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THE DOMiNIGN TOURNAMENT. PALMERSTON NORTH THE CHAMPION RINK. GREEN ISLAND WIN THE PAIRS. In fine weather at. Auckland on Saturday finality was readied in the Pairs and Full Rink Championships. In the event teams from Dunedin took first and third prizes. Results of the day's play : PAIRS CHAMPIONSHIP. —'Sectional Finals.— The flection finals in the Pairs Championship Match were decided at the Bern uc-ra- Green, play commencing at 8 a.m., but the local representative of the Press Association did not- think it worth while to send us the results, which wero as follow : Section A.—Webb (Wellington) 15 beat Harp (Carterton) 11. Section B.—Lamb (Carlton) 11 beat Jury (Karangahake) 8. -Section C—Hardie Neil (Auckland) 23 beat Cogswell (Taieri) 8. Section D.—Lambi-e (Pihama) 16 beat Ballantync (Wellington)' 1L Section E. M' Indce. (Otahuhn) 14 beat Cohen (Wangnnui) 9. Section L''.-—Parsons* (Ponsonby) 13 beat Brneketiridge (Newtown) 12. Section G.—M'Laren (Dunedin) 14 beat Finer (Ponsonby) 15. Section H.—-Smell ie (Green Island) 17 beat Prince (Newtown) 9. —lntersection Play.— Lambie 19 beat Parsons 16. Smellie 16 beat Webb 10. The Green Island pair made no race of this game. The score was 11 to 1 in Smellio's favor at the seventh head. MTndoe, 15 beat Hsrdie Neil 14. M'Laren 14 beat Lamb 8. At the eighth head the game was 5 all, but the Dunedin Club pair finished best, and won. a well-contested game. —Somi-finals.— M'lndoc 15 beat M'Laren 15. MTndoe monopolised the. scoring during the first six heads, and then led 11-0. M'Laren picked up 7 points in three heads. Then a 2 to MTndoe made the game 13-7 in Iris favor. Another run of scoring to M'l.aren made the game 15 all, and one head to play. M'lndoc got 2 on the hist head, and was thus entitled to play in the final. Smellie 15 beat Lambie 15. The game opened in ,Sme! lie's favor, but was all square at the third head. From this to the ninth hend >me!iie almost monopolised the scoring, which was then 14-3 in his favor. Lambie, however, made a great recovery, and scored on five of the remaining six head?;. He was 6 down at the last head, and getting 4 out of it was only -beaten by 2 points. Smellie had won his way into the final. -The Final.— Green Island (Blaekwood and Smellie) 24 beat Otahuhu (J. M'lvor and J. M'lndoe.) 15. The opening stages- of (his game attracted more attention than the full rink championship on the adjoining rink. The play was of a particularly high order, the leads and .skips of both teams draw-

inn- brilliantly. The score at the eleventh head was 8-7 in M'lncWs favor._ Thenext head was the turning point in the game. Smellie was lying 3, when MTndoe trailed the jack. It was an unlucky shot, for it increased Smellie'e 3 to 5. The southerner then had a run of 1, 1, 4, 3, and led 21-8 at the sixteenth head. MTndoe regained his form and scored two singles, a 2, and a 3 on the remaining heads, to .Smellie's 3. The Green Island team thoroughly deserved the win, for itplayed consistently good games, while the' losing skip, after playing brilliantly during the first, half of the .game, lost his form for a few heads. Dunedin (Gregory and M'Laren) 22 beat Pihama (Poho and Lambio) 12 for third place. Lambie got 1 out of the first head, 2 out of the third, and 3 out of the fourth, and led 6-1. M'Laren then had a run of 1. 