iu.-r. -,:' Hiu-!i -ti.-i't. St';^' 1 Xev. i'e'tnit. In riToMM' ;■'!).. 7.- 'M Tinmir ,;f Mr Ahiaham- railed a! tin' sh,,|ui Mr ( mi.l Imiud:! the entire ,t.-.,k nl Ihulv li-1i... ■•iiiil, mi assistant -aid \v;i-i K-'H il,. /;.•:!. Nt !■- '.'.l il dn/,en. ~.a- nil! al til.' lime, mid later ll'' .'"lit ;i in, ..-rll..'rl ti, Ml Al'iahalli- In sav till! a ,niMa!..,"ha:i been mi" l .' l.v In- as-istnui. a, i, f . lia.l .I'ilv ID <li,','i. in s!n,k. Mr \ hfMumis li'iwcvrv. in-i.-ied '"I tli'.' nnv ;„.. ,„;i „r' til,- i-mitrart. ii- hi' li.i'l -..M ,1,7. Kelts al IB- li dn".el,.-- A v. it,,,..-.- -ail In- had |,iii'riin-i'(l thousands nl' til,' licit" at lei- I, iln/i'ii. ini'l v,mild liny any qiiiiuiit-.- now. in- tli.'V ivr,-. wanted l'',r (lie troops dudee Chirr held Unit a- de i, M.i'ai't lin< f" ii. .1 Ihe :. Is no n-sisl,m! , , M ,|.i M i". 1 him. Hi' therefore ?ivr jilii--i' ,n; ,'ni ,ii';..||ii;:li ! . l/a'.i 1 tn ;tp>i> •■; (1 w ;::- mantel. ■■ \'oi.i \'iK.r.i:> I'ni: iiki.i." \'i-(,,.|;i! W'.vr:. •■', In, il"I'll ii ."lilllii- -;,.,, a- .ai'liiin in the I-"' Cuaids. 1" i ~;'1),..','ii,-inv in ill- r--;:i..ii ..? Y,we- -.,>,■• 1,.;. ,)„y.< a;;,, 'l'll.- Cenuans tun) p.iur'l menu,l' in t'm- distriel ilni'itiu tinami emit i adietnrv reports had ir-arht'd l-ra'i,manor- :i.- I" tii-'ir prese:i,v- nr nther !■, ;isen lain t!ii' fails, llmi.ell (hi.- in \,,;Ver| a tl'kil-il I'it «,f Vol'k land N"'VIV. ..,, i!„. -t,,rv m,-,-. 'I'll"! l.'i' " f„r i,..;:." There v.-iis il" law; ~l i..-i,"i'.". an.i tii" -Mlimi party -.-. f•.-. duly i.'imd 1!,,' . ;..p,,•'!!.-' ill ihc' -.v0.m1 and hici ii 'A-ii'-in i.ii ; it. were Mii'''t';.-!'nl in driving tii" cni'iii;. i.nt. -' ("''iiti'iil Xi".v.-.' Il')\\' THK IXXKI'.KI'KR >('< ■!■ Kl>. As iiiii-'li-iitins tiic riii-trn-ti'iii'i.'s- -i' t : ( .nii:i,i :«,ldi.n'- t"winds t'i.■ iiiiia!,ila"ts ~;• tii.' distil. Is i,rni|,;.M l.y liaaii. lie- Ini , (lid-;- ri:ia ; '-ivt'd the i.ioa ilmt l>" \v,,:i'.i lie |i',i.-i,i!;.d. mid this cupi.-tiiiitiy Inn:;'i- liini lil-:o an alllictint: i.iulitinaio. Ac'-r,r,!ili','lv. wlifi'iMi'i- li,- \vcl;t 1:7 ;ilw:ivi main,.,! his h'i-t t" tasti' th.' I'lind and drink l,i-!..>v li." cini.-'-i d it inmscit. \ I'.■'.'/ da\s in.;" In- anivi'd in a \ ilia;,'(' iiciu Arras w'.y thirsty, and. li'.tumn; ;•'; nin. In.' sti.-i'l'.'-d his di'taciiiiiciil licl'mv il and naih'.fi nut K. tin- i,ink,.'i'|i,'r. in.-ii whmii ii,. iirdcred .-"iiH' drink. Tiic innk,-.,.|,, a I'lradrd llnit iiin''.rtnnii!.'!y mdy f.iir. lii.ii I" .ii' cli;i!ii|i.'i;.;i'," iriis h'il. as ::'\ th,' ntiirr.s h'.-fii diunk hv ihninan ~m<-."-s '.i11., '.l-nti'd thf \ili;n':,' h-'lm-.'. Th,. Carman iiuim'diaU'ly nnhnrd tl,.'' in hi' In'.•nl; i! t. nut Tl".'' imiUci'|i.':' (:..riii;!ii. " V"H diin!; iif.-t." <. f. i.. ■ i'i •< I th" nflici'i. The illliki'i'j'ii'i'. knnwiii,_' well that this In ,t t it- nt' wine would ni'-.'cr hi- |,i. id I'm. to.,k tii,' hnitl,' and dinnk dnniiy. 'l'll,. thir.-tv nlTki'l' t'liriniiMv sin,li'i'' 1 " Hall ' " 'wlit'.i th" ii,nk.''-|'M'r in i drunk iilp.'ill a half nl' I In' '.)lil''ill s. hut tha latin- 1 .|-.'lcudi'd nut tn uudn-.-t a nd. and did in.'t slnp until I lu- hull In u;i--.-mlll \ . Tin' sus|,ir:niis ( Jcniiaii had in <[iifii'-h liis thirsi with watnr. \\\> hau- MTcivcil I'l'imi mu iitth' uii'is at Ki'mid I'.av. wlm nr-aniscd a " ],7uny ,-,-1,1, nt " 'h.'ic. .'J'i 10s tnr th.' lh'hda;: ridii'i' tiiud. X., diflii'iil'.y. it i-- stnii'd. i- i -■-■ : i,tr i'V in i i.-;<€-■ 'ii in M'i ruil iir: in ih.' Am kland |,i-"\-in, i'. Sullicii'iit nii'li .in' .i-m'i'L; '"i ■ ... ,ii.| i" iin -t ' h-s i i-qtiii -. tui'nls.

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A PENNY CONCERT., Issue 15705, 20 January 1915

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A PENNY CONCERT. Issue 15705, 20 January 1915

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