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* A LAND OF PROMISE. SETTLERS ANdTsETTLEMENT. f By A SorTHEr.NKit.] Tho man who has steamed, railed and coached, driven, ridden, and tramned from Auckland to Kaitaia Aivamii, and made In:; way I id to the Qutui ( ,t\ b\ mil ot tho ooikiosh 11 sti Hints til U pll along tho to ist Intming t" the ~"'- s, P ft Mttl 1- .miltihsti in,, tin him-tH, tn n not know ill tin to is to know 'bout tho l.ii Noith hut ho ought to hue ion tit enouji to loainc how little In km w hotoio rho popuiu utipit ssiou ot tin inimti\ hin_ ht a nd tin noitht n shins i t tin Ii mi iki (-till ts th it it MinsLsts tor tho m >st put ot irid swiih waste! !nipt neti ibit loiosts si urul nil dt so Urn gum lands utuuiuie mil he- inn just i tew hundiod 01 i Uw thoiisini ■kips oi iiih K i,isv 1 md tluoin m luio tid thin- is ,t to timpt tho adun , t ions pioi --t withm its i oiU to his i iiittblo dosttm tioo iho populuj in i ression is a <|i bai -u nd i libi 1 to « tm hj stiutssuo (imt-iiinii nts ml, i _,tneritioii o, ptlititnns in i t-spon , sihlo It is tin ptodn uon nt |wit \s a pi no n uu i ol dt uonsti ildo j at, time is moto pott ntt 1 wealth I buried a«e- in t'n „n it st i ti hj ot oimtn ti \iickli 1 md Donlu--1» ss Hit thin ihtu is in in\ inula stiotih ot oumu n in othoi pnt t «t tho Do-iuiuon nt t\i-itn_ tho | a ntttul pi tins i t ( ititt i' t n hh! ! **Ugo. In Mio totint\ t Hokiuai n nkt tn aistmu wit 1 . | ipulitmu r loss tin i U On pi i-pl D on aitOl dOU nts it 1-n 1 \h t on in \n igt n niihn, t > tin i st i oust n unt i stiii i t would i \ t shoop Uid l-hlll to THO no 1 ) \ nothnu t Us Ot 1 1 l tioril lis 71 'llll t s so hj it in this tiistm * i' n » million sloop ull It _ i n g nt 'ho lmmo i n ite poss I-,,! ti s oi its sod ml 1 i ntiuti it urn 1 t f i - 1 f ' eplo vli') j _ot out in 1 'o tl i - \ i f li* i ' i" 1 Mis tills 11 t t> Is HI i tlllis 111 , 0 i. - disti n s till n _ *t i o i i ist I to otn 1 !!' U, t t t t mi It ot j If hj ii ' i it i it n i tlii i mk 10l >st t - ill] O t 1 l[ 1 1 till 1 ill 1 )_; (In l l> I ! tl t ! H Ills 1 j s ivhn„ lis- . V I t- I 1 I .1 t ! _ HI ll 1% ] t-i M to i n - i \ p. ts ut • ts ' i i t hi M it i I inn iJ 1 i - i urn md Ot -,o j . n_ i tl i 1 i No tli i 4 i u i is! Imi d tmit niort | tiii' t w s. i hi lift t uho s I i i s % __ nil ut I moto s|nwh ,i-ii -st < ii nd ni " n> .i_o j Nil s i i ti i t .ht >urni i i r n % i Ii out tin It md il t \ iro I 11 uii si t n I i 111 in rli t t md ,tu ui ' i n t„ out th. ir | \ i s in til i id i 1 nt i it in s put j n hiiH ii i_ 'it> ' it it ut i I lik i npi tl i s i ii[ i lit'- s i r ( t i t! ui \ "in \ ho 1 ts hi mi onl\ t t t \ O 1 s l (1 ills- tit U till ' '1 i s i 4 I i i 1 nd till I md 'nil o ! f i soud il- hlil ttlo i ipi' tl ti siit nt 1 !, it i ouisc r this r it- ot , o_itss \ onkl ht\i ' til linpossihlt i ,i i *.\t \ at t -mII hj i\o 1 JilO sin i> i ■- jitopo t t\ w ifh u hj and hot i s t nd . sin lutl- li-m oid\ tin* f« in Us oi [ -st i' ti - it in i w thin i is\ i in i t i i < i T tl 1 t i It 1« fiiul k' i p i on ' in t u i' " i\ still ist. i aid ii!-1 i ' u i i tm (losi i - 1 if] lis! 1 l.\ tl "! Ills soils .-o J -, d to s ti - i - f fun iii It | J„llt M t tl) I « I id t ill' 10 Will I "w Ist 1 ' 1 Os 11 ll 11 to ( tlp\ 1 \ O _ll I 1 s 1 HI \iiiit-f i \ uu| I i i pnsl u _ \iisi i ui i nn c\ in t t sottli i I i null 1! _ Ol Itll t It i „\ II I ii i_hl kmctn* ss n 1 _ >o ! \ il 1 w ho i ui o itio I'nrt-'t- or tour vnr- without i t -mi in In pi i t md no i is ihk i t i Ii ink - \ i v k ' i otn 1 i i hj uec « 'im i .- 1 t hhi his i. i n in I I ii \ nit !e •■, ' 1 il ml' h t ' i m ist ti ' i 1 i i < o 1 e\ hi . 1 ui ' i f '1 ' v ;, , hih i s I Hi 11 1 t I I s I I! 1 ,1 s I I I \ 1 I .1 t t lit st I lit 11, t tin -•! i ilt i si al i nt to sin ! w ll 1 i o li' 1 -sldt V t 1 l( til lt\ 1 n-nclllftivit v ; and, what oan If ,n i u hod H tit n_rtb *' d i _nt and i oi i not i "i nl pati. net I oil H I l t \ ( 11 t i i \ in I oil \ i 1 UI Is 1111 i\ l \ .ii tl o i itioi th it i! i ,i in il < Inn if i mi ii di'li I M'lol t t I it \o--tli tuako i s s, o] t i turn ii ti i 1 hj i.o ss mi i o ! mid - r' a 1 h- t n, drh idtn s i on ii i i ill hi 'si n s ~, ho on ' tut d it io is tl - ' i i i i \ li i | •!se. onlv Xaturt' .st-i-iiis ti- liav.