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Tho wickeu far Saturday*« matches were rood, but eaoept iu the case of tho leading team (tho Colt*), the batting was rather poor. Crawford's team knocked, tip 225, the top-scorors mafcinp their runs m attractive stvle, th* captain himself getting 82. St." Kilda proved that their dofeat of Carisbrook A In the first round n-as no fluke, bv p«peatinc the perlonu-a-nee: while Carisbrook B brought themselves level with Gran«e fox third place bv beating Dunlin in a low-scoring ♦natch -In exeit-bifc fia&sb between Opoho jutd Grange iwuiud in tho former set-tins home after some phjeky bat-tmg by tlw> last two men. Good bowling perrormpnreE= tv<-t<> jrut- -«p "Hy liirvey (St. Kilda-), "who each took e-icht wickets. FoHowins ar-> tho results : —■ Colts i\ Alsiox. The return match between these two le;:"rr.; was pla-yecl on the Albion wicket. There were a iarfjo number of spectators, and the ph.y was keen throughout. Al bion batted 'first, but made a bad. start, Crawford and C:\l3and bowling so well that oi-iht wickets weje down for 4-7 runs, towards which Bmr.ey had contributed 14 by t;:MXt lutttii'g. 1-J. Williams and R. Shepherd, the last two batsmen, shaped well and improved matters a little, bringing tho score to S2. Xo change in tha lwwlir.s had teen necessary, Crawford and GalJand dividing thu wickets equally between them. The Colts did not Dcs;in too well, three wickets falling for 27, but first, Bed and Kerr, and then Kerr and Crawford, set up paii-nerships, which ultiimvtelv settled the i.=-sue. 'l'he younj,' St. Kilda" player yot in some very rice strokes in making hi-5 41. Crawi.ird b;?san tJuwly, but warmed up, and hit font- sixe.s into St. David street, one five and seven four© beiin; also included .in his score. Malcolm hit a six and Oalland a live during their respective innings. Tha total was 225, Binnc-y being tho most- successful bowler, with three wickets for 23. The wicket-keepinfr of Kerr f"r the winners and F. Williams for the - ; osers was exce'lrnt. Scores: Auuox. —First Brinslev c Steohens hj Crawford ... 5 F. William* c 'Ga-liand b Crawfoi'd ... 9 Jos. Marks c Hai.i: b Galland ... ... 0 Binnev b Crawford l Ji Baker b Galland 5 Jas. .Alarks c Bell b Stewart lbw b Gailand 0 Johnston b Crawford _.. ... 0 Strang b Crawford 7 F. Williams not out 15 [;. Shepherd c Ha.yden b Gailand ... 11 Total ... - 52 Bnwlint; Analysis.—Craw£o:.d, 06 I nils, j maideris. 29 inns. 5 wickets ; (Jahaud, 23 balls, 4 maidens. 40 runs. 5 wickets. Colts.—First Innings. Chadv.-ick c Binney b Joln:>ste'P. 16 Hayden c Binney b Jas. Marks 3 F. Haig run out 2 H-t!l lbw b Jas. yiarks 19 Kerr b R. Shepherd 41 ;-r;:wford c Brinslev bE. Williams ... S3 Malcolm cF. Williams bE. YVilliams 16 .1 aliand 1> Binney • ••• 16 Stephvns not out 4 Vcison c Strang b Binney 0 ?aitri'vhw;iit«3 c and b Extras 12 To'a! 225 Bowling Analysis.-Jas. Marks, 90 balls, 1 maidens. 58 runs, 2 wickets; Johnston, 55 hnlls. 23 runs. 1 ticket: R. Shepherd, 52 l-alis. 49 runs. 1 wicket: Jos. Marks. 2-1 i:ai!s. 26 runs; L" Wilhams. 36 balls. f9 run-, o wickets. Cakisbrook B v. Dunedin. This game was played at Carisbrook. Both teams failed with the bat. The home team went in first, and cornoiled 120 in an hour and threequarters. Diinedin looked to have a good rhance, but they fared worse than their opponents and were all disposed of for 88. I'he bowling of Ramsden and Xelson was -.on good for them. The former took six tickets for 40. and. Nelson four for 34. I'he Carisbrook opened their innings with Westbrook and Drumm. The first wicket "i-ll at 20. and YVatson, next man, was fowled with the score unaltered. The ;h;rd wicket fell at 46, the fourth at 49. ■Me fifth at 71, the sixth at 91, the seventh it 99, the eichth at 109, the ninth at 119, nid the tenth at 120. Westbrook made 21. which included two fours and three ihrees. He was snapped up in the slips. Nugent, who has sound defence, played ♦onfidently for 23 not out. He hit two 'ours and three threes. Cameron hit out "or 17. Tuckwell made 13, and Ramsden t2. Given and Graham both bowled well. The former took five for 32, and the latteour for 53. Graham sent down some real .'oiid balls towards the close of the innings, i'ramond. a- consistent bat, headed Duu•■lii's seorp with 20, included in which ~D r. -. three fours. M'Kav (131 was the inly other to reach double figures. The lisitor.-" w-ckets fell as under:—One I\t 20, two for 20, three for 25. four for 40. five for 44, six for 67, seven for 75, eiirht f>r 84. ni:.-p for 04, and ten for 88. The L 'tail " on both sides were easily disposed of. Scores :—• <

