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AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS. •OTtINCE.SS audi-vilee: vaudeville MONDAY, "DEC. 28 THEATRE, j J-|IS MAJESTY'S THEATRE. F.illrr-Rrennan, Ltd. I.M«ec«: George Willoujjhby, Limited. " YU'DKATLT F' Manasriiig Director ... fie org o Wi'.loughbj'. yauoeamllk: to-xight, .U.()]N.I)AV, \)\'A:. 2H Tiio oi«nii, s .\isht of Viiouc-- ; oivilrv GEORGE AVILL-OUUHHVS PREMIER THE GREATEST ATTRACTION ' I DRAMATIC- COMPANY, IX DUXKDIX CITY. I In SUPKRE and BRILLIANT .STARS. \ THE EVER OPEN DOOR.' Box Plan The Las; Work of 131* will ever he Up- I "I'HK EVER OPEN DOOK.' at Jacobs'f emberfd on. iic.r,.u!;i. i>f the War, the i THE EVER OPEN DOOR." No Extra, .MAGNIFICENT VAUDEVILLE PROGRAMME. SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT. HERMAN" and SHIRLEY. \ HERMAN and SHTRLKY. AYrird and HERMAN Mil.l SHIRLEY. Sensational HERMAN .-unl SHIRLEY. Oli'erin?. ,iti The Wonder <■>! 4 Cominenis*. Ml I; A DILI- VISU MIKAIiILK THE MAGPIE TUE MAGPIE Clav.- (VXivfo, : is Kdcar.-Supra "ill I I.iviTlL'Stoll 'I HE MAGPIES. Li-ii Vernon, Ten, CiilT O'Keefe, J-ia lirofo:- B. Maloi: < .Miic.ii in: Keiin.-dy Itlac!;. Enieif.iinrr. !I| o Last, -^"t . 'I he OvereH M':sioa! Omicdv Compaiiv now .N;-.pp;.iJn::- in Y.-n.-Lwille. ' Mana.pcr.. ROSA LEE IVV. A Brilliant \t OV A I,E I-'. IV V. t AX TA TRICE ROSA LEE IVY. and COMEDIENNE. E. .".RIXKMAN AND STF.F.LF. S'STEIUS !■:. lUMXKMAX AND STEELE SISTERS. NEW YEAR A N.'vchv Sni'jii-- ii.iil Characur A.-t. i XETL CANT. A Uoimv ?:-uieh NEIL C\ NT. :~i„:'<:- ~,:,] Comedian. „„„,,..,..- MONAHAX AND SHEEVTAN j , . Jj \y' l '' " MONAHAX AND SHKEHAX] I \"™ r . ' r ''\V jr!l ,. ! ' A f{,„-5p:..,« Mu-,a: A.-t-. N, : r ' ! V,, *'. lf l 'THE EVER OPEN" DOOR ' Charge j THE EVER OPEN DOOR.' Karfv ! THE F.VER- OPEN iHHiK.' Doors 'ai*n I 'THE EVER OPEN HOOK.' at. Jucobs'*. ! GREAT HOLIDAY PROGRAMME. 'Pie Premier Mc-lodramnti- Companv from Australia. Headed bv GEORGE GROSS and Miss VERA EEMEK. Hook Yon:- Soais Earlv for TO-NIGHT. 3s. ?t. Is. " AVAR PRICES. And No Char?es for AVAR PRICES. lto.." B injr. AVAR PRICES, | EARLIES AS USUAL. AVAR PRICES. TO-NIGHT 'THE EVER. OPEN DOOR,* for -1 Nights Ordr: then 'UNDER TWO FLAGS.' for Two Nights; and CAMILTMV !lio La si. Night. .Goore*? Bulles. NEAV A'EAR PRESENTS'. j " REGIES" im-iie } C-.r-ir Presents in Hie New A'car. making th&m I " No'rday " Oifls, to inspeet ihe splendid l>|i!(-l: uf Musieal Instruments cow on view [ ;i: their AVari'li-mse. An inetrniont is v ii jiinsi. d:-irabie riff for voting folk. ... ■ musiral ta'lr-, and no finer or more reliable ' ' . . .. i. by- in Now .Zealand. *'- Wv >,Jr ln COAII'LETE VJOTTN OUTFITS, including FOi! SINGERS AND PLAYERS: s , ~,u \ M,,del Yiulin. Binv. Black-Ttooc I Can-. E\i>-a Sf-t '■( Strings, and T'.iioa ISOUND A"OLUME.-« OF Ml" cf:-plal)lc Presents In ilir^r r,cf:-pial)lc Presents in ilkim" v. ho sinp or j YTOLINS. 245, 30s. 3:>s. 4Sf. 50?. 105?, Me. play. A i;isr dmipt.- lioo!: is inuf-if-lovers j .