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(FnoM Orn Loni>on CoßiiEsrosDENT.] October 2d. PATRIOTIC AI'HLF.TRS. Th* doings of prominent, athletes nr smtanlly rrniiudirnr sport-siiKm that pai hipation in foot- racing. «-y*-linjr. swim ..niri;. ioothnll. hoxinj;. rowing, and . the manly pastimes admirably tit the yiuiii 1 men'of tli< - l-?iiii»Lrt» tor the stern ta.-d. tht> war imposes. Kiuliiran.v. resomvefn! nrss. hum,!!;. - , am! initiative ;ire .-ill dc v .doped by iv.::- spurts, ami it is vvil tlii important !;i.-r i- \> i«lnly ro.oe;ni sed. Mat tor's were nut a! -ays sn s:iti.ifa.-t■ tv. :m. W.tllin the >w:'..'!'s nvnlleition man; I>ri->r'e. imrt i.-i''.i ily heads <"' biismes firms were apt In frown mi -iH'it-; an. p.i.-»t :m»--. Tc lnvrlc back a trifle, and refer tindividna 1 rttidrtes. it is pleasiii;,- to ii. aide I,j slate tliat- the I'lesidont of ti, Vi-i'in-h IJoiinblie li.-i.-i ,-nnferrod the i ..t Honor .mi 'he Hen. H. K. 1.. .Vfxn". dr. of the lush ...Vards. The -alia:! cross" i> .-> rnemli. r of the London A.C. ant ■■• South I.<>>!'!imi il.uiieis. and is vi-i'i p.,pillar in. athletic .irch:-,. lie holds ;:• Irish championship medal, and is a. .-:.,;> a'->ie i't iformer from l'm " <pi:irtci " " th-. •■ mile." Another i;ond athli-ie in Idem en:,:-; M C. f. Harrison, of the London A A', .an. i:!a-khe:itii Harriers, holder of tl:.- Iris! rjuartorinilc .-aatnriouship. is nuinhero flmiinij the missing. Word has also :-(.ni-.-to hand C. X. Secd/em-v. t!e pr-se:i: ip-arter-milo champion nl l-di-land. lie i- in hospital it Havre, his -t .-vnuonv 0.-k a- a uos|>a;,;i rider a.t:a.h.-d to th. 1; -y.-ii kuednei-rs lnivinu' "howled hin nvi-r" :..•• a time. He is iee.v heai'lv .;i tii..- Co, k >•>' <t ,T,':iin short I-.. A. L\ ACuh.dl. ids "i-unneV :n-" hist did;.-. ;i!,i th .Vie..!, tiie 19!? .planer mi!-. . :.anin.'..i.-. ,ue a'-o :-erv:n •;. so thai pro miner.- ■ ; ,:.u tri -miters a!'- - Vi-.-y we'd repie ni.Y.MPIC C!IA.MPION>. Ida! i'ma,-;.! Walker and Armed .fa.-h son a r - n- v.- .v - n in- their Umpire as .-cdseen v •■:: i ■.<•■: ! 'n:. .M----t "i my rea.ii.v.:!! t-"itmn-her rhat Walker .anied tie S-mth Ai'ri. an • -Nov : . the tore in id. 100 metres i ->- e -it ti:e li-03 Diymp'. .-etisidetet! the he.-t .-pi.nim Si.-.ith Al'ri.-a :ia, t-vi r jn.dn- ed. Wium W. A. Apj.!L'arlii. pre.-':.t sin in: i hainpimi, v. cut iiVi-i- to t!:e vank.s n! the prul'essional- :.-. M.tly mall\ i .-op!., thought a inalc!i mig-ii i:e died up hern-ecu W.dkcr ai:d tl;c it. is y<..h.l to think ihi.- :■■■ rot "likeh to .mm- utf jtis- yet. atid 1 in t Walker is e:)-,'a_;.-d in a umre pa-lriot: '.i::<ii.'rtakii!-; than seekii.-g to make riioin-v Mil ot hi.; rnnnii« ahililw The Vata! ■::i::i!|- is mil tne uniy jiriunitiPiit athh-ln ui:o has joined the >niith -\frican lorecs, for Li'-iie-I l'iehardson, ihr; present i nl n ndd' i itampion. has also "fallen in. Vany l -oatii of I-ing'aiul a.tii'etes roinenib. Idai -vvhen he ns.