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I.IIMIDN. ]). , .ll'.lv 20. ' (Received 1 )«•(•.'.iilmT ,Vl. lit '.> -in-! The uew.= pipcis exultantly leh-r 1" i-iif , Cuxliaveii raid. , ! The ' Dailv TeL-i-apli" :-:iys : "'1 n:.= wps ; no liirhtniue; l:no.-k •■> ••'" uiuiefcuded <l'>"' - - : fellowad l.v :. rapid uV'" to -aiYty. hut ; hostile visi-- <>£ three i:.hil-' dura-ion while: i PritaOf, pilots <lrw ov-i a roaiMend where , a number ot warships were rriniir-egateo. The ' Daily Chronicle" declares- that, "the iiuident Mi'_'„-.'sti--. th» denna-i navyhave, cither taken lh» iormer battle in i TTelicnland I'.t.-Ml to heart, or ei<e are so : douhiv or tn-lilv locked behind uiiur booms and do,!; -.airs' ;ba>- they eamioi come, out. ■ w'thin anv l e.isor.ehle time. ' 'lhe 'Daily N--ws' -ays: '"Hits if. Tin-1 tain's in characteristic style to tlio : "honihardmeut or' t!i« York-hire coast. An- ! mi nil Von Ttvpitz may have, to ehaiiL".-j hits tactics." ! The 'H-iiiy Chronicle'.-,' naval expert j f avs: "Alrcialv the much <ii«<-i!--:-od Ocr- | man F!il)ii>.-niin> litis been deprived of half j its tcrrois."" j AMERICAN' PRATS'"-:. parino and brilliant w-'i'nin'. j LONDON. December 21 ! (Received Pe.-em!>"r "0. at. 11.".0 a.m.) j The ' \o«- York Tribune' states tltat the Cu>:haven raid uas th-' most. hriihunl audi d;:rim- ell'ert of the Mar. aisd pnt'- " Hartle- . pool'"'in the -hade. It was also free, from i the f-tiemia "f a brutal acsault on non- i combatants. | wisk pri-cautions ; ]X CIARI-IXC LONDON. j LONDON. 21. j dlrrrivod P.u ember 30, at 8.10 a.m.) j The naval and military ant horitic? cm.-, pi .isise tlic danger from fraqnicnts of] shells and bul!--ts bred ae,aiusu hostile air-', eraf'. that miv attoinni, to raid London. i Tho inhabitant-; are warned to kreplSidi-l j rover, preferably ii basements, on he;(riu~ ; sound- of iiini- or explosives, i p.omr ppoprrxo. PANOKR AT F.OTU F.XDS. (London -Times' and Sydney ' ?ira ' Services.) ; LONDON. P-c-nib.-r 2°. ; The Vvc:* T'a.rrau (tale,-, that a. bomb dropped, hv an airman rauedit- on n, strinc j and"d ?uspend"d a few feel, bolov,- . hi-, in.-" nine. It was thus impossible for j the;i.tor to 'ntid, hut. he kieke<l a hole i in the tl.-nr of Ids in-i r-lii-i-, hooked the! >t,i„i; v. hh hi.- foot, and .-hook tli--- bomb-I irco. J YIor.KXT STORM CAUSKS TLMPORARY LULL ON FRANCO.BKLOIAN" ITIOX'!'. PARIS. Pecr.miirr 20. tPw.fivei! Deeejnher 50, at, 0.5 a.m.) Monday night's eonmrani'pue states that. a violent storm t-brotiphnut Monday pt'e-vent-ed oj)orati(jns on nior-t- of trie, front. but the l-'teneh in the Arconr.e. "FICiHTIXO RKSCMKD. LXKMVS fTKAVY T'.OMRARDMLXT. PARIS. Peeember 20. (Iler.uvod p.Temher 30. at 9.43 a.niA A roiiitntinifiue states: 'lhe en-my vio-Vl-.Uv honiharded our prv-ition from the Lvs 'io the Somme. We prop-e.-sed between, the, Somme and I he- Ai-jonne, aiul repulsed sevcta! ■. ounter-attack.s on the. of the Meuse. We roiaptmed the' trenches and redoubt at Poisbiule aft-r three siik essive r-iv.mter-r.ttii.ik.--.. W<- are r-losiilv luvstini; SU'inbaell tin Alsa-.e;. a. violent action, vco sei/.r-d th, : ruins of a. chateau nor'h-wesl of Stein-, h-M hj. OX CHRISTMAS PAY. 1-TLL mi-:asl"R1-:. '• Dll-K" IX Tlil-: TRKXCHKS. I.OXDON. J)eceinbcr 20. A rorr.'-p.oudcnt in the north of PniiKa stivs that ehruuna-, .Day a hard; frost and a heavy winter mist. Tile I weather did its he : -T to produro a Christ- , mas atino.