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DFFrNC" 'Nit "I"AIN'N •* B\NO-' "UNT- JiF^TIBH" Report ' i--*'." ' i j "p i p 7 \, n ' \ i- • - I*j. -ti C l\M vt „b ' *«* •■ " •t i T, \ IX'*""" ' '**' p" f.t tb< <•'.- > - >b- ■» ' - , I . i , t i , > . V rl i , 3-x N»» „ .1 dd * x ] . t ""or i- i e "" ( % t r -

i-ox tui ith f f ' \i iiJi tl ii at nn " l i t"*L v ir iti j P ' " ' , -i« 1 \ txc u ''ul i' i i w i , . -,v t i k r i "i' 1 1"" l -i- K v, i to t» run u " tM i Pi v* fx r hj t" •p i n,r i n i i i- t i \t n , * i i i si j r 1v i ' <i hj l \ ,1 ,1,, "-M » « '-> b ™jl i , )t ji t- i nd 1! *• l '1 id I'll 1 I Uk« tr-< dflnrint i r v. 's-bi to tjv r' 1-ad I n ' l ss~i i Uvw i Li n v th" « * » *h > i t th- 1 r iten win i w to ■fur U I t+d i'i i is '* a ,i foiml oi tK j f rtim * * lit imn t i tlu 1 '1? ct b villi s e I u 1 ui ]n« H" W <ke.l 'i hj Li'i invi on iifo t \ t rei hj d —Be t Voa. PI i i - It « i> not tint it loon « nib anpeikd "k> iu and ot i 1 -se-te Mv tree md pa»"td tin tph it t) iuMbo i,n i r iitrftiun bin. *h a guments tea hidn H m ) mt ihk Ninih tluit nam th In m tlu tut lo 1 ,n v ith it voud piobal l cave tV uvta tat bait 2U) *tu bi-f-es r for i r mle u litntl uu ul Mh eh lit*->ou almost JiU i _Wi with ii n > tun in. it i'i c\t pi j c ii i 1 i ioui d i p m it -uiir ulen tlie weitim i> < t i tlwt tlu f t 1 p ii ib rol uv i-u'd not m -> m tie 'talth ot i hum in roinc ird i i i i-. ot mit \<.r- \iak n[ n i lo a ven laigt ttuce ot tnt tn i f tie j. si fhj a rr,n -, irto the Bav of B iv to mvi ieir pit ti i\ ! 't.i «as tlll"V tuli f-n i in nift outs i ou'd t r'uinh ha t. i t i wg mort-ihtv ip J _v pt \uic \odalithit- th <- u h (l , 1 s u Mic i i u>*crpnc »i mi there to tin; mi n Se lii tiiii it wiwn tb v wert tion_ii %id n rmditun Itn, Jlniftt niUii A. i Pd < at kist £lovi/j m lui t i"sn bv doim? nn tnnii»i hj in 'gvpt aid cur nidi lould bt ji ut i I in i dmmte wn hj w i-. niu lw tht i owi thin am il ma in Jul hj 3ki, xu tlei si th am 1 i „lind tl.v wculu ' n tt tat luo irtit hturs ot i iiv aa 'i *t- to training i ksrvpt ind vinertaA i hnc;land there would be it tin* time cu ,1 iti tioer three di <» in cierv wein. i 1 i v ith ill ti gocxh ill m the i 1 umjiul tii nr_ wiidd It- im{.os s r'« in i mpt wt Id ok. obt o tun i <i y u n titr i blue ex \mi i tlitii ♦ tl - nealthie t ] ipo oi lui|» i 1 \r-i i cam uro * tat wcrli t civ \ cnji\ In the mea ltimt wt 1 ( m u as % tdctor n tio miliiiiv i li m t*i nn lent v\e lindtd i 'it nr las' it i Taik ran dil » 1-, pt ieol ild 1 tin loi •i\ which i\ udpnbiblv u ai ii is th * in am pa tot tht nai —5-.te ot the Camp*.— Ni;;i the ureat Pyramids b a camping Cry uiiiiiMVMs in Egypt, As a matter ■j: :,;<t, lb.-e ground it- formed by a shallow vulley bttv.-evn two ridges, one of which •a honeycombed with th?. very ancient ionib.-; iviiieh lie at tbe i't-ot of the Great Vyramids, and which being excavated, j ''if work is i'oing on evexy day wiiilst Mil- itODC'S aie drilling in thv valley below. ■J.i:- .minorities decided to put the First .Aii.-nalian Pivisiou (.that id, the vvhele force, except the Light Horse Brigade) 'j-.i this lumpily ground, and the New 'U ahinJors at Zeitun, just outside tae 3u bit lbs of the city, close to a- big camp :,i I'erritoxiaU and to the. lide ran^e. l!aiii of tiicit- CMinps is on the edge of Die deceit. It is not easy to explain ilifir site, but any Australian who knows Ihe Lower Biverma or tbe Darling will "anderstard it. The Nil?, lilw tlie river 'Murray about. Kuetun or iUildura or Kenaiai'k or Muu'ay Bridge, has an itmt-r ;>nnk and an outer bank. That is to say, jhe actual normal stream runs between :ornparatively narrow banks of grey or Flack soil, which, is really river silt brought down from tbe mountains and Swamps of Abyssinia, just as the Darling •brings it down from the Queensland hills, 6ut if you cross tlie flats you will always find back from the river—sometimes six miles back from it, sometimes bait a mile. Sometimes actually oveicloadowing it—the higher level of country through, which the "jivt-r has originally cut its way. You Some upon it quite suddenly, as in .Australia, a. line of steep sandhills facing von, or limestone cliffs, not very high. You climb them, and you axo in a- difierSnt country—of a different color, a differ3nt soil, a different vegetation. Only hero tlie difference is far sharper than in Australia. There ;u'e no great redgtims on the flats—there* are practically no native trees at all, but tbe whole river flat is jridironed with teeming cultivation, like & Chineie market garden. That is ou the black foil. You climb tin the, pink sundiill, and you are in desert—the sheer desert, which stretchee. away hundreds upon hundreds of miles to the other .side «cf Africa. The transition from one to the Sther is absolutely instantaneous-—-you can Step from the richest cultivation in the world on to its most hopeless wilderness in a. single .stride. It was on the fdgo of ibis desert plateau, looking out from tho wrst. over the river valley, and towards their ancient capital, that a certain family v Kyyptinn kings of 2,900 years before thri-t built themselves the huge tombs ihe world knows as the Pyramids. It it; on th? edge of this desert that the iVimp of the Australian'lnfantry and Ariillvry was laid out. Th* campa of the >'■■■.%-" '/inlanders und tbe Light Hor<=e *!• i'.;:;rb' ;:re , } \\ ir-e of tbe similar ivv plateau oppos't-?, to the cast of tho Kile. --Speedy Road Buiiding.— The moment these camp sites were decided upon the authoiities hi Egypt turned loose upon them a whole Hood of labor. Half a dozen different departments were Aivolwd in it. The. Works Department ;V'L r an to build roads that cut through the of the famous itena House Hotel >'.ht' hotel for the Pyjamids. It piled ap an embankment 10ft high through the gum tree*, then cut quarries into the hilk, land brought the stones on camels through ihe sand. It lay down ou top of its ciuiankment. not "an. improvised road, but •a broad macadamised, road, which half a jjozen steam rollers flattened oat until you sould ride a bicycle or drive a ear at 3i:y speed along it, and it continued that Joad and its brancbee to a length of two ißrles through tho desert. It built reinforced concrete reservoirs high on both Sides of the valley, .'aid a reticulation of ana ins from thtm nil over the eamp, and Cui't row upon vow of troughs for the fftcrees. Then a Belgian contractor laid Sialf a. mile of electric tramway along'the ®mbanked road, and the military authori},k?, or, in other words, the improvised Jtaff, chiefly consisting of Territorials, Solicited stacks of fodder down it, and she military engineers put together other ftnd lighter tramways, and somebody put up street lights. They only began this a fortnight ago, and the roads have feeen eomplsted and carrying a conaiant pro•?tessi*a if win %T*x sinw w» arrive,ii hers. —Tk» ImjiassiTt Egyptian.—

