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" We. a}>eak of brave men. Yes, out British soldiers are brave. 11l bub the people could see the conditions under : -which 'Tommy' fights, how he fights and , ho dies, 1 swear that evory head wonld ' I imoorer to the colors of any regiment j bearing the. name of a battle, because that j name lias been won through the blood oi . | real heroes." . j " Escape seemed impossible, because as j I lay then? in the field tftiellu were hurstr , j irg but a coapio oi yards off, and as they , i burst great lumps were flying past me I like melted glass. 1 d&red not more, and. , ' the rifle fiiv was just bke a hailstorm on : ,■ a tin jorff. J can hear those bullot* j whittling now. As 1 lay there waiting to ■ share the fata of my comrades—for to get out, of that alive I thought was impossible I ■—l asked that .'[ might be spared, if only for tho sake of my wife and child. My prayers were answered, but I never shall forget tho tight that I saw—never, Manv a bia-vo Jmait went up that hill never to return, and vco knew it." | " We had a. t-ervioe on Sunday. Tho I men sang heartily, but when tho prayer ! for dear ones at home was being- offered j tliera were few drv eyos among thofo ' | brare v.-.mi who face death daily. And all ' j through die .service wc could ho*.V the | rear of cannon .sending forth their me.s- ---' I sages deatli and sorrow." I, ' ,} becaim.- rather like schoolboys over I food. Ono of (,■„[• men bad a small tin of biscuits sent through the post yesterday. ; Wo all crowded over ot just like vouu^- ■ sters. A rcu)r& turned up yesterday, and at night—ft was not safe to begin earber --wo held a service, at which a g n ( v{ ' r.uinber of men attended, and afterwards there was -i, attendance at llolv Communion, A su-ango sight! It was in a wood, in bind- darkness, save for two caudle* on a packing case, which servwl as an altar, tho chalice. «, il n mug. Tho soldiers, grmiod with battle, each with hs rifle-, knolt in a circle round the light, inc-re must have he-u fuch scenes in v?r\early (;in-istian days." A uoii-cormiiisfiioned ofiicci- of iho, Ist Briltahou Boyal Woiif, Kent detriment who |,m just arrived liom« says "A rather peculiar incident happened to one of the regiment, in the person of Private, T. Corps, whi'.H wo were at Missy. A shell hurst v, n - close, to tnis man, in* concussion of which idiot hi-tri up nito a tree of about Bft. A serpant, noticing tho man up the tree n«Vfd lum—in military language he was doinp there, and got quite an«rv until he had been quietly informed. When the man was extricated from the branches it wa.s found he was quite unscathed except lor a slight shock, hut apparently struck dumb. Ho remained in the trendies and tnrce days later wa,« wounded, and return-! home to England. Later tk-ws says ilint. ho us still without spsech." of the Kings Own Scottish BoroPi- ( -rs, who witnessed, a bayonet, cliar.ije. is eloquent over the. almost reckless lu-avery of tho Indian troops Hn savs: " Lveryhody yonder i s wild about. I tiie Indians, and the way t!u-v behave jtnenis, Ivcp under iire is m'arvelloos (hif | day Ave ware, dose to them when their I t'Vaiifry iu baptism of fire. | \Mien tliey ,;o: th,- „).].-!■ lo ady.iiico yon i never saw men mo i o p! e ;js,.,j j n vour i t/.ey y.