-plieiv. but the combatants did not take tho hint. Ciuns boomed alone . the Yfor from early morn, showing that ; there was to bo no truce. The I'ritish front was quieter, and tho men ate. their Christmas dinner in peace.. Plum jiuddiiit: was served out to till the troops, including those, in tho trenches. Such was the generosity of tho home, people that many men bad six puddings, and stories of the orgies aro likely to become legendary. The. army spent a merry Christmas. rnniiTivi: weapons. .PICK AND SHOVEL JU-IPLACK PIFLiTaXI) BAYONET, (London ' Times ' and Sytbiey ' Sun' Serrioes.) LONDON". December 29. "Eye-witness" states that in one- place thu mud was mi bad that neither French nor ttcrmans were able to tire their rittei, and they fought with ui;-ka and shovels.

■ tiikir ixsTcrrnoxs fxpi.ii it. I.d.XDOX. December 2D. j i Received December ~>o. at 8.0 a.m.! i The 'Daily K.xprcs-' pubiisho-; (Jrtlcr.ll .Tufl'iv'.- army order dated December 17, in ; which there 'iri'tir- the following pa-.sae;e : ; —MVe have proof tliat tin- lieutenant com- ; iii:'inliiij; tln> "/tli Company 1.1" tho 112 th Puvarian Infantry Regimentcommunicated to Jlis men the following order by the j_'eneral cominundinc; the sStb of the l-'«t 11 bavarian Army Corp> :-- FJoiavforth no pr:-o 11ns an- to b,' made. All pri-oner.- mint be. put to death. Tin: wounded taken without arms will be put to death. Prisoners. ! cron wlren taken in !ar;ro bodies, mint ; be put to dentil. Xo livinvr men mint be left I,el,ind ,n." I Uenrral're add*: " I'hU order ha; ■ been carried out. Interrogation of Geri man pri-oner- prove, that number-- of 1 French pri-oner.- have been shot dead.'' I ' PADFXKRS IXSTRCCTED SLMTLARI.V. i (London 'Times' and Sydney ' Stin' Services.) S LUX DUX, December 23. j Aw order i«ueil by the German general 1 coinmandiiu; the linden Jnfautry discloses that they are instructed to taketio prnonI crs and to kill the wounded. j DHLIIIF.RATI-: STARVATION j KELPS BriLCHWI'S SFIUFG ATI OX. j LONDON", December 29. j ('Received .De<cniber "/), at 8.A5 .1.111.) I The. ' F.wniii;,' Ni'iv.v's' rorre- ' spondent Mated"].hut. while ostensibly welj comine; American food supplies for P>c]j criuin. the llfrmaii; are Meadilv incre,itiiii'_ r j the diflieuhie.s of jrs distribution. They I havo also stopped tho importation o'f ; bread from the Dutch bakeries at Eyrid- : hovsi. which have hitherto supplied most j of Northern Rel^ium. ; RKLGICM's STATI'.S. ; OKRMAX Y'S PRKMATFRF ACTION. WASIIIXGTOX, December 20. (Received December 7,0. ;,t 8.10 a.m.) ' The lieLri.-m Miir'ster here, states that itho Releiui Government- havo protested : against< Jorrn.-niy's refusal to recognise, t'onswls accredited by .Holqiuin. lie. points out that Germany is seeking to over j the artnal sovorcij„ty of P.cltrinm, while : really only in tie fade. possession. Until I a, pc'irc treaty settles (he sl.ihis rf a, ooni ou.-red couii'ry. a. de facto Government ■ has no n:'ht thus 1o ,-irt,. i " ! THE RUSSIAN ARMIES. .-< >rn i krn operations AGAINST THE .AFS'I.'RLAXS. < PACOW LNVI-aTM kxt ,\CAXDOXKD FOR THE TI.ME. LONDON". December 29. (Received December 50. at 0 a.m.) reports that tho Russian investment of Craro-.v lias been again raisrd, following the discovery that tho Austrian}! wore, attempting to divide, tho .Russians in < Salic in.. The Russians Jiave, retreated eastwards 50 miles. Despatches from Galicia state, that the Russians crossed the Piaki River and seized the country southward of Tarnow, thereby separating the two Austrian armies. It is anticipated that the free/.int; of the. so it ground may prove an advan--1 Lil'o. to the Russians and piveipitat" \\e- ': cisivc operni ions. IIAXDTO-HAXIJ AI'STRIAX AXD PI'SSIAX FTGJITiX'G OX" If F. LOXDOX. "Deceiuber 2.9. fßevived December 50, at. 8.10 a.m.! During the fiehtine; at l.;itovozn, despite tho Russian bombardment of tho ice. t-lie Austrian.