The Australian »B«t 2»»w Zealand forces gpne round to Alexandria for disembarkation. Alexandria is one night's journey Ibroßgh the Mediterranean from Port Said. Wt found the harbor there crowded with shipping. There were French, Greek, i-ftwTvv. aad manjf £a,twh ship* along Ww

in*, but 'u fir t' • t < i'"ition i r la of t! fai i in.: in tK ii» I) i.rj i \ -ndr ,i i rl'.wi in l>< » ' <•' I liinuncr i thr i Ihi\w» <in tlv i s*<. iircr* 'id It 'i d ii > l t I (a 1- !' i' \ 'ur , in. g Oil *n' '""• i i imrrca to i i\e t li l hj s ii 1 I I ro. Ib i i 1 ! f i iin i tit sua welo w.«< * < tirit si ip i i > nil t ' t'e win- v 'ie s ll 'o i(« hi l 1> iJ(?f-> i ] th Hi um "M I i i \ *i I■> It ■. i I I i I th li l uit Int ' i II IIMII il i . 1 111 \ > I' d I "oi t'-at ci .t i'l b ii iii ti 11 t t |ni Hti n u 'lUit'i i kol n i l nhj wl i il ti ] 1 t~ ) t i i B ! 'l( " ,(( t \ it ) _,l I'uton tin J *•> i i' in % Tf> V. f Up t, it 11 l 1 11 11 <Ht 1 is to w' in l r ti \ *t t ' '■i J« 1 r 111 dlv i 1 wtl i i i li u\ i t mp !