-eni. forward with a rush like a I loothah team charging their opponents, , or a pariy of icvci.'ors jaishing t ,» catch j tho last tram. Tiny get to grips with the Genn.'ins m double quiek time, and ! the howl of joy that went up told us that j those chaps rVJt that tliey were paving j the Germans ba, k. in full for (lie pepper- ! ing they had got whilst waiting foroniers. ! \Mie.i tliey ran,,, biu.k from that charge ; tiiey lookfsl very well pleased with theni- | tvsr>>::, and tliey had every right to he-. j liiry ar e veiy proud of being selected to ; light with us, and are toirihlv anxious to | mal.-e a good impression. They have done I it. and no mistake: I watdir'c! them one ; day _ under shdl iiic, and 1 was a.-ton-I i.f-ed at their coohieas. "Coal boxes'' ! iyerc being emptied around them, but . tm-y didn't seem to pay the .slightest heed. j and if one of them did' go under his mates i dimply went :, n .us though nolhing ha-ri j happened. They ma!;,- uf w.iiiuds. i ami I _ have j; nu \, u 0 f where incu : have fnughl. for days with wounds that j might have e.\,.us,.d any nun dropping I "lit. When VDisnds ar« very bad I hav'o ! ! ;ce!i , t nian dress it, himself" in the firing j lire.'. line, day I questioned one ( hap j i a-i'-'it n. bis aiiH.ver. given with ii. M.iile. was: ' \\V must he as bravo a.s tin- j j English.' _ They arc astonished at the | i .'oonu t-s oi our men uudar lire, and it's j I amusing ;., i.cai ihe„i trying to pij; up j i "'ii:- cji-mji songs. Timv were .givstiv ! :d-'-i with ' I'i.o .March ',.; the ta.meroii ; ; Men.' win, hj th,-y h-ard one night. 11 .-oid;'-i- at pi-.?6'-ut <iud'.-:,,oir.g treat j mem ,-u - | ; o'.'i-gn, ahe .---o' thai tlermun fohlioiw mani- i ; I'un.K- then- pjln. },- ] )ivi<. in ,i hi.diioa : wh:..!i makes ;nui('f( ,•„ ba<i a wound as : , -h.:i ma.!" bv tho liiiiu-'iism buliel. 'Dip ! Mb'iman oin'eis iiom that used : : ny ;."c Bntisii (-■ohiit i's in respert that the! i.'.ad .an be easilv t.ikcn fitim the .art-; ridav. The soidirr .iiated that l.nKels luive ! ; -<--ii found in ihe trendice vacated bv the : . ib-in.ans Mbi'h vbo-.v.-d thai ihe 1,.,-..-! mid : ; hcen Itl.ei: from the. caitridgo and ■ ; re|--!a. ■-!. ! iicjead bejeg revereed, :>«. that ; t! "" ! "mt " _ 'f the liul'c! \vii-, insidu tiie ■';! li'.dge. Win n a .-!'■>! I-. m-cd a. iar:» ,i r ; V.-..111.1 is a'CtiJiiigiy cn.ed. i'be ali-g:!.- : •:• n ■.■; the .soidier would s-mu t-, U- bonio - ■ mil i,y the i;i,t tiiat their wa.-, exir.-cied I'rom t;..-- -hoiu'der ~f a icivat, ,o|djvr at preyut bi the ! ' ilosph al ... bun ii ' -vhnii had apparently entered'the /dmahkr icvcr-ed. The point •■< the hidlei i, ,i-. hj; !•■'■'•- >'-hii' :;ie ..rii/-i- end wa-; t!.Lt;e:e-l and tui.-ted iy t Ijc imp.iet. ■ : . ; .- i- l'.;.i b v <■• r'norai Id'e.-rwood'. ?,!: ! M.-.u-ficntei.-. v, i-i> \ir.s invalided to ("'ardid*. 'le said: "Oil Crlobi.-r 20 thu l.'fnu.-i:, . ■vie all around ii-c and their fire enlihid, -i oar ti em lies. 1-hrst uiir iieiuenant. n ,:;> :■!' m it iiom a -ingii' olii,-. • !•, eonmi imi c phil -u. We v. «v., -v. nderlui; -,v!u;l t-. d--wine; a iriviite. a b-.y <.;' 18. I he. baby ;■ t'i-- .on-pany. tliie-v up hi- .-an anrj. -,virh. a i; ;.; "he ;-. \e!l,-d : ' F.s ha,v<mets, lads.' \\\ did. ami . Inrgerl the advaning < b-riiiaii--. 'ihe hoy was hj: the n--(, of oavonc-iiu.r ,-i 0.-maii. 'dua tin- l;e'ur d)l.;;:,vi : ' I'.c (hal'e sal:-, .em'i Mick ni'h' ■ ll ii t-o hate,' retum-d th.- voaug.-.ter. ' It is 1 iiioiigii you.' '" A i.ermau otlieer. ;h.- (ierc«- ■ lies.s or the. lighting on tin- Yser eam'il. - w'loip: " Vw' v-ai.iio; do lmtrh here, but ■vc m:i?t. The bayonet chai-gc:- a'.