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BRISK FIGHTING, IX NORTHERN FRANCE. CENTRE MOST ACTIVE. I’AillS. January 12. i Rc.-clvcd January la. at 9-20! A i omnuiniipie Tates : Thorn has 1 10 f'ti violent eannonad: ng frmi tlsf sea to ill'' Oise. Wry lively fighting took piano rnn in I the trenches north of Snii-aous. which ’.vc i aptursd "ii !'rirla_\. On Sinicins' several (Ifrnmu attacks ss'fic repulsed, and wo raptured more trenches. Artillery duels took pkn iy from Soissmis to Rhciins, also at Souain. A. desperate struggle ocviirred at the Beausejour redoubt. The eiieniy estali--lisii ■-< ] a trench inside the tort ideations, (it wmi'h wo still hold the salient. Ihr struggle is still rayin',;. AVe repulsed German attmks on C'onsenvovc and the Lc Bonehut \\ 00-ds. which am on the Meuse heights. A\ e surprised and routed a- German company pillaging Si. Snttveur. near Cirey-stir-Vesouze. Tin' snosvst onus continue in the Vosges and in Alsace. A (ATI vrrv tow.uids lorraine. THE GERMAN COMMUNIQUE. AMSTERDAM. January 12. (Received .January 15, at 10.5 a.m.i A (lerman comnninKpie state;, : The French attacks at (Tony, also east of T’erthes, were repulsed with heavy losses. We < aptnred a. k'l'eneh point of support in the Aryonne. Tin* Erem’h losses m Ihe Aryonne siine January 8 tire 1,000 killed and wounded, and 1.600 taker, prisoner. The Ereiteh attacks south of St. Millie! (south of Verdun i faded. LORRAINE FRONTIER. RIO LEHMAN CONCENTRATION. AM ST LR DAM. January IT > Received January 1?, at 10,5> Avroug German forces are concentrated, at Spincoint .and Rriey. ft js estimated that 120,000 mon.i .are <•••(» murated a! Met/. [Spinenun and Rriey are between Thionvilln and Verdun.] PERTHES CAPTURE THREATENS SR PR I. V LINE OF LEHMAN CENTRE. .PARIS, January 12. i Received January 13. at 9 arm.) The proximity of Perthes to the Razau-emirl-Aptvmoiit railway renders it., capture important, as it endangers the Gerinau supply-lines for their front between Rlieirns and Verdun. LILLE EVACUATED. NOW HERD in: BRITISH. LONDON, January 12. • Received January Jo, at 8.55 a.m.i A report from Ronloyno says that confirmation has been obtained of the statement that the Germans Jmvc evacuated Lille, which is now virtually in the possession of the British, FRENCH MISAPPR EH ENSIGN’ <>F T.R[TAIN'S KAKNESTTNIkSS. (London ‘Times’ and Sydney ’ Sun ’ Servicea.) ( LONDON, January 12. Rails repents that l/nxl Haldane's de.•larnliun of tlie (bwernnumt’a attitude towards obligatory service in Britain has caused the greatest satisfaction in France, iiuiicncrny that- Britain has resolved to ig’nt to the last man. The (French have ill recognised the. loyalty of the British Thins, hut icu- appreciate their eflneuveaesfi. The belief is widespread that only 100,000 .British are. fighting in Fran re and Belgium. BRITISH PRISONERS. TREATMENT IN OEHMAXY. ESCAPED OFFICER'S STATEMENT. PHYSICAL COMFORTS FAIR. OFFICERS CROSSLY INSULTED. LONDON, January 12. (Received January 13, at 9 a.m.) Major C R. Vandeleur, of the Carneronan Highlanders, has escaped from the rrisonore’ camp in Germany. Ho states .hat, while ho does not complain of tho ond or accommodation, British officers are mbjcct to the grossest insults and humiliaions at the hands of their captors. OUTRAGES IN FRANCE. GERMANY’S SWEEPING DENIAL. AMSTERDAM, January 12. (Received January 13. at 8.45 a.m.) An official message from Berlin denies he French allegations of German outages, and states that German commandtb have always maintained discipline and jhsarved all the rules of wax.

