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. v CANTERBURY. >lln the Flasket Shield match, beginning Lancaster Park on Christmas Day, the .‘Canterbury team will be: J. H. Bennett, ■C. Boxshall, H. A. Bishop, C. E. Beal, ■T. Carlton,’R. G. Hickmott, W. R- P*t--rick, D. Reese, D. Sandman, F. Woods, ‘ H. B. Whitta. , , . Arrangements hare been made whereby < 11. Watson will be able to make the northern tour with the Otago team, . • INTERSTATE MATCH. Bain overnight affected the wlckpt at Adelaide yesterday. New South Wales m .their second innings have lost eight wickets for 359 runs—Andrews 33, Kellewav 32, Prattem S3, and Scott (not out) ,40.' Saturday’s games in the Dominion resulted thus:— FIRST GRADE. Ooi/rs v. Sr. Hilda. Hayed at Culling Park, where a good .wicket was provided. Crawford won the loss, and tlecided to bat, Binney (in the absence of Shepherd, who was playing for ids club) and Chadwick opening the innings to the bowling of Livingstone and G, Edwards. Binney bad scored five from one stroke (four for an overthrow), ■when ho was run out in an attempt to steal a run from another overthrow. Alloo and Chadwick then became associated, and by excellent batting took the score to 97. at which stage the left-hander retired Ibw to M'Carten. Malcolm came in. got seven singles, and was bowled, Crawford filling the vacancy. The skipper made two or three pretty shots, but When 13 played all round A straight one ftom Livingstone, and had his stumps disturbed. Alloo was nexj. to go, Ward holding an easy catch off Edwards. The retiring batsman had played a good, force- ■ -fill innincs, marred bv one lucky miss. With Bell" and Galla’nd together runs «mne—slowly at first, but after Harvey dropped the right hander—a ridiculously soft chance—very quickly. At 205 Livingstone bowled Bell for 24, and then Oalland and Stephens put on 33, the Grange man laying on the wood in great style. The innings was then declared closed, and afternoon tea partaken of by players and offic ials - . Waiter Kerr and Nelson (two of Oraw- - ford’s boys) were the pioneer batsmen for lit. Hilda, And they took the score to 14 Before Malcolm, fielding close in on the off, took a splendid one-handed catch and Bent . Nelson to the pavilion. M'Carten , helped Kerr to take the score to 39, the colt batting very nicely; then came something of a collapse—two for 39, three for 39. four for 39. five for 45. M'Farlnn© (13) and Edwards (11) retrieved the position somewhat, but the total for the innings was only 92, which left the Colts with a comfortable win. Crawford, who first bowled against but subsequently with the wind, act five for 36, Alloo getting three for 28. Scores:

Bowling Analysis.—Crawford, 72 balls, 2 maidens. 37 runs, S wickets; Alloo 72 halls, 3 maidens, 28 runs, 3 wickets; Gal- , land, 11 balls. 6 Tons, 1 wicket. Graxre v. Carisbrook A. i Grange just managed to notch a twopoint win against Carisbrook A on the North Ground, but it is doubtful if it ; could bo classed as an altogether meri- 1 torions one. for, judged on their display 1 pu the field while the visitors were oat- 1 ting, they deserved to be defeated. To 1 say that 'the returns to either end when 1 a close run was being attempted were < erratic is putting it mildly, for a team i in an even lower grade would have ex- 1 hibited much sounder judgment. Altogether the performance of one or two of the North Enders was decidedly weak. : Carisbrook, who had first strike, should never have seen anything like 172, for . Siedoberg, who made top score of the j day, should have been despatched pavilionwards from the first ban of the match. , he putting the ball un in the direction of Henderson at mid-off; but that player , who is usually reliable enough, sadly mis- ' judged the night of the ball, and the Carisbrook player proceeded to make runs . —rather more slowly than usual perhaps —but 75, if it does contain more than ; one blemish, is something more than a mere serviceable contribution to the total. Bannerman rattled up 29 in quick time, but there was nothing very attractive about his strokes. Smith (who played ( confidently, if a trifle restrainedly 'for ; his runs) and A. P. Alloo made a pro- ■ miaing stand before the former had the misfortune to be run out, and thereafter ] the wickets fell rapidly, and the innings ■ closed for 172, the last three wickets fail- • ing to increase the total. When the 7th wicket fell the board showed 169. \V. Beeby bowled fairly well—although Adams drove him confidently in the open- ( big stages of the game—and finished up with three for 50. Henderson, who was put on late, secured two wickets at a cost of 5 runs. It was generally conceded that the 1 home teran would nave to play up if they were going to top Carisbrook’s total, and they opened well enough, the three first batsmen all getting double figures. Eck- ! hold knocked up 26 before Hav got him ! Jbw. Five wickets went down for 66, i which rather altered the complexion of affairs, but J. Graham notched 21, and C. Beeby 14, which put Grange in the running again. Time had to be extended, and finally Henderson and Beeby , made a stand which put a victory within < reach, and although the latter, who played - food cricket, should have been caught by < fay off Alloo when • prospects were not ‘ quite so bright, and the former was run , ant, yet the home team managed to win with a wicket to spare, although the hands of the clock were perilously near “Mr Extras” also totalled 26, of which f 8 were leg byes. It was a serviceable 1 contribution, but It should bo added that 1 Martin’s “keeping" was not below par. J Bolls coming down more or less wide on , .the leg are certainly somewhat difficult t to get. The Carisbrook analysis is some- ] thing to ponder over outside of Hay’s f five for 62. Bannerman, who secured only two wickets, was punished pretty severely even from the outset, yet he was allowed to send down 24, overs, i a which he secured two wickets, the cost being 01. •AlWs 10 overs were delivered ot a coat ( •of 9 runs, and he took one wicket. On f . paper, at all events, it looks as if Ban- S nerman was allowed on rather long, but i there may have been reasons which were 'not disclosed.

Bowling Analysis.—Bannerman, 24 overs, 81 runs, 2 wickets; Hay, 26.3 overs, 62 runs, 5 wickets; A. P. Alloo, 10 overs, 9 runs, 1 wicket. Opoho v. Dunedin. Opoho defeated Dunedin rather easily on the Caledonian wicket, which was _ in good, fast condition. Dunedin, batting first (and a man short), were dismissed for 74 runs. Eckhoff bowled particularly well (seven for 33), and the only men to make a real stand were Wilkie (17) and Johnston (21). Mackersy (11), who looked like stopping, played Eckhoff on. Opoho replied with 122, the principal contributors being Casey 27, Ingram 20, Kenny 17, and Timlin 10. Johnston and Given bowled well. Details :

Bowling Analysis.—Maekorsy, 72 balls, 3 maidens, 22 runs, 1 wicket; Graham, 54 balls, 5 maidens, 8 runs; Johnston, 96 balls, 5 maidens, 40 runs, 5 wickets; Given, 81 balls, 5 maidens, 40 runs, 4 wickets. Carisbrook B v. Albion. The B team batted first. Con Cameron had a smack and was taken at cover. Westbrook shaped fairly well, but was slow between the wickets. Tuckwoll very wisely respected the bowling, and was just settling to good work when he was caught at deep point. Three for 42. Watson and Rarasden set up a serviceable partnership. Both played stylish cricket, and laid the wood on, also judged their running well, and, thanks to their rapid scoring, 100 appeared in 65rain, although the play was so slow at first. Ramsden might have been caught when 38, but it was a very hot chance. He was at length “outed” by the change of bowling that brought Shepherd on. Watson gave no chance at all until, by a false stroke, he spooned one up to mid-on. Drumm played a nice innings, exhibiting sound defence and putting in some punishing strokes, though he seemed to fine! it a job to place the ball between the out-fielders. He had made 18 when Strang dropped a verv hot catch. Then ho survived a ibw appeal. After that Drumm hit merrily until caught at square-leg. Hardies batting deserved praise. He generally chosb the right ball to hit. It was a catch at the wickets that settled him. Spedding was bowled with a short ball, and the innings was declared dosed at 4.45 with 202 on. Albions fielded pretty well, being sure but not brilliant. Carisbrook lost at least a dozen runs by want of activity.

