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AGOE.LANI) SUMMER MEETING. Perfect weather favored the third day's racing at Ellerslie. The fcotalisator turnover was £67,2574 (as against £63,(80 for Derbv day last year), a "tote" record for "Now Zealand for one day. Results :

Ferguson Handicap, 250sovs. 6f. — Soultano (8.8) 1, Coleraine (7.5) 2, Belasco (9.0) 3. Seven others. Won by the favorite by two lengths. Time, lmin 15sec.

New Year's Hurdles, 350sovs, 2m.— Admiral Soult (12.2) 1, Hereford (11.0) 2. Cloudy Dawn (10.1) 3. Three others. Won by a neck, with Cloudy Dawn four lengths further back. Erindale broke a blood vessel and was pulled up. Time, 3min 48sec.

Midsummer Handicap, 350sovs. sf. Sutala (9.3) 1, Housewife (8.5) 2,. Marco belle (7.2) 3. Six others. Sutala, who was a pronounced favorite, won easily. Time, 61aee. NORTHERN DERBY, of l,soosovs. l£m.

Mr W. E. Bidwell's Reputation by Martian—StoDfeldt, 8.10 (L. Wilson) 1 Mr Lowry's Balboa by Varco—Nervey,

8.10 (Deeley) Sir G. Clifford's Don Francisco by San Francisco —Madowla, 8.10 (F. E.

Jones) ' Also started : Bedford 8.10, Eoumania 8.10.

There was little delay at the post, r.nd when they were let go Bedford rushed out in front, and led Roumania and Don Francisco as they passed the stand, with Reputation right on their quarters, and Balboa in the rear. As they neared the seven-furlong post Reputation joined Bedford, the pair racing together until just before the three-furlong post, where Balboa was lying third. Reputation came into the straight with a fair lead, while Balboa could be seen making an effort. Reputation was always going easy, and ran home an easy winner by three lengths, Don Francisco rushing past Bedford into third place in the last 100 yards, and finishing three lengths behind Balboa. Winner' favorite. Time, 2min 36 2-ssec. Newmarket Handicap, 650sovs. 6f. —

Bimetor (7.8) 1, Bee (7.5) 2, King Lupin (8.5) 3. Ten others. A great finish. Won by a bare head from Bee, who was a neck in front of King Lupin. Time, lmin 14 l-ssec.

A.R.O. HANDICAP, of l.OOOsovs. Mr T. IT. Lowry's Marsha] M'Donald, 7.0 (Clarke) 1 Mr Quinlivan's Sea Pink. 8.12 (11. Berry) ' 2 Mr Duder's La Reina, 7.12 (Buchanan) 3 Also started : Sir Knox 8.0, Allegation 7.13, Jolie Fille 7.0, Boultikoff 6.10, St. Elm 6.9, Monorail 6.9, Gloy 6.7. Once fairly in the straight Marshal M'Donald made a big bid, and inside the distance Sea Pink threw out a challenge, while La Rein a had got up third. A stirring finish resulted in Marshal M'Donald gaining the verdict by a short halfhead, with La Reina a length away. Time, 2min 34sec. Maiden Handicap, 250sovs. Im.—Ladv Penury (7.21 1, Hadj (7.5) 2, Football (7.10) 3. Seventeen others. Won easily by two and a-half lengths. Time, lmi'n -llseo. Glasgow Handicap. 250sovs. 7f, —Tinopai (7.5) 1, Iliad's Hero (7.12) 2, Castalia (7.5) 5. Nino others. Won by two lengths. Beldame, the favorite, was caught in the tapes and was pulled up. Time, Imin 26|sec. WAIKOUAITI RACES. The meeting held on the Domain'racecourse yesterday was a record one in all respects, and Mr Orbell and the committee of the club are to be congratulated on its success. Special trains from Dunedin and Oamaru were run, and were extensively patronised, while speculation was brisk, the totalisator handling £9,980 as against £5460 on last New Year's Day. In the opening event, the Maiden Plate, Steplock, the winner, who :s in the same interest as the trotter Schoolgirl, was eighth in order of betting, and paid a dividend of over £2O. The winners of both trotting' events were driven by J. M'Kewen, who, in each instance, downed the favorite in the last hundred yards. Tim Bain, who accounted for the first' of

