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NORTH OTAGO RACES. j First- Day.—Saturday. It was a very fine trip, thoroughly enjoyable, that- Dimedin visitors "had to Oamaru on Saturday. 'Tho weather was still and warm, the trains not overcrowded, and they ran to time. A very largo crowd assembled at the course. Mr .Buckley, the president, said he believed it to be a record attendance. The track was very fast, and First Glance made a record. The sum of £14,052 \'. as put through the totalisators during the afternoon, an increase of £l,lOl-1,- on last year's total for tho day. Mr Henrys was the judge as well as the handicapper, and performed both duties satisfactorily. Mr K. E. Harley's starting was patchy.. Results : SUMMER HURDLES, llOsovs; second 2Qsovs, third lOsovs. lfm. 3—C. R. Grant's Stone Ginger by Lord Rosslyn—Komuri, 9.2 (H. Coker) 1 2—A. Rore's Beacon, 12.0 (W. J. Porter) 2 A —D. Rutherford's Andrea, 9:0 (M'Seveney) 3 Also ran : 1 Ha tana (10.10, R. Gray). Stone Ginger led to tho first fence, where Hat arm fell. Andrea, lay second. With a mile to go Stone Ginger headed Andrea two lengths, Beacon six lengths further away. Beacon came'fast from the half-mile and passed Andrea at the foot of tho hill, but could not approach Stone Ginger, who romped home by three lengths. Beacon the same distance away. Time, 3min 17sec. MAIDEN PLATE, 60sovs; second lOsovs. 8.10 up. 4f. 2—E. Russell's Master Ranald by Canrobcrt—Lady Ranald (11. Donovan) .' 1 6—J. Fairbairn's Bouation (D. R. Anderson) 2 7— C. Clarke's Helicon (D. King) ... 3 Others : 8 Pleasant Way (Ellis), 3 Skirl (M'Sevcney), 5 Bed Shield (If. Porter), 1 Martigues (Wcrmald), 4 Sartbun (Coker), and 9 Dalkeith (Rowlands). From the barrier the horses at once made a strung-out procession, Master Ranald at the head, Skirl and Dalkeith at the rear. Mr Russell's gelding had such an initial advantage that he was never approached. He won by a length and a-half from Bonation, who left Helicon at the foot of the hill and beat him the same distance; Martigues, two lerjgths further away, was fourth, then Red Shield. Time, 49 l-ssec. XORTH OTAGO CUP, 400sovs; second SOsovs, third 40sovs. 4—J. Grigg's First Glance by Kosmos Boy—Ophelia 11., 9.0 (A. Wormald) 1 2—W. Gardiner's John Barleycorn, 8.0 (F. Porter) ". 2 I—Re id and Studholme's Reval, 8.13 (Lorigan) 3 Others : 6 X.gatiruanui (7.7, Goscomb), 3 Flower of the West (7.5, J. H. Moore) \ 5 Banian (7.3. D. R. Anderson), and 7 Troon (6.7, L.' S. Lloyd). Considering tho fidgetiness of the horses at the post it was a- pood start, except that Ngatiruanui. who was held and standing a bit sideways, lost about four lengths. Reval streaked away first, followed by Flower of the West and First Glance, and in the first furlong these three had a three-length?' lead of John Barleycorn. The same order at the six furlongs, where Flower of tho West caright Reval and First Glance was at their heels, ■Jolui Barleycorn three lengths away, the others out of it. First Glance passed Reval after a mile, and John Barleycorn commenced to close up. First Glance- led Reval into the straight. Flower of the West handy. The latter failed quickly, and John Barleycorn improved his position. At the foot of the hill First Glance ran out alone, Reval after her, nothing else in it, and Mr Grieg's mare, won by three lengths, John Barleycorn six lengths further away, then Banian and Flower of the West, Xgatiuranui last. Time, 2min 5 l-ssec.