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AND,STAT]- CONTROL OF TEE DHIXK TRAFFIC. [By Rev. James Milne, M.A.] The results of tin? recent, Xo-license arid Prohibition rolls indicate that for the pi-emotion of t _-mpf-r.->.uoe reform the time ! is ripe either for « ,uic more drastic action ; o. the part r; the Government than is affordi-l the cb-ctors, through opportunity . p:-<'s--iitcd nf ca.tinj their voles; or, if I such action cii.iirt be taken, the hallo'. | pure.a them..-.lves rhould be amended, m all fnii-na--. as to the issues to be voted I upon. | There is h\ the nonunion &n ever- | proving number of people who are of | opinion thai the h-,t solution of the mnk : problem is t.. h- found in some form of ! public, control of tin; traffic, as, e.g., by the, j State or muni, nudity. J'hi.s conviction is | now so ttrongiy i'.-it and su widely ex- ; pressed as to .jiisttfv smue direct action on j the part of the public authority to give it <!ij<:. The n-u!ts of tl ßf r .,]l«. alrr-adv , referred To. bear indirect testimony to the : s-aine end. Jho .Vn-l:f-.'iiw question seems ' to bn Win? in public interest, as least as . fa.' as gaining -lound is concerned. Thn v"t" for Xanonal Pi-obtbitinn fell .short considerably of !hc_ attained at the Inst ii-r-nniai pflh 'I her: miis: lie some reason for tins, as the 1 empe: jr.a' sentiment, gen- : orally t hrnu.h-.o;:; Yew Zealand, with the grown: >• e::!:.:b: ,C!!i en; and social advance u£ '.he' people. .-ij.iaM b.> rising. The <Tphmation i> found when the issues to h* voted «| o.'i are eon-id. rod in the bight of tin's .-cine temperance sentiment. It, is a we]] brmn fact that many t-em-j reran e vr.v!. ,. F earmot give, a, \vlioloi liTU'trd allegiance io X'o-ih e isr, heraufe to j their minds it savors ten inuch of a pi licy : of tahirg the rrofiis of the ninny to place j them in (lie- hands nf th« few". A Xoj license area in proximity in ur,« in winch | Horn,,- js sold means, niturallv, increase of ' biiM'nosf,_ to ' licrtts.'holders in the latter ! area-. So. again, many moderate- t<;m|<Tai'fi' reformers shrink from voting for Prohibition, as being too drastic an isfno. Voter.-, of this persuasion of mind icgaid th-t> evil of te.nn.eran.-o to lie not ir> t h<, Inptor ib-oif. lot in its alms.?. Yet t<oi'o is reason to believe that not a few moderates voted 'Prohibition at the last pell in hope of the Rational irstie being carried, ami so being''e the means of clearing off the present licensing .system, to prep ire t!i-- ground for the introduction of State Cinltol. The practice of such a policy in , voiini' brings oe.e tear being Jssuitical. It 1-erlnisny aims al mahinit the end justify the nieans, in sr. far as the voter, Mipportiiiij -i policy in which he does not : beli.-ve. is led to do so in hope of expediting sorr." en<l in which he has every c lili.b.uce. Thus it may iiavo tiiat not a. few voter.- who believe in Siat-e t'-m----:1!<jI wcrr- debarred from voting on t'ie | national is-ue as no;, earing to support Proj hibitien mid- c sn. hj .circumstances, .and ! found th■miselves equally adverse to the present iio-nsin.' system continuing in force. Other moderates may have voted for th« continuance o! tb ■ present system, as clioosiner the of two poor aitßi'nn- ! fives. l>e th,d as it may, this at leai-r, | is suiv : thai at the recent polls no oppori tunily wa<; itiven to voters who believe in | Stafc (.'oiiti'ol to exnres.s, tlicmsclve.s di- ; reeily. ; 'J he q:.,;;t'on rc:,ia ; !'s as to vh'lt 16 i wrc.iur iMtii tii'- prcs- ;it licensing sys---m of ;-e;aiiin_ lio'.'.o;-. ,-,m- the answer is found in its'.c-.- e.,i;;::: ion and nature. Under its >\ orihn.. a monopoly is conferred liquor : and in all trading' it is a fair ;i)id b.e;ilthv ihing t!ia; iiionopolfes fhotil.l not b- vestc-il in individuals but' in the State. . I'i.d-ar it. a j.on. tiic.e is an inordinate ; leni].latioti f..r t';..-■ license-holder to push the more in v !r- nia!;os. 