i these events, is owned by a prominent ! "wool buyer." It was Mi- -T. E. Henrys's i inaugural meeting as handicapper. Mr | P. Miller was the stipendiary steward, and I Mr Harley starter. The vreather was dull ! and cold. " Results : ".MAIDEN PLATE, 55sovs. sf. A. Smith's cli g Steploek by Stepleaf— Lady Twist, syrs, 7.9 (inc. 51b allowance) (A. M' Don aid) 1 E. Russell's b g Master Ranald. 8.5 i (ino. over) (Porter] 2 G. S. Pine's b g Firegod, 8.11 (Donovan) 3 Also started : Bonnv Onida 9.0 i'R. Ellis), Downstroke 8.9 (M'Scveney). Voltino 8.2 (J. H. Moore}, Helicon 8,2 (D. King), Land 8.7 (Lorrigant, Chnrlevifle 8.5 (Rowland), Sartbnm 8.0 (D. Andersor.!. Won by a head; half a length second and third. Time, lrnin 3|sec. Steploek was eighth in order of betting. WAIKOUAITI CUP, of HOsovs. Urn. 0. Machell's bile g Moddite by Royal Artillery Quietest, 4yrs, 8.12 (Worroald) 1 T. Huston's b g Martcl, 9.3 (M"Scveney) 2 R. Howard's b g Muircock. 7.2 (inc. 51b allowance) (A. M'Donald) 3 Also started : John Bunyau 8.12 ,'Lorrigan). The last-named bolted three times mind the course, and so extinguished hisebnnce. On turning for homo Moddite took charge from Muircock, and won by a length and a-half from Martel, with Muircock three ( lengths away. Moddite was favorite. Time, 2min losec. NEW YEAR TROT, 90sovs. 14m. W. Pollock's ch g Tin Bam by Arbitrn-tion-.-King Harold mare, a.trcd, ISsec (J. M'Kewen} ... 1 0. R. Wise's eh g Favonius. 3vrs, lßscc (Rowlands) " 2 R. Riddle's blk hj Hono Ariki, 14; ec (E. J. Smith) ... 3 Others : Moneybox 12sec. Volcano 12;ee, Jrwin Msec, Ravensbov 18sec. Ac Ka.ore ISsec, Peter Duncan 20soc, Wee Sandy 20scc, Starry Night ZOscc, Password 20see, Iliwaroa 20sec. Molly M'Kinney 20sec, Degree 20sec. After passing the judge's box Favorriiis and Tin Ram came away from the others, the last-named drawing away in the last hundred yards to win by three lengths, Hono Ariki 20 lengths away. Time, 3min 49sec. Favonius was favorite, with, the winner next. BRAY MEMORIAL, 65sovs. 6f. 0. R. Wife's b m Charlotte by Charlemagne IL—Nithsevo. 4yrs. 9.3 :Rowlands] ". 1 F. and W. Roberts's Listen. 8.4 (Porter) 2 G. S. Pine's b g Stargazer, 7.7 (Anderson) 3 Also started: Glenowl 9.6 (M'S?ev<?nr>yi. Kazan 7.9 ('inc. 51b allowance, A. M'Donald), 6 Bonny Otiida 8.3 'inc. 71b over. 11.' Ellis). Kazan and. Gle itre-1 were left, arid the. last-named was pulled up. Charlotte quickly took charge, end wen comfortably by a. length, with Stargtizcr three part*, of a length away third. 'lime, lrnin 16? see. Winner favorite. WELTER HANDICAP. 65sovs. 7f. ' J. Buckley's bf g All Ready by All Red —Anna, 3yrs, 8.13 (Porter) 1 P. Hoomey's Floi'fuine, 9.8 1 Worms Id.) 2 If. Friedlander's Carolus, 9.13 (Donovan) 3 Also started; -John Bu reran (10.8, Lingan), 01 ga Car!o"na (8.8, Anderson), Dolly Daylight (7.9, M'Douaid). Dolly Daviight and Oiga. Carlo vim were left. All Ready at once drew out, a-Tid won by two lengths from Floraline, with Carolus three lengths furtJier back. Time, lrnin 3Q4see. Carolus was favorite, with All Ready nest, in order of betting. HAWIvSBURY HANDICAP, SOsovs. 6f. J. A. Sligo's b:' m Lending Lady by Royal .Artiliery—Sopra, syrs, 8.12) ... 1 O. R. Wise's Charlotte. 