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Dunedin at 6.30 a.m., will NOT leave until 17 a.m., Waikouaiti 7.55 a.m., SeaclifT 8.17 I a.m., Waitati 9 a.m., Purakauui 9.27 a.m., (Port Chalmers Upper 9.40 a.m., arriving S Duncrlin 10J.0 a.m. I Holiday Excursion 'Pickets from Dunedin and stations north thereof to I'alnierston. ar.ri' intermediate station* will NOT be, availnbio by Up Mail Train leaving Duiiedin at, 8 li.lil. The I T p Mail Train leaving Duncdm at S a.m. will NOT take pa.ssengers lor Waitati. Holiday Excursion Tickets from Oaiuaru and stations south thereof -to Dunedin and intermediate station will NOT bo available by Down Express Train arriving Dunedin at 3.55 p.m. Express Train will leivvo Dimedin for PnlI merston at, 9.25 a.m., stopping at, i.he folSlowing .stations:—Waitati 10.26 a.m., Soa- | c'.itf 10.55 a.m., Pukoteraki 11.6 a.m., WaiI kouniti 11.20 a.m., arriving l'almerstou I 11.42 a.m. Will also stop at, Port Chalmers I Upper to pick up passengers for stations at I which it is timed to slop. ! Express .Train will leave Pulmerston for j Dimedin at 5.35 p.m., stopping at the fol- , lowing stations:—Waikouaiti 6.5 p.m., Puke- ; teraki 6.25 p.m., SeaclifT 6.37 p.m., Warring--1 (en 6.-15 p.m., Kvansdale 6.50 p.m.. Waitati j 7.2 p.m., I'urakauui 7.25 p.m., arriving Dun- ! edin 8 p.m. Will also stop at. Port Chalmers | Upper to set. down passengers. I Trains for Palmerstou and intermedialo I Stations will leave Duncciiii at 8.30 a.m. | and 9.40 a.m., Kuvensbounie 840 a.m. and | 9.48 a.m., Port Chalmers Upper 9.2 a.m. and i 111.10 a.m.. Waitati 9.47 a.m. and 10.55 a.m., j Sraelifl" 10.13 a.m. and 11.28 a.m., Waii kouaiti 10.49 a.m. and 11.57 a.m.. arriving I Palmerstou 11.13 a.m. and 12,25 p.m. respectively. Return Trains, stopping at Intermediate Stations, will leave Palmerstou at 4.15 p.m. ! and 6.5 p.m., Waikouaiti 4.45 p.m. and 6.34 I p.m., Seaclift' 5.24 p.m. ami 7.5 p.m., Waii tali 6 p.m. and 7.34 p.m.. Purakauui 6.28 p.m. and 7.58 p.m., arriving Dunoctin 7.15 p.m. and 8.45 p.m. respectively DUNKDIN-BORT CHALMERS. The | T(:a:n usually leaving Dimedin for Port Chalmers at, 8.5 p.m. will N'OT leave until 8.15 p.m. DUNIvDIN - GORE - INVKRCARGILT,. T!ic Down 'Mail Train leaving Dum-din at 850 a.m. will run to (JOKE' ONLY. Will take passengers for Waiweni, ('Union, Wuii pahi. Tapanui branch, Pukerau, Gore, and .stations on the Gore-Kingston Eine and Wai- : kcika branch ONEY. Express Train for Invoroa.rgill wiii leave Dunedin at 3.45 a.m. Will take f'.ir Mataura and .Stations south thereof ONLY. Stops at C'lv.rsham 3.52 a.m., Mrsgitl r>.B a.m., Milton 10.12 a.m., Stirling 1P.40 a.m., UaWutha 10.52 a.m.. Waiwera 11.25 a.m.. Clinton 12 noon, arriving Invercargill 2.23 p.m. Express Train for Dimedin loonn.ecting with Kingston-Gore Train) will leave fin re 2.55 p in., Waipahi 3.28 p.m. (connectin;,' with Train trem Tapanui Branch), Clinton 3.55 p in . Biblutha 4.35 p.m., Milton 5.11 p.m , Moggie! 6.9 p.m., Caver=lium 6.26' p.m., Dunedin arrive 0.33 p.m. DCNKDIN-CLIVrON.