\ rmibn <! New Zei ind tian(ort oi'iued the 0 vieto to the qua ind i little liter tin Ptitipidt wl idi m< t with the onh mi toittne o inip< rtinet oi rnrrcri dtt-ing the \ hole On the i -v lit of it Utwcen Font Sud ind \l«tt ldm <mi ofXI f *bo nin on bo-jid ot ber niiath belc ncn j, to th"> To -th ln f iiiM\ Bittihm t U i'l with omet l lq u pit in hj bki p miint pn *nnn The\ woie unibli to hnd thit di iid um of thim bid evrntinlh to 1 ii nulit on ti Meur Hoi e Hotel it hj Pm in id which hid bien ti ineT into Jif ii» i' to tl ( \u t ill in tiooi< \s ii i I know none < t tbe cases i niw ser on - \ uii,t T ind Tt wa ifteuiiion beloie the fir t ti nn lit tii Cmi It lontained th pnt"i nut ui ti I tth lmuitix opu ei h i c ail othei details I aih mm i ud a tm (l bulb beef ind unit li uiU—n tin ui 24 hout> Hit obi emt were whol mLal mil wen mult m Vustiaba I! e\ wire evcellent f bive he i (1 othieia iv tint tlu\ w it the but ntiin 'n emt thtv bid evei tisttd LOl tho battel pirt ot m nttunoui ind until wtll on mt. tb duk the tn p ttiin won d thioußb tlie teeming tht it the Nik delti T\tiv trap ot \m tition m tin-, loimti l giown uiuh i i„it on ever qimo mile of thti delta i utib ed ind the men weie mteie ted m v.mi thing —Dtifl lot wnliiu in th luld iinel-. •Hid dntiktv uddcii il tiu I ith i el e du\en io piled up with n u/e oi mem foddti that ill via i mil <-t the inimi! i head piottudiu c fiom a w i dern g load women with tht l lit icilid men fi bim; in tht ditih onl afev mi lies wide which nn uniind the ftlds It ui Utei dm whin th i hi*t tiamloid ot Auilirlnn icjthedCino Th \ detrained at a long ph turn wlnih hi- e\ iiv thing (1 i timed Lo h\i Un pu lill n•> It loi tht puipa \ itl u the couiit ot the pieviou tv o 01\ Thcic wt; a hot cup oi coftee v ulin„ tot tnem nv the idt of thi tian Ihe he w bifi vt 1 - put en to IniiT. ind th n th iilth liitmlrv, in full muthing lit lid with its b?i d at iti htid tuimd oit of tht stition gitcs md up tbe lighted t te » —lo Sleep m the De t

ft so happened tint the I nth I i ti lions louto tow aid th" lie bnl,es It I it past th« tamou Ki i 11 Nil biuicl v huh tace the iim ihe oi nd o the band brought nit tht p iuiliu ' dnr tered lheio and thev uave th 11' th the tinest lecepton thit tm t l bis ic ceived Ehli an houi lati ittti cro ii 0 the second bunch oi the Nut the mm pis»mf, out ot the suomb oi iti/ -ibn ft tbe straight roid bordeied mtn 1 1 bil li tiees first saw before thtm mtl moi light the distmt hape it t'u i,t tin mid lor neirlv two Imn tluv in bed towards i*- bttoie tit liiinil rti li i neir the fiot it it thu ugh a phnt mor mm ttees ind w ittlc 1 t ill th like a bit ot \u ti iln it ut lown niwi made road on to tho desert. ft was already midnight, but the baggage had to be taken up the valley and unloaded before sleep could be thought of. The new road at that time stopped short a little way before reaching this point, and tbe task of flogging the native lorries th rough that short stretch cd sand showed beyond argument tbe value of the roads. Its work finished, the regiment threw itself down where it was, wrapped itseit in its blankets under the moon and the stars, and slept.

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THE COLONIAL TROOPS, Issue 15701, 15 January 1915

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THE COLONIAL TROOPS Issue 15701, 15 January 1915

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