Cartsbeook B.—First Innings. Westbrook c Johnston b Given 21 ]'rurnm '' Mackorsy 1> Given ... ... 6 Watson b Given 0 Tuckweil hj Given 13 Cameron hj Graham 17 Ramsden c and b "Mackersy 12 Nugent not out 23 Lomas b Graham 4 Hardie b Graham 0 Harraway b Graham '! Nelson c Perry b Given 0 Extras * 16 Total v . I".D Bowling Analysis.—Given. 13 overs, 4 maidens, 5 wickets. 52 runs; Graham, 13 overs. 3 maidens, 4 wickets, 38 runs; Johnston, 5 overs, 1 maiden, 24 runs: Mackersy, 6 overs, 3 maidens, 1 wicket, 10 runs. DrxEDiN'.—First Innings. J. Wilkie c Hardie b Nelson 6 '-'■ vie;? c Watson b Ramsden 7 Tramond b Nelson 20 Markersy b Ramsden 1 Johnston c Hardie b Nelson 9 Brvden c Dmmra b Ramsden 4 V.'K-; b Ramsden 77 Perry b Ramsden 7 Given b Nelson 5 U rah am b Ramsden ... .. 4 Holly not out ... .~ ... - 0 Total „. ._ ™ B8 Bowling Analysis.—Ramsden, 14 overs. 5 maidens, 40 runs, 6 wickets: Nelson, 14 overs. 3 maidens, 36 runs, 4 wickets. St. Ktuja v. Carisbbooe A. By defeating Carisbrook A at Galling Park St. Kilda registered the double, but while it would appear from a cursory glance at trip details that the home team achieved even more than a comfortable victory over an admittedly strong batting f.i<lc, vet to those who watched the match (loseh- it was a curious win, for although the visitors failed to reproduce anything like reasonable form, their opponents' exhibition it may fairly be said could not be labelled first-class.

St. Kilda took first strike, and had lost four wickets for 41 (of which Livingstone, who shaped fairly well, registered 20>. when M'Carten and Kerr established a partnership which proved extremely profit able, for if ne' J ier played absolutely sound cricket thev cartainly jot the runs. One ever by Alloo *voved expensive to the extent "of something like 12 or 14 runs, but some of the strokes savored a good deal of junior criiksi It suffices to say Ihat this stand, which as a matter of fact was responsible for uractly £O, was finally dissolved bj Adams taking a really brilliant catch which suit M'Carten to th» savilisn. Ksrr hit hard for iom« of his nm*, and *i" th« othtr batsm«n Surer loeurad So *nd carriad his bat. Tli» total was 137, but had it not been for a considerable amount of slackness in the field, taoio particularly on the part of the A's juniors, it is doubtfa} if the board \vould have fhfiwpri more than 100. Some, of the fioldimon. wasic mag* th«i .on* error,