1, 3, 2, 2. and led 14-6 at the eleventh head. M'Laren continued to have the best of the scoring, and. getting 3 out of the nineteenth head, the game was brought to a close. FULL RINK CHAMPIONSHIP. The full rink championship final between Palmerston North (H. H. Nash. E. S. Dixon, F. J. Tasker, and J. A. Nash) and To lliwi. Wellington (Baskiville, Fowler, H. W. Frost, and E. J. Hill) provided a spirited contest, which was closely contested right up to the eighteenth head. After the players had got the strength of the green they all played up to championship form. The first few heads saw low scoring, only a single coming from each of the first six heads. At the tenth head the score was 8-4 in Hill's favor, and at the twelfth 9-5 in hi« favor. The thirteenth head saw Nash's luck change, and he got 4 from it, and became, all square. The game was again all squares at the fifteenth head, but at the eighteenth Nash got 3, and led 14-13. He monopolised the scoring to the end of the game, and eventually won by 20 to 15. Dominion Road 'West, Gordon. Findlay, Moir) 22 heat Karangahake (M'Lean, Morrison, Hilton, Juiti 20 for third place. Moir monopoliser! the scoring for the. first few heads, his runs being 1. 2, 3, 3, and he then led 9-0. At the fifth head Jury, however, started sensationally with a 5, and. getting the best of the following heads, reduced Moir's lead until, at the eleventh head the game was only 1 in the Dominion Road skip's favor. A 4 to Moir was followed by 4 and 2 to Jury, who led 16-15 at the fifteenth head. Moir got another run, 1. 3. 2. 1. 1. and led 21-16. With three heads to go Jury got 3 and 1, and was thus 1 down and one head to go. Moir got a single out of this, and thus gained third place in the championship. CONTROL OF BOWLINC. A meeting of bowlers for the discussion of matters relating to the game and the furtherance of its best interests was held in the Auckland Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday evening, in accordance with the custom long-established when bowlers from all parts of New Zealand arc gathered together for a big tournament (reports the '.Star'!. The president of the Dominion Association illr M. Casey) occupied the chair, and opened proceedings by extendible a hearty welcome to the visiting irimdlers present, and an invitation for suggestions which, be assured the gathering, would, it' put in the shape of resolutions, recei\e every consideration by the council. —The Two-feet Problem.—

Discussion on the vexed question < f whether a bowler should be obliged to k.-'cp two tc-.ct on the mat when delivering his howl was opened by Mr Sennaner moving—''That this meeting recommend the Dominion Council to repeal the present rule of having two feet on the mat. and to revert- to the old method." The proposal was received with general acclamation. The mover contended that the old method of delivery was freer and safer, and argued that the fewer restrictions placed on the game the better for the game. Two feet on the mat was a new method, and had hitherto practically been observed only in Australia, the old* method being the rule in Scotland and the other homes of bowling in the Old World. As a proof of the, opinion of bowlers on the subject, he mentioned that all the skips in his section had agreed to the. go-as-you-please eystem. Mr E. Cro vley (Tauranga) seconded the motion.

Several bowlers spoke agairst the two feet on the mat, and then Mr L. Cohen (Wnnganui) rose, and while expressing his intention of supporting the iesolution, declared himself to be in favor of two feet on the mat, which had been well tried and found good in Wnnganui. He was, however, satisfied that the two-feet system had to go, so he bowed to the inevitable. Mr L. J. Dill (Wellington) said that where two feet on the mat had been tried in Wellington it had improv-ed the game and been -i .success. What they should aim at Was to improve the game, not only lor themselves, but for those who followed them. It was no good talking about what was done in Scotland, for he was sure (hat New Zealand bowlers would lot care to go hack to the old Scottish method of play. 'l'he safeguard of two :' on the mat, war, an assurance that ui least one foot would be kept- on the mat, for many bowlers found, it very difficult to keep one foot on. and thus placed their opponent -at a. decided disadvantage.

