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AUCKLAND SUMMER MEETING. The totalis.-.tor turnover at Ellerslie on Murd«v was £66.146—an increase of •22,535 on the amount handled last Boxing Pay. The riding of C. Emerson Mas twice the subject of innuiry by the stewards. Ho was cautioned for alleged interference- with Desert Gold in the Foal Stakes and for alleged interference with ■Reputation in the Cup. Two horses, fell !n the Nursery Handicap—Credo and Mountain Dream. Tho former broka a !cc. and had to be. shot. L. Brown was Mutioivvl for alleged boring in the same ;aee. Dot liis of concluding events: AUCKLAND (TV, of 2.65050vs (including a. cup valued at ISOsovs) : second \ 500sovs, and ihml 250sovs. 2m. / -Mr C. G. Dalgetv's b m Warstep bv Martian-Stepdaucer. 4yrs. 8.9 (KmiTson) -• - ,I—Air BidwiU's Reputation, 3yrs. b.l (1.. Wilsonl r ; U * 11 —Mr Dialer's I.a Reina. aced. «.. _ iß'.ichanaiii ° -\!sn'started: Jack Delaval 9.0. S_Sea rink 3 Smanis 8.9. 5 Sir Knox 1. 13. 2 .\l!-!'.vion ..11. 10 Marshal M'Donakl 7.5 12 St. F.bu 7.0, 13 Don Fran-isco j 6T2. 6 .Souliikoi! 6.10. 14 Gazette 0.7, 9 Maniarea 6.7, 15 Vladinoy 6.7. Jack Delnval was mometuarilv in the lead, but Vladitiov soon rushed to the limit, and euteredYce straight fully four lengths to the pood. When the stand was passed Warstep w.'s leading. Hound the back Warstep was being pressed by La Reina. while Allegation and the tavorite (Reputation' were, making forward moves. The favorite was up alongside j Warstep just after entering the straight. and was slightly in front at the distance, from which' point a galianl « enUsl took place between the pair, while f.a Reina threw out a big challenge over tho la t lOOvds. Warstep defeated the favorite by half a head, La Beina being two and a-half length? away third. Sir Knox was fourth, Souitikoif' fifth, and Allegation fisth. Gazette iinished second, last, while Vladeuov was the last to pass the post. Time, 3min 26-^ee—a record for the course. Grafton Hurdles. 350sovs. 2m. Admiral Soult i 11.3) 1. Kilmenr ill. 2. Fashion Tlate O.Oi 3. Three others. IVon easily by two lengths. Mon.ithol lell at the second fence from home. Time, smin 47see. RAILWAY HANDICAP, of l.OCOsnvn.