9.9 inc. 10!b pen. (Rowlands) 2 J. Snooke's Glenowl, 9.2 (Wormaid) ... 3 Also started : Officious (8.12. D. King!. From an even stnrt; Lead inn' Lady and Charlotte drew out and ran together_ a couple of lengths in front of the other pair. The weight told on the Oamaru mare, and in the run home Leading Lady prevailed by a length and a half. Time, lrnin lossee. Winner favorite. RAILWAY TROT, 7osovs. Im. J. M'Kcwen's b m Collera by Underwood—Sacramento mare. I2wv (J. M'Kewen) 1 R. I). Johnson's Rothonr. I2se;: (L. Gricel 0. R. Wise's Favonius. 12seo (Rowlands) 3 Others: Bell Boy L. 6ser, D.C'.L. 6, Satinwond 8. Moneybox 8, Stoker 8, Volcano 8, Irwin 9. Hono Arika '9, Donation 11, Ravensbov 12, Mavis 12. Vera K. 32, John Peel 12, Hiwiroa 13, .Starry 13, Artist 13. R.othevie and Collera were- always prominent, the last-named (finr-iy handled by M'Kc-wen) winning by c shr.rt length from the sulkv. with ' Favonius four lengths I away third. Tiro.'. 2min 25.-re. Eothene j was'favorite. with Coiiena next in demand. FAREWELL HANDICAP. 60sovs. of. J. H. White's br m .Alton Lech by Grafton Loth-Lady Dundr.s, Ayi.-. 9.13 (11. Cokor) 1 Mt* J. FlHs", F>nciii. 7.2 (51b ail.) (Lodge) 2 W. Wolls's Agitato. 7.9 (Woods! .-.. 3 Others: Lis! en 3.1!, P-c-pP-'" 8 - 3 > J> ' <:d Pennon 8.4. Izdubar 8.4. Ltnd 7.9, Chatieville 7.7, .'Jutram 7.7. fester 7./. Eleven horses tve-tv too many for _ih<; course, with the result that (:'harkviiie, who was handicapped by the draw, was enable to lute no, Sua had to Maud behind her field, witlf the result that she -,vas hcjielesslv left. Alton Loch, who was one of the smarte-t av, ay. made bb of her field, winnintc by four b-iKths. Benefit beating Agitato bv a head for rt-'-r-oad place. Time, lrnin 3sec. Alton Loch was favorite. WYNDHAM RACES. Weather warm; record artenJaßte. The fields were poor, with us «;£;;:t that tho totalieator returns fell a.-;ay from i £11,228 on New "Year's Day in 1014 to j £9,175. Mr H. Thoiiiseri (Christc'iiirehj ; made his debut aa starter on a Sonth- ; land, course. Results :-- j Juvanilo Plits, lOOsovs. 7:.--Pedowa I (8.1, J. 1, S'catharhloom (8.11 2, I Only starters. Won easily. Time, lrnin j to Mil* Ir.t -ftojn-tilt (}<)*< , T A , (rrdst) 1, Kin (If 1 2 1 }<* '-•-in ' 1 IBsr ) 3 I i,Jit th< •, Wot ( t 1! \ \ 1 fi.p lt'igtl - 1 in ■> 0 mil 16s(f 1 W>n Ibani ( im 5&)~ 1 - I it tr/1 - ore (7 12 * H \,A«n, 1 Ji.n Ma donaVl (9 2) 2 Oe»i (7 11) 3 ;,h-o tt-rtcd Pppfi'm-. 7 7 In tie 1 in 1 on < I mted Str\ie» rirstayed Flora AJicdon aid bj a lcngti \ith Ogier two lengths ba-'t ' Time, £r vi 0 4 s"ec Mimihai Hanririp, 7d as 6ffoi'fs'SlS J Ctiipbell) 1, "surra jertmif (7 7) 2 Diin"-ojr' (7,9) * !»• >thfis Coit ni i gut an opi 11 tig on tiie riil*, and v on b} a knjth and a half 11 ne, limn , 15 4-Ssec. j President's Handicap, USsovs. 6f. — | Marvelite (7.13, J. Olsen) 1, Formnal j (7.6) 2, Icilma (S.Oi 3. Only starters, j Won by half a length, Icilma six lengths j away. Time, lrnin 15 l-ssec. | One-mile Trot. —Young Hector fiCbee'i j and" Dban (Osec), dead heat, Eunice ( 3. Nine others. Eunice fniish&d 40 yards | behind the dead beaters. Time. 2roin I 0 l-ssec. Visitors' Hack Handicap, 90sovs. 71. SeitXiiaid (7.12* J» Oken) L Sumsitriima j