Mr Wadriell (Oamaru) pointed out the merit of uniformity. Down his way they had adopted the'rule of two f"-et on the mat. and nine out of ten bowlers found no diliieulty in observing ti:e rule He was m-t able to understand why bowlers could not keep two feet, .-n tn-e mat. He satisfied it was the better and more satisfactory syswm. and hoped it- would be reUiiiKd. Lei it bo given a- good trial, at all ovei.tte "The real solution of the difficulty, I believe, is to take, a plebiscite of every howling dub in New Zealand," said Mr [ Webb (Wellington). But he hoped that no clement would be allowed to enter the sport, likely to upset the, friendly qua-Miy j of bowlers in playing their favorite game. The good old game, of bowls must, not he placed under restrictions too drastic, tdftj it would be robbed of seme of the best men who had ever gone -nto it. (Applause. I Mr T. Ballinger (Wellington) admitted frankly that he. detested the i-novalion, and contended that the majority of bowlers in the Dominion were just as heartily hus-t-iko to it as himself. A Wnnganui member argued in favor of the two feet system as being of great benefit in preserving the greens. After further discussion the motion was declared carried by a. large majority A further motion, sibmiti-ed by Mr Ooltman (Devonport), to the effect that before the council adopted the previous resolution a plebiscite of all the bowlers of New-Zealand be taken, was carried unanimously. —The " Narrer'' Powl.— Bowl testing was another matter ra : sed, 'dissatisfaction being voiced by a sninbcr of bowlers present with whas wws being done by way of testing at the present time. Complaint was made of lack of uniformity in testing, leading to a g.-ea-t deal of dissatisfaction and irre^mar'ty. Mr Hill contended that the table test was all right, but the- difficulty lay in the fact that the standard test had be«n made with a narrow Scotch bow! In Wellington they had found a satisfactory way out of the difficulty by having all ilnbowls altered in the correct man) i-r and at the least possible, expense by Alkockfc.

The Dominion of New Zealand South Island Tournament, in which play will be restricted to Punka and Doubles, will com-

monce at Christchurch on Monday r*xt, the 25th inst. Otago bowlers wh-, hsyo assist-ed at the Auckland gathering will participate on their way home. LOCAL GAMES. Saturday's results: ASSOCIATION. —Kaifcuna v. Caledonian.— K. C. F. Langford, Shepherd, Stevenson, T. Sanders 23 Latham, Tuckey, D. Scott, C. Til]ie, Notman, W. Scrvmgeour, Connell, J. A. Haslett 17 Hanson, Hendry, Armstrong, Veitch ... " -- 20 Clark, A. Langford, Ami man, Paterson 13 Sinclair. Edwards, Havdon. M'Donald Totals 59 65 —Balmacewen y. Dunedin.— D. B. W. Emery, J. Forrest, R, M. Marks, J. Pieterson 29 C. Owen, W. Andrew, W. E. Smith, D. M'Lennan W. Grindlev, T. A. Maitland, W. J. Meek, Geo. Crow ... 19 R. A. Ha-ig, P. L. Ritchie, A. W. Stables, S. N. Brown ... A. Burk, W. P. Mardongall, W. A .Scott. A. Gillie 23 E. Caxon. A Aitken, C. Bee-bv. W. Wriaht H. G. Turner, W. Gilbert, W. Austin, Ja-mes Gilmour ... ... 29 A. Cutis, T. Bringans, P. Omand, A. S. Armstrong ... Totals 100 64 —Taieri v. Wakari.