Baker encouraged his side to try to make the runs required, but the bowling by Bamsden and Kelson was too good to lash at, so runs came slowly, and after Stewart had been caught at long-off and Shepherd (who when 17 put a thunderbolt through Kelson’s hands at slip) had his off-stump shifted, the score then being two for 38, 'Albion hardly expected anything better than a draw. Baker skied his first ball to micl-off, and both Hardie and Westbrook 'went for the catch, but missed it. Frank Williams, who rattled up 13 in vigorous style, was dismissed with a ball exactly like the one that beat Shepherd, and Stiglich, who was not at all easy at the wickets, was quickly beaten by Bamsden, but young Joseph Marks stayed with Baker quite a long time, and they played good cricket. Baker might have been taken when 13. He returned the ball to Nelson, but it was a hard hit, and Nelson’s fingers were probably still feeling the sting of the ball he stopped from Shepherd. Baker was eventually caught at cover after Spedding had cleverly juggled with the ball. He hit one 6 (off Nelson) and seven 4‘s. Five for 142, and Albion’s hopes of a draw very high, for Joseph Marks was playing splendidly, he hitting very judiciously on each side. But Nelson got him when tho score stood at 150, and E. Williams made a duck, and Johnston got run out through starting late and then trying to get back, and though James Marks and Strang hit ont the beat they could do was to carry the score to 177 by 6.55, when 26 were wanted with less than five minutes to go, so a draw resulted —a fair draw. Scores; — Carisbrook B.—First Innings.

Eight wickets for 177 Boiling Analysis.—Ramsclen, 108 balls, 6 maidens, 48 runs, 3 wickets; Nelson, 96 balls, 3 maidens. 65 runs, 4 wickets ; Spedding, 24 balls, 12 runs; Tuckwell, 36 balls, 32 runs j Watson, 13 balls, 13 runs. SECOND GRADE. Christian Brothers D 160 (Dan Fogarty 46. T. Thorn 43) defeated Oarisbrook D 129 (Raynor 48) by 31 runs. High School 212 (Holmes' 93, Jones 34 not out) defeated Anderson Bay 67 (L. M'Adam 21, North 17 not out). Holmes, for the winners, took four wickets for 20 and IP. Hutchison five for 44. Oarisbrook 0 secured a three-point win over St. Hilda, whom they defeated by five wickets. The Saints were dismissed for 30 and 68, while Oarisbrook made 69 and 30 for five wickets. Cuddle (Garisbrook) captured four wickets for 6 runs in the “ Saints’ ” first innings and- M'-Hutohi-five for