\CT':nn!IONS. 7=; 6d, 12s 6d. IBs. 20s, no. ; , ival •■«or.h-«ir.lf " mil. iitdi.Mtni-ihouxlu- ' ;orTli oiUwVXS. Cd. Is. Is CA. 2«, 2» 6d. nilm... i;i thf !!!».;« oi «;'«*« ;::'■'«: )>ar. 5 „ &| 8s &5 ot tin- (ioii'..;-s. !;j'.(-,0 hj <-.n-il'a I v lnviir I _ ' _, .. - -,.„„.«,_ -, von to look .hrmiirh ih-i.- splomlitl M W i „; ! ELI; t ES, :„ Gu His 6,1. 12* M, 35s 63. ELi;(iANTLY-R(il':ND VOLUMES, rounris-! 10i - f '''"- iii«: 3'OPUr.AR SOXG AND PIANO AL- I MANDOLIXS. <' o m}ilp.te cuiflf, 30s and 50*. iiUAIS. VOC-AL COLI.ECTiONs. sONn AL- ! Vi'TOHARI'S. 12= ed. 17s 6d, 27s 6rt, HUMS, STANDARD xELECTIONS. CI.AS- ~,,. -ICAL AH'SIC. MUSICAL El: )GR A PHY. HAN.IOS COXCLTiTIN \S. CORNETS, I!AGiind HTSTOLV. Eir.. V.\-. j p;pES. V.:,-. r"<HAS. r.EGG i-' „...., ~ HE-'.iG AND CO., LTD., y>nrte:s for Mus.ral Initruiti:'i'.t«. Prii'oes vtrc-ci. DUNEDIN JOCKEY CLUB. SOIMEE :\JEETTNG, 1914. HE ('(EXCLUDED ON MONDAY. 26ili Di:cEMBF.R. FIRST RACK A'l" 32.15 lun, ADMISSION- Gi Is 'inchidi Station. A «s' Siand. < uitbf-r c,\ Tirkrts at 2s 6d extra Wii" itder 12 years of ago not- aAniit-«i. TRAIN .SERVICE. at- 0.10, f; 2b. 10 25. 11.15, 11.33, 11.30, 11.58, 11.48, Lcavo AVitr.-atni for Dunedin at 5.5. Return I-'aro, inrliidiii" Admission it 23, 5.31. ar.rl 5.39. ids. 2s 6d oach. H. L. .TAMES. Secrefßrv. P.RITISH PEKFUME FOP ISRITISHE Filii'i-! Enirlish Lavi-ndor is noted for its dclir.t:.- and la-iii.'i- u;, : :rnr,i». SpTial mi]>nlirs now vradv at priocs front 2s upwards. AYILKTXSOX AND -DX. Ticsriipiinn Pininnai-ists. Dinvdiis. LO KEONG'S SALE. F.nv Now Your Frcsonts. ChoiVr Si.lretion of DOLLS ai.d TO VS. CKIXFSF. TUSSOKK. AVhiir and Co'.orod .-sILKS. JAPANESE CREPKS, While ::>'M C-'ilovs. HA.ND-I.MDUOIDERED SILK LENGTHS. ILK HANDKERCiIIEFS, Emlv JAP. FANS, UMRRELLAS, and LANTERN.s. := : Landed. CHINES!-: YYVTEf: L-ILII-:* "5" O KEONG, 117 CIEOIUiE STItEET. ?! j TAIERI AGRH'ULTURAL P.OCT ETT. ft -J TIT ANNUAL SHOW AT MOSGIF.L. THL-nSDAA-, 14.1 i .TAN"I"ARA-, 1915. ENTRIES CLOSE Sih JANTLVRY. A Spreia! Prizf. of £lO 10s is offered by «, ■n-cll-kno'.vn Canterbury Breeder tor most points in Draught Horses. Sehed'tl«K will bo iKifUil on upplicViioii t« AV. E. ML.EAN", Secrefary. .(II.'SE P.,x 20: Tlo SPORTINC. UdSBROOK CRICKET GROUNDS. WHITE Paper for Wrnppins-itn For Sala. Apply 'Slur' Office. Bond street. BOARD AfiD R ,A'JKSON"S Prirate Hotel, Dav, ,^ t ic =i, ?J» DLiner 12 iili 2; Tea, sto 7; Socislj House • fiirnislif Addrea.- '' *',-,r,HOLIDAY RESORTS. TN order to have :ho 'Sur' out it: pood 'ii>if-, if, in found impossible io classify tisrntr-iitK tlmf. cotr.f i,: afiej- lir.oii. Aft<r thi» hour they cannot- be classified. J Att<r ttiirf Jioitr ttiey cannot, t>e ciaasinec JO.-T, Japanese rug; reward. Mia T. We would fheiefore rtnutit Advert.iier* to J K. .Sidey, Caversliani Yai!e.v road ;tolo- j kindly bem- this in mind, and Mad ia titair phoao 131). | Ordwii Ealjf..

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Page 7 Advertisements Column 5 Evening Star, Issue 15685, 26 December 1914