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.ANNUAL SPORTS. The 52nd annual sports meeting at the Caledonian Society of Otago was held yesterday on the Kensington grounds. A breeze from, the harbor' blew steadily all the afternoon, somewhat retarding the time in the running events. These and the other races were this year confined to amateurs, and they provided good sport. The Dunedjin Pipe Band supplied the music, and their playing was much appreciated. The* attendance reached fair proportions, hut was nothing compared with what "it would have been on '"&' calm and warm day. Mr Wm. Reid, the president, was present all the afternoon, aLo many Did members of the society. The sports •were carried out under the supervision of Jlr jl>. 'BaJMia.t-viie- -with Mx '£- TUIicAA »*• Teieree. Mr \V. B. M'F.wan acted as Press steward, and performed his duties . most efficiently. In addition to the set events. Miss Peart, of North-east Valley, cava eraceiul exhibition of dancing. P. A. "really, winner of the pole vaulting, was evidently In a .claw of his own. He has a. good style > and may develop into a champion. He is now a High School bov. Results:-—

STRATHSPEYS AND REELS. Prizes, £3, £2, £l.— -John MacCallum 1. Alex. M'Kay 2, A. M'Millan 3, Neil M'Donald 4.

MARCHES. Prizes, £3, £2, £l.—J. MacCallum 1. R. M'Millan 2, A. M'Kay o, Neil M'Donald 4. John -Morrison also played. MARCHES for pipers under 20 years of age. Prizes, £1 19s, £l, 10s.—A. M'Millan 1, Neil M'Donald 2, W. Robinson *. QUOrriSG HANDICAP 1 , 21yds, 21 points a score. Prizes. £3, £2, £l. • The following competed:—J. Harkness J. Deas 3 points, J. Mitchell 3, J. A. Johnston. 5, W. Bruce 6. C. Armstrong 6, W. Armstrong 6, J. Reid 6, N. Read 7. R. Maxwell 8, >S. Allen 9, D. Carr 8, J. Davidson 9. la. the semi-final Allen met N. Reid, and Bruce met Mitchell. The final resulted as follows: N. Reid ..% 1 W. Bruce ••• 2 S. Allen ... 3 J. Mitchell 4 75 YARDS HANDICAP. Trophies, £2 and £l- - Heat.—F. M. Perkins (scratch) 1, E. E. Dijago (2ivds) 2. G. Austin (2iyds) 3. Also started: A. N. Andrews (2yds; «nd F. M. Anderson (4iyds>. Perkins caught his men at 55yds, and won easily by a yard. Time, 9eec.. Second Heat.—R. J. Anderson (Siyds) 1, V. Barton divds) 2. Anderson comfortably held his place all the way, and won hy*4ft. Time, B|sec. —Final.— R. J. Anderson, 3iyds 1 F. 51. Perkins, scratch 2 E. E. Dirago, 24yds • 3 Also started: v. Barton (liyds) and G. Austin (24yds). Perkins could not quite catch Anderson, being beaten a foot or two, same distance between second and third. Time, 9sec. WRESTLING, 11.4 and under, C'atch-a*-catch-can, best of three falls. Prizes, £4, £2, £l. T. Melville 1 J. A. Anderson ... 2 R. F. Anderson 3 In the first round Melville beat R- F. Anderson, and J. A. Anderson beat J. JDevine. In the second round Melville beat J. A. Anderson after a. very interesting bout, R. F. .Anderson beating Derine for third place. HALF-SHLE HANDICAP. Trophies, £2 and £l. J. Beatson, lovds 1 S. W. Govan, 30yds 2 G. Crimp, 10yds 3 Also started: R. Swinney scratch, R. Beattie 30yds, H. J. M'Kenzie 30yds, R. -P. Tracey 4yds.. Qovan quickly went to the front, and at the end of, the first lap led M'Kenzie by a couple of yards. At the smokers' stand Beatson worked into third place, and entering the straight was battling with Govan for the lead. . A close finish, resulted in Beatson winning by inches, Crimp (a foot away) third. Time, jjmin Ssec. HIGH JUMP. Trophies, £1 and 10s, W. M'Culloch diin), sft 2iin 1 R. F. Allan («yatch), sft 2m ... ~.. 