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GOVERNMENT NOTICES. NEW ZEALAND RAILWAYS. NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS, 1915. nrUIE FOLLOWING ALTERATION'S IN' J- and ADDITION’S TO the Ordinary Train Sendees will lx? made in connection with Ihe above. — TUESDAY, 29th DEG KM HE 11. WAITAHUNA SHOW. The Train usually leaving Lawrence for Hilton at 3.15 p.m. will NOT leave until 4.25 p.m.. Waiiahuua 5.5 p.m.. arriving Hilton 6,10 p.m., connecting at Hilton with Trams’ for Dunedin and Clinton. THURSDAY, 51st DECEMBER. DUN'EDIN'-OAHAKU.—Holiday Excursion Tickets from Dunedin and stations north '.hereof to Oamani and intermediate stations Will NOT bo available by Up Hail Train leaving Dunedin at 8 a.m. The Up Hail Train leaving Dunedin at 3 a.m. will NOT lake passengers for WaiIloliday Excursion Tickets from Dunedin lor ScaclilT, Palmerston. Hampden, and onm.irn will NOT be avaiiablo by the Up IN press Train leaving Dunedin at. 11.14 a.m. Holiday Excursion Tickets Isom Oamaru and stations snulh thereof to Dunedin and Intermediate Stations .will NOT be av.ut.ibla by the Down Express and Down Hail Trains arriving Dunedrn at 3.55 p.m. and 9 p.m. respectively. Exnress Train for Oamaru will leave Dunedin ’at 12.30 p.m.. Waitali 1.25 p.m.. beacii/T 1.44 p.m., Waikouaui 2.3 p.m.. Palmer-.-•toii 2.32 p.m., Hillgrovo 3 1 p rn . Hampden 3.12 p.m . Herbert 3.33 p in.. Haheno 3.43 p.m.. arriving Oamaru at 4.5 p.m. btops where timed and at Port Chalmers I pper to pick up passengers for staiious at which nain stops. Co.mcc.s at Oamaru with trains ;er Kurow and Ngapara Litanchcs. Express Train for Dunedin will leave Oamaru at 4.55 p.m., Haheno 5 p.m., Herbert 512 p.m., Hampden 5.33 p.m., Hdlgrovo 5.42 p.ra., Palmerston 6.14 p.m.. Waikouaui i.i 54 p.m.. Scad ill 6.57 p.m.. Wapati 7.13 v in.. Furakanni 7.40 p.m.. arriving Dun-din gl3 p.m. Slops where timed and a : Port. Chalmers ITmcr to SET DOWN PAtvd'.Nokks ONLY. Train for llalclntha will leave Dunedin at f .25 p.m., Allanton 7.4 . Henley 7.21 p in.. Waihoia 7.35 ).m., Miiton 8.5 p.m, xiriintj 3.42 p.m.. arriving 8.19 p.m Connects with Tiains tor Lawrence and t’atiins River Branches. Will NOP slop t-w passengers beOvten Dunedin ami Hosge.l iiHnsive. South of Ho.-giel will sio|i where r- i|iiir ( a! to pick up or set down | u-s< tiger*. Holiday Excursion Ticket- from Dunedin tor Hiiioii. llalclntha. and -i ai i m- < m C.n- ---' ns Kiver Dr.inch will NOT be ovallabh- Lv t in- Express i:u le.iving Dmied.n at 4.1 a * LAWRENCE BRANCH.—The Train nsuidly leaving Hilton ter Lawi-ma- at V p.m. will NOT leave until 8.1 1 ) p.m. (comicei mg : with C.25 p.m. Tram from Dunedin). W:r- j ahnna 9.30 p.m., arriving Lawrence 10 , pan , | i A IT.INS UTTER BRANT -ff —Tram will | *■ ivo n ilclutbii tor Callin' Kiver al. 9 p.m. j connecting with 6.25 pan. train rroui D.mO.n!, remming leaving t illuis Kiver al I In 55 p.m,. arriving Halelntha 12 25,j Friday, connecting with night trains t" In- | ?t reargill and Dunedin. | I)UNEDIN-HOSt 11E1.. —Train wii! hj ave ; Dunedin for Mo-gul and In’ermcdiate \ Stations at 11.25 p.m ; FRIDAY. Ist. .IANUXKY. I WA 111 EIIO BRANCH.—The Ordinary j ITine-table will lie suspended. 1 rains \\i;S t leave? Palmerston for Dnnhaek at. 8.15 a.m. j and 7.20 p.m,, returning hj iving Dunh.u-k | a' 9.5 a.m. and 8.10 p in, ; DUNEDIN-OAHARU—The 435 _ a.m. , Dunedin Palmerston Train and ihe 5 p.m. ! Palmerston Train will NOT run. Holiday Excursion Tickets trim Dunedin ; and stations north lhereof to _ Oamaru : and Intermediate Stations will NOT’ he i available by Up Hail Tram having Dun- I edin at 8 u.ra. j Tho Up Had Train -hj aving Duii'dm a? ; 3 a.m. will NOT take'Us lor Wap