- '.er j-ji,',-.. S./-e.m of our men «ere jd--1\ c-i in water, am] w itli tin- terrible iir--. from th- twir vc.-sols we v-r- allrnked jrotn three •,!'!<--. He many .'-ere killed :,' M ; dI'eik'vkc that, tin- ws!"- of the .. Una! war ■ led with hloo-t." Vv'ritim: '.:■ O.tober 23. an ofiT-er told , hi- frjoiidc in Liverpool that " w<> have \ rcfii'y L"'t- the meaMirc <u" th- Gprnia.ns ' now.' am! th" end is only round tiie cor- ! •lcr. bill there i- g-hne; to b,- plenty of .ha-'' figh:ing heiore »f yi'i timro. Tlm |-,.,,.,.,i!i,,n ~: artillc-ry i- coi-hing like s.;i,o it •.-;i?. and incidents, have, hap- i .i.-ned of a soit that did not occur before. ; ■!: ,i- one ir-norted the morning of the; dav he'ore yisterday. when part, of (icriiuiu niehi attack got lost and marched through our lines singing in fours, and , ran u;i agait-.r: tiie when the.y ; were. i,ie:-]y throi!;:h. and wero neatly j wiped up. 1 understand tho units were ! complete, and iiono went, back. Our 1 fellows dosed u;> c/jjain as soon as the. ' reai- of the .oh.;:--;: was pas.-. I just hear ;' from my confrere, who ha- been up to-! dav, that -,v ii.iv - gained about anotlier j -mi!--- ~r i»ot. them rait- of tho poai- ', ti-.nt tlw-y weve onuom hrd in." j .V j i-i'vatc of the 7!oyai Fusiliers hailing; from Nottingham lias written home a.d follows ;—"When >■. e captured the G.-r- i man trenehes over the Aisno one cf th? I .'•trangest * hings ve found was a chys.r, : hoard with the pieces arranged in the • middle of a game, and tho two players i iyiiiff d?ad hesidp. it. Tlisy had bean' hit bv iragivmnts of she.]!, but tho strange thing was that the board should aoi hare bcien disturbed by the explosion. V*ar by were the hodi*s of otlier men who had probably t»een watching the gam*." In a letter received by his parents nt Leadenham, Bin coin shire" from 'Adjutant Bla.-kvood. Ist Bin.-oJnshire Begiment, intrrestiui del ails nr f v:iven of the fighting , whuiio LiwiUna-nt It. H. Spooneiv, tiie ! .-sssjiinotrxt. cnt\s&bG!&z^j&BAl

'[ Injured. The letter saysj "On Tuesday. I October 20, the colonel. Major Barlow. I £poonar. myself, and a sergeant-major ' were -walking on a road, when tiio enemy ' burst & high «xplo*ire *hrwpael beside us. • I It killed one man and wounded, lire others. •■ ! including Spoon*r, tora Major Barlow's i coat, cut the SOTgeturt-maJot's pipe- m half > ae he was smoking, and cut fip a lot of > I stuff in his pocket, The colonel and I, by • I the mercy of Providancc. escaped." A sapper of the Royal Engineers, who 11 is convalescent at Raggevston Castle, tells ■ j a. remarkable incident, at the battle ot ' i ll\c .Maine. The Germans had just blown i i -JU a beautiful now bridge, and successive .! attempts were made by aeroplanes to di*- . ' cover tlie position of their artillery, hut k, in vain. The engineers hastily threw d" three pontoon bridge* across the river, . j and ultimately the artillery we-ra located >j in a cave. Tho guue were- mounted on rails, on < on«ete platforms, and after the i nun was fired it w&s drawn back into . ! tho'cava cut of sight, and thus our aeroi planes had been unable to see it. This > i sapper taw the Cameron* bring down a ' Taiibe. and a British aviator escape from i I a dozen shells as ho flew over tho line*. 