- iit-on i-i a. loss austt'i't' Uioou ivli-n sin j s up- d tht d s-ni ot tl is pit li* ! nut 11 tl in t is i hj 11 sht ' i 1 t'n ii luid i r u is n- , H hj mm, \ ufs Ini t ,i ti- in o t'o hush in t md t< n n i h j f * i i It s iium th i - irost • i,l 1 <>r Ti will 1 • s d tn i hush mrls nm hi it tli ti < ltd It it undi i ( id no-is i hii n \ on'd s, , t nif lodthb , i> tin i iti niothot hj at i ot hud lit i ' .nit 1 >t 1 nJi' hj Hut t> ' so in t \ , ui il i ss, m 1 tr si,, uld no' , i t- l!u i on t i pioit i hi 'II | l»d n (Mm ti mil it 11 ■-' md i hou,h tho ho -S, s n ti not I s,iu*tl Mio moil si otjd ii ni o in lln id (ii hj iiiiih llto till tm M i'i in tl - s tdoquite pioiisiin io- t < ititt it- I s ,teti or tin «onii n Iho i.ltiu it-> dosMiu - i tno I t North spixkn, a, not ilh ul In fiutt-,rt-w!itj: at d tut < un mi i'l indu>tt i that flout ish in toiii tn*- wit I- npithl 1 in aos ind i - \1 iumiM" dim i il ,m's Go I in 1 'his i u mm t .in vhij: tr-1 s n d i s tn t s \m o i,l t i '-o jirovim, is ilu sulistni i o ot i ui if nt tht I'Mtot i-t'iii hi -In tl \ n s dt nd t i npln s ( i it th il -imp f.rn i In t is \ ill is thf\ d iith«r sotitii -nd It-sis i I i utl 1 f tti-r —« nn it pttn- th it ,i)ss _in i -t iaseli whou if r it i ui ,tt > too-iu, -hi t it is tiir ft in dl its i u\ m_ i inn- tint doui -in- ihov, i .iithin Ist Pt ii lit s plums i t t ,h (pun i s _'!<«■- whorovor a stono i-r a st-t-d lias i -,-n din-pn' u <l til uu tl -iuhtt si, rt o- on on i,i -i in Ui ii, in,h nu. Jieir kind in ahiiiidaniv. W'in-n tf i "•i «s halt hun s kit d and niltn itui i ti j;u " phi niinit u u i rops hut it , t 1 • i tpptus to in m mi i kit n 11 to ' ( isii 1 ,io\i ii \ t W hj t i _ irei thi'i is i nn,nihil nt ,n I u iif-n-i, 1") o _H ii t s t li ti muis t 1-tgh (|U dit- in piodu i 1 uid ' n n to \u(k!i't'l 1 ut tin- is th oi \\ soiiou- ofioa ot tm hii d th it (oni s mid r tin tintio ot tin tt i ell t iloii, the beaten path. Fruit without a market cannot ho a profitable- product, oven when it mows as it (iocs in this much-favored district; hut butter was in the sfuinunsatisfactory position before tho days of co-operation and State supervision, and what these aueucios and the t'aoTorv have done for the cow they and tin l " canii€ i ry can do fur the fruit tree. It will not be in this generation, nor perhaps the next, that this vast, peninsula- will he out up into 4D and ,10-acrp farms, devoted to the smaller industries: hut so soon as tint country is required to make the most of its resources, .so soon will the knell of the half-occupied and hull-cultivated estate be sounded. The tenure question will have been settled by the recognition of Labor rather than Capital as the important factor in the production of wealth from tho soil. In the meantime tho Far North will bo developed aloiui the normal linos with increasing rapidity. No part of th» Dominion is more richly endowed in climate and soil and opportunity. With no excesses of cold or heat, with a regular rainfall, and with no devastating winds, it affords ideal condition* for both animal and vegetable lif». Under its sunny skies and stimulated by itl cool breezes, men and women do not grow slack and indifferent. Tho children are ruddy-faced and strouo;liinbed, and the workers are bronzed and virile. Men and women of 80 and 00 are still active, useful people, bearfog their tale of .years with the ulen

contentment that characterises the whole community. To the tired city worker,, who is seeking neither a home nor an occupation, the land offers a delightful change from tho beaten tracks of the, familiar tourist resorts. In summer, at any rate, the seas are .smooth and the roads are good, and tho means of transport cannot be mentioned without the flavor of an advertisement. Even tin- railways, wit it such surroundings, cease to be vile. Tho hotels—unpretentious places, which j can have little official inspection—are,. j with rare exceptions. examples oi j simple, homelv hospitalitv, which belie, all the hard things that are said about them hi tho ,ood pooph who ait lihoi-i ing for their abolition in short, the Kar North is a part of | Ni w A-ilnnd towhuh the homo-sookoi the health-seeker, and the pleasure s i Lor can turn with no fear of being disippoumd in tin it -sonihli expedition.

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THE FAR NORTH, Issue 15695, 8 January 1915

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THE FAR NORTH Issue 15695, 8 January 1915

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