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The Dunedin Fire Brigade are not sending a team to compete at the Eire Brigades Association's competitions at. Timnru next month. Fireman Conway has been appointed as the brigade's delegate at the conference.

It is ns weil to remind electors that absent votero' permits cannot be obtained after issue of the writs. As Mr Stathain's resignation will be in the- hands of His Excellency the. Governor this evenincr, the writ may be expected any time next week.

There are people in New Zealand who assert, on the strength allegedly of the evidence of their own o\c>, that lai'L'O bodies of Prussians were brought from Archangel in September, landed in Scotland or at some port in the north of England, jailed to London, and thence conveyed to the front. Nothing will convince them to the contrary. In tho House of Comments the other day Mr Kiilg. Liberal member for North Somerset, asked the Under-Secretary of War if he could state, without injury to the military interests of tho Allies, whether any Russian troops had been conveyed through Great Britain to the western area of the European war. The Under-Secretary replied : " I am uncertain whether it will gratify or displease my hon. friend to know that no Russian trcops have, been conveyed through Great Britain to the western area of the European war.'" (Laughter.)

Tn the cafe, in Christenurch in which William Binnie. a, youth, was charged with falsely representing himself to be 2l years of age, and. a totalisator clerk named Mason was charged with selling the ticket, Mr Bishop, S.M., remarked, when he saw Binnie. in court in knickerbockers: "Look at him! "What is be'.' A yahoo?" Mr Lano said that the Canterbury Jockey Club look every precaution they could in the. employment of the totalisator clerk'-. The Magistrate said that tho club did not give their employees proper facilities to discharge, their duties. No one could dogmatically describe a person when seen thiuugh such an aperture. It was the duly or" the club to protect their employees. Tho other clay he fined two bookmakers £2O each for competing with the totalisator. There was no difference in the morality of a. bet made with a bookmaker or with the totalisator The Legislature had protected the totalisator, and clube. should see that proper facilities vera available, to enable tile clerks to do their duty. His (Mr Bishop's) view of the case had been modified by the aspect presented that afternoon. He did not think that there was any deliberate intention on Mason's part to break the law ; tho offence lay in lipt takinir proper precautions. The defendant had been careless, but had not acted deliberately in his offence. He simply did not care a rap. Binnie was tired'£s and advised fo .-tick to ploughing, and Mason £lO and costs.

At a mooting of the Onehnnga. Borough Council held recently tho Mayor made a, strong plea in support of British-made goods. Ho spid lie considered that ail local bodies should, as far as possible, make it a condition when calling for tenders that nil articles supplied must be of British manufacture. It was their hoimden duty to protect their own industries and to assist the British manufacturers. In his opinion America, was not playing the game with England at the present crisis, lie did not want to hurt anybody's feelings, but it was time somebody spoke out, and he, for one. was not afraid to do so. If ever there, was a time for a heart-to-heart talk hv all the people, living under the good old British Flag that time was now. The remarks were called forth by a report from the, chief engineer at the pumping station, in which he staled that he had tested some oil of English manufacture, and he had no hesitation in saying that it was the best lubricant he had ever used. He recommended the, council-io use this oil and no other for the future. The Town Clerk said the English oil was quite as cheap as that purchased elsewhere. "In that case," said Mr E. V. Suihei land, "given equal advantages, then England every time.". "Yes. if it costs a. bit more," remarked Mr E. liiggins ; and ail the others said : " Hear, hear. Britain for ever." 'Needless to say, the council derided to lubricate the machinery with British oil for the future.

Tf a. man occupies a scat on a public body olid is sentenced to a term ot imprison.. rent for any misdemeanor, his position on that hrVly automatically becomes vacant. Mr P. E. N. Gnudin. sentenced to a term of five years' hard la.bor for a military offence, if, no longer a- member of the Auckland City Council (states tho 'Auckland 'Star'). The, law provides that when an extraordinary vacancy occurs the Town Clerk must give notice to tho returning officer. In this instance, however, a rather interesting point has cropped up. The legal number of tho City Council is 18 members, but tho law also provides that in the event of a suburb joining the city all the members of tho suburban body join tho City Council until the next entiling election. Grey Lynn Inst year amalgamated. with the result that there are now 25 members on the City Council. Whether an extraordinary vacancy, therefore, exists, despite Mr Gaudin's enforced retirement, is a point upon which legal aciivce. is being taken. Advice ha.s been received from Mannpour i to tho effect that Mr M. Bevan Brown, of Yvangr-irai, and Jack IMurrell, guide, made the first ascent of the, see-ond-highest peak in tho Cathedral Range- on Thursday, climbing by a direct 7'Outo np tho southern face.

