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RELICIOUS. I 881 CHURCH. it. ,T. I.AAYSON ROBINSON, 51.A., Will Preach 11 a.m. and 6 30 p.m. Rinecll Strre; Branch, bv CE. Sorictv. KN o X CIIUK cn. 11 ami 6.30 p.m.. Rev. J. K. FLEMING, B.I)., Of .Newcastle-. Kn™lniul. STUART HALL MISSION.—7 p.m.. Rev. •I C. .lAMIKSOX. JRESBYTERIAN SERVICES AT BROAD J- BAY AND NORTH-EAST HARBOR. Broad Bav.—ll a.m.. 7 p.m., Rev. A. DON. X.E. ILirbcr—ll a.m.. Rev. A. BOX: 7.30 p.m Professor DICKIE will Conduct Services JANUARY 3rd. .\ XDF.RSOX BAY PKESRYTERUX CHURCH. 11 a.m. ami 7 p.m. Treacher: Rev. X. O. WHITE. k T ORTH-EAST VALLEY rRESBT--1 TEEIAN CHURCH. "0 a.m.. Men's Association. :i a.m. and 6.30 p.m., Mr JOHN OPOHOCAMPBELL p.m., Mr P. T. CLAIR PRESBYTERIAN' CHURCH. Rev. .lOHX MILLER. LfUSsELBURGH PRESBYTERIAN' 71 CHURCH. OUEEX'S DRIVE. Morning. 'A Great Pro»-c>,ioii '; Eveninc, I'be M"iuorv of the Wav.' Prccher": Rev. R. SCOTT A 1.1, AX. R'JSLYX PItESBYTEPJAX CHURCH. !.;<<! .Sunday of the Year. II a.m.. 'Thin:.-, Which Cannot B.< Shaken '; v.'.O p.m.. 'The End ami Iho Call.' Preacher: R.'v. \V. GRAY DIXIt.V. M.A. CjOUTH DUXF.OIX Ptysbytenan Clmrcli.— > 10.JO a.m.. Meeliu.}; for Prayer Divine ~i:vi,T"». 11 a.m. ami 6.30 p.m. Prr-nt-hor • R---Y. R FAIR-MAID. Now Year's Eve- ftujib:nr,\ ScrVICr, Reid H.lll. il CAVKRSHA —Suudav AM I'robvt. v Sri-, ice*. ,\|i; "ORNINOTON PRESRY 1 - CHURCH.—K.-r. AV. SCORGIK. 11 "Retrospect, an 1 Procpe.-t,': b.50 p.m.. The Frrpvo.-abU- Past.' AX DREY 1 » —Divine Services ' —Divine Services, 11 a.m., ami 6.30 .in.. -Mr R. WATSON. M.A. KENSINGTON BRANCH. 6.30 p.m. HIALMERS PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. (HIALMERS PRESBYTERIA J Lower "York place. Rev. ROBT WOOD. 11 a n! 6.31) -p.m. 4 LL SAINTS' CHURCH, j TO-MORROW. 8 ami 11 n.:n.: 6.50 pm. Preacher: THE DEAN. I T. CLAIR CONGREGATIONAL .> CHURCH. ] '!!<■■ v. W. J. ASHt'ORD. ; 11 ,i..m.. 'Gifts for the- Kiiip:.' ■ 6.30 p.m.. ' Recollections a.nd Renewals.' i Visitor* Heartily Invited, i Near Year's "Eve, A. .... .i-i..u..u ►, j. 4 . "ORAT rJLACB CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH. 11 ami 6.30 p.m. Pre,.riier: fier. AY. SAUNDERS, Evening Subject r ' E^ypi..' ETTH STREET CONGREGATIONAL i CHURCH. SERVICES 11 turn, ami 6.30 u.m. . Mo.-ninir. 11. and Evening. 6.30, Rev. 1,'.-.