\ I t.N M.l I K A J ).M I>MI 'A , 1 BELGIAN TOWN’S SACK I’D T’.V IUS ORDERS. LONDON, January IP.. (Received .la.imary I", at- 9 a.m.; 1 Lenern! Von Klnck, interviewed at his j li(’;if)t|uartors by a. neutral journalist, sat'l. I (referring to the destruction wrought- by j the German army when traversing He.l-----n | gittrn : "I Ho u<->t flour that 1 personally g i gave orders in Belgium to destroy and t Inivn entire tmvii'.'' 'I he Kaiser recently visited Von IN hi 1 ’I;, j e | STARVIN'-; BELGIUM. j „ | BREAD BIOTS BEGIN. | '■ i LONDON, January 12. | p ■ . Received .Innnary In. at 8.45 a.inn j I Broad rintu are reported at>. . in Belgium. Tim crowd unadiod the win- , flows fif (he. Town Hall, but the police reP 'stored order, and bread was .supplied t-’ v ; the riot orf>. i (TERMAX ATROCITIES j OX RUSSIAN SOIL. j i.( >X DO N . .Truuiary i2. | (Received January In at, 9 a.m.) | Reuter's Pefrograd correspondent cay? • : that among the pitiful eights to he .non I is that of convalescent, Russian sold.' as | j Lemberg. who have been blinded I,y vitriol i ' [th-'own hr the ( Iprntnti?, walking about! ; tlm iown in single file led by a, rope. I • ; Potrograd newspapers state that Major | i (i‘e-lenkord. Ilorman Commandant tit i.o-ir, • ’ ordered the (.hooting of fix boys 11 . ;o 11 to j J - Ri r ears old, for refusing jo p. om Ur the i I ' l be; trams. 1 IN POLAND. I | BARD GERMAN REPORT. | | AMSTERDAM. January IP. ! | (Received January 15, at 10.5 a.m.) j ■ A German rommunirpm states : The | [''Russian offensive in North Poland has! I . failed. Our attacks urn of tin■ Vi.-iti!a I ■ 1 arc progressing despite bad weather, STGXI EfCAXT SI LEXER. OX CAUCASUS CAMPAIGN. COPENHAGEN, January 12. (Reeeived January 13. at 9,; The Orman papers have entirely ignored th» Turkish. defeat, in the ' | casus. _ ■' : TH RSERVIAN PROBLEM. AUSTRIA "TAKES HEART. 1 i (London 'Times’ and Sydney ‘Sun’ SarSiiMj ' LONDON’, Jar.iiary J'.’. 1 A eorre.spoiiilent- with 11;- 1 Servians says | i that Ihu fit nation is stationary. Tim j i Austrians are digging themselves in oh i j the northern frontier of S-ervla. Opinion | i is divided whether immediately to icsunm j | tin' offensive or not. | Tim ' Lokal Anzeiger ’ f Berlin ani noil!tees that- now ojk rations a.gainst .'•eiwi.i - j are jvenditaef. which, the Austrians 'regard . | with the greatest confidence, Waiif*> Anal j tria ha.s strengthened her for res. ! ; I IN ALBANIA. S ER-V1 A. PR OTEATS V ROX TI EB, A'nTEX.S, January 12. ( ] (Received January 13, at 8.45 i The Albanian insurgents have placed ! guns against. Dnvazzo. I tSe.rvia, with tho Entente’s consent, has ■ j occupied strategic, positions in the north i ; of Albania to protect the Servian frontier. > i IS AESTRI.A SATED! I 1 I EMPEROR’S SION ITTOAXT ALLU- ; j SION. (London ‘Timed’ and Sydney 'Sun ' Sendees.) LONDON, January 12. ; Tho Emperor Franz Josef of Austria, replying to a deputation of Galician , nobles at .Sehoubruiin Palace, twice re- < ferred to the possibilities of ]hmcc. BUM AN 1A MOBILISING. i RESERVES CALLED UP. i LONDON, January 12. ! (.Received January 13, at 8.55 a.m.) ! Bucharest reports that three classes of 1 reservists have been called up for January • 25 and three more, clas.-en for a week , later. < ! ITALY’S THREAT ! BRINGS TURKEY TO REASON. VANCOUVER, January 12. ’ Messages from Romo state that five Italian warships and a flotilla, of destroyers, under Admiral Gogin, left- Taranto on Saturday evening under sealed orders an hour after the, ultimatum to Turkey expired. It is unofficially stated that the object of tho expedition is to enforce satisfaction for the- Hodc-idn incident. ROM E, January 12. The Hodeida incident lias been settled, [s

