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! Ona of the xaotb thriiline; cf ths esp*rl« enees- of Mr E. Alexander Powell, an Amc , !« | can writer, happened durhur the bombardn.ent -of Antwerp whrn the thouMt occurred to hirn that he "would never see ths Statue of Liberty ueain." In vivid phrase ho describes the comir.jj of th"! British and the high hopes which tneir ■presence raissd in tho hearts "of tho Belgian*. He tills of the. flight of ths Belgian Government and thy diplomatists, and of the arrival cf r.i? Churchill, as follows: I remember that as I continued to my room the corridors smelted of -isr-uke, and upon inquiring ibs cause I learned thsfc thn British Minister (Sir Francis Yiiiiers) and Ids teetotums, v. ere burning paper,* in the ronme occupied by the British .-Xegatioa, The Rutsbin Minis-!c- who was «rpprii.ter.djjic,' ton packing of his trunk's in tha hall, btopped mo to pay good-bye. Imagine my [ surprise, then, upon Roiajr clown to breakI fast tho fo'.'.ovdnjj morning to moot Count Goblet d'AiviclU. the Vice-President cf tha Senais and a Mini-tor of Stare, leaving the dinfcifr room. "Whv, Count," I exclaimed, "I had suppoised {hat von were well on your way to Osfpud by tnls time." ''We had expected to be," explained 'ho venerable statesman, "but at 4 o'clock tins ' r.-.oTiir.j the Britic-li liinmer sent us word thji Mr Winston. Cnuv-kill had started lor Antwerp, find Jski'.t? us to wait and herr v,'L;;l'. he has to my'' At 1 o'clock that afternoon a bier drabcolored ton ring ear ill.-d viih Eriiisli naval officers tore up the P;a-?e de -lei:. •if» hor.i t run ding a fn-ttttt vrrmEp;, tooic :ha turn into tho narrow Td'ircbc i'js Soulier* en two wheel?, and u:%-\v vrp in fconi of tha hotel. B'/'.e tie cr-r bad I fcJrly corrip to a. stop ths «ieor of it-.o t-ormesti Ihi own cjinn nnd out jumped u t'.m.oth-t.'ced, •'ed, «toopshouldered. vo!i;li'">-10'<], jr>;r man in rr.s unI drcis Triniiv }.lo-,».0 vmnonn. 'i uc-vo was no miitakmir who i r h-s-. I) it-,ia the Jtljfht lien. Win! ti.ii ' ! nr.'h-l. A= hj" drrr-d into th'i rrondod I bhy, v.hicli, :•- vstiil at liio hour, vas Tided \ lib B-.Utju, Fieii'k, a:,o Biit'iii r 1 - till oi'ierrs. -Jiplo- < Miniscfrt, ;>"d i;uiv', lis fiunj; >.'* ;ir..ts our m a nervous, c'iti'ncierhtic c? thrt!.?!: pudnng 1-is way throverh a cr'.-wd. It v.-e.-, a. most, fiuiac'ihir, and ltmirdcd i'"y f>i .."i tbi. virld of a ««w i~ >• arl-i'-ar.-a tb ■ U:o (bi'--'.<'B up, lint '.53 hd /.n a foam-fioibrd Loiei.. aud '■i' <" 'h- h'reii.e o.' lbs o'd hoir.tpte.i'l or i". ■ f.-.n:'* i'r "ii. r , p. ilie Cii--o r>tay 1>". —Byjiuu Vc r :M Cnbu Wide Im.chin? with £.r Tr.-.r',-, ''ihicrs r.n-i the rilaff of -re urili-h Luv: ca. -•.-•;o E'.thsh r--r.crp'i'd:rts .-i.p : i cd ai.d 1 j.Jr.d Mr Cuivbdl inr an •I'Wub h« -.- " n " l h ? p.itni a' ihir i'.,::\ Oer «i.r e" '. c > ...tdry (>t oi.;c!" I; iriiipc.'fd tb-u tr.'de so cltcj .:nd il.o wrh'm " ' Hi'! M" C. ■" ■ -d t'.nt to me. 1 bho/.d h.'.e j:'.-.v'.:•'. '■'-'_■ 'I h'rvo as Amrk'-in'Wir.''- 1 ' " ""' ' " An Uu.- 11- < r I vj- - I't'.,--en 1. -\. > i • hi- '• m " r t- !'. n ■'l o/'» l .i>.ir... .'•>• ?--■:,ifd hiu. ;•.'.- i.,-.-:d ir'.K- ---£.,.:, .:-d i _.n-id i..- at.v.c-y r-?i.-<'": ;ae. fine, (1 '!.- c-i. J'c-fr;- .13 iii 1...-ael C.'.uroh.i; ' » u-r- v ay -"-. lh-. i* .:r=. T il,ml: tvuvib.PS vi" i : r.'.i it, Mr B-rrrcr- f--.,' ; - <-C' d riv-r. i± a•. d.o-j. r.l.'rh r, ,y. \c .Ib.i.-ctb/ b.r.'i 'h-ou;'hrilt tl.. rVo'iy. " Y'-i - -ain^ —Jlvttilatcd CivilianMr Puwsll v .'as enter: ahrd cti diar.e? by Cenrral Vc. Boehn, w-.o p-i-'c.-d fractiea'iy tho v-h-da frcirnan a:t>iy :n 3 I 3:. m befcis the Amcri-a>i*ccrrc;por.dt'iit :cr special be 11 ear. Here :'-3 an aeeounr of a conversation v.hi'-h ho had v.ddi the German genera.! : ''Titles cb.'-t fl-ro, ? r :i'"-"-"; 1 -." ssid I "I wa« in - but fi glar'iv. b.'n'bcr-d v.'a.' "Of eo^tr^'>.' , rsnbe'i Ocreral \ 0.1 B;san, ' r iliz~\- U. aivoys; J.mser of weisen arid childrrn hem/ bi.'l-d in sr.-ect hrbtii- if they ii ?ht or. c:e':;i;' into t:« etrcete, It -.£, on* f-jrtujuit... hat it :* w.rr." • 3"t, brw i'-'-.u', a wwnans cody j saw with tho ar I fecr «7at off? How about the white-haired man and bis ton whom I belted *" b-':y ortfio.e of Sestp't.. who had btfii "f.i" '"'• merely because 'i Biljrlar- roldier bad Vcoi 11 Gerreuit soldier onttheir h f ."se? There were 22 bayonet wounds hi ths old man's fare. I counted than. How about the little girl, two years oic\ who v.'"'i whot withe u. her mother** arm; bv b Vlilp.u and whose funeral I atteLdsd "rt HVyst--p-c> i-Bcrjj? Fo- abo'tt the- r*d ira-> n-£.r Vilvorde who rss hnnjr up by hii fro'n ;'e cf b : s rousft efd ros«trd to death by a bonfire being built m-V;- kirn'-" Thr> rrOiieral s-jerned taken aback by th« exactness of nry information,

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MR CHURCHILL & JOURNALISTS, Evening Star, Issue 15704, 19 January 1915

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MR CHURCHILL & JOURNALISTS Evening Star, Issue 15704, 19 January 1915