1 I Trooper Clarke, oi the lit Life Guard*, .! in a letter home, says: "My stpudrmi I o<B'-cr, Lord John Caver-dish, was isMed. . | tho colonel and three or four moi* officers i wounded, and two men killed and about eijrht' wounded. -\iv horse was killed with ! a bit of shrapnel "shell and two bullets. | n-d T was holdimi 1/ord John's horse when i„ was shot through the leg and nefc. I was 'knocked a couple of 'yards by the | levee of the .'■hell explosion, and a chap i I was talkiutr to had both his horses ; killed, but, fik* my .self, he wu 7>o'.. ! touched. When the German infantry &d----i vauced tlmv mu.n have been about 30 to 1 j ci our?, because. •«■ only had our cavaln,iu the trenches, and one out, of every J bur is taken to look after the. horses. i ivnr.o of uiir Indian troops arrived here ■' a couple of days ago, and they are a lino I hodv of men; but, of course, they hud lit cold after their own climate. '1 hey are ' looking forward to seeing London. Our i troops are still in tho best of spirits. In j vliiU happens they look on the. best «de of things, and th'at is the befit way. I. ! don't know how we should get on without j the motor transport. It's a very fine thine for if we had I<> rely on horse | tran.-i'-ort for our grub 1 don't know how iwo should get on. We are fed very well I indeed, and if anybody grumbles about i the food or imvthmg elso, hs ought t» ; be starved for a bit. find then he would j appreciate what is dont) for us. Everyj hodv however, will be pleased when it ls all 'over, for tin- lives lost, especially amonii the Germans, is wicked. I think the enemy have already found, that there arc better troops than their own here'' Bandsman Gf.o. Miller, of the Royal" Soots, in a letter received by his parents at Bo'nef.s. savs:—" We havj romethiourr. four day/ hard lightinfj, and have bee,: relieved'. We drovo the German* out •>! I nl! their positions. At one place- the I Krrmch were trying to shift the ensmy. so ! our lot wore brousht up to assist, and a>I though w.< l«t a good few men, as it ! wa« all open lidds. our chaps stuck f> it j ■.veil, General Smiih-DonK-n sent along. '•Good. P.oval SooU,' and then when w'to'ok the other side, of tlie bridge lie said, ' Bravo. Royal Seo'(v' so w have done, not ao bid." ... , Oo'.|ioral HoWat, of the P.oval tield Arwritinz u>" hi.« pure.its at Birndr/j----han;,'.-i>eaks \ny ho|i*-fully of the rwm\^ of the battle in "which he took part. "To u* the fcitvntion has n*ver baen m, and the fl-i« of the Allies vail fly foi vietoiv, and th<- Kaiser will U a power iv> )U r.iy>. His army iri contempt-IWe a« an iaimv'. It is oiilv hi.- (r«J)«rais (and we ! "ov t'ivc liis-m iT-vlit for fine penena-Wmnl i thai W|i the slluaU'O. If ever it lies m i voin- powrr to heh) Belpiana in distrc.': | l,\\,: them a V.U., as ih.?y have proved nior,' I t'lian fri.-nd.< !■■ the Army, and cur oik i aim •;■-, t-o aven::" the damage <!onc by j the nin'-t cont'.-nip'.ibl** army in tlie. woild--I .ViVl ".• shovhi do it. I am helping 'in th" |im!;.' .-'•: d havo eve-ry hopt* of bein^ i in ih.. Slain |i.,.vade of ihe Allies in B'-rim. ! I hope u> *>" v -u .ill at Christmas, if F am S;, n'i! ...i ].".'('■.>. but notjiefoiv il'if. Goiinaur. have |.«>i! trojuxvi I. :■■ f.i hiilfwav tioutifl now." ' l'jJvaU-'.lohn !t.)lv.>it«m. ol ihe i-t Battalion Black Watch. who>;» pftvents :-- rido at Stirling, has w,i!t-n !:om» Horn .. l.iverpc'l miluaiv busmisl. WhiU. he holde i" ih-' v.-«- that th» (.ieinians ;•.!••» n'o'aood v.' ; -)i ili- rifl», vfm.avljs that, th-aitllU-iy :< til" '"St. in th- w-M't ~. h v ~-„„, ■■•(!,. .-.-in; awtidly ! r..; ,1,1,.,,-n -..v th.' cold iiowever. ijh.u.h.r -;-s.,it--:.y. "an-lwhcMbey I ~., ~ ..•■.