-: attempted to cross. The. Russians attacked, and hand-to-hand combats followed on the, ice. When it broke the struggle? wore continued in tho I icy water. Often the. foe.s helped one an- | j other on to the ice, and then resumed j %htin;_'. I . j SIFGI-; OF riIZFMY.-L. COVITA" AUSTRIAN iJORTIFS. 1.0-VDOX", Deremher 20. (Received December 30, at 8.10 a.m.) Advices from Hungary s-tat-o that tv.-o rogiiiioiits of tho Pr/.cmys] garrison have ma.<lo a. sortie every night for tho last, fortnight. Seldom more, than ono regiment returned-.- The. garrison havo. now loft 50,000 men. EXFMVS FL-AXKrXG MOVE FKO.M HCXGARY', JT> FAIEUBE EVIDENT. VIENNA. December 29. (Ivccoived December 50, at 8.45 a.m.) A communique .states : A\'e dcilined a Russian attack north of the Dtiklti Pass. Our new positions arc nearer to the rid^e of. tho Caryailiiaiii.

THE KASTKRX THLATRK. GF.RMAX AXXIF.TY PKRSISTS. LOXDOX, December 29. (Received December 30. at 8.10 a-m.) A German oflicial wireless mci;ca£e tdatc.:; that, while general confidence is felt that tho Atistro-Gernian forces ;ir<' progressing in tho cast, official reports, fmni tho front indicate that no marked advantage lias been won, They aiso call ;itt<*iition to the lack of Austrian progress indicated by tho official report i'rnm Vienna. RUSSIAX COXI-TDEXCE. GERMANY WILL BE CRUSHED. (London. 'Times' and Sydney 'Sun' Services.) LONDON", December 20. The Pctroj;ra;l Press state that Russia has provided against all Oorman resource?. Tho Kaiser will see that, def-pite the energy, skill, and sacrifices of his armies, the Russian dozedness; and perseverance will finally crush Germany, inilictin;-; an ii reparable blow. TURKS RKTRLAT JX TRANSCAUCASIA. PKTROGICU), Deccmbrr 2a (Received December ."0. at 8.If) a.m.) A comnimiupie states : We crossed tlie Laui'i-ine; River in the (lii<Miioii of Olti. North-east of Hr/emum nc cliecked large forces, and also occupied tbe khamotirAganitz line. South-east of Krzeroiim the Turks are reining, haviti". sustained heavy lc>,-<:,, many < t ilmm bed;,-; captured. ALBANIA. TURKISH EXPEDITION' SEXT. LONDON". December 20. ißeroived l)('iviini.-r ,">O. at 0 a.m.) Albanian advices state t'ins Ps-sad Pa-ba { has gathered O.COO troops, and mar-hod against (lie Albanian rebels, intending to i ngage them in dc< isive battle. ECYPT AXD Till-: Si'i:Z CAXAL. XO SKIN'S OE ATTAUK. RAILWAY COXS'I RUCTION A MY'IIL CAIRO. December 2.1. Received Re, ember ,"",(). at 9.20 a.m.) 'I here has been no development °f 'he situation <-n the ea.-teiu frontier of Lgypt. A few parties of links and Redoiiins emtimie to wander aimlessly in the eastern half of the Shmi Peninsi'ila. but- they are at a lon_' distance from ;he frontier. Rritisb outp-'st . .'epori that the building ot a Turkish railway into the Sinai Peninsula, is sheer invention The Senu-.