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GOVERNMENT NOTICES. •NEW ZEALAND RAILWAYS. NEW YEAR HOLIDAYS, 1915. "HHE FOLLOWING ALTERATIONS IN - and ADDITIONS TO the Ordimtry I Train Services will be made in connection | with tho above . I TUESDAY, 28th DECEMBER. WAITAHUNA SHOW. Tho Train usually leaving Lawrence for Milton at 3.15 p.m. will NOT leave until [ 4.25 p.m., Wiiitahuua 5.5 p.m., arriving Milton tJ.IO p.m., connecting at Milton with [Trains for Diinedin and Clinton. i THURSDAY, 31st DECEMBER. DUNEDIN-OAMARU.-Holiday Excursion | Tickets from Dunedin and stations north j thereof to Oamaru and intermediate) stations ! will NOT bo available by Up Mail Train leaving Duucdiu at 8 a.m. The Up Mail Tiain leaving Dunedin at 8 a.m. will NOT take passengers for Waitati. Holiday Excursion Tickets from Diuiadm for Seacliff, Palmerston, Hampden, and Oamaru will NOT bo available by tho Up Express Train leaving Dunedin at 11.14 a.m. Holidnv Excursion Tickets fiorti Oamaru and stations south thereof to Duucdin and Intermediate Stations will NOT be available by the Down Express and Down Mail Trains arriving Dunedin at 3.35 p.m. and 9 p.m. respectively. Kxnross "Train for Oamaru will leave Dunedin "at 12.30 p.m., Waiiati 1.2 a p.m., Seacliff 1.44 p.m., Waikouaiti 2.3 p.m.. Palmerston 2.32 p.m., HilljjTove 3.1 pin., Hampden 3.12 p.m , Herbert 3.33 p.m., Mahcuo 3.43 p.m., arriving Oamaru at 4.3 p.m.. Slops where timed ami at Port Chalmers Upper to pick up passengers for stations at which train slops. Coimccls at Oamaru with trains for Kurow and Ngapara Branches. Express Train for Dunedin will leave. Oamaru iit 4.35 p.m., Maheno 5 p.m., Herbert 512 p.m., Hampden 5.35 p.m., Htllgrovo 5.42 p.m., Palmorston 6.14 p.m.. Waikouaiti 6.54 p.m., Seacliff 6.57 p.m., Waitati 7.1b" p.m., P.irakanui 7.40 p.m.. arriving Dunedin 8.13 p.m. Stops where timed and at Port Chalmers Upper to SET DOWN PASSENGERS ONLY. Train for Balclutha will have Dunedin at 6.25 p.m.. Allantou 7.4 p.m., Henley 7.21 p.m.. Waiholu 7.33 p.m.. Milton 8.3 p.m., Stirling 8.42 p.m.. arriving Balclutha 8.49 p.m Connects with Trains for Lawrence and Collins River Branches. ■ "Will NOT stop for passengers between Dunedin and Most;:-.'! inclusive. South of Mosgiel will stop where required to pick up or set down passengers. Holiday Excursion Tickets from Dunedin for Milton lialclutlri. and stations on Catlut? River Branch will NOT be available by tho Express Train leaving Dunedin at 4.15 p.m. LAWRFNCIC BRANCH.—The Train usually leaving Milton for Lawrence at 7 p.m. will NOT'leave until B.ID p.m. (connecting with 6.25 p.m. Train from Dunedin), Wa<t ahuna 9.30 p.m., arriving Lawrence 10 RIVER BRANCH—Train will leave Balclutha. for Catlins River at. 9 p.m. (connecting with 6.25 p.m. train from Dunedin), returning leaving (at litis River at. 10.53 p.m., arriving Bal.-Hitba. 12.25 a.m.. Friday, connecting with night trains to luvercarnill and Dunedin. DUNEDIN-MOSGIEE—Train will have Dunedin for Mosgiel i.nd intermediate FRIDAY, Ist JANUARY. WAUIEMO BRANCH.--The Ordinary Time-table will Vie suspended. Trains will leave Palmeistrm for Dunbaek at 8.15 a.m. and 7.20 p.m., returning leaving Dunback .v. 9.5 a.m. and 8.10 p.m. DUNEDIN-OAMARU.—The 4 35 a.m. Dunedin Palmerston Train and the 5 p.m. Palmerston Train will NOT run. Holiday Excursion Tickets from Dunedin and stations north thereof to Oamaru and Tniormcdiaio Stations will NOT hj» available by Up Mail Try in leaving Dunedin at 8 a.m The Vn Mail Train leaving Dunedin at 8 a.m. w'ili NOT take passengors for Waitati. Holiday Tx;ursio.i Tickets from Palmer--lon and stations si.nth thtrcof to I>uncdi»i and Intermediate Stations Vitt NOT be, available bv Down Express and Down Mail Trains arriving Dunedin at 3.55 p.m. and 9 p.m. rcsptctivelv. RACES AT WAIKOUAITI. Express Train will leave Dunedin for Palmerston at 9.25 a.m.. stopping at the following stations:—Waitati 10.26 a.m.. Stachft i0?55 a.m.. Puketo.aki 11.G a.m., Waikouaiti 11.30 a.m..