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STRONC AMERICAN PROTEST ADDRESSED TO CREAT BRITAIN. FULL REPLY REQUESTED. WASHINGTON, December-23. The United Slates Government have addressed a stron _' remonstrance to Great Britain agaitiot the treatment of American commerce I >V the British fleet.

The X ite- despatched t<> Sir K. Grey asserts that much bo.-tile lia« been e;eueiatvd in 'he United Statvs owine; to ;miivities shown by the British, licet in veeard to AniPi'ic.'iii eaijoes. AVhi'o thes" i-e]irei-entat ions are made in a lii.'iidlv spiiit. it is pointed out that, public opinion holds Great Britain i"e.spon-r-ible for 'he present, depuxs.-ion in American industries. I'eiiiibur.-omeiit for sei/ed liirenes i- declai-ej to lm no rrniedy for the -.-rievances. 'l")io chief dilliaidty is the moral effect upon American exporters, who are lestraiimd from takim,' risks which they otlmiwisn would in ttailin-; with neutral comiti-ms. A full Miiteiimid nf the British attitude is asked for. in ..r<!< r to take st, p.-: to pioteet American citizens en-meed in le L Mlim.lle li,i hj. The N,ae is vigorously worded, and is d'clared to be the strongest .'irldre-sed to any iellimien'. since fin. outbreak of the w :i ;-.

The Xofe also ,p,,,ies T.0v.l Sallsburv. fa-intiiiL,' .mt timt in the coiiife of colicspoiidenee v.-itii Wii.-hiim;Loti duiitii: tlm r.,,.|- Wat- that state-man laid down the dictum that foodstuffs were liable t<> sevmro as iciiti-iibuid only if they vci-a. <-opsiL'iic<l to an «nemv's fotces. H, was nor sufficient that the foodstuffs were Cu,pab'e of lieiui; use | t <( feed enemy forces, but it, rutitst be shown that- such, was their destination at the iiinc of seizure. 'lho importance of this contention consists in the fa't 'bar. if it i.s upheld, tlm United States will b- able to supply Ormany am! Ait.-tri-i with fond, and thus prnlomj- the war iudplinitelv. and neutralise the etouU of the British licet. THE AI'STRALASIAXS GETTING THImiSJ'fTI-S FIT. A PRESSMAN'S rCAIa'E. TON DON". Tb-oemlvr 29. The 'Daily Teb'iriiiph's' correspondent n; ( iiiro cays . " f 'ie Au.-t r.ilians and New Ze.-ihiud.'i's are now in tlmir desert camps. Wrdever tlmy ale askfd to do is <lnne serioiislv, be "ai'.-e it, may improve their < a'n i< ncy and a-sic-t in the contribution .a" their best e'','.-r,'!es to \l\-i Rmjiire's work in Fui'opo. '' ,Tns f as i-ie Sydnev's tmi showed that, the Kin _''s Australian Navy could be ti usted to do its part on the seas, t-hn votim; .Australian ami New Zealand armies are thir-tiu; to prove that the colonial .-old'ei- is a. splendid addition to the Kmpire's strength. "Alusketrv thev love; hatC-hoi! paiade is .-pleiidid : fatigue duty is a plea.-ure. be-ause it, is noeossn.ry. 'l'ho lioisriim-M -and they are all fine ho-re*"-ucn -iin- ha-i'd ;it it. t;rttini' the animals : nto cm ipioti. 'l'hcir "noises are. of <i handy type.

