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is rather ton shallow for wiilimai-ititers to pass iiji in ihe oi:ly May they could past, i.-, -mitely :-ub merLV'd. . . . To accentuate Hoods ddln'.nin a :a>k fer mere <liiii'-tih Pun 1 .inn ut\ famous «i.i.=-ii into the Mn-.-r-----in! vCnen he captured Now Orleans, the le-nuam have ben .loinu' :<t-r:u:i<-- tiling with til.. navie-.itiou li.L'lits sime October 2B Tuo more taut 1 cacnns— th<- W.indel.iar and vYielii.L,'"" lightships- sometimes Mini i.u- an Imuv or two at .semetirnes -st.iv blank. Occasionally iuhts i.vvti al other .-not,, the lightships themlemaiuiu.r hu'k. The object may 1k- to 1.-.'tni; piitish captains in .">ny attempt which mar hereafter be >»*;f •" block up the place hy Milking merehai.:n.'ii in t In-.' n'u'ht. \1.,,v, all. the German nircetor at Zeobrvee D iuiavasiiw tlm mimd »rr.i\ .=-•."-- „..,ni ,o ken th- Venerable and the monitors ntrtlw'i- oil', l'or al h-ast- oo days .j, , ~,.iui'f. have been continuously laid |, v ' In - ' and the. (hid is now brlkvcd to evtetnf onward in the direOn,,, of Vlur-h----nur and tin' Scheldt. Tim promptitude with which tin' G<nnan> provided themselves- on the. lk-1-.-iaii c»;i.-:. "nth an an-,-arent ahr.ndan! simply of mines is oi »■ piow with tin- preparedness winci they have. shown in other ways. •■since Vovoiuiicr 2. when t)n-y herein to mount radons for toipedo purposes :.t Zeebru-e. w.. l.;!vo, more ~„,! mere of thin cantons litil.t port, once a speck in nirn'.s conceptions, but now 100.-ihia as, '.a'.>;o as any spot- round Die North Sea. On November 9 it was learned ihi'" tl"*'" flermnns intended to elms: to the place. O:. November 13 lare-e doP°ncce were reported to be under v.-ay. On November 2.3 the first six submarines ■■ami- Vivo .lavs latv.i- the arrival ot heavy fortress artillery war, mentioned. \\'\-t fliiv " immense pveparat ions"' had V.rm. ami so on. Ti'.tee limes at Irnct -- on' November 16. November 24, and Docjunh.r 2-Admiral Hood swept its sea witlt lire '.- that each reported ("li-Mii.-m activity on land was followed alnnosl imm-cdiately "by a corresponding activity by our fleet. GENVRAL SfTCATJO.Y. Taking ii .-•"•ill track through a bundle r.f cables, in which each side seems to bo busv promulgating fhe hurried mis.ilntenit'iit for the"moment, the military eorrcsiiondent. of the London 'Times' comes alone as usual with a li"lpful word : General"•Toffre is plainly sparring for an opening, his double advance enabling him to learn where, host to strike ami take the strain from the Russians. The Austro-Gorman for en (in Poland) will probably not reach 1,500,000, and Russia should not have insuperable difficulty in overthrowing such a force by superior numbers. Slit! oiijrht to enjoy « numerical superiority of over 1.000.000 men. and I therefore do not expect General

