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19 RE AS ON S. 1. THOMSONS' use only the purest and nest i finest No. 1 (jraclc cane sugar, while all other in? the. purest and best obtainable in the world. 2. They guarantee that all Cordials. Carbonated Waters. Syrups, Wines etc. bearins their name and trade-mark "Purity" on capsule and label, contain MJ .ADULTERATION OK CHEMICALS OF ANY KIND. 3 To "•uard against anv possibility of adulteration, .ill fruit juices, susar, and other raw "material are microscopically and analytically m Thomsons analytical laboratory by our Mr J. S. Thomson, l'.Ci, London, betore being passed for manufacture. , . 4 The factory in which Thomsons' world-renowned drinks are manufactured is the most sanitary and BEST EQUIPPED SOUTH OF THE LINE. The start are special.ytrained experts, and are only selected for special duties. 5. Tbe onlv water used is from a boro 200 ft below the surface, tapping an artesian crystal spring." and this lovely clear water is. preserved in all its natural purity and freshness' throughout, the whole process of manufacture. No chemicals _or alum havo therefore to be" used for the precipitation of suspended or other as i* the rase with creek or reservoir water. It. is aiso from 13 to 20 decrees tuan the. reservoir or creek water commonly used. 6. Instead of storing their water in wooden tubs, brick, concrete, or iron tanks, which are oncn to the dust and filth of the. City, Thomsons store tliers m nennett-callv-sealed "links, which are porcelain-lined, ami absolutely immune from impurity ot Buy" kind. The water comes direct from the bore into the, bottles, and never at any time comes into contact with the atmosphere. 7. All Cordials and Waters which leave their establishment are manufactured fror" their artesian crystal spring. 8. All Cordials. Svruns, etc., are filtered three times before being bottled. This in ' accounts for the well-known brilliancy and sparkle of THOMSONS' Cordials and it.ed Waters. 0. To prevent, the possibility of nietalli- or other contaminations, the scales used for -reijjbintj purposes are manufactured throughout. ef pbteglass. They are kept in hcr-nett'cally-sealed pias.s cases, away from the dust and damp of the atmosphere, and are 10 delicate as to be able to weigh l-650th part, of a grain. 10. Tho machinery is lined with solid silver, and all pumps are fitted with glass plungers instead of brass, thus preventing the possibility of metallic contamination. 11. All bottles are of clear crystal gin**. They are all passed through a strong boiling solution of 15ft. of caustic soda for ISmin, and are then thoroughly hand-washed hi a 'strong solution of permanganate of potash (no machinery being used for the wash'.ngi, and then rinsed twice with crystal spring water by a patent process that, makes it •mpossihlo for any foreign substance to remain in them. Fresh spring water is used every time for washing and rinsing. 12. No shor machines are used in the washing of Tliomsons' bottles, as these always leave a. poisonous deposit, of acetate of lead. All bottles are thoroughly dried here filling. To put aerated waters into wet bottles is like pouring champagne into a glass. 13. Cheap corks spoil good contents. Thomsons are very particular to get the best. All their corks come from the famous Catalonia cork forests, and are first irrade. They are also packed in double bales, which cost, more money, but prevents contamination in transit. l'l. Before being put into the bottle every cork is carefully selected, and then thoroughly sterilised. 15. To make, doubly sure of absolute purity, ns well as to prevent tho slightest, possibility of deterioration, EVERY BOTTLE IS PASTEURISED after it. is hermetic- illy sealed. This ensures PERMANENT i;t)()l) QUALITY and absolute proof against, germs. Thomson and Co. are tho only cordial mamifactutrers in the Dominion who have adopted pasteurisation. 16. THOMSONS guarantee their Ging.-rWine to be MATURED IN SEASONED OAK CASKS' FOK TWO AND A-HALF YEARS before bcin- bottled, and their Raspberrv Vinegar and Limejmce Cordial to be MATURED IN CLASS FOR AT LEAST SIX MONTHS before being pur on tho market. 17. In the manufacture of their Carbentited Waters the gas Is washed three times through crystal spring water before being used to carbonate the waters. 13. Thomsons ha co been awarded 25 SPECIAL GOLD MEDALS and .TI FIRST CLASS CERTIFICATES' in open competition againsr :!v world's best manufacturers. I"nis is a record for Australasia, and speaks for itself. 19. Finally, "PURITY" is Thomson-' trade-marl; and wardiword—from the washing and rinsing to the manuficturing. bottling, corking, !.: 1 ir-iiiu_', oaosuling, mid wrapping of the bottles. Result: The people of Orago are rupolicd with 'wholesome and refreshing summer drinks that cannot oe exiled m any part of the wor'd, and errUinlv 'CANNOT BE EQUALLED by anything on the New Zealand marker wheth"lshed three tir ■d—from the washosuling, and wrapnd marker, wncthe D.LC. D.I.C. SILKS ARE RAPJDLY ADVANCING 1 TT WILL BE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE TO BUY NOW we are hj, Idmg I STLKS, and although prices wi P.WESE and TUSSORE 27m Heavy-weight WHITE JAPANESE WASHING SILK. The wear is toed. Pr : ce. Is Hid yard. Wrth.2< 6,1. 54in TUSSORE SILK. A nice light c.,; o r, and very from all filing. Price, lr» Hid yard. Worth 2s 11. bright. Guaranteed free XJtI.KJa D.I.C.

START 1915 ■thai vo'.u- Rest Do; the Coining Y< And, further, -rrn would TTonostlv Adviso fhit the first time you Or Con! in 1915 let it GREEN ISLAND COAL, At 10- per HalMon Lrtjts Longer thin mho Coals, and (iivc3 a Gocc. All Cm) Merchants. JREEN ISLAND COAL SUPPLY CO., LTD., 114 RATTRAY STREET. SPECIAL DISPLAY OF NOVELTIES SUITABLE FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. BROWN, EATING & CO., Have jiifli opened ;i Choice Variety of NOVELTIES FOR CHRISTMAS. Including LIBERTY GOODS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. LIBERTY ART POTTERY and PEWTER ! WARE j LIBERTY CALENDARS a-:d POST i CARDS. ! LIBERTY SILK - EMBROIDERED, FRAMES and BOXES. j LIBERTY' POT POURRI and LAVEN- i DER SACHETS. LADIES' HANDBAGS. STERLING SILVER-MOUNTED TOILET : and PERFUME JARS and BOTTLES. DAINTY' LACE COLLARS. j I' LOVES, UMBRELLAS, and SUNSHADE'S. BROWN, EWING, & CO., i LTD., I PRINCES STREET, DUNEDIN. J ANTED Known—That Billheads, Cir-; culars, Cards, Programmes, and Gene, ral Fruiting of every dascription are executed, at tie 'Eveninr Star*- Office at Aloderiiie!

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