'i he urc^'.-tit ■ licrnsing sy-teii) •■ doublh-.-i- d.-viso<l ill it. day to pi- mi te t-i-iup. rant- ; but, reand conditions, i: mi-lit almost lie es--1 te. mr.l as 11, • very best that could have Ik on devi cd to dv''eai tic- very end it uas 'meant lo serve. 1: is e-t-en;ia!ly iiloeicah and in vi. - .v of what, human ttatuie ,s it jilacc-s too urea! a s: rain for the promotion and niahi;. :i. !.'■■• -.; t,riij': raree ujtoii the liceiisc-hold. .. i'-Ma::i!y, tin- man who «» M'ci: does hi,; i- ie,!-. duty in th ■ -eyos of the Jaw is o , . .i: e , f j n .!■>(.• : and no mislal, • • cjj b ■ -cadi- by I- inpera!!..-• ioI'liiiners -.•.■ •i■ .i iiivcio!i:Pi,j; against ihe li.ensv~le:.i. iicn M i:;ch:de •;, th ■ i-dict-ment ii.e :nei hohiii..; th" iicenses. AVh.i • int'r---l.s cot;:.- ill-. . ■nllicl it is hud to iudj.. impa.'.iaily and without pr<.jedi.--. d.. Nt leu;- :a ■.■ c r.n nueis or i!i» Xo !i----een:,. party ~n ;h-' one hand and the Kpivotiier. \\' V- v 'n ■ ■ ran sp-.-i' iavrli'.y in oivaii.'-at. ■ : !■■ pail ,■:-. who i,p to ;}:e jo. s . : .t .!.:■. , i.. i hi- I rem n.ions ..' ;i-'i:,'i ,; -a- hj -lij- r inMead of eo-<.).- ai i._ l in- ■ -ne '■' it hj the nt bar. lie- ii.'i.i Jia.- waxd iii:ic-i« .- .:'. !-i '.i-ijiij a ji. rnia ucut iuf.:iliit,;o;, .; tin- Dominion. Thhs nu-ans i|i'-.ei o.; . i ; e •■•■■ ie.. : i:ii--i -1 l>i.riniiiny on; -,: n.. . ..: .- . .:. '1 ih- Si.ate Las tried t . oe. i.r :,; ;..!!::• n--.- ;j--m politico by o:: ,-rv... ■ i...... .• ;. a- Xo !,. en, e 'ami Piohibii.on p ~;-. •.-, ./■--- tin- lofinne.- of tlie ■ :.'.'•' i ont-.!. but jir.t as tiie remaining tnemi.ej- ..; a noU..-d:.,;d l.nijjit, be riper ted ;-. tarn- :.o : itt.e intei.,t. throu-h l lie ne dm - ; dc : ■; and «'.vs, in a iife-aiirl-bath .■;:.;::' of ot'ier two of i'ti in- tnb.-ic on; . i ib,.,|-. . and to take an adive i:,b;i'.-! in i:.e ,::n,i'. -u the groat ( i :.-:-. i-.-s a d .-. j■ i. -J and sinist- r eii... :. ..j; p ;.;b ai iife and ag■■-;■,cy. The danger a:;. ;n i:om .u ii a stale of mat- '•;.- is mi:e ;.i:e j.-.--. : -a! ind great in that it is u.'.ie a.-i iiin.iiiig. 1l means that ,-..s a ('-.ntiov. !-y ia.-'o a?id grows the goveniMi n- i-: tie i-iiiiiirv w. i 1 aiwavg b« apt to i. :: ;;;y : .'-tl tie;; by one oil other of tie- •<• '■ slant-. In \ T Ve.v of thes< :V:s .; ; ,_, ~. ; -e. ;; .„a!b iialg.-d th.r tiie tne a- ripe ;< i -.-• tr-e sl'itei.n:an J: t'te j- ;i: ; -i A lid [,, :.;,-, •.;, I ;;, (. Jiquot l.glit nu'- ..-.-.••■. a--I :'"'■ -b- :>t-j!<-. in th< interest id [■■■. ••■•■■•\ peiti. -.1 intearitv. i< dire, tiy ..,.■:.;■■-. tr - dmih -raiti': itself. 'I iicr-- i, ■:■■> rea.-o . .'. i.y both partief.hirtn.i 'ft i.-- in-.-', trici.iyth h-rnorab!ecom-lro :;.;--'■ ,: tie- ' ;■-. r -a. i:-. ■,. To the Xo'i •-;:..■ t..'!!.y tii:..pi r If- le r t the work of cr-ato -ii'.g tie- ;■■ j '■■ ■--, '-.te as to tho number. :.' ; tty .c S'ie.''-i 0.-.-t rojied hotifps they ilor-ir...-! in their resprctive districts. To lkeni>( -h do-.-rs might be .-sjtiecded a certain oomnomation. i..- i •■ p.iri frt;m the profits of the S'.ale-eo: tr.i'.'ril houses, for more or !cs', sti- 1 iei: with irawai of thfi: licensers. Thu is v.'hat the time hs for. That it, lias pi-odmeri <,r wii! prr-i»'-€ tho man u> do it is another question. Failing this, why c-iiouid not an experiment m State I'-ontro] ive tried in th« King Country, where tic conditionci are about ideal for th<- .sime'f Further, and fauiiip the nhoi. if the iiqnt.r light is stili woaiily .-md foolislijy to go on. why, it. ai! fao'iMs-. sir- nl-1 not tho St aw Control ii?suo bo also put upon the ballot paper: 'J hie might bring the great controversy al.' tho more speooiiy ;-> a dose.

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THE RECENT LIQUOR POLLS, Evening Star, Issue 15685, 26 December 1914

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THE RECENT LIQUOR POLLS Evening Star, Issue 15685, 26 December 1914