Cairo. November 9. —Pi ifain will bear i the whole cost of the war with Turkey ' Lnmion. November 10---The I urhs i crossed ti;e Puvpiian frontier on N'ovi-niliT : ii. Pome. \'c ••ruber 15. ~ General Dimit • ri.-'i'f (the Uuhrariau who -von the buttle of ■ Lule Puree;- i- to command the Ru.-sian r'mves- a.;eie-L Turkey. ! Cairo. Xovemiier 22. -Tedouins civ,.-it the front!. ■ of the .sinai Peninsula. Cairo, \ e\ ember 23.--Captain Chop,..;'-. 1 camel corps suffer. They were ''deceived iiy the use of the Pritish fla^;." | Athens. November 26.--|),jemai Pasha. ' Minister of Murine, to command auain.d. Eeypt. ■ Amsterdam, November 28. f/.zei Pasha, (with 76,00() Turks, indudiue Vl.C";0 i is marching on .Suez. Cairo, December -1. —Tin- desert inundated near Sue/, as a military precaution. Copenhaseu, December 4.--Turks laying a railway from M.tan, south of the Dead Sea. 'J'here are. in these messages, three distinct commanders of land operations and two distinct commanders at sea, :-o the situation is a little confusing at present. We shall require a little ficrllting ''to clear ! ti|.i the situation." as Iho military love (o phrase it. The branch, line from the Damascus-Mecca railway (to which the Dead Sea railway is Win;: joined on. seems an important it-m if it rests on any reality beyond the dream of an Knylisb war correspondent. The • Vranltfurter Zeitum:." ''■■■ i v. v:.;;.-l|..s tliat Djcmal Pasiia has left Daaiac-ciis for tho front, and the I imimanner in-chief only leaves when everything elsp is ready. SIIOPLIi \VK TLLL; Tim |;iii( ~;' s.-.r,,.. m,val loss or v ;hcr I which war. teem* io:;ed in the cables a week or two a..0 his no! he-it nfii; filed or denied l>v ii :; . .\dndia!tv .... far. The .Pictlish :.-vi..',vs .s-em to h- divide<l as to whether v.e should alwav.s call our losses to set the bell., .n lierlin says the -s-oardav Ijeview.' •■we happ.r, to h;.--- a era;'; ~, two. i., ii a h.-,,iw! ■■! v liecos.-ary !.• inform the -.■ticniy '; They .7qlliif. emch huowiu: up in spirit.';.ml must fhow seme ae!iiev»'ine::t for the purpose. Let i\;: keen a better siient" sii.';ul i niisfortum- occ/isiuiiaiJv overtake us " •fhe 'Review' .-..vnls to labor the ob vious. I! a ship strikes .-, mine, for in stance, anr) is destroyed, and no euemv ship witnessed tlu- destru. tion. it iniah't htt coofl policy to conceal the loss tv i- a time. Othe.r.viso. however, eoucainicni ran prrv« no ineftd purpose, riiou,;!: it may assint to shake the confidence of "some considerable eoetion of the nation. Vl' 'J'O Till-: LAST. I i.'iejhf l<P »1» the ),!.-( if (s/e||| S 1.,„,l lir s . boit.s worked for the Aimy. It will b-: rer.ieinbwetl that tlw cables «tatid Joiii? a.i!.o that lie had made an appeal for fieldifiassos and stalkb-,:: for J)]ili;-h r se-eer-mi ■sioefvl Accordim; « r , j ono of his last l-.lter,; (in t-li-a 'Saturday Keyiow-'J Ji§ iad th,e(Q. ppllectc-d 0,v,0i-j