~-a record for Xcw Zealand. JUVEXILE HANDICAP, ISOsovs; second 25sovs, third lOsovs. 4f. 3—J. B. Reid's Down by Downshire— Oyre, 7.2 (D. R. Anderson) ... 1 I—J- 11. Prosser's Bonsign. 7.7, car. 8.2 (F. Porter) ..T 2 4 W. A. Xicholl's Varnish, 7.10 (F. Woods; 3 Others : 2 Bellshirc (7.7, M'Kearney), 5 Thaddeus (7.7, J. IL Moore), 7 Beautyform (7.7, car. 8.0. M'Gregor), and '6 Oriande (7.0, car. 7.4, Goscomb). A poor start, Down moving away with a clear lead of Bonsign, Bellshire and Beautyform at the tail of the procession. The race was entirely between the two leaders. Bonsign almost caught Down after a furlong, and came at him again at the foot of the hill, but these spurts settled Mr Prosser's handsome filly, and Down romped home by two lengths and a bit. Varnish three lengths further away, then Bellshire and Thaddeus. Time, 43 3-ssec. FLYING HANDICAP. 200sovs; second 40sovs, third 20sovs. 6f. 6—J. R. Hart's Chudic by Finland—■ Xovoo Vremvn. 8.4 (Lorigan) ... 1 2—J. J. M'Bride's Obsono, 8.10 (F. Porter) 2 4—C. Machell's Meltchikoff, 7.5 (F. Woods) 3 Others : 1 Clynclish (8.9. Coker). 5 Fender (7.9, Goscomb), and 3 Charmilla. (7.9, D. R. Anderson). An indifferent start. Obsono being away first and Chudic second, then, after a gap, Meltchikoff and Fender. Charmilla was left standing, but that did not seem to be the starter's faidt. She. walked hack. Obsono and Chudic held charge throughout. Entering the last furlong Chudic. challenged, and Obsono was almost at once in trouble, Lorigan on Chudic looking round and gauging his win by a length. Meltchikoff was half a length away, and Fender three lengths off. Time, lmin 14 l-ssec. Anderson was fined £2 for disobedience at the post. LADIES' BRACELET, 75sovs; second 15sovs, third Ssovs. lm. 2—G. Carter's Steperina. by St-epniak— Pelerine, 11.5 (Mr M'Donald) ... 1 3—J. M'Auliffe's Bridegroom. 11.0 (Mr ♦ Patterson) 2 s—. J. Bell's Inland, 10.7 pvlr Bell) ... 3 Others : 1 Canterbury (11.13. Mr Parsons), 4 John Reilly (10.7, Mr Hobbs), 6 Dragon Fly (10.7,' Mr Tavendale), and 7 Dolly Daylight (10.7, Mr Stewart). Steperina led by a little all the way from Bridegroom, Inland, and John Reilly, and won comfortably by a length and a quarter, third a length further away, John Reilly fourth. Time, lmin 47 2-ssec. Dolly Daylight fell a furlong from home and broke her leg. The rider was not sei-icusly hurt. ALDERSYDE HANDICAP, lOOsovs; second 20sovs, third lOsovs. sf. I—F. Neliga.y.s Pctif-sus by Birkenhead—Petrovna, 9.4 (Coker) ... 1 2 li. A. Knight's Medley, 7.4 (F. Woods) 2 3—J. F. Buchanan's Martigues, 7.5, car. 8.0 (F. Porter) ... 3 Others : 4 Miss Finland (8.3, Lorigan), 6 Christmas Lily (7.13, J. Ayre), 7 Trireme (7.7, J. Beard), 5 Parlovna (7.7, J. 11. Moore), 8 Moneymaker (6.7, car. 7.6, D. King), and 9 Resemblance- (6.7, car. ! 7.0, D. R. Anderson). 1 Petrosus and Martigues moved off .smartest from a good start, Resemblance last. After two furlongs the}'' were joined hy Parlovna, and Medley drew nigh. Petrosus had charge a , furlong from home, and, stalling off Medley, won by a long •neck, third three lengths away, Trireme J

