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LATE-ADVERTISEMENTS. WISHING ALL OUR CUSTOMERS THE COMPLIMENTS OF THE SEASON. VISIT, ' VISIT 1 SIMON BROTHERS FOR HOLIDAY BOOTS AND SHOES. BEAUTIFUL 'NEW GOODS JUST OPENED, To be had/for Price# which must satisfy all Candid Buyers. ' . SUITABLE PRESENTS for Mother, Father, and the Children. Special Lines to Clear at Ridiculously Low Prices. INSPECT OUR THREE WINDOWS. v SIMON BROS., George street, Dunedin (our only address). T ROSS Open To-night till ll' o’clock at • Princes and 6 George street (two doors from Octagon?, FOR SALE of Christmas Presents; Kid Gloves, choice Hosiery,- Boxes Handkerchiefs, real Lace Tics and Collars, TTJIEATHER Boas, Silver-mounted Umbrel--SJ las. rich Silk Blouses, Overalls, Silk Sports Coats, stylish Raincoats. Moire Skirts, TEA Cloths, Coseys, Cushion Cases, Perfumery, Soaps, Doyleys, Children’s Sox, and everything suitable for a really SBPUL Christmas Present. At T. Ross’s. Princes street, and Number 6 George street (two doors from Octagon). HOLIDAY REQUIREMENTS . Are being Shown in A!) Departments. MILLINERY. MILLINERY. MILLINERY. Choice Designs. ’ w TANTED Known—Complete new range i , of Heavy-quality Floorcloth, various designs, from 2s 3d yard. Herbert, Haynes. Known—Exceptional value v T offered in Heavy Linoleum, carpet matting designs, 4s 3-J yard. • Herbert,, • \XT ANTED Known—Excellent designs and »v . quality offered in extra heavy quality Linoleum. 4s 9d yard. Herbert, Haynes. ANTED Known—Special purchase of Boys’ Jersey Suits, size 2. 3, from 4s worth double. Herbert, Haynes. ANTED Known —Special purchase of Boys’ Jersey Suits, size 2, 3, from -’s 6d—worth double. Herbert, Haynes. WANTED Known—lien’s Sports Suits largo selection to choose from), Dominion manufacture, from 29s 6d. Herbert, Havnes. WANTED Known—Men’s Sports Suits largo selection to choose from). Dominion manufacture, from 29s 6d. Herbert, Haynes. DUTHIES, DRAPERS, GEORGE STREET. TARATU COAL. The Proprietors wish one and all of their numerous customers A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A. HAPPY NEW YEAR. All Coal Merchants can Supply Taralu Coal. WANTED Known —Our Factory Madu-io-measuro Suits from 45s best value in Dunedin. Herbert, Haynes. ■'STSTANTED Known—Our Factory Mado-to-VV measure Suits from 45s best value in Dunedin. Herbert, Haynes. PROGRESSIVE Doubles will be Played cn Xmas Day on Kaikorai: Green; ail bowlers and friends cordially invited. Play to commence at' 9.30 turn. 11l OR SALE, Motor Car Head Light, com- • plotc. “Acetylene,” ‘Star’ Office, pj/t Fine White Leghorn Chicks. PadmanUu Nixon’s -strains, la each. J. Shrimpton, Balmacewen road, Maori Hill. PALACE of Wonders. The Picture and Story Books for Boys and Girls that are on view in Show Room at Duncan and Simpson’s, Princes street, arc the Best in Town. Inspection invited, , SPECIAL" Christmas Greeting Covers for Post-card Photographs. Pattillo has a most lovely selection. Bridal Studio. CHRISTMAS Brides-Elect.” Pattillo’s dates for Christinas Week Wedding Groups are filling up. Please make arrangements. A MUCH-APPRECIATED ” Christmas Gift is an Order on Pattillo, the bridal photographer, for Cabinet Photographs. jPUGARETTES made from Red Jacket Tobacco draw easily, burn coolly, evenly. IF you like a rich, full-flavored, tasty Curry, ask for Marshalls Curry Powder. All grocers. WATSON’S No. 10 is a little dearer than most Whiskies, but is worth the money. B ’ECU'S!” Open (Saturday, 19th, and Christmas Eve for convenience of those wishing to buy Christmas Gifts. B EGG’S Mouth Organs.—Enormous variety; thousands from fid: famous Boomerang from Is. Splendid value. B due. EGG’S.” —See our Windows; Musical Gifts for Musical People; splendid “■OEGG’S” show the biggest stock-in the JL> Dominion; Mandolins from 30s, Accordions from 7s 6d. B EGG’S” Grand Christmas Display; everybody invited to inspect our lies; biggest values in the Dominion. B EGG’S.”