A fire which caused damace. estimated at between £2,000 and iJ3,OCO occurred at Newmarket (Auckland! yesterday afternoon. The outbreak originated in a living room nbovo the chemist shop of Wilfred Fookes, and three rooms wore, gutted. Tho flames spread along the wooden rafters, causing damasje to the fellings of three other rooms in the same block. A considerable nnmher of rooms -if other shops in the block were damaged by water, the stocks in some cases being also damaged. Tho premises affected were:—Fookes (chemist), W. L.i 11 a and Co. (tobacconist!, C. F. Douglas (fish saloon). Kount* Votm;(fruiterer), and Miss H. Beckmann (confectioner). AH were damaged bv water. The owner of the block is "Mr I?'. H. Abbott. The amounts of (lie insurances are not known.

j In the Australian naval policy dvring a visit to Wanc-anui yesterday, the Commonwealth Prime Minister (Right. Hon. A. Fisher) was careful to define the meaning of "independent" r.s applied to tho Australian fleet. Ho tt-.ed tho word;;, ha said, merely in the sense in which we as a race loved our individual independence. It was a wise policy to own and control our own itavy, but, at the sams time he jnado it clear that such a fleot must be irrevocably associated with the Mother Land. Mr Fisher warmly approves of the naval policy of the Massey Government in so far as it is in lino with the policy of Australia, and, both in the conrso of his •-.ddresp in reply to addresses of welcome at Ar.nnoho nn& in conversation with those who accompanied him to Mart on, he- did not hesitato to express the opinion that it trae our duty boldly to shoulder our responsibilities iii regard to this important matter. j

Among tho successful candidates at tho recent .State examination of mirscss i( was Miss Puby Constance Makoig, of the Dimcdin Hoe pi to 1. Her name was omitted from the list telegraphed to us yesterday. In reference to tho deputation which waited upon Mr T. W. Waite. railway traiiie manager, about two weeks ago with respect to the Dunedin-Port Chalmers train service, -Mr Waite has notified the Mayor of Port Chalmers that on and alter Monday next additional train l ;, stopping at intermediate stations, wiil run between Dunedin and Port Chalmers as follows: Dunedin depart 8.16 a.m.. Port Chalmers arrive 8.'13. leaving Port Chalmers on the return journey at 9.55, and reaching Dunedin at 10.5 a.m.

. Although Mr Jv F. Dtithio. .secured a majority of the votes at the meeting of iho Kmployovs' Association heh! at Wellington on Tinu'suiiy, it. is tinderffood that Mr'.S. I. Clark-, .if' Auckland, will also be nominated for tho- position of employers' rqirftsontatiw on ;ho Arbitral-ion Court. George Spain, the lad who was reported missing from his father's homo, in Lower Kaikorni Valley, turned up at Wingatui racecourse yesterday, and applied for employment. 'As no 'v.-or!-: wj.s available tho boy expressed his intention of going further south. Walter .James Wallace, aged HI, years, left his homo in Mactapgan street, on Wednesday, and has not been seen since.

A Christehnrch message slates that tho Hon. ]!. 11. P.hodes has issued a return of the passenger bookings in the Tourist .Donartmont bureau fm- the period De.ember 10 to December 31. The amount was £5.764 ]6s 6-d against £5.815 4s 7d last rear.

On dit that the last has not been heard ! of an encounter in a public place in the City the other night between an unsuccessful parliamentary candidate and a weil-known citizen, with the result that the one who never sought the confidence of the electors "saw stars," as the saying is. Legal proceedings are hinted at. The rabbit industry is evidently a payable one in South Australia. Tho Compfcon Rabbit Preserving Company at Mount Gambier report that there is such a demand for tinned rabbits that the factory output, which is 6.000 rabbits daily, could bo profitably doubled if the rabbits were available. 'The difficulty is in getting supplies in the hot summer weather. For some time, there was a prejudice against tinned rabbits, but it seems to have passed awav. and the, company find no difficulty in disposing of every tin prepared ; indeed, the orders are much in excess of supplies. Professor Fawsitt, of Sydney University, who is on a short visit to Xew Zealand, informed a Wellington 'Times' reporter that there was no visible increase, in the cost of living in Sydney as a result of (he. war. Bread was still ojd a loaf when he left, though there was some talk of increasing the price to 4d. Ho appeared surprised to learn that bread was about to cost 5d it. loaf in Wellington, and was already costing much more in some country districts. What is stated to be a record in trout fishing so far as Canterbury is concerned has bem established by three Christehnrch sportsmen—Messrs 1.1 iddlesfone. Drake, and p.ullivant. In three days' fishing in the Opihi and Ternrika rivers they landed 386 trout, all on the fly, the fish averaging one to two pounds in weight. Miner's Christmas Pox. -The- majority of the roads in Allendale (Vie.) are constructed of quartz and gravel from the, abandoned mines of (bo Berry alluvial field. On Christmas Day, immediately alter the storm there abated. Donald M'i.ean, an experienced miner, commenced a search of the road-Tor the wheel trafiic crushes the material and exposes the gold —and was rewarded by finding a, lump of pure gold weighing 30oz. In his ipiiiLijuenuial renort on the United Otago District, A.0.F., Mr A. T. Traverse, actuary of the Friendly Societies' 'Department, says, ; —Since tho date of the last valuation two courts have, been dissolved, while five new courts have been established, two of which are unregistered, Tito number of courts has therefore increased from 23 to 26. One, of these