•Albion 150 (Burnside 52, Thomson 31); Dunedin 107 (Bumisdo 38). Orange 148 (Patterson 64, Keast 40); Duned'n B 106 (Timlin 24, Milburn 20). Mornington and Opoho met at Opoho, the former winning by 48 rune on-the first innings. Mornington were dismissed for ! 03. of which Watson made 51 by good i cricket. Shaw 12 and Caradus 11 were the I only other batsmen to reach double figures. J. Sharpe took six wicketa and j Rutherford four wickets. Opoho replied | -with 45 (M'Gregor 50), Holderness (six for j 15), and Freeman (tour, for 26) were the ; bowlers. Opoho in their second strike had ; lost six for 52 runs when time was called, j M'Gregor (19 not out) again baiting well, i Tire 'bowler’s were:—Freeman (two for 13), Holderness (three for 29), and Catto (one for 10). THIRD GRADE. Grange 116 and 172 defeated Albion A 65 by 51 runs on the first innings. West Harbor defeated St. Hilda by an innings and 11 runs. Mornington won by default from Albion B. AT OTHER CENTRES. Auckland.—The fifth round of the senior grade matches was commenced on Saturday in fine weather and or, good wickets. Ponsonby, playing against Grafton, made 256.—Parnell, 'meeting North Shove, made 239 (Anthony 67 and Doblo 45). —Waitemata, who met Eden B, made 288 (A. Young 119 not out);— Eden A made 146 (Hemus 45) against University, 58 for seven wickets. Wellington.—The senior matches were continued on Saturday in fine weather and on good wickets. Playing against Old Beys, Central secured a'two-pomt win on the first innings. Central made 527 and Old Boys 360. D. Hay scored 135 runs by good cricket. Dind, who secured five wickete for 73 runs, was Central’s principal bowler.—North defeated Pc tone by an innings and 23 runs. On the previous Saturday North scored 365, and Petono replied with 184 and 164 (Bryce 79 not out). —In their second innings against East, University made 187 runs for the loss of seven wickets, leaving East 174 runs to make to secure a threepoint win. East were not equal to tht task in the time at their disposal, and had lost six wickets for 123 when stumps were drawn, Gibbos being not out with 66 to his credit. East won on the first innings. Christchurch.—Linwood (137 and 187 for seven wickets) beat Sydenham A (103 and 225).—Eiccarton 685 for nine wickets (E. R. Cay gill 152, A. C. Fuller 121 not out, and C. Evans 81) beat Kaiapoi (208 and 90). —East Christchurch (265) beat Sydenham B (48 and 108). —St. Albans, 196 and 258 for one wicket (H. A. Bishop 120 not out and L. R. Brnnton 90) beat West Christchurch, 160 and 214 (D. Reeso 104). THE LEAGUE CAME. Tramways beat Haywards by 107 runs to 54. Batting for Tramways, Paine made 34, Williams 10, Ferguson 25 (not out), and for Haywards M'Neil contributed 13, Cameron 18, and M'Dougall 10. Bowling for Tramways Dolamere took three for 12, Ferguson three for 20, Pye one for 10, Gillies ons for nil. For Haywards Cameron took four for 35, and Barrow three for 18. Shacklocks declared their innings dosed with 187 runs for five wickets, and succeeded in disposing of Hillside A for 106. For Shacklocks A. Torrance compiled 91, Burt 36, Hodge 29 (not out), G. Torrance 11, and in bowling A. Torrance took five wickets for 27, and Burt four for 56. For Hillside Hayden (43), Douchrass (16), Edwards (15) batted best, and in the bowling Deuchrass took two wickets for 30. Railways beat Reid and Gray by 15 runs. Railways made 98 {Black 35, Swinney 15, Coatsworth 15, Lindsay 13 not out), and Reid and Gray, totalled 82 (Harwood 11, M'Dougall 14, Morgan 23). For Railways Swinnev took two wickets for 18, Turner four lor 32, Lindsay one for 11, and Finlayson three for 10. For Reid and Gray M'Dougall took four wickets for 56, Morgan three for 23, Guthrie two for 16. Hillside B scored a win from Y.M.C.A. on the first innings. Hillside B made 97 (Evans 26, Anderson 18, Devlin 24) and 50 (Evans 14, Melville 10). Y.M.C.A. made 59 (Jones 13, Kibblowhitc 11) and 18 for two wickets (Jones 9 not out, Thomson 5 not out). For Hillside Evans took three wickets for 14,-and Ross four for 23. For Y.M.C.A. Tapper took two for 28 and five for 31, Jones fiv o for 17 and one for 4, and Restieanx three for 39.

Colts;—First Innings. Chadwick 1W b M'Carten 39 . Binney run out 5 Alloo c Ward b G; Edwards 74 ' Malcolm b G. Edwards 7 Crawford b Livingstone ... 13 Galland not out ... ... ... ... .. 59 * Bell b Livingstono ... ... ... 24 Stephens not out 5 Extras ... 13 Innings closed six for 239 Bowling Analysis.—Livingstone. 84 balls, 81 runs. 2 Wickets; G. Edwards 72 balls, 66 runs 2 wickets; Harvey, balls. 30 inns; M'Carten, 60 balls. 36 49 , runs, 1 wicket. Sr. Kilda.—First Innings. Walter Kerr c Bell b Alloo ... 19 Melson c Malcolm b Crawford 6 M'Carten c Bell b Crawford ... 6 Livingstone b Alloo 0 M'Faul run out ~ 8 Ward b Alloo — 2 M'Farlnne b Crawford ... 15 ■ Vm. Kerr not .out 4 Chapman b Crawford ... 0 R. Edwards b Crawford 11 , Harvey b Galland .- 2 ' Extras - ... ... — 21 Total ... ~92