6—Mr T. F. Qtiinliran's ch -: .Downham hv Rownshire—Sr-ashell, ovrs, 7.9 (Rrrrv) 1 12-Mr" Arnold's Tart, 7.6 - V G. Browni 2 4—Mr Greenwood's Bimeter. 7.3 i Emerson) 3 Also started : 9 Merry Hue 8.10. 1 Postil inn 8 10, 5 Prince Soult 8.10. 8 KinLupin 8.8. 2 S.iu.-i B.S. 3 Crown Pearl 8.'.. 13 Ooklnre 7.10. 14 Hvettus 7.9. 15 Torra :h.r 7.9. 10 Bee 7.7. 7 Tcte-a-'IVto 7.7, 16 ih'jKi's Hero 7.0. 11 Kittv Bet lairs 6.13. IS Mount Victoria, 6.13. 17 (iold XeckH 3.13. 4 Banksia 6.11. From a- moderate start Kitty Bellait's jhowed our from a bunched rield, and led Into the straight. at ""huh stage she. was heine; hard rhhk-n. wit!: Downturn. Pi meter. Tart. Toreador, and other.* pre.—\v.z At the distance Downham ae.d P.imetor were Loth heiug proclaimed a winner. From that point a great ensued. the verdict over Tart by half a. length, with Rim-ier i. neck away. Time, lmin KV?e\ Xurserv rlnndieap. ~3osnvs. For r.™. vrnr-o.ds. 31'. —Loyal Arch ,3.13; 1. Clislini.tln -7.0 i2. l.ndv Paula i'7.Bi 3. EVvort others. Won by a rhnrt head, with third i t:«ek away. rime, lmin 3sc<\ Christmas, Handicap. 35 r >sovs. !m.— I'r■.,i-rT.- 9.2. Peeley* 1. VooaMon C.tstaila 7.7> 3 \me other.-;. Won :■ i: . iiv ;•, -!-, ■ irt. length. 'Time, lmin 4-l<ee. maxawatu meeting. < IF-ri<-»;;s weather prevail.vl on Saturday, r'nd there -was a, !;a«i: at' ■'iidatnf\ on the Av;;;ni:;i course '.the sum of £32.399 wn- ir.vct-d. as .i.; rear. Results: Trial Plate. 7r\—.-tr Eisher -,0.2< 1. I'mh. - l.jdu.i S.2 1 2. Ararat, i /.Si 3. K.vht '!her« ran. \Vi-m by a length. Take, lmin 30.-e, . Tokomani Hurdles. 1 Im. — Waininina :9.0t 1. l.eaimki! 2. Captain 3.5 i ~>. Five others. Won by hvn i-ngths. Time. 3min lf : ee. iPilies I!a. k Handrail.. :>'".•• Mua.itVms (7.10! 1. Marimba ,7.9- 2. Sheplnud's .'•ush .6.11' 1. Thiiteen other*. Won M.-.ily hy about three leneih*. lime, lmin 17.-ee. Manawatu Cup. c.f 7C€.v,e.s. Cm. — K.....V.-. (8.6; I. Fair ih .anvml -7.! J. 2. Kih7k;i (8.11) "k Also «••! uteri : Ladoga 5.9. Awahon 8.0. Rymn 7.9, Peroneal 7.2. Kimbomh: 7.0. Motitoa Ciri 7.0, I Inkling vVay 7.0. Kimbomhi k'd frcm a a start, Mout-ea CI til displacing him a.t the Send. Kooya then came through, winning by a lencth. the .-ante, distance between second and third. Time. 2tniti 40see. Juvenile Handicap. 51'. —l.oretc (6.9) 1. Rongitire- (8.13) 2. Happiness (7.0t ■". Three, others. Won by three parts < f ,i length. Time, lmin 0 l-ssee. Tararua, Hack Welter. 1m 65v<lc---So-porific (3.3) 1. Want i 3.12) 2~. Miisl-t Strowan (8.0) 3. Seven <ithers. W>.i: jasily by four length.-'. Time, lmin -IS ■;•■-'■. ritzherb.'rt Handiea.p. (>;.—Adroi' / 7.■"■) 1. l'lay Uff (3.7) 2, Coldstream (7.3) 3. Also started : Pavlova 9.0. Our Km s 'o.i, L'hakwaiKi. 7.1~. Cladio!,- 7.12. IVneiilhi. 7.12. Fori:>rm_ 7.7. Lady Alieia 6.1 i. Master Arltilles 6.i. Won easilv. Time, lmin ,5 4-5-six. (iirand Stand Ifandieap. Im 53yd-. Stinbirrl (7.4) 1, J) t -,i! i3.4l 2. Vie'.oria (7.0 13. Threo ot'f-rs. \V<i:i by TAR.VXAKI FACI-IS. The Turarwki .Joekey Clnb'.= was r. imnn r/i'd on Day m ;vr.->th'r. There, was a reeard attf !)<k;!.'ee. The tot a r handled £16.279 i, as last year. The Christmas liandieap .-f 175yovs, l-jm, the principal event on the : :rd. resulted :—i'assad.-ua {7.12; 1. Ilewi Poto (7.12 i2. He Houhou (6.7) 3. I'iv.i :4iii>r«. Won by ;i head. Time, i'mir. 13se.'. Tiie t'lviti,- Handicap. 6f. wejit t<> Ast.-r i3.9i. win. beat, Hanei;- (B.Bi by a :u~-i". Time, lmin 16 2-swc. <c;r!:'ti:ots. The <;,,!•,,- Trotting ( lu!> ext,vr:ein-ed i,:|tl. v. incly wea-th-'T <"u Saturday, hut iC'fe was a ;;<xid attendance. The. totah-s.-uar hatidk-rl £10.8(17, a.s against £10.418 !,,:-' y.-nf. Result:; : N'o'vio.. Handicap, SOsovt;. I'm.-- Minim ;4.-n i i, Qu:idr<'-"ii' <2see| 2. U\:*h-~> (L's.-.-) 5. All .'-TirLed. Won by jen-th.s. 1 :me, 3min 57 4-ssee. Mat:: ;ia. iTamlioap. 140wovs. 2m. —An•i:v K. /7-'-[ | 1. Massev (7see) 2. Comm:.n- :.'•■:■ rl.dl (ssv,-. ... AllVtarU-d. Won by a . •>'• '.: ::.;tii. Titne. smiii 0 2-5.-ee. Christmas Hatuiicap. 125?0v5. Urn.— Lady 'lVmpe.-.t (lOmhi 1. Tokio (Ssee) 2, D-iiy R.-.-ers (ICsee) 3. ami Tottyw 1. Won easily. Time. smin C.r- Tr..tiin,' Chil) Haiidie.-.0. 2m'.- .Motieymaker (12.-vei 1, Caretta (Ssee) 2. Oeoi-r. M., inn. «!2se-i 3. Won hv a 1--ii-ik :.:id a-haif. Time, 4min 59 3 ssee. ( roytl.Ti Handicap, lOOsovs. lim.--|!ai:::.moan flcsee) 1. lluminy (12se"el 2. Pine Bell (13sec) 3. Scratched : Outpost, Little Kate. Venn;' Quim-ev, Forv, I'ommandei- Bell. Won v>llll fii up." Time, 3mit: Sljwc. Hoxins Day Handicap. IGOsovs. Im.— Tracer (ssoc) 1, Hoctorata (Ssecj 2, Msjsfv ( 3. Scratched : Coldstream Bpiis, Arbiter, Bell Boy L. Won easily. Time, 2min 21sec. District Handicap. 115sovs. 2m.— Cathedral Chimes (lOicei 1. Amiic K. :3sec) 2, Ercs (Ss?c) 3. All started. Won by three i<-n£th.~.. Time, omiu 6sec. Final Handicap, t6osovs. l{m.—Dot Robins (7sec) 1, Wood King (6sec) 2, ' Bluo (7sec). Scratched : Galvanita, Siartky's Child, Que?n Tracey, Chats•.vcod. and Chatterbox. Time, 3rnin lasc.