-d (~ . ompcte in th !!'iiinn innntii ili.-tri't, h.-foie hj» migrate to --oiitli .\friia.. He ran a. L,'l'eat raoe In thu M-.-i,:;d of the 10.COO metres, i.e.e ■it tiie l.e-t Olympic (lame,-, l.ealin.; 1.. 'li"--..;i:i>iia. a North Ameriiau Indian, in "■-n-di .Ose-. llichard.suu a!.. 0 pl,n>-d an :;:>. ci taut uart in tiie vi.-tniv ot iv. M-Arthni- in tde Mara'.hon Hae.-. Tiiere is ,i.. donht th- t'onnty Antrim man ' a. ;r:n-c s-fi'e. and he iras in a. very iiiyhiy.stri:::.' and nrrvna.s sta'L- during tiie throe da;,.-, innn- to the tine. f!i-hardson was in his. efforts to h.dp ArArtlinr -•ver tliis tryinr; time, and ho never l-'ft hy ad p.if-,-i,.s in his po-.vcr to d:--trai't ids attetttion from the coining very valuable, as. the writer can pefi:oiia.lj. tctiiy. i-;\t;[,.-\nirs i;i:>r .milkr. The manner .\nedd .l,n k.;..n. ■•( (i.Ntord. virttiadv a i:m iee ;l « the time. (|..f"ated John fan! .Imes. A. .!{. Kiviat. N. S. 'l'aher, and .ain-r . ra.-kf in tie' 1.5!.Q tnotres race at the >'.ec:;hi.dni Olyiiijiiad •.oiivinc-rd many -ood that the .\(al-e.-nt youth w.i.s the - bust inil'-r l - i:::d:i!'d iikd prv-dmeil s'noc \'.'. ( t. Gi'iit-:i' \v..s hi his prime. .I.iekson's time ~-£ oinia 56 4-5.= i"e mn «>i|ii:il to a fuil mile in 4min IT.sec. and all .spnrl.-tiieu vere hopeful that lit- v.aidd nial-.e an aitemp'- on the lirithsh amateur reoord of -hnin 15 4-5: b.-lore t;i..uv; lip atidetics. Ho h.i.s don-' \erv little riilitiiui;. lnv.vevrr, ami noe- that lie 'is an oMicer in tli- Slide llih-ade. v, -,■ sh;,!l probably .-ee 1.-= ..f h-m •■!< the c:nder [iath. His In-; -,■;„■.■ ,va . \. hen lie a-ssisted tie- ONt'orrl I'n: wi-ity ti-Mii t" will the iuiir-iv.i'i' relay race at. t lie I'eiiii-t-ylvania ( 'iiiversi:y !asl .-prin-;. Another ..■£ the m tl. .M. Sproido. a. Rhodes scholar from .Al.dhoni ne, has. also obtained a commissi, a m tic Army .-• rvieo ('orps.'ii will all join in w ishin.- ti:ese imti-.-! ath.'et.-s a -.a fe retu/n ;--.:n tn ■ fi.-!d of war. It is hoped tliat l-ipora! tl. \V. Hntsoii (missin-;) inav vet in 'p.-anl cf. If h- ami .Ja.ksou b- .spaa.-d. ,; wonld lii-dr-ed lie a treat to r.v tlvm meet f. r the one-milr ciiampioiiship of Army. M"trop.:>htan .-.portsinen ind an af.ractivti box:!:.; lttat.-h to elaini th.-ir alt-Minn this week, it he;m-; the hj.,::; bci ..vceM Arthur Pelkv. of Canada. and Jtandsmau Eicc. The Canadian tow, red ~\>;- his opponent, but was >!ow in In.s m- vi-moii-. however, and .Rice v.-a* able to avoid mn-' of hi.s rival's s-.v:n-;.s. Tiie s..i,iiei made g«v - d usi* ot tiie aii/| -0.-n wen: ah, ad on poinus. !;:•,. ...-,, s always addiiu; to his lea<t on points, and tii"rc was m.. .pi.--:*=«n: about Ids bein.; viit:li-d to ;h., award a; vhe ond of th-.- 20 lomnU We have had ouiie a number of! h-nits t.'n.s week. The chief ";.">■' at the Xa'hma! Sp.-rtim: ( iub on .Monday between ymiii,' Idooks. ~f Lo'iidon. and ,7. \'oii.ciian. ..f Wales. It went the fn'l 10 r'-nnds, and \-. ,'idst 1k,,,,;,, was a jinod wine,,.,- on points, the W.