— T. W. H. Miller. S Turnbull, C. H. Leith, S. Cousins 22 J. Murphy, J. Wall. W. Pet tit. E. Murphy 11. Donald, *A. F. Quelc'h, A. W. Christie, W. A. Turnbull 22 W. Cormack, J. A. Armit, J. Hood W. Webster F. M'Nab, W. M'Leod. J. A. M'Kinnon, A. M'Leod 18 E. T Woods. W. Sharps, J. Gobble, C. Tilburn Totals 62 56 —Roslvn v. Caversham.— C. R, Leijon, Re id, Walmsley, MTnt'osh '. 15 Webb. Timson, M'Dougall. R, H. Scott Lnmsden, Pearce, Mitchell, Trethawav 19 Allen, Harlow, Dickson, Miller Pnssmore. Pearce, Thomson. Emerson 24 Marshall. Chisholm. Wilson. A. Matheson Totals 58 61 Otago v. St. Kilda.— o. st.;;. J. Brown, M'Ca-skill, Melville. Mark .'. 22 Pitts, M'Faull, Cameron, Jacobsen ....: - 20 J. Lucas, Henderson, Kemniiz. Watts _ ■-■ 27 J. Ledlie, Stevenson, Irvine, Morrison A. C M'Leod, King, Honey-_ man, Cooke, 32 Le-llie. Neilson. MTarlane, .'Allen Totals 81 59 —Kaikorni v. North-east Valley.— V. E. Russell. Hunter, Hatfield, C. (irate 7 Sinclair, Sunderland, R. Hunter, J. Walker Thomson, Stewart, Murray, J. Barnes 20 Bowman. Paterson, jun., Meleolm, Paterson M'Callum, King, Lindsav, T. Allan 26 Sewell, Tvrrell, Hanria, W. C. Allnutt" Totals 55 69 —Mornington v. West Harbor.— M. W.H. Smith, Hardie, Kennedy, N-eill 19 Lind, Haird, Cranston, Button Piekford. Robson, Faston, Robertson 25 Kellett, Portman, Wilson. Burke. John.son, Liddell. Holgaie, Thompson 34 Kay, Noale, Donaldson. Grant -- 10 76 51 CENTRE. —Kaituna v. Caledonian.— K. C. Crawford, Moody, T. M'Lennan. Bn.illie 21 —■ D'>kel Farm., Hocking. Dey ... ! Patterson, M'Kenzie, Reid, C. I Lamhourne 16 —• Ross, Clark, J. Roddiugton, C. Lvng I Macdonald, Plunket, Holgaie, Cooper 25 Carroll, Dunford, Holmes, Cormack Totals 60 58 Fairfield v. Green Island.— F. G.I. Falconer, Anderson. Barclay, Allan •- 14 Geddcs. Edwards, Miller, Waiters ' ' - 17 Christie, Stevens, Moon, Anderi son 21 - 1 M'Lean. Martin, Gordon, Smellie Cook, M'Donald, M'Ncill, Love 33 Mason, Walker, Kane, M'Clymont Totals 68 63 —Otago y. St, Kilda.— O. St. K. M'Laehlan, Ringer, Crawford, Don 22 Bell, Fail, Himburg, Carter ... M'Kinnon, Gascoigne, Glover, Smith 11 Duncan, Otto. Stuart, Tamblyn Scott, C'oxhead, Hay, Fynmore 21 —■ Bryce, Smith, Peacock, White Totals 54 53 —Baimacewcn v. Dunedin.— D. B. Swift, Williamson, Adams, Bentley 15 Tvrrell, " Moore, Kirkwood, 'Lockhart '. Wallace. Smith, Stubbs, Hogg 16 Elder, Passmore, Muir, Thompson Walker, Dow, Stephens, Black 22 Gamble, Clark, Latimer, Wilson Frame, Smith, Allan, Foster... 22 Phinn, Miller, Adamson, Jones Totals 75 72 —North-east Valley v. Kaikorai.— V. K. Pinnock, White, Abbott, Burgess 17 Allan, Stewart, Porter, Heenan Grindley, Anderson, Wright, Burt ' 19 Gibb, Robertson, Watson, M'lntosh ' 16 Hungerford, M'Dowell, Dunn, Cope 22 M'Kenzie, Handle, Hepworth, Moore Totals ~. ,„ •» ,*. £8 43..

] —Roslyn v. Caversham.— I Price, M'Gillivray, Meekison, C. E, Brooks 24 Farmer, Matheson, Frew, M'Fadden 2& Wilson, Thorn, M'Gregor. Hanning 18 -j Boy, Hamel, Gregory, Davis ... 2tt Henderson, Gail, Renfree, Christie 23 Gow, Merchant, Nicolson, Crawford Totals _. 65 7Q —Mornington v. Port Chalmers. — M. P.C. A. Birth, D. Blyth. Ken-. Coull 28" '-^. Riplev, Hiphet, Peters, Collier M'Rae, Sawell, Botting, Ha-rdie 28 M'Donald, Watson, Morgan, Paterson H , Smvth, Barclay, Thomson, I Whclan ... * 22 ! Bevrley. M'Doueall, Emerson, Wilson ... " Totals 78 51 DISTRICT. —Kaitiina v. Caledonian.