GERMAN CRUISER BR-EMEN DAMAGED BY MINE. PETROGRAD, January 12. (Received January 15, at 8.45 The Gorman cruiser Bremen has arrived nt Wilhelmshavon badly damaged by a mine. {The Bremen is a prot-edeel cruiser of the same class as the Leipzig.] THE SUBMARINE CAN WORK BY NIGHT. LESSON OF THE FORMIDABLE. (London ‘ Times ’ and Sydney ‘ Sun ’ Services.) LONDON. January 12. ‘The Times’.s’ naval correspondent sa.vs that the expected has happened—the submarine has taken the place, of the destroyer as a torpedoer. The loss of the Formidable proves that, in addition to working by stealth in daylight, the submarine. can boldly sally forth on Ilio surface at night, ami. protected by its comparative invisibility, search for a target. The submarine appears to work singly at present, but later they may hunt in packs. CARDINAL MEHGIER, CONFINED TO HIS PALACE, UND ER (l-ERM A N GU ARD. ROME, January 12. i Received January 15, at 8.45 a.m.) The ‘ Tribuna’ stales that Cardinal Merrier is not imprisoned, but is detained in bis palace at Mnliues, watched by soldiers. Hie Pope has asked Germany for reparation for liis detention, also for confiscating his pastorai. LOYAL PRIESTS. RECOGNISE THE CHURCH ONLY. AMSTERDAM, January 12. (Receiver! January 15. at 10.5 a.rn.i Catholic organs state that many priests in the Maiines diocese have refused to obey the German interdict- o‘f Cardinal Merrier’s pastoral, declaring that they will obey Cardinal Merrier alone. THE PASTORAL. KING ALBERTS ADMIRATION. HAVRE, January 12. (Received January 15, at 9 a.m.) King Albert- has sent- a message, 1,, the Pope, expressing bis admiration for Cardinal Mender's courage in not fearing to proclaim the truth ami affirm tin’ inipre-f-cripiihle. rights of a. just cause, according to universal conscience. PORT OF LONDON. ANOTHER. ('ACSK OF CONGESTION (London ‘'limes’ undSvdnry ‘Sun ’ Services.) LONDON. January 12. The unparalleled congestion of mcrtbamlise in (be London docks continues. Ln-hiirites say there are sufficient dock laborers, bnl tins congestion will coiJimie until consignees maim proper n-rrangc-ni-’nts (or di--oersmg goods when iiorhmvgeil. THE NEUTRAL DOOR. VIRTUOUS INDIGNATION IN EGAN DIN AVIAN CIRCLES. COPENHAGEN. January 12. ■■ Reeeivr.J January ,15. at 8.45 a.m.) Tiie Scandinavian figures mentioned in Sir Edward Grey's reply to America have caused a. public sensation. The newspapers demand the publication of detailed statistics. The Danish Foreign Office explains that in 1914 many article? came direct, instead of via. Hainlmrg. Denmark is also now compelled to from America, many goods formerly houghi from tin; belligerent, nations. INSURANCES CLAIMED. MOSTLY FOR NAVY MEN, (London ‘Times' and Sydney ‘Sun’ Services ) LONDn’X. January 12. 'I he war polices far paid amount, to £225.000 <Ol 11,000 Gain';?. Jim majority of til' 1 claims were in regard to Navy men, A IT, I MATE'S ADVICE. (London 'Times' and Sydney 'Sun' Service*.) LONDON, January 12. Ibe Archbishop of 1 ork, in a sermon, exhorted yeif-disctpliue and ah.