Kolidiy Tx".ir»ion 'lVkci- hum Palmerston and stations south thrived Uuned.m ■iitil Intermediate .Sinuous will NOT be available by Bowa Express and Duvtn Hail Trains arriving Duucdiu at 3 m p.m. and 9 p.m. respectively. RACES AT "WAIKOUAITT. ■Express Train will leave Dunedin tor Palmerston at 9.25 tun., stopping at tin- followi>i>_r stations: —IVanat 1 10.2u SeadifT IU.SS, Puko-teinki 11 -C, Wajkoiuiti 11.30 a.m., arriving Palmerston 11.'2 Will also stop at Pun Cli.ilniors Upper to pick up passengers for stations at wlurii ii is tuned to stop. Express Train will Dave I’al’iiofston ior fiuncdiu at 5.55, .-topping at the following stations: U'aikouatu 6,a p.m., I’uketeniki 6.25 p.m., Seaeliff 6.37 p.m.. "War-r-mjlon 615 p.m.. Kvaus-lale 6.50 p.m., WaiUti 7.2 p.m., Pur.ikaiuii 7.25 p.m., arriving' Dunedin 8 p.m. 'Will also .-top at Poll. Chalmers Upper to set down passenger-.. 'frain stopping at IVaikouaili and Goodwood only will lease Dunedin at. 9.55 a.m.. Waikouaiti 11.42 a in., arriving Palmerston 12.10 p.m. Train taking passengers for Dunedin .-.n>y will leave Waikouaili at 5.10 pan., arriving Dunedin 7.15 p.m. Tiain for Waikomiiii md intermediate uatioiw will Icavo .Dunedin at 10. in a.m., Waitati 11.25 a.m., Siaclitl 11.55 a.m., Waikoitaiti arrive 12.25 p.m.

