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Press Association —By Telegraph—Con wight.


GERMANY STARTLED. ! DAMAGE CONCEALED. [people criticise their navy. ; LONDON, December 28. | (Received Doeember 29. :it 8.20, I I The newspapers describe the air am sea. ti::in off Cnxhiiwn as <.ne of the nice 'thrilling ineidents of the- war. 1 bey coin I incut- on the success of the British arm I in siieh rinse proximity to the Kiel Cana! land emit cast, the three hours’ chalicng : until the German ent-and-rnn raids o; English watering places, j The papers consider this the most dar ' ing and effective. reply to the abortive at neks on Dover ami Shicrnes.s. Amsterdam advices from Berlin star ' that lint t'nxhaven raid is causing lit i greatest excitement in Germany. Th j damage effected is believed to be great I tiioundi oflieiiilly it has been minimised 1 Tito general opinion is that Britain is he j ginning this new policy of aerial attael j with a view to bringing on a deeds! v 1 naval engagement. There is muck eriti | eism in Germany over the tail lire of th. I German minefields to keep British cruiser I out of the Heligoland Bight. TUB MISSING AUDI AN. AON OF TUB NOVELIST. LONDON. December 28. I (Received December 29, tit 8.20 a.m.) Flight-commander Hewlett, who v. a I missing after the raid, is the son o | Maurice Hewlett, tlio. novelist. Tile Jat ’tor’s wife is a well-known air-woman. win 'ohtained a certificate in aviation in 1910 | Her son learned the art of flying urn).i lu-r tutelage. TUB MORAL EFFECT ON BOTTLEIMT N.WV OF GR. LATEST IMPORT AXLE. LONDON, December 28. (Received .December 29, at 9.15 a.m.) > j 'The Times,’ in a leader, rays: “Tin I Cuxbaven raid was the most thrilling in I eddent. in the war. The attack was unique 1 T hat, some damage watt clone is more that p, but the moral effect is of Inrgvi importance. Instead of Zeppelin raid: upon our fleet the tables ha ve been turned German squadrons will no longer thinlthemselves secure in their harbors, beliinc tlndr fortifications. The, visit of a nava | biplane to the airshed at ifnisscls w;n another brilliant performance. Our air service is rapidly adding new glory tc our arms.” Tll F FNKM.VS RAIDS NOT GRFATLY DRFADFD. I! FPFTTTTON LOOKFD FOIL LONDON. December 28. i 11 11 . -; veil December 29, at 3.30 n.m.) In eomieetinn with oie. German airshif i.iids surprise is felt, not that the. raid.are, tai;iii_ r place, hut that, they are sr a.hsolntely ineffective. Roth Thursday am: Fiiday were ideal days for such ventures so fai - as weather conditions are concerned. The fact that so little Inns been accomplished is regarded as the best proof o the effectiiveness of Britain's air defences. There are ample signs that the authorities regard further German raids, with possible attempts at landing troops, a.not improbable. Control is being exercised by the military authorities on the east coast, nnd it is dailv becoming more strict. GERMAN SPY DISCOVERED NEAR GIBRALTAR. MADRID, December 28. {Received December 29. at 8.20 a.m.) A Gorman, bearing compromising documents, lias lie. n arrested at Algecnas for attempting to ruler Gibraltar. He was wearing .Mom'Mi ui-iuiiio, and spoke Arabi’.


THE ENEMY OCTFLANKI'D RETWEEX NIEUPORT AXI) OSTKXD. PARIS, December 28. i Received December 29, at 8.20 a.m.) The Belgian oltonsivo culminated near Lombaertzyde, where their left wine; outflanked the Germans. The remainder of the Belgians kept the enemy busy. A final charge was made by the whole body of 3,000, who surprised the Germans, of whom 2,000 surrendered. The Belgians lost only a few killed and 20 wounded. IX ANTWERP. ENEMY PREPARE FOR. SIEGE. AMSTERDAM, December 28. I Received December 29, at 8.50 a.m.) The ‘ ITandelsblad’s ’ Antwerp correspondent states that 200,000 Germans in Antwerp are. preparing to resist a siege. Three thousand troops arc day and night strengthening the fortifications. THE FRENCH FRONT. POSITION LITTLE CHANGED. PARIS, December 28. (Received December 29, at 9.55 a.m.) A communique states : We continue to advance west of Lombaertzyde. and have now reached the sand dimes, where the enemy have establLhc 1 their line of resistance.