• \"o ,oMilit'V'iis are- too linivl for n ,n;i <,,t>.~ of the Xew Zea.lauders wero f •>• -Hi'].' tin' - * without tent*. They r-K°;>t i-M tin' send, and when the r;iin came on i ''.-• ':il:' , :r, 'o ; 1 the men t lii'V bad better ni:.k.- .< hi- >-h lt-r>. Ill" AueUand hatt ;;!i-iii jcircii'd fur pic<ct; of timber and 0.-.t and within lialf an li'inr everyone v. - ;:- Mined/ housed in wharet;. which will , l-vi1,•]..,-' 1,. ahmct reluctanfb/ ox-' .•'.aiiL-.l ;..r 1.,-]! tents." TWO FIX!-: CIFTS. (London 'Times' and Sydney 'Sim' Services.) T.flNDflN'. December 28. Tlv M<vl,->m» nf lv-;r;-.t have presented n I ii'-l'ii.-.l trii i, erco;.imodatiiic; 100 wounded. I Ccnoral Maxwell liiiri (urdiallv accepted the .'in. Tli.-v Mahniajali nf Cwalinr ha* establish.'! a. ini!val(sc T,t borne, manned by frix fl dial; "liiceiK and 50 sepoys. IX TCAXSCAITASTA. (London 'Tin'.cs' and Sydney ' Sun' Service*.) l-OXDON". Dorcmlwr 28. (Jci'iiian nftici-rs are feverishly snperviV Jt'i: the [I;:>-i:i.; of Er/etoum on ;i war THE CENSORSHIP AM) ArsTRAFJANT DEFEXfK office, cnrnciSM'. MFI.r.nURXE. December .29. T 1 -e 'Arrjus.' in :i leading article, comment in.: ii|n.'!i a statement issued by Cnlo- ],< re/.tnlini: the eeiit-orsliip, .<;a\v: "If Colon"! Lt_'s,'o or Senator Pearee. 'lm« fault to ilnd with any ii-wspaper, they should have ill' 1 j,l:!,k io the names." I!.'fen in- to the Xavv Office, t lie 'Argus' .l,'i-l:ii.-s that i: Inus .-hown a. capacity for hlun i.'riiii: and obstruetivene's which only kno'.v!.'i!g(, of t|>|. facts .■(mid make crc'li'olr. The Rcnllenion in auiliority tl'.cr,' .■v»iicii afraid of their n'.vn shadows, and :;a.\ e a most timid and childi'-h intcrpieiation to regulation* and instructions. Kvent ■ fnvly discussed in Australia w -re no*, allowed to be ptib-ii.-h.'d. M'!(.Hitilo . ' iks and others of similar occupations w -ie called upon to deal with new?-[l,'uvr work whi-li tboy did nob in tin* least ur'd'T.-'t.i.'-d. Could it bo believed that i: was actuallv ordered not to publish i:>'n< nf the bombardment of Scarborough, not withstanding l t it. was authorised bv the official l*rcss Bureau and passed h'v the British Censors? What vin'nt had Senator Fearer to set tir> .1 nKirn 1 censorship? Neither lie. -nor Colonel LcL'-ro eonVI pretend to know -when news was incorrect, and noithop could know ]to'.v to conduct a newspaper. OUR FORCES IN THE FIELD. THP] EEIXFORCEMEXTS. STATEMENT BYIIEFEXCE DEPARTMENT. The following is the full text of the statement issued by tho Defence Department, Wellington, and summarised briefly in our "Stop Frees" column last evening :—■ The ]iresent requirement of the Imperial Government is that the XeW Zealand Expeditionary Force should 1h» maintained constantly at its full strength in the tiehl. Thid icipiire.s a draft of 15 per cent, per month of the infantry of the force, and a. draft of 10 jier cent, je-r month of mounted

rifles; other arms in lesser proportion,-,, as laid down in the Field Service Regulations, part 2. This means a. draft- at intervals of every two months of about 1,800 officers and men throughout the continuance of the war. It should be particularly noted that New Zealand must keep up a steady flow of men on this scale, no matter how long the war goes on wheth:'r it for months or years. After tin? departure of the third reinforcements all drafts will receive four nioiith.s' training he-fore despatch from New Zealand. J l>o remainder of the men's training liel'o'"- being sent to the front will be completed under arrangements made !>y the War Oflu<\ There are now laiflicicut men in the Trentham camp for mounted lilies of the third and fourth reinloivemeuts. There are also sufficient men for the infantry of the third reinforcements, but some uUO more infantry .recruits arc reijuired to complete, the number of the f-urth reinforcements. Five hundred men will be brought back from Samoa to lie equipped and to undergo training. t ;o that they may accompany the fourth reinloivemeiit.-. 'I be remainder of tlie. Samn.iu garrison volunteering for service at the tiont will accompany the fifth reinforcements. '1 iie Fiji contingent of ICO men will accompany the fifth reinforcements. Artillery reinforcements for the lir.-t year of the war (reckoned from the date of the is'iiiing of the h'xpcditionaiy Fotee) will 1»- < "i<>pleted with the fourth .reinforcetneuts. .-o that officers and men may he .-penally trained before being ,;ent to'the front. Instructions have now been issued by the Deffiieo Department to district offices to recruit 600 infantry required t>> cc-in-plete the fourth reinforcement.!. They will be sent into Tmitham without, delay. '.I he reinforcements will be railed for about the middle of February, the t-ix'-h reinforcements in April, and cu'nseipc-ntiy every two montiis up to the end of the war." In audition to the I;ifj.o demand i-.v recruits at intervals of two months, a few recruits will be < ailed for from time to time to replace men sent, down from the Trentham camp as being unlit- front on■• cause or another. (Itlicers are. calculated at the rate of one

otlicer to 40 nmti. 'I in a i.s the linniimim required, with drafts for training and d,--rijdiuary purposes. '|'l;e obje, t in smiiditii,' such a small piopurliou is that pi'mm tion to fill vacancies may hireely be made from the j-aiiks in Hie held. Oliiccm and liou-cniniiiis.sinned otiiccis are ivipur'.'d to come iut,> the Trentham camp one month .in advance of the remainder of the draft. .-,i that they may uudeimi preliminary iurt ruction before columnncine; the iuMitietion of their men. tltli, ers are .m pn.bati:iii up to th-' time they leave th.e Trentham cam p. Xoii-commi.-idoimd < lib'rs are on probation until coniirmed in iim:r appointments. On joining the Fvp'di tiouaiy- F' i'( e the piimiph- its thai- mmlommissioned /'llicci'.-. are to be dia'.i u from thf ranks front men \* !:o have j roved themselves by their work in the held. The tirst two months of trainine; in Tioutham. will bo devoted t.« recruit, trainiu_'. luil-a ketry, and individual trainim,'; ''m !:i,i Inn month.s to cmiiKiny ami .-ipiidion trainini;.