-. (J. Hcighway. I HANOVER, STREET BAPTIST CHURCH. SGXDAY. DECEMBER 27ih. Services, 11 a.m.. 6.30 p.m. ' Preacher i Rev. I£. S. GRAY. Visitors .specially wolc Maori Hill Branch—ll a.m.. M- E M'GRF.GOR: 6.5 U. Mr THOS. P.LACK. «>)UTH DUXEDIN BAPTIST CHURCH. ► ' —Mi-irmns. ' Rctroapf-ct and Prospect ': i-\.'i.:np. 'Mit'ht veraus Ri?bt.' cir 'A Word About, ihc European Situation.' Thursday, 1! p.m.. Combined Spi-vice in K.-nl Hall. Pastors Key. j. Faniuhar^.u •b.!ir.=l. R.D. C'ORTH EAST VALLEY BAPTIST -l> CHURCH. 11 a.m., Mr W. H. I/lffK. 6.30 p.m., Air H. H. DRIYER. riAVERSHAM I'.APTIST CHURCH. Evening Topic: " Tlic Dav is Far Speuf-.' Solo, Mrs Mu'nro. riIRINITT METHODIST CHURCH. 6..50 p.m., 'Tile fi To-ninrrow." Preach-r: Xicv. AV. ARTHUR HAY. AVnadhailL-11, 6.30 J).lll.—Rev. T. \V. NEW. BOLD. ■\f ETHODIST CEN'nUL MTSSION. II a.m. iu:d 6 30 p.m., Rev. AV. WALKER. ORGAN RECITAL by Mr PAGET GALE 8 p.m. Soloist, Marjnri" Lrtiioti. Visitors f-o tbo ('i 3 OSLA'X" Mrthodi?f Church.—ll n.Pi., .Mr M'Gresror: 6.30. Rov. .1. T. IMnft.M B.D. Maori Hill Methodi,t Church; 11 a.m.] Mr Ainslic; 6.30 p.m.. Air Pox. r OR,NrNGTON Methodist. Church.—ll . a.m. and 6.30 p.m.. Rev. W. Grcen_n. Bellaknotres: 11 a.m.. Mr P. William?: 6.30 p.m., Mr A. Clydcsdalo. ST. KILDA Methodist Church.—ll a.m.. Mr T. T. Thomas, 8.A.; 6.30 p.m., Rev j J. T. Pinfold. B.D. Anderson Hay: 11 „. m .. ! Student Brown; 6.30 p.m., Mr T. T. 'lTionias! 8..V. Macandrew'.-i Bay (School;: 2.30 p.m Rev. A. .1. Scamer. Broad Bay: 11 a.m.! I Rev. A. J. Seamcr: 7 p.m., A'ax-ht<uiru's Sc ; - j vice. HißhclifT: 8.30 p.m.. Student. Brown. I OmidnK Street: Morniiii,'. 11 and even- | ii:-.'. 6.50, Rev. A. Pybus. North-east, Vul- j lev : Moniim;. 11, and evening, 6.30. Rev. 11. Richards. RavenHbourue: Moniinp. 11, Rev. M. M'Grcgor; evaninif, 6.30. supply. j '.W Methodist Circuit.—Caversha - H.m. and 6.30 p.m.. Rev. F. Frost. -field: 11 a.m.. Rev. E. Drake. Abbot,-- j ford: 11 a.m., Mr J. P*; 6.30 p.m., Rev. B. Drake-. CARGILL ROAD Methodist Church.-H j a.m., Mr R. M'Gre«or; 6.30 p.m., Rev. j T. Road. Benevolent: 10 a.m., Mr M'Gregor; 6 p.m.. Mr A. Bnitoti. VRMAGEDDON." What it rnaaus. Bible Students should attend Lecture by Mr J. Campbell, Grpen Islhikl, To-morrow Evening. OPEN-AIR Meetnii: To-morron-. 2.4: v at tho Fountain: truth and finis verni-. | <able«»'l Nt>id, irotn AVellini'lon.

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Page 8 Advertisements Column 1 Evening Star, Issue 15685, 26 December 1914