Bannermaa took three for 50, Alloo two fox 52. and Siedeberg (who camo on late, and whose trap in the slips should have been successful twice! finished up with four for 30. When Smith and KichoUon opened Carisbrook had exactly two hours in which to (jet the runs, and the home team's most optimistic supporters gave them only » sporting chance, more particularly in view of the tact that their attack was weakened by the absence of George Edwards. But as things turned out the hardly-expected happened, and four batsmen \utc out with the board showing 41, Siedeberg having failed to score, he being accounted for by Harvey with a ball which shot, and glanced from pad to wicket. Kannerman. (who made some- nice strokes) and Adams made something of a stand, but after both had beeu. despatched pavilionwards (the former throwing his wicket awav rather foolishlv) tho innings ra-oidlv coliapiedall out 88. Perhaps 'thf onJy reason for Chris - brook's display was* that the rain which fell overnight, "had had tho effect, of making somewhat uncertain a wicket which had undoubtedly received excellent preparation. Harvey was the "destroying angel," and his ]»orforma.nco was a good one. Eicht for 43 and 25 not. out is a substantial lift for any team, and a particularly veeful contribution to St. Kilda. Scores : St. Kii.!>.\.—First Innings. T. Livingstone b Banneiman 20 MTaull 'b Alloo 4 M-Carten c Adams b Siedeberg ... 25 M'Farlane b Bannernian 6 Ward b Bannerman _ 8 Wm. Kerr c Mortimer b Siedeboiir -•• 25 King b Alloo 10 | Harvey not out ! Chapman c Nicholson b Siedooeig ... 7 A. Livingstone run out 2 L. Edwards b Siedeberg 0 ! Total .' 137 Bowling Analysis.-—A. I'. Alloo, 19 I overs, 5 maidens," 2 wickets, 52 vims : 35annerman, 15 overs, 3 maidens, 50 runs, o wickets; Siedeberg, 9 overs. 1 maiden, 30 run?., 4 wickets." Carisbrook A.—First Innings. Smi:h c Kerr b Livingstone 1 ' Nicholson b TTarvev 6 Siedeberg b Harvey _'.* Bannerman L> Ilaivey '"'} A- I*. Alloo lbw Harvey Adams c Kerr b Harvey ' .» Austin ■■ .M-Farlano b Livingstone ... hj per. Men timer c Iv-rr b Harvey ... 0 Greenslad-e not out 6 Martin e and b Harvey j Fulton b Harvey j