The Defence. Department is im-.v preparing cii'i -ulais -iivinir full illumination for intemliiie iccruits. l'o<t cards, for registration of names will so.-n be obtainable ai, all po.-L offices the Dominion. Patriotic (ominit'.ees are invite<l to assist in the distribution of m'riuktm. and ami.-, will be issued as coon as possible after th" Christmas and New Year holidays by the Government Printine Office. At the request of tlm Imperial Gov ailment one horse is seiu with < ,-mh officer and man of the reinforcements for the mounted ritles. and in addition homes to replace wastage calculated at- 5 ]er cent. per month for tha whole of the Fxpeditionary Force. This will mean that a Latch* of nearly 700 horses will im m>ut with e:u hj rein ion mucin draft. The purchase of horses m in t!m hands of Government liuym at Auckland, W'-I'd'c't"", Christehiu'ch.. and Duuvdm.

PUBLIC OPINION IN THE STATES. Mr J. A. Soddon, .hainmui of the V.ritish Trade Union Pai liana utary I'mm init'ee, who has just ■ jv:iu n>'.l from ;: > ]<-. it I<> the' Unite I States, K j V( -s ili--- interestiiii; [i.'i-'iii.i] :i)]i)rr:.-inn> of I• • • t:ll u r 'ai tuc part of the pvoph.. tlivi-o. towards tin' -Mli.*:--The j'lai''": of r.mii-'-' display the fame feature.-. Dunm; inv stay in N"> u York 1 viVitoc! lie,, Jh:-.' eiirei-iaiuinent-. ilu- houses holdim; tln.usaii'l ; <>f p-">ph . At each jiiai-c Mar topius pitiy.-rl a p">iniueut part. P.alkt.i of tie- «-.»imi-atan:.< wrio a. leading feature at. each phi,-,-. The Oerniau.- tri"<! haid t" <l-.mi- >ii.--, ral. the tk-nuan llatr to !<' the >uo-t pepuku, hilt « :i■-• 1 v time it. failed. S-!(ii.;ii ha., o T witnec-cd Mich drmou.-traiiors f-.r the Union Jack. Tim same fpii:l- )'.'-nu •■ atcd nine-tout lis «.i ihe it<>i k. r- and the nrotV.-->ii>nal ami tradtu;'; ehu--os. Three .stnri.'.., ciio from •■:■. hj i-T.i-t=. ru-ove 'his fact. At a inert in.; of v.'c :'■ known woi el.'.c. J.-; ;: I ( .-;, in the lure.!, so, iai c.lil;e in \. W I,,.,triii ' i.rr .-to! v anil i-.uuiel v r,-.t in; us for hem.,' ,!,,.... ,'i he :-a,|. ; -;e I : "We an- u-'nirai. In:'. h\ hj. '" , i : .> ,- \va..t tin p.-'. spcakiu.: <a.i- own t «>!'..: it - io win. jnfmmed mo I hat. a a.,y or two |irevi Ollsiy S-'V-'-,l! ell-l ■ 1.. Wi-|o «'ll;,'.l_'eil :i typical Aai. lietm, b10t.,, in hv s.-nim,': "Sac. :.:<,,! k-in-n. . u; that nil'. 'We ar-- m'-mrals here, ami .hj -n'l rare n who licks t he i !i-i mans." A; tli.. i'l-o.luro K\. li-ui..". at lh-.. li.-i-.-ii' of the market, a I '•■ iinan w-V ] a.-,-,> ; .i.-1 I>\- an .\iii-ne.-in. uin-M- sahi! at em was': " Sav ain't, th ■ neu.- hiil'-v tiii ■ i." ' n ;„...?' -|lm. Allies Int.- .liivi-n the I ;,-,- imi.ns h.-iek, .i hi I w'ii '-'■•■n hj - in lie km'' 'l'lie (mnntm «-■ j.':- •« 1 : " Vmi will never live to see thai." 'l'iie rplied : "What ! Von , all y.i:iiv if my friend. am 1 -romei;;, e i h-ad le-eme nejt June ' (;,-.; [ ' ,YAI! AND TIIK r.ALAXCK OK SKXKS. Miss Alar-arct Ashl.m lias cvulv.-l n. novel scliimiio, wliicli she statml a( a Lor-ds iimtuiiio; hist. ni-.;ht. This n-:is ino\ -iiiihlv rnhhiim ihonsamls n| wnnioii of all chance of ohtain in : j; _ a lioino and a family ol' tlmir sue said, so sho thoii-.;ht _ I In L this uas a inomoiit- when tiii-y mirthf '.•;• -i up snmothin-; in the natuie of " paN " ro-i----inents of vimii;i '.'iris, tiainin-.; lli'-ii! lor life in tlie colonios and .-<> t v\ in.t to equalise the litilance of ihe ~'.ni s hei'ore tli(! real pressure of it ran:- upon lis. She w:is lullfli more im lined to oi ;;;iii iso school af colonial tramim; than to iry and ;o't women to take up sm-ii a Jiadlx- paid Trade as j,o\-.,-r maehiuni'... If at tlie end el then- traiuin-.-, the wninen did not can- to emi-.-rate. i!n-v would at an.v rale !ia\-e learned what. would he useful In them ai l their li\ein Kn<j;l:n)d. '•THKIiK MI"ST 151: NO WKAK PKACK/ - Professor T. M. K.-itle. uho has iuM. returned from He! ;inm. tohl a m. ■■! in : in London that lie v. a - astonished v. lice he heard jieople askim.-. •■ A ■■•■ tli:'.- ■ tales of harharitv true-" ■'There ionouoli evidence, ollicial and otherwise.'' lie said, "of the i rimes cot.:mitted a-j;ainsi a hrav and neutral people to luui'j; nor only the Kais'T and his precious .sou. hut <■■<<■;■>■ ..Hirer, in the (leriuan army. When the walls over and victory is ours, tlici ;■ must be no weak peace."' VIOI.KTS IXSTI-AD OF MONKY. Air Tan Malcolm, M.l'., v liti-u; ihoiu Pars, win re lie is cn-aeed on ltd Cn.-s u.irk. refers to the "jkm* < t i.-.t inct ion \\i,h whiih wearers of a. khaki uniform arj tmtlcd Viy all sons and comiitious of nir-n .tikl woni-f-u. "'.! f.oy ehfor us." lie tay = , j "«-,n.l smil«"> at v?. They do nnf, oxnrtly offer us 'flrinks,' but our ]ir>'-_-i.hors en;;-st.-uiitly ivnnt to annex our hills and j-ay for our meals in rest.nura.ntc;. wlih-h in rr/anv cas?s deduct, a <leal from tlirir rpjrular prices for clients iieaririL' a khaki uniform. I v.mis greatly tout-lied the other day in this connection 1 asked for 'The Times' at a bookstall. It was hand-vl to me, but iiothine; would induce the. old ladv to take monev for it. ' I won't take a sou ftoni veil." she s:-.:il. uur did sh.e. ' I am a u-ood l'"r. ueliwouian and a lo'-i friend.' she add...: ' and y.m aie my friend.' So no'v 1 ei.\'i: her violets, and rhe , me 'The Tiieea ' ewxj- day.'" j