and Miss Finland next. Chris-mas Lily pulled up in the straight. Time, lmin 2sec. BELFIELD WELTER, 120sovs; second 30-sovs, third lOsovs. 7f. 4—C. Machell's Moddite by Royal Artillery—Quietest, 9.3, car. 9.8 (VVormald) 1 I—J. Ruddy's Sartorze. 9.7 (F. Porter) 2 5—J. Buckley's All Ready, 7.10 (Lorigan) 3 Others : 7 Gnome (9.8, H. Donovan), 3 Angelina (8.13, M'-Seveny), 2 Glenowl (8.11. J. Beard), 3 Leading Lady (8.10, car. 9.1, Coker), 8 Stargaze? (7.F\ D. R. Anderson), and 6 Doon (7.10, F. V,pods). Glenowl lost ground at the start. Angelina led Moddite and Leading Lady. Sartorze goDblocked when making his run after three furlongs. Moddite ran to the front entering the straight, and won bytwo lengths ; third, tea ten a head ; Stargazer and Doon next. Time, lmin 28 3-ssec. Notes by Old Identity. Hatana looked dull in the coat and spiritless, and it must have been on form rather than appearance that they made him favorite for the Hurdles. Stone Ginger looked very well, and he was well, for he galloped boldly to the finish and jumped in great style, though a bit too high. Beacon lay behind for a mile arid a-quarter, probably expecting Stone Ginger to come back, and when Beacon did make his run he found himself challenging something that at the weights was his master. Experts thought that the Maiden Plate would be between Martigues and Skirl. The public fancied Master Ranald. The race did not provide a test of these opposing opinions, for Master Ranald secured the advantage of a very bad start, and nothing had a chance with him. Helicon and Bonation chased energetically, but thej' would have had to fly to win. In the North Otago Cup two records were made—the £2,270 put through the totalisator was the largest sum ever taken in a race on the course, and First Glance cracked the Dominion record for a mile and a-quarter by scoring 2min 5 l-ssec. Mr Seweil, the timekeeper, held a watch in each hand, and they agreed, and I got the private timings of six experienced men, all making it the same as Mr Seweil. The performance was full of merit, for First Glance carried a fair weight, helped to make the pace all the way, and at t;.<end had such a mastery over the others that Wormald merely had to keep i-er going. Reval took the lead and kept if as long as he could. Ordinarily that is not the game for a top weight, but rhc-y say. that Reval races best in front. John Barleycorn's friends need not throw stonea at him for being beaten. He ran well. Onlokers thought that he was lying rather far back in the early stages, but when the time was seen everybody realised that F. Porter was quite justified in keeping steady, for the pace was amazingly fast, and if he had pressed John Barleycorn he would probably have run him to a standstill and thus forfeited the chance he had of the loaders corning back. I think that Porter rode ■ judiciously. In the circumstances it was a feat 1o heat Reval. Catch First Glance he could not — not the way she was galloping in this race. Twice, during the Juvenile Handicap, Bonsign nearly caught Down, who got the advantage at the start, -but she lacked the condition to see it out. One could see at the beginning of the Flying Handicap that either Obsono or Chudic ought to win. All the others seamed to be more, ,or lees unready when the word was given. .rider was reported for not going up when or dered to, and the Judicial Committee him. Coining to the last furlong Chudic seemed to press Obsono on to the i.