—Banjos from 27s 6d, Cornets SC», Boys’ Flutes 2s 6d, Concertinas 10s 6d. B EGG’S,” established 53 years, stock everything in the way of Musical Instruments ; biggest values at Bcgg’s. PAPERHANGINGS, Friezes, better and cheaper'than ever; marvellous value; special purchase from Paris and London; 10,000 pieces Is—usual price 3s; Friezes, 3d yard; beautiful designs, artistic colorings; below manufacturer’s cost. Wren’s, Wren’s. THE World Over Watson’s No. 10 is regarded as tbe Premier Whisky. HAVE your Office Fittings made more convenient for next year. Consult Pattillos, shopfilters, Moray place. GOING Ahead! making all sorts of Wood Productions for all sorts of purposes. Pattillos, wood-craftsmen. \KTEDDING Cake Boxes, Cards, InvitaTl tiou Stationery, Confetti, and Presents. Duncan and Simpson, booksellers, Dunediu. H/TRS RHODES, Trance Medium, from iVX Australia (registered); interviews daily (ladies only); short season. 5 St. Andrew street. IRVINE AND STEVENSON are Cash Buyers of all kinds of Fruit; correspondence invited. Irvine and Stevenson, Filleul street. XMAS Presents. —Just opened, a magnificent stock Pictures and Art Goods; also Full Cabinet Photos British Generals, only Is fid.H. Day, 36 George street. TRAVELLING Rags, Suit Cases, Dress Baskets, all sizes, best values; lowest City prices. Laidlaw and Gray’s. TOYS of every kind, Dolls, Engines, Ships, Soldiers, Sailors; latest novelties for children. Laidlaw and Gray’s. CAMPING Out? Fine value in Tents c f all sizes, Tomahawks, Billies, everything required. Laidlaw and Gray’s. RIFLES, Guns, and Ammunition; best you can buy, and at lowest prices. Try Laidlaw and Gray's. AWN Mowers, all sizes, seven different (' kinds; best English and American; urpassod values. Laidlaw and Gray’s. RT Copper Ware, English Silver Plate, Sets Carvers, Clocks and_ Watches; values. Laidlaw and Gray's. rHATEVER the weather, Watson’s No. 10 is always appreciated. JGGESTIONS for a Christmas Box—A choice Box of Cigars from Moody’s, icconists, importers of choice Havana Manila Cigars. HITE House.—Great Assortment Chil- » dren’s China, Enamel Tea Sets, DinSets, fid, Is, Is 6d upwards, Todd’s, rgo street. ITHITE House,” George street.—Dolls, T all kinds, 6d to 30s; Glassware, aware, Hardware. 1 AA-SHOT Pistols, Is; Buffalo Bill GenXUU tunes,’ls fid; Toy Pianos, 6d, lid, Is fid, 2s 6d. Todd’s, White House. XMAS Gifts, different from those to be found elsewhere. At Miss Clough’s, ladies’ depot, George street. CHRISTMAS Presents for Ladies! Many charming and odd novelties at Miss Clough’s, ladies' depot, George street. HAIRDRESSING for Christmas Functions!—Ladies’ select rooms, expert PICTURE Gallery in Your Homes.—The ( best Presents are the New Colored Pic, j lutes just to hand; only^shipment to Dunledin: wonders of color, tasty design; call j early; good choice. Duncan and Simpson, booksellers. WANTED Known—You can gefc best quality Boots at Prosser’s, South Dunediu Boot Factory, Cargill's Corner. BUY your Boots and Shoes at wholesale prices at Prosser’s, South Dunediu Boot Factory, Cargill’s Corner. JUST. Penny Section, Cargill’s Corner, and you can get Boots and Shoes Cheaper than Dunedin. WANTED Known—You can get beet quality Boots at Prosser's, South Dunedin Boot Factory, Cargill’s Corner. 'anted' WANTED Known—Pcrro-Ctirnum Beef Iron Wine excellent spring tonic; 3s fid large bottle. Scott’s Pharmacy, 17 Prim ccs street I WILL Not be Responsible for any Debts incurred by Robert Hall Rodgers. James Hall, 493 Cargill road. ODDING Cake Boxes, Cards, Invitation Stationery, Confetti, and Presents. Duncan anfl Simpson, booksellers, Dunedin. C<MOKRRS, Note: You can obtain full KM 2oz weight of all Tobaccoes at Moody's, tobaeoonists. Ort/A —English Piano: trichord, check acoW/SvF iiion; splendid tone instrument; call early, secure bargain. Martina, Octagon. CHRISTMAS House Furnishers, get our Estimate; Furnish from £35 complete. At Martins', Octagon. o AK Bedroom Suites, latest styles, from £l2 10s, complete. Martins, Octagon. LINOLEUMS, la 9d yard; Floorcloths, 2s 9d; latest patterns; expert advice; get our lyv prices. Mart-ins, Octagon. T>UGS, Mats, and Carpets, Lace Curtains iV and Blinds; we supply at low price. Marlins, Octagon. GETTING Married Xmas? Get our latest 50-page Catalogue; eye-opener prices and styles. Martins, Octagon. PEN of taste, of culture make their L Cigarettes from Red Jacket Tobacco. jgggjQ —Belleknowcs: Nearly i-acre, 5 Rooms; verandah, copper, tubs; glorious view; close car; price greatly reduced to effect .immediate sale. Alex. Harris, auctioneer. PORTOBELLO. —Christmas Eve Tarewai meets 11.15 