AVOIDING THE CENSORSHIP. THK GAUDIX CASK. I'TVK YKAHS' IMI'IUSOXMFXT. Press Association—By Telegraph—Copyright. SI'VA, l>eeemb:>r 23. ].-'. K. X. Gaadin. of Amkland. was tried by the military miuthorities at Apia on several charae.s. and sentenced to live yeaixs' iinpri.soiinieut with hard labor. [The above message was incorrectly published by our eonleniporaiy \ estci day as a " .s|)ecpil." whereas it appears in the other papers of tlm Dominion as a l'.A. cable.]

The order on which Gaiidiu was arrested in Auckland on bis return from Samoa .m November 9 .was issued iwires the Auckland <orrcsp„ndeiit ~f the "I'n,"'s') by ( olonel Lomin i Adminisi rator of Samoai, and rift the ol!eiicc fur which he has been sentenc-d ia against the military initiations under which Sainoa. is now bcim"; eovenieii, G.-nidin mis .sent back tin re to stand bib trial. The Samoaii adiiiiiiisl iat inn is under the direct <outr,>l of th" Imperial atithoritie.;, ;md the civil am hoi liie.s in Now Zealand state thai they have no knowledge of the nature oi t"u • (harems. w;ts scut hack to Samoa by tlm Navu.'i. which lc:r .Auckland on Dei.-ember 14. iim.l it, is iinde:-.-toui| that in- is rutin nitio tn New Zealand by the same vessel, dim lien' on January -1. Gaiidiu was born at Hamilton in llii'l. and is a. member «>! a. \ eiy Well-known laiuilv in this province. He was educated at tlm llamiltmi West Seimo]. and ai'ter-w.-irrls entered tin' teachim: prei'es.-iou. After 10 years' service--in 18<!6 —lie_ became a member of the linn of Abasrs i\ roulield and Co.. of Auckland. Island traders and wholesale fruit, nni chant a. iie fiet|iioii(ly visited Santo;i, ami the Cook and Society Inlands. He joined the Native Rilles in 1893 as a junior subaltern, and waa later ita/etted senior 'lieutenant of the (Oinpany. He liecame an <■:<, eedin-tiy |'o| uia,- \olimteer olliicr, and at the tint" of his arie.-l w;>.-- captain in the ivr-civ of the 'I bird .\mklaml Ile-iinent. lie i- :■. well-known athlete, and lias lepro.-en'.e.l the province ac- c-urinter. jumpci". mid footballer. Hi' wa;; elc-tid a member <■■!' tlm Auckland City Coin:,:! in 1011 and :n::.-iiu in 191 a. and was a member at the time of his arrest. lie was chairman of tlm Citv School.- Committee fioiii 19(0 to 19R*. Jle was elected a m'-piher of ihe Takapuiii', Conn, il in Atim:;,i, 191 7 i. His imprisomuei.t. . f enn.-e. a.ut<>maliealiy deprive.-, him ■,; all ihc.-o po.-i----tiotis.