-uh, but this was not complained about r.fficially. I can't make out Chudic. At Dimedin he ran very badly. At Oamaru ho did not look any more fit, but he. saw i tout like a racehorse, and I am told ran much better than his owner expected. Dolly Daylight was shot where rite fell in the Ladies' Bracelet, and the carcass was sledded along the straight to the place, of burial. There was a great rf.cirg argument over this mishap. Brown bet Jones 5s as the. horses went out that Dolly Daylight would be last. After the race Brown claimed the ss. Jones demurred, pointing out that Dolly Daylight had not finished, therefore was not last. Brown consulted a turf lawyer, who for a bit of fun "kidded" both parties, and the argument/ spread over the lawn without any headway being made, until the corpse went past, when Brown claimed that the conditions were fulfilled inasmuch a? the mare had passed the post. Jones retorted that the time had expired, and that she, had not carried her jockey past tho post. Ultimately a Belgian fund collector hove in sight, and the good-humored contenders settled it by each paying 5s to the fund. Medley lost her chance in the Aldersyde Handicap by getting away badly. With an even start she would . have'troubled Petrosus. Moddite paid a good dividend in the Welter. Bad judgment on the part of the public to neglect, him, though Sartorze was unlucky. SOUTHLAND RACES. First Day.—Saturday. The meeting was largely attended. The tote, returns for the dav amounted to £14,450, as compared with" £15,386 for the first day of the corresponding meeting of 1914. Concluding results are as follows : Waikiwi Handicap, llOsovs, 7f.—2 Neuroma (8.2, M'Kay) 1. 4 Feodore (8.5, Wilson) 2, 1 Q.uirinus (8.2, Olsen) 3. Also started : 3 Buller 8.12, 5 Miss Kellcrman 7.12, 6 Waiju (carried 8.2), 7 Glenspoise 7.7., 8 Miss M'Kinley 7.7. Won by a length and a-half, third a short head I away. Time, lmin 30 3-ssec. Flying Handicap. 200sovs, 6f.—5 Martian' Maid (7.8, Buddicombe) 1, 2 Peg (8.0. Campbell) 2, 4 Marvelite (7.8, Olsen) 3. Also ran : 1 Peter 8.10, 5 Russo 7.10, 7 Icilma 7.8, 6 Cortes 6.10. Won by a nose, a length and a-half between second and third. Time, lmin 15 3-ssec. Orcti Trot, ISOsovs, l^m. —2 Cromstall (18sec, W. Grant) 1, 3 Louvain Chimes (22sec) 2, 6 Dot Robins (scratch) 3. Also started: 5 Dhan 12sec, Lady Mac 22sec, 13 Papeete 22sec, 10 Rum Rum 22sec, 1 Searchfield 22sec. 7 Minim 20sec, 11 Dollv ! Rodgers 19sec, 12 Rummy 17sec, 14 Spring Grove Msec, Cathedra) Chimes Usee, 8 Takio 7sec. Won by ten lengths, eight lengths between second and third. Timo, lmin 52 2-ssec. A venal Welter, llOsovs, 6f.—7 Brooksdale (8.3, M'Kay) 1, 6 Caraid Dileas (9.1, Pankhurst) 2, 1 Sir Brigid (8.8, Olsen) 3. Also started: 10 Cannonade 9.10, 8 Girlda 8.12, 9 Golden Webb 8.5, 11 FitzOsborne 8.3, 2 Seamaid 8.2, 4 Summer- j time 8.2, 3 Varanian 8.1, 5 Spanish Prin- ' cess 8.0 Won by a length, a similar dis- j tance between second and third. Time, I lmin 17sec. j Waihopai Handicap, 220sovs, lm.—l I United Service (8.7, Wilson) 1, 2 Scotch ! Melody (carried 7.7, Campbell) 2, 3 Pleasure Bent (6.10, Buddicombe) 3. The only starters. Won by a nose, Pleasure Bent three lengths back. Time, lmin 42 3-ssec. AUCKLAND RACES. Third Day.—Saturday. Fine weather. Totalisator total, £60,0754, making £244,614 for the meeting. F. E. Jones was fined £2 for bump- j ing with Belasco in the Grey Handicap ! Concluding results: — Royal Stakes, l,ooosovs. 6f.—Desert i Gold (7.2, C. Brown) 1, Sutala (7.3) 2, £ Wishful (6.5) 3. Also started: Hymettuso