-tineiifefrom alcohol during the war. Tie- con Pact, he said, demanded an uplifting of our whole national Etc. SOLDIERS AND MATRIMONY. (London ’Times' and Sydney ’Sun ’ Services.) LONDON. .lamiarv 12, A writer in the 'Eugenic Revi-w' u:,gci 1 1 e ( lovci nim-n; to aii-L-i; umrr.ig" i'ee,-; and ere mirage •nldiens in marrying, so an to maintain the rtn e tiir-mgli belter nc.!,?. and chock the deplorable jtvmiso in < ertam diseases. TREASON TRIALS IN SOUTH A. ERICA, KRUGER’S GRANDSON A REBEL. PRETORIA, Jammy 12. Received January 15. at 8.45 a.m.) Further trial-; for treason have taken place, including (hat of the Rev, Bm-k-Imizcii. who acted as BcycmG m-, rotary and exhorted (he farimms to mipport Beyers; aim 1 hai of Kruge; M grandson. Hvtihler. who was a prominent Hertz.ogite member of the Union Parliament. INDIA’S ANSWER TO GERMANY. WAVE OF PATRIOTISM FROM SHORE ’I’O SHORE. WILL SEND 200,C00 -MEN. DELHI. January 12. (Reiv-ived January 15, at 10.15 a.m.) In the conr.-o of a. speech to the .Legislative Council, the Viceroy (Lord Harflinge) said that Enver Pasha (Turkish Mmi.sler of War), under Gwt.iiui coinpnl-■-ion, had betrayed Islam’* interest,.? and abdicated the sovereignty of Turkey into the )ninds of the Germans. When -the character am! motive* ">f Turkov in going to wa-r became known any religions ’ sympathy the Indian Moslemns may have had was swept aside by a feeling of unswerving loyalty to the Empire, arid a’towering wave of patriotism swept- India from shore. to shore. This was one other of .lerma ny’s misca 1c i dal ions. India had despatched, or was des-palch-ug, 200,000 mon overseas, while, maintainug enough troops on the frontier to meet my emergency. Thai India, was able to io this was the supreme mark of Ids abrolnto confidence in the fidelity of the troops and the loyalty of the people, n tonfdonee that daily was more than jus--ifieri. ilo appealed to the Council not o discuss controversial question.* at- a. ;.ime when all minds wore fixed on the iroteetion of the Empire. There was only tno feeling prominent : the necessity of mi ted action, to conquer their common merny. FATE OF THE KARLSRUHE. THE ATLANTIC COMMERCE DESTROYER RAID TO HAVE BEEN SUNK IN A FIGHT WITH THE BRITISH. OTTAWA. January 12. (Received January 13. at .12.10 a.m.) Private .advice.-, winch are unconfirmed, tn-ty that the German oruwer KarlmihoJ

1 was sunk in a fight ■with the- British off Grenada. A lifebuoy marked “ Karkrulio” was found on the shore, ami also much wreckage. 'ihe residents of Grenada report ■ in" a battle a- great distance seawards. 1 (Grenada, is one of the. British 'West India. Islands.] COUNT MOLTKE’S HALLUCINATION. GERMANY HAS 5,000,000 MORE MEX& WILL FIGHT UNTIL THE /ENEMY HAS HAD ENOUGH. I NEW YORK, January 12. i'Received January 15, at 1.10 p.m.S Von Moltke, in Ids Berlin interview, ’ further said that Russia and France, had ' entered into (treat Britain',, .service, and ' that the latter was aiming; at the exter- ! imitation of German shipping, commerce, 1 and industry. Germany ’ had 3.C00.000 more .soldiers, and the war would Isfct until the enemy had had enough. Even-body, from prince to pauper, was ’ filled with'the. determination to slick it out at any price. THE BRUSSELS EIRE. AMSTERDAM, January 12. (Received January 10, at 1.10 p.m.j ll is reported that the lire in Brussels was uiie to the, burning of the great Antwerp oil works, a biscuit factory, and 12 houses. 