2 Also competed s F- M. Reid scratch »a 4 E. E. Dirago l|in. M'Culloch jumped sft lin, but with his handicap beat Allan, who jumped sft 2in. JOQ YARDS HANDICAP. Trophies, £2 and £l. First Heat.—F. Perkins Jscratch) 1, E. E- Dirago (4yds) 2, A. N. Andrews (3yds) 3. A good race, the first two men being Anderson 6yds. Perkins worked through his field nicely and won by a foot; Time, 12sec. Second Heat.—R. J. Anderson (syds) 1, W. E. Holmes (4yds) 2, V. Barton (2yds) 3. A good ra«ce, the two first men being difficult to separate. Barton 2ft away. Time, 11 3-ssee> —Final.— R. J. Anderson (syds) 1 V. M. Perkins (scratch) 2 W. E. Holmes (4yds) 3 Anderson led all the way. Perkins challenged him 20yds from home, but just failed to get up, and was beaten by inches | only. Time, XI l-ssec. HIGHLAND REELS (in costume). Prizes, £2, £l, 10s.—D. M'Donald 1, G. Anderson 2, Colin M'Kenzie 3. HIGHLAND FLING (in costume). Prizes, £2, £l. 10a.—Colin M'Kenzie (84); 1, D. M'Donald (82) 2, G. Anderson (81) 3. ] WRESTLING. All comers, catch-as-eatch | can, best of three falls. Prizes, £5, j £3, £l. J). Dickson 1 E. J. Dale 2 J. Anderson 5 In the first round Dickson beat Anderson and Dale beat T. Melville. In the second, round Dickson beat Pale, Anderson gaining third place by default against Melville. MILE HANDICAP. Trophies, £2, £l. J. Beatson, scratch 1 R. Beattie, 60yds 2 W: H. A. Turner, 80yds 3 Others: H. J. C. M'Kenzie 50yds, Ghas. j Harrejc 50yds, L. H. Henderson 60yds, i A. W. Simpson 65yds, and D. Newall I 80yds. Newall and Henderson led two laps. Beatson made up his ground quickly, and took the lead at the hell entering the last lap. Turner sprinted pluckily 200 yds further on and joined Beatson, but rati himself out in the home stretch, and Beatson won by 4yds from Beattie, who beat Turner by a foot. Time, smin 9aec. Beatson could have done much better on a calm day and with anybody to carry him along. 320 YARDS HANDICAP (youths under 18 years). Trophies, 15s, 10s. W. E. Holmes (scratch) , 1 R. P. Allan (syds) ..: 2 W. D. Fraser (Byds) also went to the post, but was called off for breaking away. Allan led to the 100 yds, where Holmes passed him and won pulling up. Time, J4sec. HIGHLAND FLiNG, girls under 16. Prizes, £1 10s, 15s, 10s.—Winnie RobiuBon (84) 1, Martha Lockhart (82) 2, Olive Cotton and Nita Frame (71 each) 3. BROAD JUMP. Trophies, £1 and 10s. £, M. Reid (12in), 18ft lOin ... 1 (i. Austin (scratch), 18ft 2£in 2 Also competed: R. J. Anderson (9in). Reid jumped 17ft lOin and had a > foot handicap. HIGHLAND FLING, boys under 16. Prizes, £1 10s, 15s, 10s.—W. Smith (82) 1, E. Thorn (81) 2, W. M'Kenzie (80) 3. G. H. Jarvie and C- Wilson were bracketed as'fourth, and A. Wilson also competed. 220 YARDS HANDICAP. Trophies, £2 and SI. Firat Heat.—F- M. Perkins (scratch) 1, W. H. A. Turner (12yds) 2, R. Beattie (lOydrs) 3. Perkins ran into second place at tho turn into the straight, and, holding Turner comfortably, won by a foot. Time, Second Heat.—W. E. Holmes (syd?) 1, V. Barton ■ 34yds, R. J. Anderson 12yds, T.. C Dirago'3y<J-«, arid F. M. Anderson Kvds also started A tfraud raw, the