— K. C. J. M'Lennan, Johnston, Campbell, F. Smith 21 Capstick. E. Carroll, Cowie, D. Smith ' ... Seelye, Elvidge, T. Lambourne, Payne .' 24 Pohvarth, Dunford, Walker, Collins Frapwell. Ynunc. Melville, M'Hutcheson 22 Wheeler, Glasse, Ogg, Foster Totals 67 53 —Green Island v. Port Chalmers.— G.I P.C. Mayall. Herbison, Monson, Dryden 15 —« Sutton, M'Donald, J. Pickard, M'Lachlan Monson. J. Geddes, M'Mullen, Harraway 17 —■ Douglas, M'Kenzie, Young, Booth Chambers, Bosworth. M'Lean, Sloan 25 A. Pickard, Wilmott, Grav, M'DnngalJ ".. Totals 57 49 —Dunedin v. Outram.— D. 0. A. Stimmerficld, H. Mercer, J. White. J. C. Short ' ... 23 S. A. Little. A. F. Tripp, J. Buchanan, A. T. Anderson ... W. Watson. P. Miller, H. C. Wilson, D. Robertson 23 T. T. Grant, W. C. Grant, T. Hughes. W. Snow C. E. Brundell. J. E. White. J. Rodger, A. J. Rallinson ... 15 Watson. Thomson, M'Lean, Bragg Totals 59 55 —Otago v. St. Ivilda.— 0. St. K. Bcasley, Strang, Edwards, i Falconer 27 —• ! Nelson, Taylor, Cooper, SmeaI ton m i M'Gregor. C. M-Peak. Spinks, Hamilton 15 —=> I Lough. Fothergill. Adess, i M'Curdv ... '. S 1 Brewer. A. M'Leod. J. M'Peak. i Robson '• 30 j M'Lay, Vickery, D. C. CamI eron, jun., Stoneham Totals 72 6( Vallev v. Kaikorai.— V. K< Barber, Mowat, M'Kay. Gray 20 -. Masterton, Clyde, Ellis, Hunter Williams, Ireland. Bennett, Besv.ick 22 Robertson, Reed. MMillan, Masterton Mardonald, Munro. Wntkins. Dryden 12 Le Strange. M'Gregnr, Morrison, Morton Totals 54 5' —Roslyn v. Caversham.— C. R. Piddincrton, M'lntosh. Tinnock, Blackwood 21 - G. Scott. Patrick, J. Scott, W. A. Wilkinson Ingram. Howorth, Brown, Fastier ' 11 Mustard. Farley, Matthews. Wedderspocii ' Thorn. Walker, Smith, Austin 8 Murdoch. Wood, G. A. Scott, Fountain Totals 40 69 —Fairfield v. Wakari. — F., W. J. Kirkland. W. M'Allen, 11. L. Christie, W. Allan 23 J. Armit, G. Purton, D. Creed, A. Armit --■ 15 H. M'Gvath. J. Anderson, J. B. Kirkland, T. Anderson 20 If. Johnston, A. Stewart. AJohnston, G. Blacklock P. Rilev. R. M'Allan, J. Miller, G. Miller 15 G. Johnson, J. Mnrphv. G. Armit, S. Roberts Totals ... 58 54 UNOFFICIAL. —Otago v. St. Kilda.— 0. St. K. Callaghnn. Tlenney. ¥,. Smith, Sundstrum 16 —■ Hade. Parr. Campbell, As-bton Cassels, Neal!, Fountain, J. M. Brown 12 Lawrie, Ormond. Gardner, Pearce Hinton, Rowlev, Cameron, Bills 21 —- Lvders, M'Alister, Manson. 'Scurr Totals 49 70 —Dunedin v. St. Clair.— D. St. C. G. Simpson, P. Findlav. A. Steel. G. M. ... '. 24 Munro, Harper, Fleming. Jolly D. Pearson, F. Meek, J. Wright, J. Ryan 25 Gillespie, Marshall, Hastings, Levido G. Swift, jun., Owen, Roxburgh, W. H. Duke 22 C. Scurr, If. Henderson, Muir, T. Harrison Totals 72 60 —St. Clair v. Roslyn.— Bishop. Kilpatrick, Ritchie, Buxton ' 26 -- Barnett, Cameron, Falconer, Harraway Totals 26 22 INVERCARGILL VISITORS. On Saturday afternoon the Invercargill visitors met two rinks from the, St. Clair Club on the Dunedin Green, play resulting in favor of the St. Clair Club. Scores : St. C. L W. Flicks, E. Ball, J. Foster, W. Giles 10 J. Fleming, E. Smith, J. Hain, J. Holloway Lanham, Robertson, Maddox, Cole 34 T. A. Wallace, Geo. Rivers, A. E. Smith, John Keama Totals ~. m ... H> 43 36

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