TROTTING AT ASHBURTON. Tho Ashburton Trotting Club's Boxing JXay meeting waa favored by brilliantly sunny weather, and attracted ;i record attendance. The track was in order, and there wire fields, some exciting racing being witnessed. The totalisatnr receipt.- fur the dav amounted to £14.133 10s, as against £11,908 10s nn the correspond in.j day last year. .Results : Trial Handicap (harnessl. J.'.in.—Lucille (13sec) J, ,Sa Lien (U-see) 2. Icicle (lOsec) 3. Won by throe lengths, with 10 lengths between (second and third. Time, oinin 51 2-ssee.

Mitcham Handicap (in saddle). lAm. — Vera Wood ilssee) 1, Chub (17sec) 2. Rudston (16sec) 3. The three placed horses had the race well in hand after the first two furlongs had been traversed, and a line linish resulted in a victory for Vera. Wood by half a length, with Rudston six lengths behind. Time, 3min 54scc.

Ashburton Trotting Cup Handicap (harness), 40i/sovs. 2iu. —:-t. Kevin (12sec) 1, Quineey (Ss.'c) 2. Muric.ita (Bsee| 3. 'Alt started. Tii-> winner (piickly drew out with a strong had. He was still 12 lengths ahead three furlongs from home, and, maintaining the lead, won easily by two lengths. A magnificent struggle in the straight for second honors ended in Quiucey g«iunug them by two lengths. Time. 4mm 46 1-5.- v.