Total v ss Bowling Aua-lv.sis.—EivinLS-nnne. 18 ovtTf. 6 maid-ens, 2 wicket-. -'l4 inns: Harvey, 17.2 overs, 4 maiden.-, Ao nuts, o wicket si Ofoho v. Grange. The tlvinsr minutes of tho Opoho-Gram:e encounter on the latter'? wicket furnished considerable excitement. Grange's si«ke had yielded 113 runs, and Opoti.> had lost nine" wickets for 80 run?. A tight position. Both Ingram and Mcoro laced it coollv, and knocked off the tola I__ with, a runs" to spare. The features oi Grange a innings were the stubborn battms; oi Eckhold'"(Sl) and the hard hitting of J. Graham (25) and Bonnie (13). _ Top scorers for Opoho won* Ingram (j/) and Kilgour (20). Detail* : Graxgic—First Innings. Chadwiek c Brown b Casey J-> Eckhold c Konny b Casey ii Henderson b Eckhoff ' Roberts lbw b t'as-ey <J Keast b Eckhoff L j Popple c Taylor b Casey Lo J. Graham c'and b Casey 2o W. Beeby b Casey '■} A. Graham c and b Casey la C. Beeby b Casey j Miller not out Extras _2f Total -'^ Bowling Analysis.—C-apey. 102 balls 5 maidens. 41 runs, 8 wickets; Eckhot'. 10.-, bails, 2 maidens, 60 rmis, 2 wickets. Orouo. —First ]nuin_;s. Kcnuv lbw b ,T. Graham 8 Kilgour b J. Graham Casev lbw b Eckhold lb Evans c and b Graham JDavidson lbw b Graham 1 Taylor lbw b Eckhold ... £ Timlin run out i° Ingram c Graham b Eckhold ot Brown c Kensfc b Eckhold 0 Moore not out 10 Eckhoff b Graham ... ,V Extra* V__^ Total !2l Bowling Analysis.—Eckhold, 162 balls. 7 maiden*. 56 runs. 4 wickets ; .1. Graham. 168 balls, 6 maidens. 40 runs, a wjckols : SECOND GRADE. Dunediu C 159 (M'Farlane 41, Wilki* 54, Timlin 20i succumbed to Ihmedin B 934 for nine wickets (Brown 35, Eairmaid 32 ii. r- out, Runn 32 not out. Thomson 23. jfai'dif 29b -\. Ik-y bowled well for the C\. and Bunn got'most wickets for the winner-. Carnbrook C defeated i'nrishrook D at Carisbrook bv one wicket and 4 runs. The ]") team (Kavner 66, not. out, carrying his bat right through tile innings) scored 173 runs The Imwlitij,' was shared by Havnes. M. Hutchon. and Cuddle. The C train made 183 for nine wickets. Five wickets had fallen for 49 when Thomson and De Beer became associated, and a very useful partnership resulted, 100 runs being added before the next wicket fell. Thomson (56). De Beer io2i. and .M'Hutchon (27 not out) made mo-t of the runs. Wolstenholme secured live wickets. Morniujiton 166 (Shaw 88) beat Grange 62 i Patterson 28) by 164 runs. Crosbic took five wickets for Grange. For the winners bowling honor., were shared by Iloldemess itivo'"for 23), Morgan (three for 25), and Freeman ione for 8). Opoho 108 iStilj 23. Graham 22) defeated Albion 71 by 3i runs. For the latter Cameron took five wickets, while Graham captured six wickets at a cost of 15 runs. Although there v. is still an hour to play, the Albion, rather than go in again, decided to give the Opoho a three-point win.

THIRD GRADE. Albion A 136 for eight wickets defeated St. Kilda 114. West Harbor 39 beat Christian Brothor> 57, Milnes ilsi and A. Kino; i!si topscoring for the winners. King also took niuo wickets for 24.

HEAVY SCORING IN WELLINGTON. The senior competition was resumed on Saturdav in beautiful weather. North made 267 for two wickets iHtddlcston 120. Bray 108 not out) against Centra!, whose first innings had realised 181. East A made 444 (Gibbes 83. Phillips 88, Bametfc 93 not out) against Oh] Boys, who have 83 on for three -wickets. Petono batted ail the, afternoon against University, making 300 for the loss of three wickets iG.-te 1.00. Brine 30. Gordon 70 not out). The third wicket fell at the call of time.

LEAGUE CRICKET. Y M.C.A. 173 (Kibhlewhito 73. Mestieaux ft) beat Haywards 102 (Barrow 24). For Y.M.C.A. F*. A. Thomson took four wickets for 57, Jones three tor 40, and Tapper one for 10. For Haywanis Sinclair took four for 12 and Mowbrav two for 1.

Tramwavs 90 (Delamere 24, Bond 21) beat Standard 74 (Butler 43). For Tramways Delamere took six wickets for 20. and Williams three for 3. For Standard Butler was credited with seven for 24. Hillside A declared with four for 181 (Paris 51, Harris 86). and beat Reid and Grey 42 (Hodge 14). For Hillside A, Symonds took live for 20 and Harris three for 16. For Reid and Gray Hodga tsok two for 35 and Condon one for 15.

Shacklock's 150 (Rico 25, Martin 25, G. Torrance 32) beat Hillside B 63 (Evans 15). For the winners A. Torrance took five wickets for 35. TTtiHro three for 7, and l'uddy one t'er 17. For HilUid<! R Evans took four wickets for 37 and Anderson

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CRICKET, Issue 15703, 18 January 1915

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CRICKET Issue 15703, 18 January 1915

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