courts fPi'ido of Dune-din) has, however, seceded since the present valuation elate and liar, been omitted freim the valuation. The membership included in the valuation is 3,467. as against 3,214 in tho previous valuation. The position shows a very considerable improvement as compared with 1007. The large surplus in the districtfuneral fund is partly accounted for by the fact of the secession of Court Pride of Duncdin. which left over £I.BOO in the funeral fund. Not only is the Inner;'.] fund in a much bettor position, but the individual courts all show an improved ratio of solvencv: and, with the exception of Court Robin "Hood (15s fid in the, £) and Court .St. Andrew's (16s 6d in. the £'), all the court? have a ratio of solvency of 18s or over without- taking into ac•eount any share to which they may bo entitled in respect of the district funeral fund surplus. Not only do the courts show considerable improvement, but the prospects are that thin improvement will continue 1 . The principal causes of the advance in position are the great improvement in the interest returns and the saving of £1.8% from favorable sickness. The readjustment of ihp benefits and contributions nf female lodges also contributed.

Notification of Sunday services ss enumerated below appears in our advertising columns : Anglican : All Saints'. Preshv-Tcri-in : First Church. Knox Church, St. Andrew's. South Dunadin, Norfn-east. Valley', C.'versham. ri.lomiw.-t on, Muss-rdbiu-gli. Jioslvb Sr. Ciair, Chalmers, Poriobello, Broad Ray, UrcthodJH : Trinity. Centra! mission. Mornington. Oai-'jill Una el. Belleknowes, Woodhawh, North-east Yaliey. Onnd'is Street. Kew, Al--boisford, "Ravensbounie, Roslyn, "Maori Hill. Conaroyntiona! : jMorav Place, King; Street L'dth Street. St. Clair. Baptist: Hanover Street, JRoslyn, S?oui hj Duocdin. Caversham, North-east .Valler. Church of Christ: Tabernacle. South DuneeJiu, l-iileu! Street, Mornington, Chrisladelphians, Chora! Hall, Theosophy. Christian Science. New season's photographic goods: Excellent stock now arriving. Cameras from 6s. Send your orjer early "to H. J. Gill, 11 nnd 15 Frederick street, Duncdin. 'Phone 1,144. --[Advt.] The Maber.o is ndvcnisre! (,o run to North Spit and Maori Kaik.

No lady should be, without Martin's Acini and Steel Pi'.L=. Sold by all* chemists and stores throughout Aiut-ralasia. —[Advt.j Miss P. Harland, who recently passed for •the LA B. degree, will pave an organ recital in tho Octagon Hall tf.-morrow at 8 p.m. Hiss Walton," Mr YV. M'Kmlay, and Miss Cran will assist. Watson's So. 10 is a little dearer than most whiskies, but is worth the monov.— [Advt.] The 31st annual meeting of the Duncdin and Suburban Grocers' Picnic Association will lie held in the Trades Hull on Tuesday evening, at 3. The coniim'tieo meet at. 7.50. A glass of Speight's hoer at lunch and simper is better than all the tea in China.— [Advt.] Pi connection with tho supplies of Canadian and Australian wheat purchaser! by ihe Government, forms of application for supplies miir bo obtained from rmv Chief Postmaster. "

Troubled with insomnra? A glass of Watson's No. 10 makeft a splendid nightcap.—• [Advt.]

In the music examinations last month Hilda \V. Bail: a.;id Una S*. liattray (piano) were prepared by i\lr Sche.rek for iho pracTical examination, and nor. by JM'rs Mason, as a ripe:'red in our issue of December 19. The C(.mmitic> of the Dimodin Burns Club have almost completed :UT.iu--fii)iPii*.s tor celebrating the. aimivcrsa vy of tho poet's birth on tho 25i.h iiiM. Kurns's songs and recitations, with Highland dances and popular Scottish airs by an insmnneiittd quartet, party, will be provided. 31 r James Craigie, M.P. for Timaru, will address tho gntlieruicr.

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Evening Star, Issue 15696, 9 January 1915

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Evening Star Issue 15696, 9 January 1915

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