I WHATTHE MOTOR CYCLIST IS | DOING. I INYALUAI'.I.L W.iiik. ! Tim Kimdi.h nioff m I'mimo i ~;;.! lid-mi are r '[, 1--I:rli.i v .-.,.-i,.;r d ewty ( J'lici ,ii S; ,|f • >jii'.--i"-r cannot say < -! 11 ■ 11 _' • 1 11. l»-;>.:.-.' ill' the v;i!ll;!lili' -•<■: V liees i.iideivd :it tii,'. i'i.-.'U, liv ill, im-eor < vein .i"s.|.:!trli iidms. An laie|:,.]i r.;"^. I'niulvii!. i.moiit'y had an (.ii|.onuiii(y <•■;' oli.-'TYiiii,' aid cli'itHnj Milii a number "l' ! '.k.eir ,'r.uicri at an ok>.-eure. litll ■ hiemm, | vi:lm_e. anil a- a enijt, lie slam.-, i!iat the | Knali-h 11;-"■:■ j,- iyi/l: e t, unit , eitainly ha- ! ma its orpinl in anv of ill,- atmim. in tli.' ' Imld. Al';-n' 'l-alni/ <-iit!iu-.-:a;tii'ally with i 111• • ii inv .omvi. m he ",■ i:t-..-'. : " For tin- iii'Miiciit 1 am thinking mi'y of tin' H'irit of th':M.' yuim.r-teis m *i;• n;.-tii'-r -1 round imp in the elrelo c•■* l:_ht thrown IjV tlnde ]'iiui ri'nl lamps, t.vtinj on their trawl-Maim..! mmldm-s- ~.-<■;. imiulmve hi.-h-spii-im-.l !,mv, 1.n.-iiMi,- at ih • layer of ),vt]ol-.(<-nt.-.| dr.-t in whim. I'atr and Ime and hands amo ■nv,-:a,l, ma kirn,' i.k-'it j • -f tin> mill's hehiti I tlm-ni. as ~f Ih,- mik"I l" ■ •,,:,,- .!;- mm a . -'•! and fr.-6ly dawn lay between iii.'in and llm-ir nhitmil;' de---ti: :i!iuii. Mi-' f|' :!fin ii„-l n linr ; !rn ■' i imams \hAv b;nk- Son,- mad mam. hut a. revolve;- was .-t..;.| ■ ;i in (In- le.ulmr j i.i'h < m in-lit, ; ; !-. ■ !;■' dm; .• <>\mr.idm On I (In cairnm heidml tl .-tii tin v m ~ Uv c;irj li-'d a 1..-.'i friK-rf -ami; vi;!i'tin .'r f '., ,-,■,... .-mm a In n..!' and wmd,. a t< oil. 1,, imh. -hepine; iliin..s, ."ml i-lmvma; tmkm. with ''<>t, lml >i tviiLin- of Hi, in as m.miv of tin'in v..'!.' in I.,>nn.a ih,. mmm -•:!.- ■ i.'dv of hi", n|m-li,ms insi.'.'id of a £iimy a!,' rep;-.-.-mit. d ri:nen L .- tin' Ai'nv Tim'or .-.• I''-;.,. M-t of thm.i ai. ruder- : i,, !•;- at s or nublm ,-elmol l.uv.-, manx have ma,m fion, ;!].. oiliici;.' (lainni:.' .mips, many \.',: i. d .!'■.■' t:t -• of cl.-i--.s and coiuiiry at" ' o; I'm ';..■■■:; (if ( '>'. f- -I ,1 ;,, ( !!-' holl|.'\- I>l||T of th" v. ■'•■:. Hal tj.-- ..,(.-!. r ..|i|-.!.'-t- ,!■.. nn;, raa \ <-\ : .-.-[- il'rs,' ,,f nav.-" v 'a- 1 : d \: '■ , nt 'i-> i• T*i-- and u !..! :■ aim l,a-d of •!,,. S : t'oips of :|,,. to d, tart, an im a. (i,,.. thini; I knar : ■ ii:',",'i it- ' If yon !,„,;< |.i...,,-ily di|..y.' j ~ 1'..-ii ,niil;p..-. d- ii - : \..,i km m •;'■ Ml ;!-• ti.m- '.'.■ van" tail, n.;' :, .a- dia-'y : ml • ■ l.i'aim 'and"".-n,' i'v <L'"\ h' "w,-y\ ■'■'"'. amhm.l vim, ,;,,. |\mv ;,o,v and th.-. a hi.'!! oalar of ,1 i • •••aild ,i am -ki'ii::.: otnt, oillin-'to' . !..'n,: ; Im v..,- an i rm.m (.0 nnl.'-s i"." .',•..■„;, k;,d had '\>ta,i' aallv i othin- to ,'at .a' drink all -'av. :km ]„• ua : k.,;h tit' d ami tidia'v. and- had i' l odd miles in ■..,. kef,,,.- da\d,:--d,. !Ci--iii.-L tin ...In i. h:.-. i.i.'idiii,'-. win-!, 1,.. tr.iv- dine- fin;.. ; hj • ma- ■>! in lion; (•■ tin' l'.mk tyie ; 1 in n malum- 1 hat tli w, :s lie w ttii s in ■ mil - into the < iirm and .mar ; th.' m wm a- -mm_' a , i-aii t|, v. nil a; !..,d.f-ih, ,-s tlmt m I<-' eliatmm a id..l :"." hv'th- ni.m hli. :■■■ :ii- Am, v ;',:i.-i:m.'s f .;■ rmlinj ipimtm... On ii'nv ;! a' h-ad',na'"- vs \\ it Ii a di . pal, !i. at't-m ne !,:,.-, |:;- it a •■! hj -n d-.mms-d m::i| mantid ;,_'mn. h- -■■•!, m.' t ■_ tin! : :m >. -mwh-re a. A- in :,mi d" vh-ie •'." ~t,o! is kept. - N., -p ml land, thrills ;,11 ronnd. ait o-am air life, and !".s of fimm. f Imv'.iv- lii • ndi-p-a ■ of „„■.( ,n . • ;;.'. t'mu-ii iim-v nm-t -! n k !•■ I !:•■' 11 ads ! ~..,, ■ of i.h.-<- d:oe l,vi: ■ I rv to n- • t! r -.mi11,; h'idim' to tk."/ •• ■ of ommtiom, v-,( limv ■.,;;•• tli-n, v.hiiiitt.-; hv in rlmrl.o ~f hlii-t -on ■ h,-:,..i' v,,i, ran 1.1,1 li-m,, i Oed--|„ed. Tin :i total I.n k of omtimmi | taldv ahoat. 'h-m-ola.m mid t'mir w0,;,, ti.oir ii.meili-'am-- lovn: ]> r,;,,> anothor. ; and tl; -ir disi'e;;Mi' of daaa''' at" ivnj'lliv! of tie- Jii''i •-'. tiadi'ions of th • hii'dlmi, \n.iv. Mremmr tkem. 0,,.-. 1,, L -ins !o ; r, whii hj. ;m ■on'im: io otli, mi .1 ■- | spalmmm ' Inairii's eo;,i, in|,t dd-e link'' jiinv' ha;. .ilr-.",r|v siminr.kd hi •' aal.lidt■ ; nif*'over th" (ienn.'tn timop>. y,-, ] i ;■<-.- -^ hov.s h.nvf not been t-ohiierin- \f>uz phohl;!, , to' ;dmovh Ih- tradhlots of tha Army. One would like to think that thfir.s f n th,. ■ .•-pirit of us all.'' ' I V,'Ad( HLNtr PATinY DRILL. j T linvf) lin.inl a cnod stow nhout the) Arts C orpfi (says a j;(*si))l. It simins tkat j one r<?i.'ent Ttm.rtiit, ;, middle-noed joni'iiali.-t, | wlio dta idodly a maitiii't at Ik.dio, is J haviim' :i voiitrh time Mamma has di-.- ; riAtml that \-is''to;.-. are ]iei mil i, d at drills. ! down ie,.o,k'i!y to .-■. e ~huhiv p,-i to; min": ! iiiidvr tin- had; i-.w of a. tenm of a d.iii j