: J l°-d a section ol trenches near Hollec captured SO metres of (he enemy’s tir-t Him of trendies near t'aivney. in (1m region nf Ben’s. An nit-vmittent cannonade continues in I tile Ai-ne \ alley and in the Champagne . district, being particuiarlv jnt°n.e in the regions of Rhcims and Perthes. We slightly progressed along the whole I front from Feignta to (1m Meiiso. We repulsed a counter-attack north-east of Stcinliadi. 11OMFLFSS P.FLGIA N S. , HOI,HAND’S ECONOMIC BL'RDFN. ENGLAND EASES PRFSSFRF. LONIKAN, Deremher 28. .Received December 29. at 8.20 a.m.' T lie British nllicial estimate, is licit a ' : million Belgians have quilted Belgium, half ■ . of "liom have gone to Holland. 100.000 to ; England, and the remainder to Fraei w Arrangements are being made to reduce : the pressure on Holland, and over 100,000 ' ; people have offered private hospitality in : the I'nitcd Kingdom. GERMAN GASDALTTKS WHAT THE ] A ST’S SHOW. AMSTERDAM. December 23. (Receiver! December 20. ; : i o,]Q a.m.) Tfie. German casually li-ts Nos. 101-108 show 0b.883 Prussian casualti; s. Alte.g-tber 230.000 Rrussians and Bavarians have been killed and 330.000 w.iunded, and 400,000 are missing. Tbe casualties o f Saxons. Wurtem 1 - herg-.-rs, and tlm nava Is total 300.030, WAR Mrsril O.NS, ! INDISPENSABLE JtAW MATFRfAL. j NICKEL FROM NORWAY. j (London 'Times’ and Sydney ‘Sim’ Sendees.) I LONDON. December 23. , Dis Kiatxl that the output, of nicled in Norway is emitr<<lle<| by German inten-stiS, and that sleeks are sulliciem to t.upply ( tiVrnmny during Hie war. ’’WARSAW BY CHRISTMAS.’’ ANOTHER HOPE SHATTERED. (London ’Times’ and Sydney ’ Sim ’ Services.) ’ LONDON. Dei ember 28. A Ruusiar. ci.rrespiinden' ;u, the front savi lli ■ (li-rnciii.- have sent, their lus!. t lighting men and ina'crial frnm France to the Vistula, jc.onnsing tln-m that. pe;ne wmilil f'dlow the ciipture of Warsaw. The German..; believer! that tin- taking of Warsaw would e-nnpcl Russia, to cmclnde a ' separaie peace. The Kaiser lias hypnotised Inn soldiers widi the idea. ~f entering Warsaw by Chi'istnias. Every P'c,- 1 ne have be i• u ntili.-yl in tierce bul fruitless att<>inpt.« to real'll Dm city, Aviu Il l s liave even been rlpipping prerba n.a tions proinising Hie Roles fteedom ; f tliev ab'-tainod fj-oni 1 1 -nstil it iTHE KAISER. j EATEN!’ ALLEGED SPEECH. (London ‘Times’ and Sydney ‘ Sim ’ Services.) LONDON. Doeember 28. Amcterdnm reports state that. Iho Kaiser, addie.-sing the troops ■or the. eastern front., .said: "Dear comrades, we eome from France bringing you greetings from coinwestern comrade.'; and to express our royal thank., for your bravery in victoriously defeating a superior foivo <nf Russians, with Gods help. May he- help you further. Give my royal greetings; to your coimndes in the trenches, but give the bullet and the bayonet to the enemy, wlu> in any .-vent .shall !x> defeated.’’ RUSSIAN NEWS. REVERSES NOT CONCEALED. LONDON, December 28. (Received December 29, at- 8.50 a.m.) TTie ‘Morning Reel's’ Retrograd correspondent says that the disposition, j.ievalent in England, to believe, that Russia, is concealing serious reverses i.s groundless. Tiie Grand Duke Nicholas’s bulletins are as reliable, as ever. AUSTRIAN REVERSE OFFICIALLY ADMITTED. ROME. December 28. (Received Dee-mber 29, at 8.30 a.m.) An Austrian otlicial message slates that “the Russian uileuMvc between Rymnow and Tuelu-w toned us to fall back twmei what. Th*}. H'l.-sian attacks on the Lower j Dunjec and the Lower Nida- failed.” ALTSTKIA-H UNGAR Y. DISAFFECTION RIFE. FALSE HOPES HELD OUT. ROME, December 20. (Received December 29, at- 8.30 n.m.) 1 Distress and famine ate. increasing in i Austria and Hungary, especially in the country districts. The authorities, in order fa allay the , discontent, have declared that peace will t be concluded in January through America’s j mediation.