-lc-h boy proved h'rn.solt :: eanie and el»vr bi-.\er. who -vviil he lizard of in tin- tutu:-'. [ Harry Smith. tl:e Soutii African iu-a\ had a very busy time of late, i ;..- he took on Dan Sullivan, of Aim-tan,i I U.S.A., and J. Holland (Canada', ..,, .<m • ! t'e.m;iv«> ni'.-hts. >mith had the advantage! ov-r both his r:\als as regards hail;!;; and ! e.eivht. ami lie -.tained ti:e th , ;.-:ou '.ver j Siiilivan in 15 rounds, and drew ■■ :;ii ifod 1 land. I Sti'l another .•t.ijrd in London tids week, the principals ; Henri Dmnien. v-v-her-wo hi hi t ham- I pion of JJvl-ititu, ami fatsey f okclcv, of [ i.ondon. The laite ha-s be ;t t--'n I-'rivatc j Rr.iddoclc. .so t-hat it did not hi* i frior.rJ.i when ):<■ jiiana-ed to draw with th« after 10 iuterestui-.- rounds. Tin-: tt-rf. It is ,i iortir tdir.e since auv of tj,,. ),: ■* handicap* provided such an as the Cambridee,-hire on Woiliusdav. Xear:.nt,- the finish, Ainba.s-.sador and Ihaduinenos hc-aiied Hnnryn-<M:<| and Cheer- | fill for a few .strid".». "and iho totu- had a d?sporato race fur the winning pout, which Honey wood pa:--Red a head'"'bof ore Ainbas.sador. Only another head divided th» latter and l)ia«hinioii'», \\\\h ( hecrftd a. neck further ac.vay. to miv. the crowd "rose." "to the oecas-ion, arid i\a all the animals named were neii *uppurtutl, rule<l high. S. Dono--;hne lode the winn-ei - , and he is '-slioeta" in front of all hi.s rivals in re-ard to winning mounts.. It may lie added that this ia the third time th<"« (.'urn'bridce.sitire has gori(> U> one of Mr S. .T<x..i'.u horaos, hw <>ther wiruiw-8 Polyiuelus and Jjong JSet, the former heins th<? s 'i re 0 f this years wiimor. To whr> consider 13 an tuilucky nuraber, it may be pointed oat that Honey-wood wan number 15 on thf> < - »Td fl-nd drow No. 13 station. A feature of tlw .Sand-own I'ark Stoeplp. M<?>eHng on S'aturdny va» tho ritimIvpr of militan - men -who wenv. pree-eut, either a* oaloolcers, mrntir.l,, or joc.kcvs! Th.9 finish of th<> Ohojrtsey Ktwpiech'asa was fought out, bv jockeys now -sorvinc, Mr Tyrwhitt Drake riding FJyinj.' -vrhjJst. E.. Morgan waa up o n TJoubtfui Boy. Tho araatanr end pjrofeseionnJ riders .ij-e now both troopers in the 19th Hu.s*ars, they liaTlng «-nlh>f«d at tlio ttart of tJi« war. Th« iiewfl that Captain Arthur Craven ; Charriiiirtnn had been kiilc<l in aelion with! hotird irith much icirot in .spoiting circles. ; H.* was sue of \het b*#t amatetij - iocko;« I

fill tlie Anttv. p-'h-ips hv< bf.-r-k-nov-n <x j ploit 1,-.i:i-' at lh.. Si„.hi liuf \lr-tim. : .ill lilii' I<> a.-b'll wilt'll il«' rod; 1"> uillll'l. I ;i!l<l oil,' rfl-Olld Hit <>? 15 IIH>L!llt>:. Cllta!' j I I', ill in-:, hi :il-o hml ii tin.' icuvil ';is : j (inln nhivr, 'x'liix' a han<l:i ap o mar. v din j playin.' ill lini'a. . ! I'Oi>!HAI,L. 1 A .Miliuiy r'ontha!! laa.-tm has b-vr - i Uiriiifd at A*:dcrs|,..t, and \vi- aiv jit-ini,' t< r ; ■ .