PERTH BARRISTER. HOW Hi: LKFT GKRMAXY. Air I-. 11. Thomas, well known in P<\-lh h'L'.'il circles, is ono of the lucky ones (says an Australian paper). He escaped from Germany about, tlrrco weeks after the war had been raedue. "I wild at a, Wiesbaden 'Kindle' as they call it." s;ihl Mr I homas lo an intarvi<'\ver. " mul'latoine; spiici;:! treatment lor mv eves, and 'was iiettiti;/: a lout; nii:<dy. i But about the last we,-k in July 1 lio.-an to he un-.'iisv. I didn't like tho l'K>k of thine-, am! .-o I went me. to Main/, to ,-4-e. how the land lay. There I found all tlm bridiies i:uarded and aitille-y on them, and ammunition wagons wevo streaming across. That v::i S s' Germans w. re palpabiv im.biii.-inc: even then—and 1 went, back' to WieMiadeu with iho intention of eettiiiL' out of the country. -'I l;o dmtors at. the. 'klinik.' liowever, urged t liar there was no danger. 'lho Brij ti.ih wmihl not come into any war. Bei -ides, the Germans were a. civliscd proplo, jand would n.,t. molest tli<* patients. Thereit,,re. it would lj-.< foelisti not to complete I my treatment." j '" Rid they interfere with you':" i " 1 kepi, out of '.h'-ir way on the advice !of the "doctors A week' ;i ftor the war i stalled I went, to Frankfurt am! saw .he I American Coneul. lb" was a line b'How. {.■,,:<( did ;i Im for the I'.ritishc-s. My Uinc v.i.s up at ihe 'kiiipk' <ui Allium 20. and the m-\'. ,lay I was to he Landed over to the military. 1 had obtained an American pas-port fi'om th* 1 Coi.Mil, and < n the 23rd i niH'temlcd that there wa-ssomethiiisc wrong I with it. and lhat I nm-.l l;-j t" Frank fun . j •■ \ lew da\s previously an American 'and I learn! " t hat ' a Dutch calm* boatI would mart, down the. l.hi.ue on the 2-lth. I We!!, I May ad in a. thi'.k v.-o.xi all day, ii-eturm-,1 to tlm 'klinik' at ni-lit. &<i up at U ~', luck, and made for limbm-h. about !f,vo niih-s oil. and /..I aimard tho st-aame;-I at b o'clu.k." j "Th" military acjtiies.ccd'.'''