10,000 pairs and despatched them to the Continent. Kvidonco. of his utumpaixffii eneriiy is disclosed by th« fact that ',ji forwarded ;i personal let-hir of acknowledgment to eveiy giver. TO OOKRESPONDEXTH, Mr Ik. Johnston, a former member of the 4th Durham d'anison Artih'ejy, sends some interesting notes on esist coast deiVmw! in Kntdand, which will be. published Inter, but ask*; : (i) ].-, there, jl batlory at West Hartlepool, and what class of gun does it mount? (2) Is it .likely that the list, of casualties will ba published,, -i» there ars mire to bo a. number •of re.-ddeiiis in Xow Zealand who will hi' anxious about, friends, on the oast coast. It it; not likely that the casualty lists* will b<« cabled, mid tho only thing is to wait for the Home papere. Thoro is, 1 lwlieve, one buttery, or may bo more, at Wott Hartlepool, but T do not know what class of gun is mounted. Po.rhajs fn'mw loader may. J. Howard (Roslya) is back again "with ! points as follow; —(1) That- ho is not one. of tho ons-eyed men whom tho London ' T'iiiica ' found it necessary i o admonish editorially in November. ' (2| My ninny '' bitii!g,<'ritii'isiiw of men who well under-.-tuiid their at Home." |5) My "disinclination to attach anything liko < value io an ally ,-ura ■• :<<." ri) Somo point about Zeppelins. i 5) My "apathy regaidi:ig atrocities is notorious." Then ho adds; "1 will admit fiankly that, I havo gleaned a deal of useful information from your notes, but I fool you have a- prejudice and one which I should regret 10 fool cpiite .«uro about." Mr Howaid':; fri: tally remark at the end of his letter rather* disarms urn, but- he must permit mo to toll him that every one of tho point.* he raters leave., me wondering what I'ifi conception of this war' and other wars mav be. 'the. atioeities, for instane-. Lord Roberts specially warned British p-i>t>lrt against believing llnee stones in the'form in which they are given. His article is to be found in ' llibben's.' Mr ('. V. Carter has treated the subject much more tienehamiy in an Amciman me.eax.ino. mid does m»(. oven Miaic hi;- own country. 'Hi" f'ieniian panels are full/if " Knglish and Russian afmHiirs," giving detail.-? too .=li<i--kiii2 even io hint- hut iioone would readily believe ihrm. Ii is to keep clear of dice- that lheso '• atrocities " are so seldom, referred to in thc=e mat--.. In alimst every war each *ido throw.-? tho atrocity charge at tho other, and in the meantime we must, uy to keep an open mind, and await mor-- authentic news. As to discount ing an "ally success.." is it not disoimeetting to find, as we often do. that fonie place or other which the Allies wore alleged to have advanced to months ago ie .-till In Her-; man baud-? The Corman fortress of Kcmi'.'sberg. for instance, was to be inv--.-d.ed on Sepf"-ml,-"r 23; Pr/emysl was .-mre to mil on the Feast of M-. \i.-h.ola- (December 6) ; the suburbs of; Cracow w ! io on the long ;,-;,,; but. as we can see icw. :li- llrc'-ians ai- not halfway through Poland vet. Dai'v. also, the cables' -,11-ii Cenmins in th.' Nortli of France and in P>-igir-m. but whenever otio of Sir Job,u French'.; de.-.n.-ilehcs- arrive* v.v see that, iie has not "n.-en without his j anxious moment:-• hie. dan-emus days. Tt■ | has ripen 4 nuch ami-go with hire morothan j mice. Let me aim 'jiMim mil to ihis bellicose but unf.r'r'iiist that- thi* di-count iuu r "t " victor ies " has not been on ( :-i<l'\ \Y'\ 'll people -'.: l- jeiniiky about Mone I was the fitst. io .-x-jdaiu | that. ?->i far fi'o'u hein-g a. disaster, it iras.| a. woiid-rrsoimdiiii tribute to the. tVieadi-! ■irt--- of :he r!iii.-h Anny. "\\'i.en ilu-NaVy j 10.-t th-< ihrec T again f. un<l the • iert>surinir word. iMiiutin/ out. ihat. (oxecjit, j on the loss of lif-i ii did uoi matter, j When the oir the coast of Chile came, many ,i !,-• woto alarmed j b-eause. as th-y tho.ijht. it w;im a fair; indii- it ion of naval '. Mieii-ney- -thie<" to ! three. T ooioied out t-b ally 'that ii w..~ j no (,•-.-■( at all. I'lir.-o \v<-if le.-d i nom.di j ! leriiiaii \ict-uics in their way. but T tool; i .-are thai thov t-ia-nid not i-ieive an exag- j -•laUd .--tti.i.-. Who the "able m.n " ar-.- I whein I lan- - bhingly ( -rit not, know, but T know ?om- of ;!■- l.on-ion t loporiers now a; fh- war. anil 1 know | th- s.-.a't of i.-.vs ve mar <\|-<ri. fiaan som,. , qtiarK'l'.- - . Tiiis ao-.Te.-poiKrm! mav, as li- - - j •a.ys, Inive ei-an-d a good deal of know-' 1,-,';_-,, ,;i- ~|" i-v i-.nt<-e=. he; there- i- no : ■ivivl-'i- - in hi . h-tter thai l!'.,d ; s po. j

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DIFFICULT TO SHELL., Issue 15685, 26 December 1914

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DIFFICULT TO SHELL. Issue 15685, 26 December 1914

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