—The 5.10 a.m. Dituctlin-Balclulha. Train will NOT run. j Holiday Excursion Tickets from Dunedin j for Milton, Balclutlia, and stations on LawI renee and Catlins River branches will NOT be available by the Express Train leaving I Dunedin at 4.15 p.m. j Train for B.iic'utha will leave Dunedin at j 6.25 p.m., Allanton 7.4 p.m.. TEnley 7.21 I p.m.. Waiho'a 7.53 p.m., Milton 8.3 p.m.. (Stirling 8.42 p.m. arriving Balclutlia 8.49 i p.m. Connects with trains for Lawrence and [Catlins River branches. Will NOT stop ! for passengers between Dunodin and Mosj giel inclusive. South of Mosgiel will st-op I where required to pick up or set down pa<=-.-eiigers. I LAWRENCE BRANCH.—The Train iwiI ally leaving Milton for Lawrence at 7 p.m. ! will NOT leave until 8.10 p.m. (connecting i with 6.25 p.m. Train from Dunedin). Waita--1 buna 9.5(1 p.m., arriving Lawrence 10 p.m. j CATLINS RIVER BRANCH —The afterj noon Train tor Baielutha will leave Glenj omaru at 3.20 p.m., Romahapa 3.35 p.m. and arrive Balclutlia 4 p.m. The Train usually leaving Raldutha for ! Catlins River at 8.5 p.m. will NOT leave T till 9 p.m. ■'connecting with 6.25 p.m. tram from Dunedin). returning leaving Catlins ; River at 10.55 p.m., arriving B.ilclulba 12.23 a.m. S'undav. RACK AT OMAKAU. OTAGO CENTRAL BRANCH. —Train will leave Clyde for Omakau at 6 p.m., re- ; tinning leaving Omakau at 7.50 p.m., Clyde I arrive 8.40 i>.m. ! OUTRA.M BRANCH.—Train will leave I for Mosgiel at 6.50 p.m.. returning 1 leaving Mosgiel at 7.55 p.m., connecting at ! Mosgiel with trains to and from Dunedin. j MONDAY, 4th JANUARY. I RACES AT OAMARU. | The Down Mail Train leaving Oamaru at 15.20 p.m. will NOT fake passengers from j Oamaru tor Maheno. Herbert-, Hampden. ' Hiilgrove. or Paluierston. j The Goods Train leaving Oamaru for T);m- ---' ruin :il 9.20 p.m. will have passenger car | attached, and will stop where required to | set, clown passengers. j DUNEDIN - (JURE - INVERCARGILL. I The Down Mail Train leaving Dunedin at £.30 a.m. will inn to GORE ONLY. "Will take passengers for Waiwera, Clinton, Wai-p-ibi. Tapanui branch. Pukerau, Gore, and -t lit ions on the Gore-Kingston line and Waikaka branch ONLY. Express Train for Invorcargill will leave Dunedin at. 8.43 a.m. Connects with Lawrence and Catlins River bruiohe.;. Will take i passengers for Milton, Stirling Balclutlia, j and for Mataura and stations south thereof onlv. Stops at Caversham 8.52 a.m., Mosgiel 19.8' a.m.. Milton 10.12 a.m., Stirling 10.40 ! a.m.. BaHutha 10.52 a.m.. Waiwera. 11.25 ! a.m.. Clinton 12 noon, arriving Invorcargill I 2.25 p.m. i Express Train for Dunedin (connecting 1 with Kingston-Gore train) will leave Gore i 2.55 p.m., Waipahi 3.28 p.m. (connecting j with train from Tapanui branch*. Clinton ' 3.55 p.m.. Bilolutha 4.55 p.m., .-Milton 5.11 p.m., Mosgiel 6 p.m., Caversham 6.17 p.m., Dunedin arrive 6.22 p.m. EXTRA EXPRESS TRAINS. TiUNEDIN-r.ALCLCTMA. WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY. and SATURDAY. 