! "I didn't ask them. My passport war,

! ev.-imimd. and 1 was in a. blue funk at, It'iue-i tliii'- th--v would I was a i lhit:.-he.-. Ilowx'var, 1 had in take the I ..-banco, and i: came elf." " How- about lim doctor who was rei sjiom-ibio lor you': ' | "l)h: I don't know. I Imp..' they didn't shoot liiiii. At Coio"\ie limy allot an Imjlisli lady, and a iiumb-'i- ■:' Jlu-siau wmm-ii were- sh.-a,'. a* dpie.-. '1 here v.'iis a I Mother Superior ji.mi Jrclaml .at, tlm j'klinik.' ar.d sim loem everv mondiij; to the Catholic Church ;;:■ Wi'sbadeu. One dav Hi" "lob bcized In.-i- and her j to't'm police, and .-in had "le.-it dibieiilly j in. e:"'!ti;;;: out of tlmir clutch a. D-mae ' li'mv lit b.--r im they<" a, \a ry suuimaiy I exa'miii.:'. ion as to laa six. thinkine; :he nii.'h: be a. tuaie aj'y u>. diajiii.-''. I "They nui.-a have been .-lilt', i dig from ; "\",'. ; l. th'-y are i-iu hj internal tcpics. j t!i,-m.-,'.'!vcs that tlmy think swv-iy foreieuer ii-, a-t-py. li.-v.avm. jtoin" <!oiv:i (lie Khino I we It-id no furthei- advepun-e. tiiouyli one Ulav 1 saw loiiimn after eiiiinni of artillery j jM.ii-e.-dillL; ..elo-.s .! pontooii and ! a'oim tile, biiiik of the river. It- took an j hoiii and twenty min::!e.. f.,r tln-m to pa.-a j - n.otiiin_' Iml'.s and alius.''