field finishing in a bunch, and so close together that the judges w£re unablo to (separate the last four. It was therefore decided to allow all to compete in the final. The finish was one of the closest over seen on the Caledonian Ground. Time. 25sec.

—Final.— F. M. Perkins (scratch) F. 51. Anderson (14yds ) .

W. H. A- Tinner (12yds) 3 Anderson led to within 50 yards from home, when Perkins passed him and finished a comfortable winner; Turner four yards away third. Time, 24ssec. MILE WALK. Trophies, £2 and £l--M. Stewart (scratch) ... 1

G. Stephenson (scratch) 2 A. H. Braton (55yds) ■ 3 Stewart went to the front after half a ■miW, !M»<i war. tv<.- tha length of the straight, Stephenson beating liruton 20 vards. Time not taken.

SEANTREUS. Prizes, £2, £l, 10s. —D. M'Douald (78) 1. Colin M'Kenzie (76} 2, G. Anderson (.74) 3. POLE VAULT. Trophies, £1 and 10s. P. A. Treahy (scratch), Bft Hut ••• 1 W. M'Culloch (6in), Bft lOin ■ 2 ft. Austin (12in) and L. J. Mew (12m) each jumped Bft 6in. The winner jumped in splendid stylo. SEANTREUS, girls under 16. Priaes, £1 10s, 15s. 10s.—-Martha Lockhart (83) 1, W. Robinson (80) 2, Nit a Frame (72) 5. Olive Cotton also danced.

440 YARDS HANDICAP. Trophies, £2

and £l, S- W.■■Govan (14yds)

G. Crimp (syds) 2 D. Newall (15yds) 3 Also started: F. M. Perkins scratch and A. N. Andrews 13yds. Andrews led from the start, but cracked up and fell 40 vards 'from home. Perkins sprinted into third, place, ..and then found he could not make any impression on the leaders, so he stopped home stretch. Govan won by a yard, eame distance between second" and third. .Time, 58sec. Andrews might have won if he had reserved himself a little.

SWORD DANCE, boys under 16. Prizes. £1 10s, 15s, 10s.— G. H. Jarvie .88) lr. W. M'Kenzie (86) 2, A. Wilson (80) 3. Also competed: I« 'lhorn, U Wilson, W. Smith. RELAY RACE, 1 mile. Trophies, medals valued £1 Is each. Fust man to nm half a mile, eecond man 440 yds, and third and fourth men 220 yds each. . Caversham Harriers (Beatson, Crimp, Newall, and Andrews, 10yds) ... ... l Pacific Harriers (Swinney, Crosswell, , Austin, and Barton, scratch). D \ \.C No. 2 Harriers (bimpson, "Govan, F. M. Anderson, Allen _ 35vds) ••■ •" ° Beatson gained ground for Caversham at the start, and this was increased by the other representatives of the team, who won easily at the finish.