30i.1i and 51st DEC. Ist and 2nd JAN. Holiday Excursion Tickets from Dunedin : cud -itn'i'.us tooth thereof to B.iiclutlui anil Intt - liate Station; (including stations on : Lawrence -aed Catlins River Braueiv,) will I NOT be nvaiiao,'" by Down Mail Train lcnv- ! nig Dunedin at 3.50" a.m. [ 'Holiday Excursion Tickets from Balcluilui ! mid siat'i ims uoith thereof (and from station- on'.l'.v River and Lawrence Ciaurhr-) to Dunedin and Intermediate ; Stations will NOT be available by Up Mail (Train arriving Dumdiu at 6.58 p.m. I Exnre.'s Tiiiin for Raloluth.i will ira\o ! Dunedin at. 9 a.m.. Mo.-giel 9.21 a.m.. ! Mlanton 9.54 a.m.. Ilenlrv 9.51 a m., Waihohi. 10.10 a.m., Milhurn 1b.?2 a.m.. Milmn 10.55 a.m., Stirling 11.5 I :i.m . arriving Baielutha 11.12 a.m. C'onI ucet? with Lawrence and Cnilirs River i "Branch I'rains. Slaps til Caversham and Mo-gio! to pick up pacengcrs, and ,-n Allanton, Henley, Tit ri, Waihola.. Miiburn, -Milton', an I Stirling to pick up or set, down passengers. Exp.Tfs Train will leave Baloluliia at, 4.10 p.m.. Stirling 4.17 p.m.. Milton 4.50 p m.. Milhurn 4.58 p.m., Waihola 5.12 pin., ilci> lev 5.25 ]i.7U , arriving Dunedin 6.12 p.m. ConiiC'-ls whh Trains from Oatlms River an,J I.av,-r.-;i'-. brandies, .and v. ,lh Traill Or? Outram •■n 'F:T!,,v and Sate,,-,!.,-. Slops at Stirling, Mibon, Miiburn. Waihola, Titri, Henley, Mo:-giel, and Caversham to pick up or set down pns.-"iigeis. LAWRKNC'-; HEANCTI.—The Train umiali.y leaving Milton for Deaiimoni. at 10 a.m. will "NOT leave till 10.45 a.m.. Wailahuna 12 noon, Lawrence 12.15 p.m., arriving Dcaimiont. 1.30 pin. The Train usually leaving Peaumont. at 1.55 ji.m. will X(JT leave until 2 p.m.. arriving Milton 4.37 p.m. CATLINS RIVER BRANCH.—The Train tisuallv leaving Italclutha t'or Houipana at 10.40 'a.m. will NOT leave until 11.25' a.m. (connecting with 9 a.m. Express from Dunedin), Ow.ilca 12.50 p.m.. arriving Houipapa 1.10 p.m. NIGHT TRAINS. THURSDAY, 51st DECEMBER, CHRISTCHURCH-DUNKDIN.—Train for Christehurch will leave Dunedin at 10.45 p.m., Waitati 11.38 p.m., SeaclifT 12.1 a.m., Waikouaiti 12.20 a.m.. Palmerstou 12.46 a.m., Hampden 1.25 a.m.. Maheno 1.56 a.m., Oamaru 2.27 a.m., arriving Christehurch 8.15 a.m. on Friday. Takes passengers from Dunedin for Oamaru and Stations north thereof only. Stops at Port Chalmers Upper, Waitati, Seaclift, Waikouaiti. Palmerstou, Hampden, Herbert, and Maheno to pick up passengers for north o( Oamaru, and at. Glenavy. Studholme. Timaru, Temuka., Orari, and Ashburton to pick up or set down passengers; also at any other station north of Oamaru to ailow passengers from Eouth thereof to alieht. Train for Dunedin will leave Christehurch at 10.35 p.m., Oamaru 3.57 a.m., Hampden 5 a.m., Pnlmerston 5.42 a.m., Waikouaiti 6.7 a.m., Seaeliff 6.35 a.m., Waitati 6.58 a.m., arriving Dimedin at 7.55 a.m. on Friday. Stops at,' RolleHton and Rakaia to nick ub and at Ashhurton, Orari, Temuka,

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GOVERNMENT NOTICES., Evening Star, Issue 15685, 26 December 1914

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GOVERNMENT NOTICES. Evening Star, Issue 15685, 26 December 1914