The following are the scores Cabibbbook A.—First Innings. Siadeherg cw. Beeby b EckhoW ... 76 ; Adam# ff and b Beeby ... 14 Hay c Graham b Beeby ... .. ... 9 Brugw Ibw Baeby ... . 0 Bawmmaa b HoidawaTy ... 29 Smith run out... ... 14 A. P. Alloo b Graham ... 18 Baxter b Henderson ... .. ... 2 " Swan b Benderaon ... .. ... 1 Ranaway nm oat .. ... 0 Martin not oat ... ... ... ... 0 JExtraa. • .. ... 9 , fp ira E&v i i

' Bowling Analysis.—Eckhold, 15 overs, 57 runs, 1 wicket; W. Beeby, 10 overs, 50 rani, 3 wickets; Graham, 11 overs, 34 runs, 1 wicket; Holdaway, 5 overs, 17 runs, 1 wicket; Henderson, 3 overs. 5 runs, 2 wickets. Grange.—First Innings. Eokhold Ibw Hay , ... 26 Chadwick b Bannerman ... 10 Roberta c Bannerman b Hay ... ... 16 Popple c Adams b Hay Holdaway b Bannerman ... 0 ... 6 C. Beeby b Hay ... 14 J. Graham b Hay ... 21 A. Graham b Alloo ... 3 Henderson run out ... 25 ■\V. Beeby not out ... 30 Miller not out ... 1 Extras ... ... 26 Total ... 178

Dunkdin.—First Innings. Cramond c Kenny b Casey ... 6 Mackersy b Eckhoff ... 11 Bryden b Eckhoff , .. ... 7 Wilkie c Evans b Eckhoff ... 17 Johnston b Eckhoff ... 21 Howart c Kilgour b Eckhoff ... 0 Graham c Evans b Casey ... 1 Given b Eckhoff ... 5 Manna c Moore b Eckhoff ... 2 Duncan not out ... 0 Extras ... 4 Total ... 74 Bowling Analysis.—Casey, 78 balls, 4 maidens, 18 runs, 2 wickets: Eckhoff, 113 balls. 6 maidens, 33 runs, 7 wickets; Moore, 42 balls, 1 maiden, 18 runs. Opoho.—First Innings. Kenny c and b Johnston ... 17 Davidson Ibw b Mackersy ... 3 Casey b Given ... 27 Timlin c Brvden b Johnston ... ... 10 Prain c Graham b Johnston ... 8 Ingram b Johnston ... 20 Brown b Given ... 4 Eckhoff c Cramond b Given ... ... 8 Evans c Given b Johnston „. 6 Moore not out S Kilgour b Given ... 2 Extras ... 12 Total ...I22

0. Cameron c Jas. Marks b Stiglich ... 0 Westbrook b Jas. Marks ... 14 Tuckwell c Stiglich b Jas. Marks ... 19 Watson c N. Cameron b Shepherd ... 47 Ramsden b Shepherd 45 Drumm c Stiglich b Johnston Hardie c F. Williams b N. Cameron 36 19 Lomas not out 3 Spedding b N. Cameron 2 Extras 17 'mmmm Eight for Bowling Analysis.—Stiglich, 48 balls 1 maiden, 38 runs, 1 wicket; N. Cameron, 22 balls, 5 runs, 2 wicket*; Jas. Marks, 114 balls, 4 maidens, 52 runs, 2 wickets; Shepherd, 90 balls, 2 maidens, 48 runs wickets; Stewart, 12 balls, 16 runs; Jo 2 instun, 30 balls, 1 maiden, 18 runs, 1 wicket; E. Williams, 18 balls, 8 runs. Albion. —First Innings. Shepherd b Nelson 24 Stewart c Spedding b Ramsden ... ... F. Williams b Nelson 2 13 Baker c Spedding b Ramsden 60 Stiglich b Ramsden 2 Jos. Marks b Nelson 44 Johnston run out 1 E. Williams b Nelson ... 0 Strang not out Jas. Marks not out 10 14 Extras 7 i. i**

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CRICKET, Issue 15682, 22 December 1914

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CRICKET Issue 15682, 22 December 1914

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