-i are li iciidlv in tlmir attitude. t> Egypt. THE COLONIALS. CONSTITUTED AN" ARMY' CORPS UNDER MA.IOR (! EXEP.AL .P.IRD\\"OOD. MELROURNE. De,ember .7.0. iltceeived Decern!),-/ "0. :it 9.20 a.m.) The Commonwealth Defence Department has been advised from Cairo that .Maj-.r-geticial Lirdwo-'dis eomiuaud will lie i-alled for the " Ihe Au-tralian and Xew Zealand Army Cup-." AUSTRALIAN' RPTXEORf EM ENTS. RECRUITING JIRISK. S'YDXEY, December :,0. (Re, cived December of. at 10.2U a.m.) j Mr Cook i Leader of the Opposition'. Commenting on the Government's, latest proyiosuL to desoati hj leinlorcenu-m.s at the v.uc ot 5.000 a umntli, points out, the inadeqti.u v of this, and urge;; Jinn-vim.' forward at least, IOd.OOG troops, On"the other hand, t lie Defence Commandant states that fin re P- no need lor a imecial appeal for recruit-, ,i, men sufficient to meet ad present requirements ;ll e. offering, and they arc of r .pl<mdid type. THE CENSORSHIP. SKXATOR PEAECE'S REPLY'. MELBOURNE, Re, ember TO. (Received December ":>. at. 10.20 a.m.) 'The Minister <f Dcfenco (Senator Pearce), replying to tie- 'Argus's" orii icisnis on the censorship, said lie did not. derire *<• pose as a journalist. He endeavored to show that the "Defence Department was doing everything to prevent, assistance being given to our enemies. lie deprecated the puliin ation of ei roncoii., news emanating front G>rm.,n sounrs.. as being likely to create a feeling of iiii-.ot nrity anil alarm. "The action of certain West Australian newspapers in ei it u -is ieg 'he C':eni'- interference is to form the. subje, I of a p;o----.secnlinn shortly," added the Mim.-Ur. .INDIAN" Will:AT. EXPORT RESTRICTED. DELHI, .Decrmlw '?. >. .(Received De- mber 00. at, 9.20 a.m.'i In new of the abnormal prici.s of wheal ill India-, the li-ivrrin-iit- have, decide,', io restrict- ,-.\|ions of wiieat. iiicludiuj- Hour. l to 100.000 lone from. Ist, December'to ~b,t .Marsh, 1915. They wili (online exports to British possessions" where, siroiu: demands] continue. I A JTX.E JtEC.oRD. WORK IX THE CAMEROON": ~ LOXDOX. December 20. (Received 'December ,■O, at 0.10 a.m.) A Rri'.ish cruiser has return,.) from the Cameroon*. The officers, relate that tiiey v:orked several week?, «iay and niedit, in tho t'cver-infcSted rivers, swamj's, and iloresLs. They picked their way tiir. u.ih the minehekls at tile ri vi r-moiith. < :t\>ttired every important- phov, and 11• • t a man was killed. "SKI.MPINti " AXD .KILT.-. HICH LANDERS OEEEN'DED. (London 'Times' and Sydney 'Sun 'SeivLos) LONDON', .Deceinher 20. 'Th(> II hrhhinders are ablaze with v.aath beca.iLFe. the w.w authoritieci have decreet! that in future Highland re o 'imi'nls will 'be supplied with khaki kilts composed of two yards less cloth than hitherto. The Highland associations and politician.-: are tiru'ins the War Office not, t" put tlie men in hobble skirt-. AMERICA AND IM M lORATD »X. WAR'S PIMBAP.LF, EEEEI T. sifOUT.w.;!-: oe laror. N EW YORK., Jic.ciiili l r i-h (Received December .">O, at- 0.20 a.m.i Most stiiffents tin- i iif. r rati(,n ]>roblem are ( ,( ,ij,inioii that a severe 1ab,.,.famine will follow the war. The piviposcd further restrictive legislation dcaliut; with immicr.-itioii is therefore Jij ; ely to lu'htt incalculable injury on the nation. WAR AND UXEMPLOYMEXT. RRTTI.SII. DISTRESS DF.t REA> L\e. (London 'Times' and Sydney 'Sun' Serrises.) LOXDOX. December 20. 'The Timns.' in a. leader, remarks on the satisfactory recovery in unemployment since the war. During tho fir?t tltreo weeks of Atcmst. 02.000 yort-om threw themselves upon the stare. At the end of Alienist the tide, lurm-l. ami. the recovery has since been contiir.ioi'S. EMDEX',S CAPTAIN" R EACH ES EXGLAX I). .LOXDOX. D'-c.Tubcr 29. (Received "December 7.0. at o.h a.i.-..] The ' Daily N.-ws ' states that \'oii Mul-k-r. captain of tlie Ernden, ap'ive.l in filmland aboard tto otms4 Uuer Urania.