(7,0) 2, Wharfinger (9.5) 3. Lion ' '{B.l2f;l also ran. Won by two lengths. 'TjmeiHf lrnin 3QBac. " .■ f$ New Year Handicap, lOOsovs. Im.~s::'iil Ogier (9.0, J. Campbell) 1, Quirintm i(7.91 ; i'3 2, Russo (8.12) 3. Others; Obolus 7.12;-"! I Pretty Jane 7.9, King Torrent" ''7.7; CJ| Pleasure Bent 6.7. Won' by a lengths(S' Time, lmin 43 2-ssec. |-:.i -"' : : [ij J IN OTHER PLAGES. ..,,., ■^''■■^:l t j The Haw'ke's Bay Summer Meeting wag'S held at Hastings yesterday in spMnditic'if! weather. The course va& a trifle' hird ; ,''(;.i| There was a big attendance, and.', .tfaaiif totalizator put through £18,587, .jw.;tia : v':;ilj ■creas« of £2,012 on New llcar's'. Daj";"'of {,s 1914. Tatimi won the principal Prosidemt's Handicap, lim, in 2rdiii' 9t»cfi' r M and the Flying Handicap, 6f,' by.;(k^dea?:'|| "The. 'Wairarapa Cup, lim, the ■..■ chief 9 event at the Wairaxapa Summer ' Mlfteti:rigJ j :sjH was won by Bertrada (7.13), .witir (7.3) and Rene (8.3) in tho other pla«es<:: : .!|ai 'J'iirte, 2mia 7sec ■ '■■s•'o. 9 The Martcri Cup, 550sovs, lim.,' went Bjron (8.4), with Master Lupin (7.6piifi3'!&H Kooya (9.6) as hfe nearest attendaotfc!;;j!'J Time, 2min llsec. The Railway. cap, 6f, was won by Den.ise 'Orpie '(Bs6l'|:aiM The time is given .as lmin' i2isec, : . bui: : : ■ Deniee .Orme was never pushed easily by a length,and at''the'. it is" probably incorrect/ ■■'■.■' ; :; ?."J' M |-iiia| Racing also took pla/ie ft and. Stratford. ' .''l'iC'if'lP TOTA£LT&*TOB PEBMlT£..v; : (|;|||;i Under tho Gaming AmendmMt', ,M:|||;!|||| passed during the last session .of ■ |?4di4j : ;.;| m ment, grovision v?as mede for. 'the ing o'f o lextra racing .permite. .The !tirn|||H for application,. for these has now and the Minuter of Internal Affairs-(ltbi|;|||i|H F," H. D. Bell) has received nearly. times aa many requests for permits .as': t M|j|l| available under last session's 'TegJßkfciba*!'i||| The Act, which, was promoted foy\Mf.yjl| George Hunter, M.P., 'and taken np''. : b|;;l;|jj the Government, provided for the foiißV^. : |j| ing extra totalisator permits' clubs, 15; trotting _olubs, 8; hxml .ci\ihs : sm 8; total, 31. Applications have : ::|j eeived "as follow :—■ ':■■ ''::.;• S Racing clubs .... .... ... 56 '.% m Trotting cluhs , ■... 12' ,' : 'k'Sli Hunt dubs ... ■ ... ... 19 :■ -A]m ' —" '■ SU, U 'Total .... ... 87 '■■■,' :l|f§ A 'Commission was subeequently set .npiY/rjl consisting of Mr T. H. Davey, es-M.B-p : || for Chnstchurcb. Bhsi, and Mr' .George.:.':|| Hunter, M..P. for ' Waipawa, to'... the applications and maike recoajmen<ia.*J tions to the Minister of Internal:Affa'irf:;:'||f 'The Commissioners will sit in ;a..<»uple'.of.|'||f weeloß to deal with the requests. ',;: ' : iS'o RACiWC IN AUSTRALIA.': 'J ; \ ;^^ V.R.C. MEETING. ■ .. '^M „ . ,:'■:,::''SgH STAN DISH HAND ICAP. 6f l . ■ . :;| I:|| A. M'Farlane's b "hj lownit by Graf ton : ■■ ;'::;lfi';||| —My Own, syre, 8.1.3 ' ... ■ •>,: :I'| : :[| 'C. B. *Kellow's "Pinker ton, 1 3yr«, 7.9 ,:. : ;; > Ss || J. White's Gold Brew, syrs.' 9.7'...... ';..>'■,' .'§;':>i|i Nineteen started. Won by a neck, 'witli'|.j|j| ] half a length 'between second' andi''thJTotfl horses. Time, I».ain 16sec. '■ : . :.'!:■ BAOOT HANDICAP. 'lim. ' : [ \'c ■ ||;||| IP. Russell's . b c Newbarv by Berrie-;: : J':|;|||!| j dale—Carolina, 3yrs, ■... ... -.."i."" s£sM P. T. Hey wood's Atcra, ' *^i- \ Coroaatus," 6.7 ... L.: ■■•• .^.■-■y'^m^^-WMiM \ ;-:,.•;«■. iuried. Wsiti. ex- 3. j^f^ip^n j :, length iMvcsn'seoonß m«J ■'tW.W - boxing; .^3g^ Time, 2min 26|sec. '^.■'■"^iiMiS SYDNEY TATTERSALL'S.,; ■';'; i ;.-|ii|jJ The 'weather vi&e, dull and : dio'wcry:;:.«|''.;,:||| Rartdwielt. The principal event •wa*.tW», r i;' l ! TATTERSAI.L'S CLUB CUP, 'of. fiova. lim. -'''.'.'-^il T. C. Txantwein'fi b g Barlow, 6yrs. R. R. Hogue's OfTa, aged, 8.3 ... .... " : '3l|i G. Main's Necktie (imp.), 6yrs, 6.10..*" j Fifteen (started. A great finish; u"Of;f| I i)v a neck, half a length separating j and third horses, fime, 2min i|| - '• i ::':?I trotting. ' ■■■:^ canterbury"park meeting. :■■ ;;| The Canterbury Bark Trotting ClvWf-'M Summer Meeting "was opened yesterday in tffi beautiful wttather. Results:— 'I4 Ladies' Bracelet (raddle), fiCsovs. ''4 —Wild Nisrht (Usee) 1, Imperial Victor .M :Bsec) 2, Ihara (Qsec) 3. Won eaKly' by _|j .8«ec) 2, Thcra f°s«c} 3. Seventeen others. * I ! Won easily bv 40 yards. Time, tain, ": /Jf I Champion Handicap (harness), SOOsovs. :M i 2m.— Our Thorpe (6sec) 1. Murica-ia (Bsec) " M \2. Frandocia i7»ce'i 3. Alf.o_start*d • m w - : »".."'..§ Scon scr, Ravei.echild 4stc, .tAg Adonis 6sec, Red Mac Cki-lm 7'e-. &-:' M Swiihin Bsec, Grown Pnnea'Ssec, White ..'::/% liouso Gsec. Rrowr. Bell 9sec, Persuader , :j| ' 9see. Won by the favorite; Frandocia 12.-v| i ienjTths i,wav'third, then canK Win Soon, ;i| j Rrowfn Beil. White Eouse, and St. 1 ]?fl I Swithin. Time, 38|sec. :'t^ I Lytteltot. Handicap (saddle), ISOeova. [:& i 2m.—Doris Wilkes idsec) 1, Gold Drift -v :; i .'losccl 2. Ladv Lyons (lOsec) 3. Eleven .3? jothera Won e'usily l;y six lengths. Time, 'f, ; 4min S2isee. .' : ;J f • Templet-11 Handicap (harness)..■ lOOsovs. •£ • 2m.—Little Kauri (losec) 1, Bi»cificatioa '..>' 1 Osec) 2, FoxiuU (sse<:) 3. Ten others.' ~ s Won bv three lengths. Time, snriri J|

