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* HIGH WATER. TO-MORROW. Taiaroa Head : 30.53 a.m., 10.53 p.m. Port Ghahneri; : 11.30, 11.30 p.m. '])mi' : !liii : Noon, midnight. T.I ON PAY. Tainn.a Head : -- a.m.. 12.42 p.m. Port Chalmers : a.m.. 0.19 p.m. Duuediu : 0.25 a.m., 0.49 pan. THE PUN. Sets to-day, 7.55 p.m. ; rises to-morrow, '1.22 a.m. . Sets to-morrow, 7.55 p.m.; rises Monday. 4.23 a.m. THE MOON. Sots to-day, ]0.3 p.m.: rises to-morrow, 7.14 a.m. . Set--, to-morrow, 10.42 p.m.; rises Monday, 8.31 a.m. SA!LED.— December 25. Lord Erne, *... (0.15 a,m.l, 4.239 tone, Unwan. for Melbourne. Cnut.-in It. S. Taylor (Lloyd'? surveyor) returned t-> Brisbane after an official visit -,,< the -t'vni'or Norfolk, v.-liich, while on a voyage fi'i.ii) Melbourne to Syrlney_ and liri-hario with iai'L'o from New York, -,vii- .tiscovi-n-d 1o bo on fire, and was bc-nned on tlit- 90-milo beach, about 20 m'i'i •.; westward of the Lakes' entrance. (•;■'■ -'.'.in Tavlnr on hi.; visit represented 1„A the shin and earpo. He arrived abai-shic the' Norfolk on Novcmner 20, and the followim; duv he, pot aboard and ]..' IV . ;i, ;l f 't!,,, intense "heat had caused the who!.■"of Hi- (leeks forward to collapse, .!.,'"-! r .i t!:e shelter dek Hiid main deck lad into the lower hold. It -,v,i, , onsider-d even if the snip ~,'nM have been sit. eessf uilv floated tho i-nsi of repairing the vessel would havti beep -o i-ovat thrf unonrstionably the Nr.rfnik was a. i. onstruc tlve total low. '! ]..-•(. "v.-a--. a lot of valuable < ariro that ■ ■MHid be salved, and tenders were invited ;,.!• this purpose. The su-res-anl tenderer ha-; now been fortunate enough to land between 200 tons and 300 to::s of cargo, and it ifi rxp--. ve.d th .'. with a continuance ~." fine weather J.- 1 -'") tons 'or 1 -500 tons v'ilj >,,. .-;ilv..-d. In the meant into ill" ;r..derv. liter- <m the -arro in Sydney de,'hie > to pav a total loss on. their in-lel-i .'-Ls. As 1 , 1 i.;, : i-ii,i.; a pr..hahb- -nhitiou or tho mv-i.-i'v Mirrouuniuj; the non arrival r,!' the' loii_;-i.\-( fdue Italian ship Anfnres, i !r -..s in,.,," Wurrnanihe.o] thai a hoard. ;iy>p;u-oiiilv !■■ lu:;„;u ..• to a shin's boat, and :-;'-i:, ! 'f no' ■•' '■'■ ■ ■■;'■::■ 22 :;-'h-» east of U'.ar-uam'ho.a. where other wro..-ka~r« was p>-.-\ ioii: :.v found, has aroused interest. Tho ti!H'i,._; .-f ibis boar-rl war, regarded as o-wimuii-'proof t'nal. it had conio from :;.,. k.'ls.-:.".- Italian --].i7> Antarrs, which. havh. • Sett Marse:!',--. villi a earn" of lilea f,,r Melbourne dirf.'t 200 days apo, been ri-i:i-ilui ::.s ahno.'.t hopelcssly awrdue jot- several weeks past. The Anlaros was iin-inallv knovu as the Sutlej, when she sailed under the, British flap, mid her boat- would still have that name m them. 11 seems, therefore, tolerably • ■rtu.iu that tit" board belonged to one o f the skill's heats. A siunitictiiit ineide-n in • onueeii.,!) vv it ii the <liseovery, ar- ■ ■ ebb '.v.eiid appear to support the the or; :h-o- tie.- lio-ril eatue. from tlie An tares ;.-; ih;i', an Italian ship, which may haw i-eco ike mb-sim: v.s-.1. but the ideiitit; ,;,i.o 0,1 he ;:o .-i-i.