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I ! ]>ATT:joTTf si'oiri's. | 'iOOD TNTKII.'S. 'l'n-lay the hi- aimi;al ie>r;ilt,;v < <mk plaiv- ;". l'ort Chalmei'. and the pailiinanls v.are i.'imv) |'.')'! i.ils .:.-. wrll a- ifi.mi ITI was a Vatiiotie rr>ir:il l.i. the « inner:. ! aereptine- ci-rlili'-aIVK lusted of the oidiI ni'iy prizes. In nnk'!- that- all tin- iiiuiipv J 111iL_ r )ll lie -ik-voted ti» patriotic purposes. ; In tin* t onnee! ion. it i; pirating li> lint" I that lii.i Tiuiarn ami Oainani oarsmen I patrniu.-ed i.lic le-atla :is iiriinl. though th<- winning nf laios held no pinnpei t <>' : reiin'-mv-dn- tin- or.p.'-nses involved Hi ; 1 il-Tiivriii■ v (inu'.i ri:f■ Ti anil li'i>'il.«. Sueli !:- 1 •!!•'• Irui: spirit "f .-poil. am'! ii if; needl'-iv ' In f-WU- I lift held .-Kjliilt iil'. it-:-'I a p.-ulienlnrly iraiiii v.e!c-:>ino I.c tho ; Vi»UOl .-I. All il. til • N.tJll.-- iMlilt. : \ eoilivuble [Vans re '•:' tin- patrintir : n-|---t nf tin- vr.'allii. and on■ that worked -.v.-11. was tint 'insK'nd nf .-"Mine; liekel~ In,- ;.,l!..i.ei<.l| i.. tli" v.-I;aiv>a and Hat,'...bin, -.-ililMMi l.adev* v.-ere m.hl inM-ad. I ]'■"-. .■ !ia-i'i;<.-. i'MUHiI in tli'- '"at. enabled . ,-,,;,! c ti. i-iilW' .Hid en willlC'lll let "! ;,;,„ !,,; 1M1( .. I.mi. la-i'i-j" ill': roi-ait.-. •>: a: ti.l a iiiiii.U'j- of ladies vren' hiisy di-p.-i-iiii; <"' Ii ■'!»"■•- in *'-<' steeets and at tin' i-ailwav i-.t.-it i.-.:i. Kv< tyimdy in i'm-t- ---( !iahiH-i>. 'iii.-i'.KJiiifr tin- visiio.-r. .-i-i'iiK-.l i.. ii-- tin' regatta, l>a<Jei . In order tha' t'm Miociat'.)-.-- leieM- • '>- !-:in >}),. best ii- .-.-ibli' i iev, i!' ik" i-iini-litems, ill" rnv.-::,n ,;,,,... finished ii'.'ir the .-i:!,aii.-i- In lir- duel; aiai ill" Milling <■■'.:vr-.' Mas -lllM-l-TI-li. ]!••:■ inVM'l mi- -' 1 "i". v ben.e ain-hn'.-l alii-v- I'xi'iu- Point in stead <■{ 1),--, it .'is liei-etofnie. Tin-paii--aai-i--d iao- -uu-i-d and link-lied at tin- duel; nvi'l- a ..ri-ii'i!" emir.-e. The fouroared luats .-tartid at lkmnl's. llnisliiHL' :•■'■ til', ilnck over a i,in- and a-hali mile The sailiti"- and innloi-ijiL' >t;irtcd and j |ii.i*li"d .-IT Hi." m.d <-,f tl,.i flu'-'! j V-. Unit'. lint! ins I'm- satlnur siood in ;!,.- (ti-,1 and tluMl cia.-n varli', va. i-s. Inn , tin- M-roiid iiuniliri- hi' yclii.-Tirn away in llio l-.x-l'.-d:.tio;:.?vy * Voire a-i.i S'a.-!iisiii<'n tilt- othfi- <-!ass;'s of yacl'.t-s -.i\' awa .- mi sinilar duly. at-,<i nn-n i'l-.-ii fi'Cfini! hoais i.ran-t>irod' 'o tli" ; in-- al"i sh i-.vid L'linrl .nitiii-. tiinro Hj-in r ; I ~!:•:■ "r,trl"s i'.n tli" kinn.-hr- .■!' 10 j '" 'l'lic' 'l''iira.'.v<-:-:!. mooivd mi I'ni- ni'itli i-id" ; nf 111" C.-.-orj." ,sTr--"i, pii-r. v."as 'l'ia- iiiiiMrid pni-iimi ..t tin' proyraimnr : supplied l.v the l'ort Clialmo.s .