THE SLAY POPULATION" BRUTALLY REPRESSED. BERNE, December 28. (Received December 29, at 9.10 a.m.) The Servian victory lias caused groat manifestations by Austrians against the Slavs. Unrest i.s spreading, despite severe repressive measures. Two mayors and two professors have. been shot, and hundreds of men and women have been arrested. It is stated that sinoo tho beginning of tho war 15.000 Slave, jiave been punished. IN’ frontier, fortress. CROATS ANU SLAVS MUTINY. ROME, December 28. (Received December 29. ai. 9.10 a.m.) Tho Croatian and Slav artillerymen at Montebricne and Saint, Nicolas Foils, near Riva, revolted. •Reinforcements were called in to quell the mutiny. Oliva is in the Tyrol, near the AustroItalinn frontier.] RUMANIA AND BULOARIA. RAPPROCUFM ENT FRI.Tn.ESS. (London ‘Times* and Sydney ‘ Sun ’ Services.) LONDON", December 28. The Athens newspaper ‘llestia.’ denies that there has been any rapprochement lie* ween Bulgaria .and Rumania. 'The paper adds that, a. semi-ojlieial interchange of views resulted in no progress, liee.a.use both sides were non-concilia lory in their altitude. [A -ahlegram on D< a einb.r 25 slated that, according to •'The. Times’ Petrograd correspond■■ ■ 11 1, an agieenieni ha<l been reached between 'Rumania and Bulgaria, th.e basis of which was the re.-.toralion to Bulgaria of tenitoiy ceded to Rumania tinder the Buehare-i 'Treaty and fhePetrogi nd (’onfereni-e.]

DISCONTENT SPREADS. HEP,.MANS C.NKA'-'V. LONDON. Decmb-r 23. ■Revived 1)■ -j‘■ 1 iit ?.!), a*- 8.7)0 a.m.) Reuter's S'oli.i . i)rr'’>!inini- ii(. states that from ( on.-t anl innplc niuiimi the existence of i ll ■ ■i .■ ai ll discontent, duo I<> ilio fcnriis damag" dun'- to t!m ten-ben and by Dm. failures in l li*■ ( 'auca.-us and in Egvpi. All a.■ ii.-;!>!i■ lurks arc ikiv; realising t hat, it Mas a ‘'"los.-ai mi.- 1 ako tr> jiiin Germany. The 0 mums are uneasy, iiiui fear that a Nat innalist i onp may dostroy the. German plans. I TIIK TURKISH SOLDIER. ; GOOD PAW MATERIAL. i BADLY LED AND EQUIPPED. LONDON. JV.-mber 23. (Revived lie. milior 20. at 8.59 a,in.) Reports of tin’ Induing in Ihe Near Hast show tii.i; Dm Turkish solders. as usual, are Hu gn-aP-st eiium-v and on- 1 durance, but i!:<■> <,!! i. rrs arc boj-eles ly in-cnm)ieii-i ll and their arm- end o( ( ui| mcnl 1 __ ON TDK ADRIAUC. | ATHENS. D- enibi r 28. i j fßeieiv.O 1)■ . i-niher 2°, al 8. id ( (lie Int■ 11 a Powis had\ Un.-ly .-..t. j I senterl u- the Italian •is)>:; 1 iiValona ! | 'Albanian i.orD. j | WHY YALDNA WAS nn UPIDD. ; : l.ONiniN, TV ~i|il; . .r 2" ! (I.i-; it. ,1 De.-enii-er 20. • : 3-0 a..,,.' ! lb 'Hi' i• 1 i ate 11; 1 1 ; i;..- Ti alia n i i oeeii] ai ion m Vib no in- b .-n dc. lar.-d ; s.-n-t <. 11i'■ ailr r. imj ly in ia; p. .-<• i-i ««• I eii) ytne ]n I■■rl ■if | ir‘e of til.l.i. It ":s i done ne :e!v to prev n: an ir- uv, a-, >.-!hU i lien aga in-( Dm aut;n-.- n v in i-'-md Pi.-ha ; was 1 in eat ened. . I’ is nnd .'.'too, I t! a t l;;,p vl ( ;.o I venimen! intend t o ■a 0 aid ma A, ■I. Ati ' L'aiae. vdthoiii tv-sikne.... ;,n0 it i...:i dir-t lII' 1 ion from l; ; e o| ,IVI act- .vising nut nf the ]■'. aro| v,.n . .ml!;.