-iined, sipnalled til ihatt-hdi'diu liner Mesaba. in the vic-init; ,f (ape about, three weeks api liein-j; awparentl.y uierrtain about his posi 11..:;. t!:e nie-trr (.f i lie unknown ve.nse \sl;. d the Mesaha to supply him will tlie f j,:..'it ule. hot made, no further re me. t. 'J'he i;.'.,n!iM.t.i:i asked for wa .',:,,.:!;,-i. v. hereupon the vessels parte* ■„.''.;,. a,: ew hatiL-iie: fo-ther signal.-. 'l"h< Auia-i'.-s. I'"is-:i.i-rl -.- :< weihknown trader ti A i-t -aha. v;e built, of iron by Rnsse! :::..; Co.. of l'-t. O 1 'i.L-ow, 26 yettrs a::o >■!.'■/ of 1.750 t-es. S!-e- was 'under tin ooi-.'e;,-..; ~;' ( '.-.plain L. A. CJazr.alo. 'I he \ i. loria. fr.en An kland and Ea.s- ',.;>• pel-.. i<- dee here lietn ecu 10 a ikii 'l'e.e-.i.-y on the n ttiru trip to Am k To. Ko". hai i-: do" here, on Tuesday :'rei" 1 ;i-.- \ iio.,!i hj \-;a 'fiivaru and Oajnaru The \\'arn;;;.;o v .1.. expected to leavi if >har: ;>.hiv l..rt':e | '.luff and Dnnedin Th. e. ai .-.■■.•"its bo- the A. and A. Lin< • a-,. ;,(„ a-lvi-,,1 C a- the. .-te.-inier lial ;;;; ~h;i-,. ho'-. X. w on Sauirdav la>! ■•:■ Nr.v Zealand ~.,,-is. Should she b. .i,.i 1- ■ via the !'mania ( 'anal, the v, s>e s .--.,,.-!..: t , anive ah a.t. Kebrnarv 5. A 'ahi-wra-e has been re. ~j V cd by th< ■. .1 1 ..!;';•. .•! the sbaw. Savill, and Albioi o..ia!;\- s t ■;' m I.j; .1,..; n 11, - steamers Wai ...en.l and A .In.'lie, -.■. hi< hj ron\eye<! jiar; ; Xi-.v /r-daud's Iw.pedit binary Ytirrt ■• Jaw n-. hj ft, lien-, on i-'riday 'last foi f.e.v '/. -da.ud. Tiny are due iu these lb.-, i:. - .0::; .lele.l th,' di. idirirr:e of le-i are., o:' limb,-.-, th- .. Imoiier Window as he-'i; 1. ;or ,--e:t for several davs oei ;,. .......itioa .-.-.ilin.: ..rd.-rs. 'l'entativ; o .-;, 10 1:,.. hba'mpi- u Li lend fertibsei o|' tii- S'oiiiH >. a Iwamts. "nut, the char •r fel! throii.!., ~.;;-..■. ar-li! ]y the Will lev.'-' iao\ .--.eeiit ■. ;a. uncertain at present bar- '■" t'.e 1.■.;■.! Ei'iie 01; Thursday u '. hj ! ■■■ 1 :i.: tha- <i i•■ iiai -iutr opera- '. - - wa. ani.le,.,-!. She ,ailed ve-ter-bav t- .lb;., for M el! .ourn. •. v,!;-;,, sin ' 'l':. - Sba,-. Savill"' Viu.r '.Mbion ferm ..-.::;.-':. lior I 'al ; .-'ia. v. hj b hj 1 ft New Zent n.r ./■ - a,at.'-.! 'i ims.'.ia .- last. The mer i.i to .aw- i.wer; I oi January b vib' in New Zeehoi.l i;, 'jlardV for ee be.. :■; r v.! i- i; I ..'', m,.- w;;l sad TIIK FKL'ItV SERVICE. b"-. \Val in-. ■;>;.;,, W,bi,:vto,i. arrived • J.; Heller at. fab! Ii -a Jeoia.iiia-, and OVERSEA W 1.''.:..' \"f :T(-|\\ D. ember 2b -.fab Siiiri'f Nb; TELEGRAMS. pa- W, --',)..■ ,■ , :i ] : ,y 25 1 . . '.e a. ;...-. f..,- \V, bin-ton.—/,.1. r ) 1.... \'.; a a! ■:;. . :' -.- ablbeari.e and Syd'•■'.''.'l'CV. I'--eie b.-- ca .s.bO Tl''.'.i;;b Peewlaa- ::b."-7 n.v,-... Large, Id'.r'-'b l»e, .'e'ber '.'.,. i o'.''.5 > a"mV."\Vpel.l. Ilea a).;-. -Vb\ if'- . !1...,-a.b-r 24. 7 ]..•;... blam Mbi.lbM i;;-;ib iv o- :: t ; r. r 05.--W.-n-i----cIMA M'M Til He. emh.-r 2b.-5 a.a; , (Tor conlinttation £ee Lata Shipping.)

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SHIPPING., Evening Star, Issue 15685, 26 December 1914

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SHIPPING. Evening Star, Issue 15685, 26 December 1914