1 THE HIGH COMMISSIONER'S RETORT. LONDON, January 12 (7.30 p.m.). Baris reports that on the Aisne, north of Soissons, the enemy's several attacks were repulsed, the Allies capturing fresh sections of trenches at Perthes. llu; redoubt, north of Realise jour was the scene of a, desperate struggle, the enemy establish! nr a trench indd" the works, where the Allies hold the s:,ii-n:. The struggle , continues. • GREAT VIOLINIST IN BATTLE. The Austrian violinist-. Fritz Kreisler, who arrived ;n New York recently with his American wife, limped from a. lance wound in his thigh, and smiled because he had retaliated by killing a Cossack whon fighting with me Austrian tinny, in which he is a. Menu n,.i;r. “ 1 had been in the trenches before Lemberg for tour flays before T.ho (,os- - sticks made, a charge, that, put- me out of action." said Mr Kreisler. "\\ “ had all 1 been, o'i duty for four flays without rest when the charge came. !r occurred at a.hour- midnight, and they came m such numbers that- onr rifle lire and machine, guns never checked 'them for an instant. Whenever the volleys from the rifles or the. stream of lead from ihe machine guns would cut. a hole in their ranks there > were more men behind only 100 eager to fill the gaps. Then they were on na. Just as one ('ossack came at me 1 fired, and hi--, horse crumpled under him. 1 too, went, down with the horse, and lor a, nionieni- was si mined hy the force of the fall. Then the horse roiled off me. and I found that my right leg had been piccc.cil by the ( 0.-c-nck s Jance. I didnt have lime to think of my wound, he it large, or trifling, for 1 lie ('-osfnmk was trying to free Ills sabre from the eon Insion of trappings. We closed. and for a low moments it was a. fjiiest;on which of ii.i vo.uld first- get his sword or revolver into action. [ wav lucky, and killed him. The cbaigo had swept- onr trench clean c-f every living coni, and I could foul no one lo help cue. I moled | feebly, but- i-cm became uin-oupcmns, and ( j when i came ice’k 1 was in the ie coital | at, Lemberg." I 1' wag Mi's Kreisier who l-di how her I husband's servant hid give back to the 4 . ! trench and found Mr Kr-uslvr am! brought ! him to tlm hospital. Even v Imn in- was j in th« hospital Mrs Kreisler did noi know | her hudiamK whe real cons mM dm j chanced to e;dk paw hd Pirn w:m j do:nr duty as a Red ('toss nur.-e. Mrs 1 Krei. ; -w lima saw her husband wr the | (irsi time m iwo m- cti.s. for she had rei c'-iuil no fTrem vf.ird tioni icon af'"i 4 lie ] Mm praised !he work ~f the American ; iinr.-es in the Austrian Red ( rose, and i saiif| that- tile Russians were now known ■ t iumigiiou:- ill- Austrian army as inn,. ! htnuiine lighten; a.nd fair to ticur fees." A Naw League bram-b has been r-ta’n lished in Siam, with (be King a-- patron. An appeal m made to (he nation for fundfor (hr- piirrha-e of a seout cruiser.

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TRENDING EAST., Issue 15699, 13 January 1915

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TRENDING EAST. Issue 15699, 13 January 1915

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