j far M)) ; . in c \nu>. | (London 'Times’ anil Sydney ' Sun ’ Services.) ‘ 1.1) \ 11( 'X . Dr. ,'inK r 23, j ill' Au = i rein ■in :i c l;' Hi.:cnl w 'll,’ ! ad-d ’ll 111-til )!..• Fun |)1 ,111 ::ii 1h■::: liv ■ j ( 1 1? -'il ter. - a’ * i’ ’ i >'H WAdj.e.-.-iav. ■ ! I'll I’ ill: I >H.I - S « «•!••• II tF ■ pink of ( I.lll] .- i tion. :ir.d tlirir w>,rk wv..> t-Nl reniidy stum:. ; They r M'li'. il re] eiited i-\i>i i (.> ii'l | nutation from I’ii' iMiif l’. ro imi ny t : i" I rc.i'i >. u jin \i. ■; r | iv tmpr.'t .-■<? | hell 'll” jtn i ■ 'loops V, a: ' 11 ! ’■!:11j il ni 1 Ito |■ rniit m native ;iii)--r;;i pins i.i trotti ’ j .if lh" Jf 11 1 < ■ 111;.! 1 111 :!«1, v, liu Cl ’lll imi'-l, I j limM-vc. 1 lie; r i■ ! ;i ; i .. f ' I:'.- ;i lon.' Wav ■ j in Til>| rn 1 % I, A XI) AID NOT SOl'C;] IT from m*\m -: ai.i.i i-'s. : (London ‘Timos' ami S', one v 'Sun ’ i?oivi,'ca ) I.OXIMiX. 11.. I'iiiLi v 23. ’Hie .Inl l nc-' !•-. Miii’Ali r Ini- at. | 110111)1 cl I ! CM Co mll'Cy l> I- r.. Ir11 ■ .I ; I lint *1 uJci 1 iic-> 1 1 ICC .I I,- ... li! in Kn,l FOR FIFLD )!• ISI’I I'AI.S. ini-, n’mni; ti;i:atmfvi. loni;ox. 1).: c. "T ' ill I Cl W.i 1)c I ill’ll' r C l , Ml;, ;| , ill. ■ Till' Tllll'C ' wmiihlcil j ill;. I 111: . i r-c.ivf.l ■ from nn nni’M Viiioii.' il .rcr Rl.Oiiii om t!. | ii cli!" ; "ell lin CM. of tr " umi lei. ■ I on I lie | (Did. Tii" funil ii.'V ii’lar £7.0.7 c!. I AH FA IN Wll FAT. British farmkb i:i-:si'ox!*s. j LONDON. De.vniiv r 23. j 1 11 ci eivie 1 OciTnilicr 29, at, 9.15 I ](, is esi infill'd time ilme is Lj pi feiil. in. iv.ise in ilki .ire,i miuh in winl-T wheat, irivint; an increase of 7.50,r00 buslicis in tin' yield of the 1915 British i harvest. This is in vespum i” lie- ;ij.]>«'-ii j I'.)'- n .tcii lei output of 1 i rnnc-ciiat ii tvlecii. | Tlii: WOOL KMMAKOo. ! AM IT! KAN GROWERS PFM.ITT. WASHINGTON. Dei ell,Iv;- 23. ;ITe■ ’ivcil December 2,9. at 3.0f) a.m.) It is reported tlint southern '.vowlyfotvei'cnri sf reiniousiy i’|ipnsiiio tin* I lovei'iini'Mit's iiCLri’tintinns tor the removal of L-’.iixri.m-Ts einhnrL'o on Hie export- of nooi from Orem Britain, which is gm.iily lieiicii'm/ no..] production infill” ITiiteil States. OKI!MAN ('UT!T .MARTIAL ovfj! tut v<utcK i.rrrr. ('APT UN AND (G.M.M.VNDFR, SFNTF.NGFD. ( OPKNITAOKN, Deceinher 28. (Received December 29, at 8.20 German newspapers atale that, the captain. of the Verde has linen ?ontvneed •.<> two yen ns in a fortress and. (ho commander of the, vessel to one year, for negligence ’ contrihutery lo manslaughter. [The O’l'inan cruiser Torek f truck a mine in .labile Bay GviThin which stnmD Wilhehnshnven) curly in November, mid halt her crew wore drowned.] FRENCH BURMA >MX ]■;. A NARROW KSOAPK. I’AUlfs, Dcceinhcr 23. (Reenvcd December 29, at 9.55 a.m.) A sailor on a. French submarine relates she entered an enemy port unnamed on Sunday, and was about lo torpedo a . haUltsiiip Avlictt her rudder caught in some rtcel cables. The rnhinarine iva.s drawn ’ up nearly lo the surface, “and,’' continued I the sailor, “torpedoes and shells rained on us. It is a miracle we were not struck. ' Suddenly the <•:•.!»!« yielded. Wo dived to 1 a depth of 16 metres and escaped, after ; retrain in ” Hubniei god fur 12 hours.” I,

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DESCENT ON CUXHAVEN., Issue 15687, 29 December 1914

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DESCENT ON CUXHAVEN. Issue 15687, 29 December 1914

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