8.3, Banksia 7.11, Arran 7.5, Lady Paul* 6.2, Sweet Corn 6.2. The favorite won by a neck, with Wishful three-quarters of a length further back. Time, lmin 15sec. Auckland Hurdles, 350sovs, 2m.—Hereford. svrs (11.6, Deerev) 1, Kilmeny (12.4) 2, Fashion Plate (10.13) 3. Also started: Admiral Soult 12.9, Te Onga 10.10, Cloudy Dawn 10.1, . Coronade 9.2. Admiral Soult was left, and Te Onga fell. Hereford ran home a winner by a length and a-quarter from Kilmeny, who was four lengths ahead of Fashion Plate Time, 3min 47 3-ssec. County Handicap, 400sovs, 6f.—lliadsHero (8.0, L. Wilson) 1, Colonel Soult (7.12) 2, Bee (8.3) 3. Also started : Postilion 9.0, Sauci 8.8, Crown Pearl 8.4, Kittv Bellairs 8.3, Toreador 7.12, Glad Tidings 7.9, Munster 6.11. At the distance Bee seemed likely to win. In the last 50 yards Colonel Soult got up, but ha failed by half a head to reach Iliad's Hero, with Bee half a length behind Colonel Soult. Time, lmin 12 3-ssec. Auckland Plate, 650sovs, l|m. —War step (8.11, Emmerson) 1, Reputation (8.0) 2, Merry Roe (8.11) 3. Also started: Marshal M'Donald 9.0. At the fourfurlong post Merry Roe passed Reputation (the favorite), but could make no impression on Warstep. Round the turn for home Reputation ran up handy and was making a bold effort to cut down Warstep. After a great battle the Derby winner failed by" three lengths to reach Warstep, while. Merry _ R_oe was four lengths away. Time, 2min 35 2-ssec. Grey Handicap. 250sovs, sf.—Belasco I (9.1, F. E. Jones) 1, Munster (8.0) 2, Gold Necklet (7.12) 3. Also started : Christmas Rose 8.8, Bonny Rigg 8.6, Colorable 7.11, Fionnuala 7.4, "Gaycium 7.3, Centre 7.1. Bouvardia 7.1, Goldcatcher 7.1, Maid of Orleans 7.1, Romanui 7.1, Nilitah 7.1. Won by a length and a-half. Gold Necklet three-quarters of a length off. Time, lmin lsec. HAWKE'S BAY RACES. Second Day.—Saturday. Weather fine. Totalisator, £19,958. Further results : Scurry Hack Handicap, lOOsovs. sf. Multiplication (8.0. R. Hunt) 1, Multiplicity (7.10)- 2, Multiful (8.0) 3. Also started: Rigo Part 8.4, Pot Luck 7.10, Rupahu 7.9, The Nile 7.7, Blacking 7.4, Mandoline 7.4. The Ranch 7.4, Instep 7.4, Royal Mary 7.3, Anxious 7.3, King's Host 7.0', Lady Fulda 7.0, The Manse, 7.0. The favorite won by a neck, with half a length between second and third. Time, lmin lfsec. Summer Handicap, 150sovs. 1m. —Despatch Carrier (8.8, Stowe) 1, Hiwitapu (6.12) 2. Tatimi (8.12) 3. Also started: Birkful 8.2, The Summit 6.12, Intelligible 6.10, Steinheil 6.10. Birkful was favorite. Won by a length, while a neck separated eecond 'and third. Time, lmin 42sec. Nursery Handicap, lOOsovs. sf.—Loret.o (8.3, W. Ryan) 1, Sicilv (7.3) 2. Hytussa (7.7) 3. Also started : Hvaeia 7.7. Queen's Fleet 7.7, Bayswater 7.3,'Tornea 7.2. Won by a nose, Hytussa, three lengths away. Time, lmin 2sec. Epsom Handicap, lOOsovs. Once round. —Lord Possible (11.13) 1, Elevator (10.7) 2. Ccrvinlus (10.9) 3. Also started : Smilax 12.5, Anguish 11.6, Merry Jack 11.0, Glouxia 10.11, Royal Tiger 10.7, Eiya 10.7. Won by two lengths. Time, lmin 54sec. Mntapiro Hack Handicap, lOOsovs. —Golden Skv (9.3, F. Cress) 1, Midnight Star (7.0) 2. Husheen (9.3) 3. Also started : Sir Alba 8.10, Sea Lord 9.2. Whakahoki 8.0, The Summit 7.12. Grand Idea 7.11, Munje 7.0, Bodenham 7.6. Perhaps 7.1, Ifninita 7.8, Banfurly 7.0, King's Hofit 7.0. Won by a length and a half. Time, lmin 22£ sec. January Handicap, 125sovs. 64f. Croesus (8.9, W. Ryan) 1, Evadne (7.12) 2, Mummer (8.10) 3. "Also started: Hoy 7.8. Won easily. Time, lmin 21soc. STRATFORD RACES. Fine weather on Saturdav. Totalisator. £16.275. Results: Toko WcHer—Calais 1, Foro 2. Idol 3. Cardiff Stakes—Wild Daisy 1, Veto 2. County Hack Handicap—Watine 1. Mivalma 2. Makuri Hurdles—Tirohanga, 1, Advancer 2. Dominion Handicap—lnvader 1, Silver