-r.h<i<il | Hand wli". of Air C. I'. I'.ooth. \ played ..!! I lit- ll:o',-liil'. i 'l'iin weather \-, a.s niily fair from a if- i jattii. point «•!' view, tlimiizli it- wins di.s- | innliv t ' i'r.'in the he.l.dayi!in- a.-peet.| A fl< ; .= h' .-iiiiih-v.-.-t lirt.v.l' blew iliiuu tli" j hail.-- r. making matters /-inirwiial Hiimm-t'in-t;:l)!e i'm- tlte. oai-.-inen. 15-al'. the hiv.i.hts spanned ahm- under I'nil .sail, but ; "ii- smaller era.i't. foiinil I hey ei.nld do : \,r-!-l run- \\a* tin- lit --" =- .-ailln-i iaei- mi : lie- pin-ialaime. Ii stalled at 11.15 a.m.. ! ;ii.-! vas expeeteii to linish, iilvai: 1. -,0. Th<- | I.e. in.: niu'w was v.-.dl ..lit of tile nh:n_ ; i-.-l. and the e'nh lninlinis-'d lh" fl'l".:' of AiAiiiivX Dwi'isid-: scri.i.s. :iin. I Timain INivine Chili -C 'l'f.wnef j Nti-okeb !'. Honileenk il, !». Klnnie !,,>,! 1 >. oi-ili Iv.i'i Ih.atir.i; Clnl> N". 1--T. I |".-,-iv,-tv f-rnk-i. A. Aitken ... 2 [ (.leeen's I)--r v i loal 'iil' Cpil---IJ. .M'Ciir- I ' mink i-irnki", M. Wai-oii |hn;r ... ". . A I-.,, -iai-t-ed: I'm! Cli-.hners Knv.-in-i Ci.ib. fli,;;edin Amat.-'i" IV.>! in" C!iii>, : Xmili Kml Nil 2 > ! I''i!i.shi.--rali'e difiieul'v va- rvp.-i-iene.'d i

,;,i 'aeeniiut of lluci'li's 111, Ye In'!!'- too eaiwr in uri •■. ;iood t »ti.-iti•:11. i'i'iaily Mr f llnV.'.H ,-|f,-eled ;i ■■;( pit il i .-< ,1 It . 1,: 11 -tHI I LIS! tv.iv Oueeu'.s Drive ti.-k T'Miarn'* watel'. ; and miudit well have earned di.--.-piali(iea ! 1 n.u. (i'liiii; dov. ,i t.. t'w imnin j. p-uiM I l,hieeu'.- Drive :ii>ft Pi.-i -mr-ven' ;n ad'-a:, i t;i','c. hut ah:m-t. iniuu'dialeiv ;ilti r turning j Port fell :i«':iv. end !i;il'.'-.v,iv u|, tin- roiii-- •' Oiicc'tiV Di'ivv a!-o failed, and North Kud 1 \n. :' (V.i.-ril rowine. North Kr.d No. I and TinK.iu. who had 1.r.-i; lyiti;' l.aii'^v. .-.hnv.od out in o T( .; lt advantage. :j))fJ hoik ; ru'erinj; tin- hasht lnr.eth"r four-ht. out ;i : i/rea t hni-di. Ill'' vi-'ilcvs Mainin;.- 11 j< • v. rdi-e iiv ,-i fin.! Omvu'.- Drive Were .i rather I pm.,l- third, '.villi D.A.P..C. next. P'v-t failI inn; i.i fini-h. Time. Omin IhNee. \ (IT TJ!-. FO!'!{S lHTi!!!:i.Kll HACK. ' l'.m. i Ua-iam li'.atii,'.' " <'h,h- U'. W'.'av I i-ti.,:,. '. !.. (nor.-e. '.. .-':a'-' . T. j I,". C Amite;.- (■■.:> ! I Pot; ( ! ;,:■■,.!:,.]. .1. :<;•!,.,;!. ii. Sk'-inn-nK i .1. h'let.h.-r - I (Ji:.'otiV. Drive Peatim; ch.h No. l-.1. I Shan!-;.- Mmke,. .1. M '<: ffiroi . .11. j (" ,-i r. j }»». ■■i I, ii. Piste:- -■ I A!-o : v..'.-d : Ti"\i>-n lheMti- Cinli. | No li | l Kml No. 1 ami No. L\ ');;;-" Ih'v, ! i.>u t'l.ili. QuronN Dri.v No. 2. , As t"nr a- emi'd lw :-e,-n tl.ioiiijh ill.- I <-V- ---' -f'Olie their W.I- l'Vl-1 V plullll-t' ul' ;i .mod i r, ( , ■'(.. ;o. all the erev, - r cill.'