M-.W ZKAI.AMiKi; \VM \ I»KM. ( INIMiV.Ih■ i;ii'if •i’ I .'a plain lii <il J!‘■:i S At. .;i ’’ l l I R K! !■'! jl■\l’ il I: f.!| i ‘,\!'K Ti i\\ \. i'•., mV r .■■"l. j A I 'ni-tii mm m- ■ r.- m:m m 'l ' • n ' j - ' in Sinum :: . .-v Vm;. im;m *. f ; i)r f rnrt- |-'i u'i . .I >■ ;■ :■ ■ : "mi I j Iht 24 ..utl ;7i. lit n• - pi< vi-.-i.. , Mui.f. if!-.-. I. ' | ki'iii; hi; am i i;r:n. I RVIIN KV. 1 -ni ■ -i■! 30. i iimrmm .1 I'. .V'. at VV. i, in. ! i .1,,!,.. I-., i ;:i .' :. ■ill., :t Mivmim am) r.j 1,-m t -.nm!, uas (Vt■- luim- - j c.i IK'ti ill>m \ • 1 ' . i-.t i !'■ m ■!. I:;i-- I' ■ m tii •■ : r-.iM-n tl i,: i ■ iif ;i lim-nt n> j. i.■ t i.r pn -<,• i. j oith i:;:s ny ninnATiny, Til, ’ 111 (! t■! l;ii lit it .iii-t i mia t'i lill \ - 11 <■t ■; 1 apjimntiii mi |>l■i'j; lt:t 11 it tin- ’ < liilm'im lili'lits. .\ '\v /-< •'i' i ■!11 I m <ill.!■ • 11: ir v ■ .'I V.’cllwii’imi Miiiiiit.'i J!::!!•>. ■ Captain | C. I-:. ( lifimi. | W< llinift"a ImV ill: y !It iu'i -if.. ■- j Alajm- A. 11. Hum . X« /.’■•n laiui I smi Ai tiiii-i ; S emm 1.:m.1 •n.i lll i', A. Ruck. ! (>t,l m . Infant!;,- 1 1.-a, inum !. -If mi. Cap- j lain itin! Cuarlm-ina-tei- K. A'. S;ir.'!e.mon. Nearly 2.030 pimple wo;o pir-i-i.t. at <]•-• j •!'■ Kl'if'it. roil!’ Hilimi Auck]:i mi, of lioljrian ii'i'iii':''. The i>iiiif;:n>f>)H, j it. bank rim!.. i‘ ft Antwerp mi ilm Tiim - ! till \ licl't '1 v ill.) rit y Oil. pact Ilf it tin'll : iieiny in ilamei. He ilid (n Holland am! ; met hi- fnt’.m- ife. win liail walked oil ; hoim thrmi;;h J)1111 11 territory tn it place ! of mifi'ty, |

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"TAKE NO PRISONERS.", Issue 15688, 30 December 1914

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"TAKE NO PRISONERS." Issue 15688, 30 December 1914

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