- arriving Palmcrsion 11.52 a.m. Will also ston at Port Chalmers Upper to pick up passengers for stations at which it is timed to stop. Express Train will leave Palmerston for Dunedin at 5.35 p.m.. stopping at the following stations: —Waikouaiti 6.5 p.m., Puketeraki 625 p.m., Seacliff 6.37 p.m., Warrington 6 45 p.m.. Kvansda'e 6.50 p.m., Waitati 7.2 p.m.. Purakanui 7.25 p.m., arriving Dunedin 8 p.m. Will also stop at Port Chalmers. Upper to set down passengers. Train stopping at Waikouaiti and (ioodwood r.nlv will leave Dunedin at 9.55 a.m., Waikouaiti 11.42 a.m., arriving Palmerston 12.10 p.m. Train taking for Dunedin only will leave Waikouaiti at 5.40 p.m., arriving Dunedin 7.15 p.m. Train for "Waikouaiti and intermediate stations will leave Dunedin at. 10.10 a.m., "Waitati 11.25 a.m.. Seacliff 11.55 a.m., "Waikouaiti arrive 12.23 p.m. Trains for Dunedin and intermediate stations will leave Palmerston at 4.15 p.m. and 6 p.m.. Waikouaiti 4.45 p.m. and 6.30 p.m., Seacliff 5.24 p.m. and 7 p.m.. Waitati 5.5j p.m. and 7.23 p.m.. Purakanui 6.20 p.m. and 7.50 p.m., arriving Dunedin 7.0 p.m. and 8.33 p.m. respectively. The Train nsuallv leaving Dunedin for Palmerston at 527 p.m. will'NOT leave till 7.42 p.m., Waitati 8.51 p.m., ►Soaelifi 9.20 p.m.. Waikouaiti 9.50 p.m., arriving Palmerston 10.20 p.m. DUNEDIN -CLINTON.-The 5.10 a. i Duncdin-Balclutha will NOT inn. SPORTS AT MIDDLEMARCTI. ! OTAGO CENTRAL BRANCH.—Train for 1 Middkmareh will leave Dunedin at. 7.52 a.m.. "Wingatni 8.27 a.m., arriving Middlcniardi I at 10.55 a.m. I Trains for Dunedin and intermediate stations will leave Micidiemareh ar. 5.25 p.m. rain will leave Omakati at. 8.30 a.m., Oi.■;rehmi 9.33 a.m.. Ranfurlv 10.30 a.m., Hvi 11.50 a.m., arriving Middle-march r.l 12.30 | p.m. ' The Train usually leaving Middle-march •or Otnakau at 4.5 p.m. will NOT leave till i 5.10 p.m., Hyde 6.10 p.m., R■infurlv 7 'l3 I p.m., Otttrehua 8.35 p.m.. arriving Omakau at 9.45 p.m. ; Train for Dunedin will leave Hyde at 4.20 I p.m. RACES AT OMAKAU. Train will leave Clyde, for Omakau at fi p.m., r-eturi;ing leaving Omakau at. 7.50 p.m., Clvdo arrive 3.40 p.m. DUNEDIN-MOSOIKL.— Train will |r-avc Dunedin for Mosgiel tit 11.25 p.m. OUTRAM BRANCH.—Train will have. i Outrani for Mosgiel at 6.50 p.m.. returning 1 leaving Mosgiel at 7.55 p.m., connecting at Moigicl with Trains to and fiom Dunedin. CATLINS RIVER, BRANCH.— Tim Train nstiallv leaving Balclutha for Catlins Rivet at 5.30 a.m. wdl NOT urn. Train will leave Balelutha. for llouip'tpa. Nt 5 a.m.. returning leaving Houipapa at ",.18 a.m.. Catlins River 7.30 a.m., Owalca 7.43 a in., arriving lialrlmha 9 a.m. SATURDAY. 2nd JANUARY. CHRISTCHURCH - DUNEDIN. Extrain will leave Chri~tchurch a.t 9.10 a.m., Oamaru 2.15 p.m.. Mabeno 2.42 p.m., Hampden 3.15 p.m., Palmerston 3.55 p.m., arriving Dunedin 6 p.m. Stops at Mahrno, Herbert, Hampden, Palmerston, Waikouaiti. Seacliff, and W.iiUti. to pick up or set down passengers, and at Port Chalmers Upper to allow passengers to alight. RACKS AT OAMARU. Holiday Excursion Tickets front Dunidin and Stations north thereof to Oamaru and Intermediate. Station; will NOT bo available by Up Mail Train leaving Dunedin at, 8 a.m. Special Express Train for Oama leave Dunedin at 7.35 a.m., Raven 7.42 a.m., Port. Chalmers Upper 7.55 a.m., Waitati 8.29 a.m.. Scaolilf 8.51 a.m., Palmerston 9.36 a.m., Hampden 10.10 a.m., arriving Oamaru 11.3 a.m. and Racecourse 11.25 a.m. Stops at Ravensbournc, Port Chalmers Upper, Waitati, SeaciifV. Waikouaiti, Palmerston, and Hampden only. The Down Mail Train leaving Oamaru at 5.29 p.m. will NOT take passengers from Oamaru for Maheno. Herbert. Hampden, Hihgrov>, or Palmerston. Special Express Train will leave Oamaru at 6.15 p.m., Hampden 7.5 p.m., Palmerston 7.40 p.m., arriving Duiieclin at 9.35 p.m. Stop* at Hampden. Palmerston, Wai. kouaiti, Seacliff, Waitati. Port Chalmers, Upper, and Ravensboume only. Train will leave Oamaru for Dunedin and intermediate stations at 9.20 p.m. DUNEDIN - PALMERSTON. The 4.35 l. Diuiediu-Palmerston Train and the 5 p.m. Palmerstoii-Duuedin Train will NOT run. The Train usually leaving Diinedin for Palmerston at. 1.25 p.m. will "NOT run. The Train usually leAvim; Palmeriton for

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