l|sec. tStoward*' Hatsdicap, llosovs.- 2m.—-Im-perial Cr-own (14sec) I, Mayfield (Msec) 2, Adventuress (lOsec) 3. .Seven others. Won bv eidii- lei.jrths. Time, 4min 28|sec. "iriiiiL'ton Handicap, 140sovs. lim.— General Elmo (2sec) 1, Texas (ssecJ 2, (rrevowi (7secl 3. Thirteen others. Won b>.- three lenorths Time, 3mia Seec. "Kaiiv.av Handicap. 14050V6. Im.—Bspinal (7.-CC) 1. lieqiiest <6scc) 2, Penelope; i'jsec) 3. Twelve others. Won by .i"ienulii. Tims, 2mia 20sec. An Revoir Handicap, 200eovs. Im.— i Franzalej.a (4sec) 1, Dalwhinnie (ssee) Frank Tracev [bsec't 3. Sixteen other*,* Won bv a neck. The winner, a rank out*!: sider, pw<i a sensational dividend. Tim«,.; 2mi:i 20aec. .".':. :: :

AUCKLAND TROTTING MEETING..;.:;;; 'Die Aucldarid Trotting Club's StunirMi^ iletting ivas concluded on Vhwsti&y'iM perfect weather. The totalUator .re«i,s«»re4 : £19,006 for t'be day, making £6B,SIS : the, nwfiiiP.g. or £7,226 .more than wiisi'Stii through at'last year's meetirijr. ;'.'Follbm.ti|i. comp&tes our report of tlii dav:— :. ; il":;. ; f ; !3!