(, / - ain.o-i alv.-.ivs in "-he ba«'k. ! ?„;";;;'.;'.'■ { i ..:,r.. i W.y run Hway iiom o-.r U-- * l'' .-. I'o.i.n were to outfit 10 *j«'- ■'„■■', i; -m-i'-<- wl.ii- liis bayonet av.d rattle :." ( '„i i'-., u,\, ■•: Ins lit!"-" 'l'ey v.onid a 1! off. ' Th-'-y miiihf turn aod <}'■<■ :' { ! ],;.„ |„i: ;■<■ -.v-ui.-l mwl t<> U. lon. m ■ lici-'hl I'-.M.'-n ■■'' e't; or Oft bciore tlv.v , ;-,u : d' hi" him." However wriblf. and i "~'i U ''"uous the fiirhiim,' n«v 'nave been, it !^' lt ..",',.r[ M-v-m 1 - have aliccted th" wi-iwrs ' .pfri.', i'.-i !i.' of " isoU'wa a new ! ",'i i.'i'.u'i "" :n that lie may go back V> : iiHn for Kin«. country, and wentfo. H-i.-nd--* "he lja< t Wui'd. . pnyin i' S Brown, lat R.xo '-ntinc home ,ays : -". fid. .s ...... ' r.i v.liat v.-c call -'('ominy* I u.: l-V.-lish had licn-hrs almol <<) >ar<i> lio:n ■:hr (4cimau lv".i. in-. Nnlu-v M"«- «-o;i.o . p.,. T ;.. : L . ;,,..,.!„ ;,l„.v n^^fjli-i. '-'-"'' i-.i-'ip'"-! s -» "■"• of our l-hitflish oth'Cj- '■ , ( ' I "Wvi'i'' at'' immcdiat'-lv •'' : X',i" ...pi-l m. .. i'-." |-,".,,. ~,,. -fl d-i'd in". ait.-r.»:.Ml^ ■ ;;,"j„ , V 1..,. ~.;.:,. -., ; i] -rs h-hiiKl a hay- ' i. ~,,i" . ~■.,■.. ui r.i-. o'h-TK. andm>W^kiilM..,,, ;. ~ \ u „ ~...„. , ~,.„...; out. b.-in«-iiU lum '.',';! I, i li".-ii?. r.:.A v " -w- thorn si.>m.' "f 'nr '*V."', '",•;.;,'' ... -i :.::«! In- o tl-ll iiii-i-. ivi.,:; .;,',! f. .i. m.h w'!k "•■ ...Mlnr. 'l'm-tV- '-• ' " ; v'-.' ,:',,,,.,.,• C. <-anm 8.H.A.. , - ~- of h.> a Ivi-niiiT'S ;it Mauheuj;". inl-i '•" . '.■■■■'. ' : - uiav In- ;-c'!ie'ui-"ie-l tho ( ';..u i ;an,'Vo;,i l i-..oriv,.lheKi i .. ; h / iuiin.: -,b,iu. into :.U....!.»uu*e«:i--i;--in-<-li.-"is ln-«" ~, nil bai',. fo'iii Mo,is, and we ua<l *"e a'i ''.' t ;,;.,'" /:;' il. '.t'h.e li'-MWHli* J""l '•■' .';',''.'' .•,.',',.,..,■>■ ~.; i i-'l. aii-H thtv mwt. haoI. 4 .; m.t than iOG.CKy} men ;"'*. ..-".;,,.. ,:r. I: sii'-l'.- < -'' V .°'. M ', , r, ,;■',. «;..1U '.l 1 lit- foil'- w-erc «.f ,|,;'r- a-.dnst tl.e : : wn-lk-. Jt. - ..- ill-" .if a ~..p"T ',«,1!..u. Si ill. w«h-!d.». nrthreyvco).- ~,„, Mniui/h «■ had to surrend. i- wli-n v-,vV-r- .•omplflciv « nt ' <V v Itiiotrt any hop,,i reh.-f tic Germans pa-d a l»avy pric for their r* V \nrr V<kvl and weio U;„i. aJ! sr.-.ii..i. bai our loss-'* wt-re vc.-r . /,,. It Minin'. that <>r.<v iney hart ban oral do-,-.-;. o-, '.ici,-;n.s it was ini,^fib!c in a Miiali to,- hb> ours to do ..., v tidi" but sunvudcr. How 1 cam* to bV avoided in ouc of :.;■:.■ and jw-yt div tli" (!i-nvinu« vdlo were coiloett»cjt th* -.■',,'„.,,Vd pa.-'d 1. •■ v«v .■or.t-'niptuonsly Vomits tii'-v -Jnu-l.: 1 ua-'lfti-l. 1 didn't •■ ",,,t -f> midfuciv- liit-'i. "mil all the sa.m<" r'wasu't l..ei: oi, b-":.;r I ■::r*<l alive, as voti rn<ij jrcifnj «o 1 i'nd to > iwl out oi ir I lav *"jji u! "■■<** l until nightfall. ar*l •h"ii 1 downhill. prett> <'fi-taiii that 1 should w,m to fi .f.hc.ain -, d a, farm th'y jo t.-.;e;.h< r in tin* ti-.r ■;-; ; .t I w;.s I'iel.l, an-'i tll-e Eieneh pa pie w.ic vc.-y kind wbe.i liiey Hair my uniform. : V.iry 'put in'* to heel in an attic, ni'd -.vh**n I v : as *\>dl T manaecd to rea-i: emv lines r.c.'un after many .'vhvnt.arf», oi which I wiftcll you in anoiht-r letter."

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LETTERS FROM THE FRONT, Issue 15685, 26 December 1914

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LETTERS FROM THE FRONT Issue 15685, 26 December 1914

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