i " Ye- ; ami I'l- I'.'].;; in t.> j Im-hmd. 'l'll-'iv v.eic J.'-iiO pa.-scnoen- on j 1.-.=ili■:i tie" steamer, am! timy ail lauded ill Ktmiaud villa ill < xeimmiUim ni' any kind. i G-. imams i-'.n »t <-;isi!v w ;ilk in. !,"nd"n 1 i found U> be i'll--}, .-iil"ii.-. and practically | limit,''-,-;. (1 i. .emiicrcialiy. I wan; and saw ' , .Miit> .;' til ■ wounded l!'"in ! k front. Ihm : man <-h i w t.' -1 nm In.; Co wiie'.o. which had j la-mi .-:;,.-!)■..: a: :o;„ and lb ■ cm.d.s cut. so th ,t. in- niii! i !;>>' ii: " a ;:'ii ;::;aiu. and Ilia ■ i 'in ■ y--s had l:i\ u | lit out. "I .v'.c ;i, lHi 111 i; ■i" of lai-aail l<Tu:_'ces-, ', and !■;.■■ uoimn. .-ho.vod iri-- her litilc ( wiave two hand., laid ban et>; <-it' bocmii-o "C,,-,man anrci as ai" ivi Insi'm Own':" 1 " lie y;u . 'any .■ n i cat. '! ha. (mi man • mind. ,s. n.:■ m-eiv inhuman and brut ah ' i'lmy ~i-i- ;...; :.;, ■! i: : • m-m. la! in- lei! y,ai an ii .-'... Ik a t' ;d" .v what, lim Genuai: ' ic.tliv ;-. A. ,ia -mi i,i mine n: Loudon 1 iiel ni.uh." a m-m, hi m,l of a (daman win, v.;m til an : n h'lsm s-. On ;h<" <\c of the -.'.;.." Cm (ha man '.-.a.- ialh ■' p> Imi many, ' :'. .- a' liiia ■ .!'. A.,- :! • ;;mii, was 'nea'rlv mmiiuc- my n iemi -md- "Well, mod -bye. j <-M man. aliani-h :mr<; naiy im v,ar vi.' : u iii :■[':.[ ! e I'l-ic,■.!.:.' ' -'.I h ■> German. ;. ■,,...„] ~;<] and spat in i tin- I'.'n di. huri'i'e la- a .-ay in .< : ■ flint 'a '.".eat I think <-f yon. ;nd y'air I'l'h' Yha 1.1 i'.i-he,' jump, d iieai th : on! . -j.-.'; .. in i!ia| ;ha ! mpmni im. mi: , ~ p, t i,.. ~;„, a,,;.,. ;M ,d pun, >:- d nan mad hj 'u im '. tm-'m ;a •! :,; hi ■• <i " : german atrocities co.nfilmed. Mi" A. d. Taylor, a v.ali knaam ;-vd (~.'■' i'r, an a Pm d,,,, '-,, licit, r.' in which tiic ..a it, : :/ : m . .1,--! - ■ i.. t -1" in!,,nnal em of ,-m ■ ,„•■■■ i ■innnill,'d hy I damai'in ' ■ aa ]i a ■' ■ th,,l , ,:ii ha Mint hi d |,,r : - | A nam!-, ai ti,a ama .hnrah a- M" : I'.-,, i l .- a;ian nan a • ,■JdhicMi. .r.n'd id mid 'hj v.h, hj ,-.•■ had thcii" hand- ,an j )■ .ad m, m !,;'.!:■ 1-1 -i. : - : la. ! ; :" II ■ A It'myan r'a' ,-aa (aid a ah, at in ''v .(■a ■ ! I h:i! 1 •!,■;,■ .1 iippa.] hn- n'anahl, r i 1,, ii,,- ~:dmi . i M, W.di, a ■■;.-, and l.a ■ , add'an ; i,ad a nam,,a- , ■.■-,,, ■. ddm\ n mad (',■ ! a,,a-.d .■] , mi,,,, aa, i,a ■ ; \!m Wdad aim- ~ tha danahtm- :.[ a | Nvnli l.a mm v™,a m nh ul 1 i\V. arc aia-' !., 1.- in a padiam M aiv Ihat- I!.■ ■ lap-,11 that aa- cinm mt m l)..ii- , din a uimii li a : a,i ( ,|' ; v.,, I)nm ■! ■ii n'Hi'.l incdi'-iiv. '.-■ !ii) v.cni ,!\cr i,i l!ala;inin v.iili : .■! itt ii t'rn , i imti"mni. '>'i\ ;,-,.; 1..-, ~ -,;,:, ! j.-ctad !•: -vri,' mahaat'iimt !.\ th-" (d.-r ' iii-iii-. in 111 m- f\-. i- ah-idnt ■iv wit Itmii I'm,, ..,..,! ~.•!. Vdln-i ia-t laard ::',,m at Ih • 1,.-:iniii,iu' "t' >.'. .vand, - l„,th <l i ! ,r- ua! -,■ I.ONOOW fiMlj AN INVASION. I" i- n-.t i-a-v ,'. av. tin- • I (.-id: v ili.-tphi '■ fa a la-: ,]:,- a, v 'm, CXliaals In ana lin td'-man hiMnh :-. r\, n in " th." am. C;■ I: ;n;y I In- |.-\ipi r m w hi, hj i-v.i \ ! iiin_: i - l-'-nj; \ d-v ~| is pai iV iiv la,-, mal A ,;i,,n ■■ at Ma- pi ii i■-. ~| , ianin,idil, ; , .. in I,r>m i ,; - mi a d'-'.an a:a !- dd in i.amh n. >m- in th;p ,-, 7,-Vl h,-i-a hj ;md m Hmha. itnttm,a- '.'. a p,a:ai wiii, hj in lam.'m: u N :-'.|. and va-d i- "k a pamal in I'.mli'i 1,:,-.,.- p. a <■■:■ ai<- iii-iii'.' '•:•_■ in the imainy'i;:|'l;il. I'm tllnvmi lit iam jn:t ha_'tlii ; i> will ::u inr. Mi!!;, (mm. Im,-. "ama up, ti.Miiu'h in l.'-.' it ivui.'iiu* uhal it- «-;i.-. Ih-ar- \dnd-al ,-ir ('hri .|i.j»ii..|- i'r.uh«.-h. uia, -.mail down with hi- diiji lha Ihiuii ||,,p,,. had a I.rilli.u.l n-cm-d. ; ml at- the iml-il ul' Id- aal,-a- -ar'.md ,m cutniu.-i nd-i----in the Kuya! y,a-ht. Ila cunimamhad th" luili-h Navafi'.! iu.i'h- at tin- -tanning m" ilic i'ailm f at • ill I°UU. v.hcn he v.a - iiuta.l n,r pi'uini'l ii,n mi .ii,-',nni ni' hi- (.'a ilaulrv. lie h-dd tha l.ima! Ilnuiaim S-ah-ty'- t« liniimial l'.,r jninpim,' nvm'huaid Irum hi>!iii: ami -: i'.' 111 u' a mi(i-ldp"aan. a ;d hj" ivmlcivl t-x■'<-»''tiini.i 1 a~-i>i;iiii'o in i!m ;a , \i-.- id lin- ! ink.- and J)uche.-> oi l-'ita 'n.i.i ill.' D.'iiii iii 1211. "l'lio -inkiiit: ul tlm lfi'rnio-. in th.o Slrnit nf Dnvcr. wlmre alio was t<u pcdried by a Id-i'i.ian mm-, n lirved by mm cfinim t'lin-li. When the torpedo struck the diiji ;m oliicei- was in )ii> bath. ilo suv th it the ship doofimd, and heard the order fur +ho boats to be, lowered. He had iin time t.. dies";. an<} it oeciinvd to liiin that if lie, went on deck a-; he v.athe iii.-n mi L dit Ihink that the i.i.iui- had la,-ii aiv-m i-i t the t.i the water. So he eiiinbed thiouah a porthole, dropped int., the -i-.i. and ,-uam round Lo uinj of the b0a.1,.

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THE RIGHT OF SEARCH., Issue 15688, 30 December 1914

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THE RIGHT OF SEARCH. Issue 15688, 30 December 1914

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