.l to he ,-.■• i i vcn term-, hut with ;i third of tin- di- , t'llme e,,1!,> it U'.-'ll!!.' .--vi.l.Mil. thill tlm I uali'i- v.-;:- vcrv .'hnppv. ,"!id -Imrllv adrr ' war.U North kml No. j were imtieed to ' he in truuhle. ami a l'.-w minutes lad-, tlr. i in..:l - linvini; r-nici'i'il an u.ixly rip. D.iw ; No. " era-rd i-.-t•-illj^. ami 'l'lii'iarn cut n: i Inward- -mire, while (>t;.'L.M -ivinol lo lill. I Tin- all ...viii'ivd witliin tl ]';!■'.• "I ;, Mlifilti- or t ,in, and il \v;p- ii pp.ii i'l't tliat a until r of f;n t, it v.a- p-riMhly oo\ ion liiat oil" n|' the lioat- had iili'-d up aio' two of til.' , '..'\v iiaii tiikcn to !!:■« \',at(-r. Tin' ninpirr'- la'.raii iniinciiati'iv \U"it r(ho a-MaiM-e of th- C-d a lid- l'.la.'k -. ard i-cveral hoat- and dinvlin-- 10-l no tin, -•Mtin- out to ill,- oilic, <t-.v-. < It.*-. hut!' lioat- wc-c left in the rau-i-. and Oaiuaru. who. hem fort unati- 'ii-^li to have ~ci-:ir<'(! -mooiher had hivii prominent- thr''i',ir:iioi!!. entered 11 s■-lia-lu well in i'ihiil of I'o.t. ('),;,! iiier-. <ro--in K tin- lii„- a -o,„i -o 7 l-l-til- ahead, v. ilii C.likci ■. Ilii.e N-. 1. .-inn.- - i.a. 1, ihiid. Noi'h Iha, No. 2 ;il?" .-fiinplftril the .our--. ri'lhi-d any (ailieioai :n< onven ;•■;;(••• : hj,.; "11 the s: in-- lliinjj? ni:.'iil- iov- 'm-vn !•■:.-. i'ia.n-an:. ;.. .-ny Ihe l--.,.-.' -f ii. j,;nl not ,;■ .-j.-laii, i- heen re,'i(l.-|e 1 o ipii, '.;!y. 'lhi' fin i''!'■ eativa-, ■. ■■ -Hi in ■_; a-.tav w.o- the-T.a-nn ..f the North I'.'ll.lels i„e'i|,;. ui il: il.a.h!-. j •irxioß Dtu ui.k m n,i.-. Nni'ih hind HoaliiiL' I : uo 'K. -i. I\n,..\ -iioke. «'. Curve- i.ov ■ : ■Titnavii iheviuo ( ho, |'. ||,,,-,„. ,!„,].,, ' I''. Km,' Imhv ,i : Port <'hahuei> lloui;;o I !|,i, No. ?. .1. Mo,km- Mtol-e. \V. Audee-on h,,v. ... ", A].., started ; lhaoo Mowin- ( }<■:, and ; Dimikli'ii Aneileiir A iniod r-lart. '..;i> etl', ,-t,d. Norii: I'.nd ', and 'l'imai ii r-M"V. tilj.' mil. tile toiiii, t.- j U'eiiiinr- a >ii;;ht lead, v .,, iv ...;,.er J iii'.' raiiier errtit ieiilly. Tin- leading . I piaetiea-Ny t,urne<l the i>uoy .-.iniuita".-o;n-h' in opposite </itV( I ion-, .-an.-itig v.-|i:;i a;i- - pe;ue<] to he MinuMi]in;r ~; a, i'diil. J'o'h ' ChiiJniois gained a .-]it»iit hut , on the home i nit North Knd reco\, i <'|. and assumed the lead, u ith 'l.iuiaiu ■ ha-i.dy. The _]te,« ami-Hlaek.-' seiiilin- ; eh-aniy won hy four h-i.i.'l lis from j I'ml 'Liking thiid jil.'i-, e. '! inn-, Siniti i sa<ee. ' J

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OTAGO REGATTA, Issue 15685, 26 December 1914

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OTAGO REGATTA Issue 15685, 26 December 1914

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