Flood 2. Strathmore Hack Han. dicap—Tho Dodger 1, Lady Amai 2. Ladies' Purse—Kosalys 1, Idol 2. Ngaere Handicap—Crawford 1, Martingale 2. WAIRARAPA RACES. The concluding day's races were held on Saturday in good weather. The totalisator receipts were £14,181. Results: Russell Handicap: Master Achilles 1, Peronilla 2. Tallica Hack Handicap: Tangehou 1, Submersion 2. Tuherenikau Handicap: Square Deal 1, Chillies 2. Wharepapa Hack Welter: Prince Laddo 1, Arlington 2. Juvenile Handicap : Happiness 1, Thoughtful 2. Ruamahanga Hack Handicap : Merry Gain 1, Amber-and-White 2. Rawiri Handicap : Blue Lake and Chakwana a dead heat, i'eronella 3. Pirinoa Hack Scurry : Miss Trumps 1, Altitude 2. MARTON RACES. Splendid weather on Saturday for the second day of the meeting. The tolalfei- . tor put through £17,442. Results : —Hack Hurdles: The Diver (9.13) 1, Aratiatia (10.11) 2. Flying Hack Handicap: G-oid Soult (7.10) 1, Te Houhou (8.1) 2. Welter Hack: Jem (9.6) 1, Combustion (8. /1 2. Summer Handicap: Pavlova iß.2i 1, Victoria (7.7) 2. Ladies' Bracelet: Son i 10.7) 1. Sir Fisher (11.0) 2. Telegraph Handicap: Coldstream (7.6) 1, Lady Alicia '£. Farewell Hack Handicap: Vlauincau 1. Miss Kelly (7.15).2. Turakina Welter : Black Lupin" (8.8) 1, Master Lupin (9.5) 2. CANTERBURY PARK TROTS. Fine weather for the. conclusion of the meeting on Saturday. Totalisator, £20,850£. Further results: Hornbv Handicap. 2m.—Mokau (lsec) 1, Mayfield 2, Adventuresis{loscc) 3. Won by 50yds. Time, 4min 58sec. ' Sehvyn Handicap. l^m. —Our Aggie (7sec) 1, Franzalena (ssec) 2, Little Tib (ssec) 3. Time, 3mm 52sec. Middleton Handicap. 2m.—Wallace Junior (9sec) 1. Breeze (scratch) 2, Disappear (7sec) 3. Time, 4min 45?ec. Telegraph Handicap, lm.—False Alarm (scratch) 1, Bonny Jenny (lsec) 2, Child Beldon (2sec) 3. Time, 2min 20j-sec. Final Handicap, lm. — (bsec.) 1, Bicrae (4sec) 2, Beil Metal (leec) 3. I Time, 2min 17sec. GREYMOUTH TROTTING CLUB. Fine weather for the first day of the meeting. The totalisator handled £9,061. Results:—Guinness Memorial: Trinket (losec) 1, Colin Trail (30sec) 2. Summer Handicap : Telltale (18sec) 1, Maimot (12sec) 2. Mawhera Handicap: LadyBella (7sec) 1, Beacliboy (ssec) 2. Ladies' Bracelet: Grey Ruin (l&ec) 1, Mise Ry (18sec) 2. Grey Valley Handicap: Etta Wood (13sec) 1, Lauderhill (13sec) 2. Cyclone Handicap : Diction (scratch.) 1, Dreamland (9sec) 2. Aviation Handicap: Made (feec) 1, Peony (oscc) 2. 'telegraph Handicap : 31anoIa (6sec) 1, Bfea (9sec) 2. ■ j SWIMMING CHAMPIONSHIPS. ! KAHA\N"AMOT\T' MAKES WORLD'S ■ RECORD. Press Association—By Telegraph—Copyright. SYDNEY, January 3. Longworth (N.S.W.) won the Half-mile i Swimming Championship of New South ' Wales yesterday in llmin 39sec. ; Duke Kahanamoku (the Hawaiian) won '■ . the Hundred Yards Championship of New ! ■ South Wales in 53fseo, which is a world's I \ record. J ;

A FlN'i RACE. SYDNEY, January ii (Received January 4, at 9.5 a.m.) Kabanamoku's was a great display* He was pitted against Cunha, Barry, Longworth, Page, "and Steadman. Barry, though he got the worst of the start, wag almost on even terms at'the half-distance. Tho winner then livened up and finished two yards ahead of ;'ui'ha,~wlio just beat Barry. Cunha's time was 55sscc.

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SPORTING, Issue 15691, 4 January 1915

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SPORTING Issue 15691, 4 January 1915

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