Amateur Handicap (saddle). Inn Rotha.unie (6seU 1, Tcrnaibf (scr) 2, Midnight ,'2s-c) .". AWmi all the wav bv 12 l-.'ngths'. witli Midnight .1 similar distance behind 'l'oniado. Tnne, 2mi;i 32.- J ec. M'l.ean Handicap is,oldie). Urn.Sherwood (2-tc) 1, B<'lc-tlo (9a.x) 2, I'ritnv Toronto : s.(-; 3. Won comfortably by eight length.--,, a length separating the other pl.iet d lenses. Time, oinin 31 2-ssee.

i'rcsidcnfs Haudica.;-. (barih-.-s). 2m,--J.C.H. (21see) 1, Quit!; Kyo (155.-c) 2, Dandy Lyons (lSsro 5. \S\ui easily by 50 vards. Time, cinin 6-ee.

Boxing Day Handicap 1 harness), 250 sovs. l{m. —Kecentric ;2sec) 1, Little Tib (ssec) 2, Edith A. (4«ec) 5. Seven furlongs from home Eccentric ieol; charge, but in the straight lvdi.h A. moved np vi ry fas!, and a desperate, linish ended in IVc-.nitric winning by two lengths, and Littie Tib .gaining .second honors by the narrowest Ir.are.ln ci juries ~u the post. Time 2'-.iiu 'l9 l-osi'i'.

Pinal Handicap !h,.rne=sl. Im.—Ok'n(s.r) 1. I'-enuest [,'';. e: 2. (-.n-y Owl (4sec) 3. The winner c atue tiirou.jrh in tho 1(X) yards, and with a. nta:;ni;icent run wo.-, hv a hare Time, 2m in 18see. (')tlter race nuetiu;.-. in ilm Dominion on B-..xim: Pay :--n..}.t'.. at f'Vprrtod cIM-wkerct, Peettop. Vara'atu C.ariortoii (wiuiv Ladify v.m t;:.. Wairarapa Cup), Thames, and trottitt,- r.t Wt t-t port. ——, j BCXIXC. i M I'DDL K- W 17.I 7 . [C HT ( 11 .« Mp I U.N Sill P. A lawiiiLT ma'c't in? li;,. middle-'.vidph.t championship of rim world was i'.>ir_-ht .it the 1 ill sh( til ti-rs tbay ,-iatiitim, Syd::-y, o:i Saturday ni.rhr b":v.-,-e:i A, iV M-.ikh' :i.n<l M.ic!i Kin;:. Tli" ['o.-m-.-r ■.'.■.■ n e,:i p..:ii!? ; nft.T an f-venly-eoitTested Pr.i'.'.e. i AXE.MKN'S CARNIVAL. j Tiio \ ; .,v /;■■,.lani! A.\cr:icu's ciniivai was opened at Kltham » u Saturday. The v.-eathor was and titer; v.-as a bL; attendance. .Results :—. .Maiden Chop. Half-mile Cv.le Pi.ace. - 1, lipit'.,, 2. Parkas 3. * I Two-mile (■■-[■■ Tla.e.—tiri'lia ' Kerr ° I Crntciiky 3. " : Siu,;!r'-handcd Sawinr. -f\i nncdv 1. ! Dwyer 2. Vol/ki 3. ' '• Une-miie f'velo L'nre. —''iriliiu ! K--rr 2 Crutchtev 3. ' ' ' , Five-mil- Cwrl.x n.. 1 r,.._.i-; r ;;c.. , Kii , T ; 2. Paikes 5. .? FACT N't"; I.V INDIA. 'l'h" Ivitifr Kmpjior's Plate, d.aided at Calcutta, oti Fo\:m.: D.iv. I! 1. Cider 2. 1... Soleil'3. ('i<l;r is I'm exAustraiinn .-liamniim i-> . «•:i: p- v - parcltased j in Sydney for raciitt; purpo.vs'in India. j

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SPORTING, Issue 15686, 28 December 1914

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SPORTING Issue 15686, 28 December 1914

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