p.m. Train from Dunedin. SEND for or cotie yourself for your Christmas or New Year Orders to the Provincial Hotel Bottle Department. Satisfaction guaranteed; only best liquors stocked. BUSINESS as usual. Robt. Moss, piano tuner, repairer, 18 Albany street; good work guaranteed; contracts undertaken. A GOOD Brier Pipe makes an excellent Jr\ pre-ieut. .We have a full range of. Lcewe, Comoy’s, and G.B.D. to select from. Moody’s, tobacconists. lass of WatHAT Men appreciate : A sen’s No. 10 Whisky. women operators; haircutting, massage, etc. Miss Clough, George street. GREY Hair gradually transformed to original color; Bland's Vegetable Hair Dye, 3a fid bottle. Agent, Miss Clough. Dispensary.”—Registered Chemist in perpetual attendance at Baglcy’s Pharmacy, King street north (near Howe street). ' ■: ■ ' ■ ■ ' ' >APER for Wrapping-up For Sale. Apply. . j ‘Star’ Office, Bona street. PORTOBELLO. —Christmas -Evo Tarewai meets 11.15 p.m. Train from Dunedin. PALACE of Wonders. The Picture and Story Books for Boys and Girls that are on view in Show Boom at Duncan and Simpson’s. Princes street, are the Beet in Town. Inspection invited. rrVHE DI.C. is the place for Xmas Gifts JL for boys, for girls, for all. BRINO He is stayin the Children to see Father Xmas, the D.I.C. C' tET your Sixpence ready, and try your 'Ur luck at tho Magic Fish Pond, D.I.C. rriHE D.I.C. Toy and Fancy Bazaar is a A veritable fairyland. Come in. 4 LWAYS acceptable—Ladies’ Linen and jTJI Lawn Handkerchiefs, in presentation boxes, 2s 3d to 6s lid box. LEASf7y oiir PLEASE Your Friends.—The China Department is lull of useful and artistic Gifts. D.I.C. THE' D.I.C. is the headquarters for Xmas Gifts. CHINA Tea Sets, pretty rosebud designs, 21 nieces, 21s. At the D.I.C. fT will bo a Merry Xmas if you buy your L Gifts at the D.I.C. DON’T Forget Father. —Fancy Sox, smart Ties, Silk Handkerchiefs for Xmas Presents. At the D.I.C. MEN appreciate Gifts like this: Fancy Check Shirt and Tie to match. At tho D.I.C. A all. T tho D.l.C.—Dolls for the girls, Mechanical Toys for the boys, Gifts for TEA Sets in beautiful new art designs; 21-piece Set, 15s. At the D.I.C. IjTOR the Holiday#.—-Special prices: Ladies’ . White Pique Blouses, .Sunshine collar, 5s lid each. LADIES’ Figured Crepe Now Style Blouses; special holiday prices, 4s'lld each. At the D.I.C. LADIES’ White Matt and Crepo Shirt Blouses. American sleeves, new style collars. 4s. lid each. T ABIES' White Pique Frocks, belt at JL/ waist, colored tie'and buttons, 23s fid each. SPECIAL Holiday Prices in Summer tC? Blouses. Frocks, and Costumes. At the D.I.C. PHOTOGRAPHIC Supplies—Everything Photographic. Bagley’s Photographic Importing Department; retail quantities wholesale prices; all i-platcs, Is 3d. ANTED Known—Special Reductions at Ritchie's, George street, in Guns and Ammunition. RITCHIE’S for Plated Ware. Oak Trays (with o.p. mounts), Oak Biscuit Barrels, Jam Dishes. RITCHIE’S for Cases of Afternoon Tea Simons, Fish nucl Fruit Eaters, and Cases of Cutlery. RITCHIE’S Table Knives, E.P. Spoons; ’ i-do/.cn each, made up in case; suitable presents. R tiou. ITOHIE’S for Tea Sets, Dinner Sets, Vases, and Ornaments of every descrip■OlTCHlE’S for Doulton Novelties in DinA\j ner Sets, Tea Sots, Vases,. Ornaments, Rosa Bowls, Jugs. RITCHIE’S, George street. —Special Line of Boys’ Watches (keyless); good timekeepers. PORTOBELLO. —Christmas Eve Tarewai moots, 11.15 p.m. Train from Dunedin. GOOD Digestion spells happiness. Watson's Whisky aids assimilation, makes life brighter. Cigar and Cigarette Cases, Cigar and Cigarette Holders; a largo variety to choose from, for Xmas presents. At Moody’s, tobacconists, Dunedin. QUALITY is the first consideration with manufacturers of Watson’s No. 10. Every drop is good. ' IF you want absolutely Pure Sugar of Milk for Baby’s Food, ask for Marshalls Seal Brand. OTHER Cigarette Tobaccos are dull In comparison with Red Jacket Tobacco. Soothing, fragrant, mellow. PICTURE Gallery in Your Homes.—Tho best Presents aro the New Colored Pielures (just to band; only shipment to Dunedin; wonders of color, tasty design: call early; good, choice. Duncan and Simpson, booksellers.

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Page 5 Advertisements Column 3 Evening Star, Issue 15684, 24 December 1914