Association Handicap (harness). 2m,-*, i, 1 ,! Irivivn (Usee) 1, Ojive hj. 3*ec) 2, Tod Btl]» , ,]|, it'vr-ri 3. Eight others. Time, 4mia l>'i 52|sec. , 'ijp A'e.v i>ar Handicap (harness), ISOapvs. 2ni.— Kemp.-ej (20wc) 1, Kitty's Tux V> (I7f,t!:'i 2. Wfraw (13sec) 3. wu others. ,'JI Tin)'* 1 , 56isec. - j/'.ylj Ouklw.- Handicap (harness), 260wrs»— |.if| Dillon }ie;i (ucr) 1, Phyllistina (Bj*c) 8, All. 'gj| JJ/Kirutty (6sec, 3. Dillon. Beit, who iras ■ e!«v-e»!t-lt in order of betting, coining fast- JH on the rails, got through, and vwn % »"]« Ittigt'n. Time, &nin 13|sec. ''--"JIB Telegraph. Handicap (saddle), l§Da&n: t $M pakoiui !6mc) 1, Annoyed (3asc) 2, Victor (7k--c) 3. Time, 2min 18faec. ' * '.'fjlH Premier Handicap, loOeove. l{ m.—AJe-,'?jfl laida IJirfHrt (2sec) 1, Kempsey (l&ec) 2 ri 'J*i| Linotype (16sec) 3. The favorite pufc »P.f 4 8 ; }3 reinarkabh; performance by two lengths from the back mark in 2itria jfij? and wcoircd an ovation- ", (' "l}*d /.v i'.iwS

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SPORTING, Issue 15690, 2 January 1915

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SPORTING Issue 15690, 2 January 1915

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