Trains for Dunedin au<l inicrmediaie stations will leave Palmers!on at. 4.13 p.m. and 6 p.m.. Waikouaiti 4.45 p.m. ami 6.30 p.m.. SuaclifY 5.24 p.m. and 7 p.m., U'uitati 5.55 p.m. and 7.23 p.m., Purakanui 6.70 p.m. and 7.50 p.m., arriving Dunedin 7,5 p uu and 8.35 p.m. respectively. The Train usually leaving' Dunedin for Palmerston at 5.27 p.m. will MOT leave till 742 p.m., Waitati 3.51 p.m., rioarlifV 9.20 p in., Waikouaiti 9-50 p.m., arriving Palmerston 10.20 p.m. DUNEDIN - CLINTON’.— Tlie 5.10 Duucdin-Balclutha will NOT run, SPORTS AT MTDDLE.MARGH. OTAGO CENTRAL BRANCH.—Train f..r Hiddlcmarch will leave .Dunedin at 7.52, iVingatui 8.27 a.m., arriving Middlemorcii s' 10.55 am. Trains for Dunedin and int-TiiK'di lie fnlions will leave Middlemans at. 5.25 p.m, and 6.20 p.m. Train will leave Omnium a: 8.50 a.m., Oturehna 9.55 a.m., Ranfurly 10.30 a.m,, Hyd--11.50 a.m., arriving Middleman'll ni 12,30 pin. The Train usually leaving Middlem arch for Omakau at 4.5 p.m. will NOT leave lid 5.10 p.m., Hyde G.lO p.m., Raufuriy 735 p m., Oturchua 8.35 p.m., arrivin'; Omakau ar 9.45 p.m. Train for Dunedin will Lave llvde at 4.20 p.m. RACES AT OMAKAU. Train will leave Clyde for Omakau at 0 p.m., returnin'* leaving Omakau at 7.30 p.m,, Clvdo arrive 8.40 p.m. DUNE DIN- MOS GIE L. —Tra i n will leave Dunedin for Mo&giel ar, 11.25 p.m. OUTRAM BRANCH.—Train wii! have Outrara for Mosgiel at 6.50 p.m.. returning leaving Mosgiel at 7.55 p.m., connectin'! at It osgiel with Traina to and from Dunedin. GATLINS RIVER BRANCH.—’The Train Visually leaving Balclutlia for Gatlins River at 5.30 a.m. will NOT run. Train will leave Balvlntha Tn- Houipapa ut 5 a.m., returnin'! leaving Houlpapa at 7.18 a.m., C.ulins River 7.30 a.m., Owaka ,7.43 a.m., arriving Bulelutha. 9 a.m. SATURDAY, 2nd J.VNUARV, < TTRISTCHURtTI - DUNEDIN. Express train will leave Chrisudutreh at 9.10 n.ra., Oarnaru 2.15 p.m., Maheno E42 p.m., Hampden 3.15 p.m,, Palmerston 3.55 p.m., arriving Dunedin 6 p.m. Stops at Maheno, Herbert, Hampden, Hillgrovo, I’almerston, ’Waikouaiti, SeacliiT, and Waitati to pick up or set down passengers, and at Port Chalmers Upper to allow passengers to alight. RACES AT OAMARU. Holiday Excursion Tickets from Dunedin Und Stations north thereof to Oarnaru and Intermediate Stations will NOT be available by Up Mail Train leaving Dunedin at 8 a.m. Special Express Train for Oamaru will leave Dunedin at 7.35 a.m., Ravensbourne 7.42 a.m., Bort Chalmers Upper 7.55 a.m., Waitati 8.29 a.m., Scaciiff 8.51 a.m,, Palmerston 9.36 a.m., Hampden 10.10 a.m., arriving Oamaru 11.3 a.m. and Racecourse 11.25 a.m. Slops at Ravensbonme, Port Chalmers Upper, Waitati, SeacliiT, Waikouaiti, Palmerston, and Hampden only. Tho Down Mail Train leaving Oamaru at 5.29 p.m. will NOT take passengers from Oamaru for Maheno, Herbert, Hampden, HdlgroTe, or Palmerston. Special Express Train will leave Oamaru at. 6.15 p.m., Hampden 7.5 p.m., Palmerston 7.40 p.m., arriving Dunedin ub 9.35 p.m. Stops at Hampden, Palmerston, Waikouaiti, tSeacliff, Waitati, Port Chalmers Upper, and Kavensbourno only. Train -will leave Oamaru lor Dunedin, and intermediate stations at 9.20 p.m. DUNEDIN - PALMERSTON. Tho 4.55 a.m. Dunedin-Palmerston Train and the 5 p.m. Palmerston-Dunedin Train, will NOT run. The Train usually leaving Dunedin lor Palmerston at 1.25 p.m. will NOT run. The Train usually leaving Palmerston for.

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Page 6 Advertisements Column 1, Issue 15687, 29 December 1914

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Page 6 Advertisements Column 1 Issue 15687, 29 December 1914

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