<• :; d-al m football tin .' ' million O] linlM' llU'li V. i! > ;.!(• m'illL <| tiaimal I'm the ;i«i ,-a'..-f to Hi-ilui. \i!i:i'i jwiii Mart ill •.•arm.-t ii'-xt May. In <-p'- : - of |ii!lii:- in eirln. In.ur.> <l" bard ilril -i <inil\, lh-.- ii. \v aniiy i> vrry k'l'n 01 | sports, and .-to s-i ..luitiy ranmn--;. b'.xina; I j and liH't'i-iil liial j4u.i| ' fav.n. riv.. divi j (lulls iM' tlio it.m'.l ■ haw lir.'ii I'uniU'd, am! ' | a . .'inpctltion v. .ii lie a; v.'.yrn ,1 «>ti tlit I j km>"k ont plan. i [tiiuby h'« with a lui'ilaiy llav.'i 1 jar.> a'.-n h-'in,' pl.,y.' ; |, liu- S"i'\"li-.v l! ;l t '; I.:!'■.?; 1..-a; in:.' t ;;i- ' j i_'.l!llf for !h" hj. IKli! <■!' tile It.'lioall r.'di.'l '[ :i:::<l a; f'.ia.-kh'.-'t!; on Sa'n.iay. ; AiL.t l !*':- mat. hj w:o- tin- lix jlUi.' in win. I. tli.-> Lothian and liorci'i [ ll"is<- i'l'i-i rit"!'a!-i dvfraud lh."' l.i-iutli ; S -ll.i'.i t; ■III]. ) I t;i nine l.- .i ■::;^. ; in ;!:<> I.<a^ut % woil<l. i i: v. p.-; •niainly .-! ivn..'-.- I hat Mai!che*:i'i ' City. an.! ShctnVld I'uitcd should ail )...-■ vo drawn, on Natnulay. .-<> tiiat. thnv '.- I-.. n-!aiivr altaration in tilt' position (.'" t !:<• ihioc i.-adinn; if.this. Tin- Aisvnal M-.lfciiil an mmxpectod r.' vct.-o on Per by County, which ha* alto v«l I :>•> look o!' th-p wroml tlivic-'.on i tahlf. IPriidrri-diaM now hading tile Ai- | .-•;:;]! I.y tvn . '■:■;{<• point-. i ix t;i-:NK!'vAi.. . I'!. ! <.h;:-'A day o! i li;l hillian! mat.-li . IS.OCO jup on lcvt'l terms! \iith 'loni llvi'iv. His ! h:sl :>r tin- an.! I'Vft'ir.i; | iL-miiit; out. a! ;''3 and l"..!. ; 'IAvo r.'-n pwinunii-u; itrord- utiv vr<'ntc ci tin.- ivi'.'l;. .1. f.'. Hatti-.'id i-liripin,;'- 10->'i-otr iho b«-st. i'..r l.OOOyds by s-.viintiii'.'c tho .iist.-nc- in loiilin lolsrr. whilst Mios P. Ca:««-ii r.«ani '2!£'lyd.- in 7> S.-.-'i-, jn-l : f air fifth.- of v., s'pioint \r.*\u? h.oi- out- - in'St for a lady. Tho lio'-k.-y' nifii ..■( o\f.ini now a military niiiform mot t!;i> lsis Chili in a 7.1;.',-t. oi'i Svf'lMlav. .-.n iniiTotin- ' ;.-inline in la' or ,',f Jm-;. j N'o h ; :s tiia.-. £6";8 pi.-in was ma.V a: ■ ilif l.irtt- amat'-i:r 1.'..-:: in.' i-nampinnsli']! I ni.-'.ninu'---;•:! irvliraf :■■!! . f tin- p ■p\!laii 1 y ! \t:n iil: tlv m"i; rorvihi: in th:- PriiiK--.-i ratri.-rVs i ••iii-.:li-iM ! 1,. \\Y>: wlii'f.' oiub-svviiiirnur ; iic.iti;-! v.-irii lo.n Uiin-o-AS a: Port \:':/i- ---; both about ilvi' years ,-ij.'.. '.< to bi' ; "rhl-" iinancial aiT--.irs of lb,- nincost-r-I fi'r.i:.. Co'.intv Cii.-k'-t Ciub aro in a bad i siato, and ■' i- iinbk'-lv any livt nivt- u ill 1 1... an.ow.-l l"">- nv\! year, th..Ui.'ii i' "- i i :,p.. 1 to ,i»-i.l>' oamt-s' b.-t'.v.'.n aniat-ri'S ! o'' Ch'in-.-st'o.shiio and otbrr ronnti^s.

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THE SPORTING WORLD, Issue 15685, 26 December 1914

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THE SPORTING WORLD Issue 15685, 26 December 1914

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