The judge of the dancing, Mr W. H. M'Ken-iie, Stated that the f rf ™un of the adults and girls had been yell up to the- standard of past years and that of the boys a good deal beyond it. the number of entrants (six) m tho boys event, too, had been larger than for a long time, and many of the youthtul competitors had showed great promise. | SMOKE CONCERT. In the evening members of the society foregathered at the Excelsior Hotel for the purpose of making a presentation to Mr Thomas Elliott in recognition of tho very valuable services rendered by him during the past two years, during which he had so successfully occupied the position of president. It was a " real Scotch ni-oiht," There was Scotch, talk, Scotch songs and, of course, Scotch whisky. Therp was haggis, too—great chieftain o the puddin' race—which was carried into the room escorted by a piper playing whatever may be the appropriate air. Everything went merrily, and there was not one but that enjoyed himself to the The president (Mr William Eeicl) occupied the chair, and after a few opening remarks by him the guest of the. evening was played into the room by a couple ct pipers, and was received with cheers. Mr Dugald M'Pherson, in proposing the toast of " Our Society," said that u they looked back over tho history of the society they would find every reason to feel proud of it. Their main object, ot course, was to foster the national spirit, not only in literature and education, but in national "'games and sports. It was regrettable that these had not receivedmore encouragement during the past few years from a Scotch community such as Dunedin. The fact that the sports could not be run profitably was not the fault of the society, nor of the competitors; a change had come over the conditions ot life in the province which had made the continuance of big prize money impossible. Bat so long as the spirits of such as those assembled around the table that night continued to exist, so long would the Caledonian Society exist, if not flourish. (Applause.) The President, in replying to the toast, said he considered that there was no occasion to look gloomily on the future of the society. Certainly the conditions of life had * changed since 1862, when there had been no native-grown population, and, moreover, no ships and trains to take tho people away af holiday time. In the old days the Caledonian sports had afforded an opportunity to old shipmates to foregather and renew the friendships made during the long voyages from the old country. Depression came m cycles, and he had no doubt that, with the help of the younger members, the society would again enjoy the prosper<ty that had been theirs in years gone >-y. (Applause.) Mr A. M'Leod and Mr Alex. Begg ; iro responded. The President added that the takings that day had been £BB 5s 6d, being a decrease of £34 4s on last year, when a loss of £lB had been sustained, but as the expenses this year had been cut down by £26, the loss on that Jay's moating had been £26. Mr Reid proposed that toast of " Our Guest." The society, said Mr Reid, had had a long line of illustrious presidents, all good and true men, in the 52 years of their existence, but none during that long time, he felt sure, had tiimself to the members more than Mr Elliott had done. Mr Elliott possessed a charming personality, and everyone who had come- in contact with him had regarded him with the highest esteem. Apart from that, Mr Elliott had filled the chair with dignity, and with a due sense of the responsibility of the position, and had, further, thrown himself with enthusiasm into every movement that had been made for the advancement of the society. (ApMr Reid, on behalf of the directors, then presented Mr Elliott with a silver hot-water kettle and salver, those present standing and singing 'For he's a jolly good fellow.' Mr Elliott, who was accorded a hearty reception on rising to reply, said that, having the interest of the society at heart, he had merely done what ho could to advance their interests,. He thought that they had rewarded him too highly in attending that evening and making him such a presentation. (Cries of "No!") In conclusion, Mr Elliott said that he favored amateur sport, and considered that in future the society should cater for amateurs at their annual sports. He heartily thanked the directors for their gift. "(Applause.) Other toast honored during the evening wer© "Our Empire" (by Mr Jas. Baron), '■Our President" (by Mr 'Roderick | M'Kenzie), "The Amateur Athletic Association" (by Mr A. Sligo, responded to by Mr Rosevear). , The musical and elocutionary -part of the programme was' supplied "by several well-known singers and reciters. Mr A. Sligo sang two songs of a patriotic nature, Mr W. B. M'Ewan recited 'A Wee Scotch Nicht,' Mr W. H. M'Kenzie sang 'Scots Wha Hae,' and Mr R. H. Bryant ' Gao bring tae me a pint o' wine' and Watson's 'God Save the King.' Mr S. IT. Osborn recited ' Tho British Flag,' and, bv special request, Mr Jas. Brown gave Bums'? ' The Haggis.' Mr B. Bunnell was a, very efSicierit accompanist.

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CALEDONIAN SOCIETY, Issue 15690, 2 January 1915

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CALEDONIAN SOCIETY Issue 15690, 2 January 1915

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