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IsPl* - Krr. . w^ari. primary classes were dlsKuered on B afternoon, the gymnasium hall crowded with parents and friends. -Mr Jas. Torrance (chairman of the School w® 1 ";; Onaaiittee) presided, and distributed the aS prizes. Tho senior classes received their prizes in the evening, the hall being again gsl. crowded. Mr Torrance, in the course of Bs’.* a short address, congratulated the head |iSp ’ master (Mr Moir) and hie staff on the ,■ splendid report obtained from the inspector. A capital nfusical and elocutionary ti) "programme was contributed by the chil-Fpj-f/ dren. During tho singing of ‘lt’s a Long lii&'j Way to Tipperary ’ the sum of 19s 3d t" & • was collected for the Belgian Fund. On K-S the call of tho chairman three cheers were !552 given by the pupils for the donors of i l ?,’ prizes, and also for the teaching staff, rig: >Tr Moir, on behalf of the teaching staff, A’ tnitably responded 6® The following is tho prize-list: I®* Standard Vl.—Dux of school. George Sm friers (medal); marks, Jas. Kedzlie and Jfgi’ Ralph Markby. Dux girl. Hilda Greontlnde (medal); marks. Margaret Shernff, ‘A and Ceoil Barkman. Special prizes: Navy j League*—Jas. Kedzlie 1, M. _Shcrnff 2; > ;■ ■ swimming—A. Jones 1. W. Gibb 2;| Athennum prize, R. Markbv; con '| '.i - duet, K. 3!arkby; arithmetic, C. Bark-1 ' man; geography, H. Hazlett; manners, j Vy Hilda Greenalado; pood answering, D. • 8,5; * Hazlett; progress, Ruby Gibb and George • •«. Dow; sewing, M. Sherri ft and H. Green-, •fade (aqual). Attendance; Four first ’ v class, one second class. : ’ Standard V.—Marks-L. Ward 1, J. J fipiera 2, A. Miller 3, L. Stuart 4, S. j Spiers 5, W. Barkman 6; cookery—l., j , Word 1, L. Young 2 5 II. j Hastfo; gardening, L. Stuart; Navy j • T eaguet Ivy Miller 1, D. Cvossan 2; sewing, Marian C'oupar 1. Jessie Spiers 2. 1 ; . Attendance: Three first class, two second | ' cliM®. ■ • . Standard IV.—Marks—M. TV illiamson 1 “ ■ 1. M. Greensbde 2. J. Brown 3, J. Tor- j ranee 4, E. Haigh 5. J. M’Dongall 6; j mental arithmetic, J. Black 1 reading, R. 1 • Connelly; manners, Rita Brown; good - conduct, Alice Dow; geography, Q. Henderson; sewing, hi. Williamson 1, 31. Hreenalade 2; swirvmhu'. Thos Everest. 1 Attendance: First class five, second cla-s throe. - Standard ITT. —Glass marks—Annie - Paterson 1. R. M'Doueall 3, B. Y cmnsr 3, W. MDougall 4. S. Black.s. M. Bums 6, J. Simnson 7. D. and V. T'ldlds 8; geography. Frank Millar, L. Boyer; history, F. Williamson; .recitation, N. Haiah; composition, T. Lain - '; "brush drawing, F. Still: conduct, 31Still; sewimr. M. Torrance I. L. Twcedie 2. Standard 11.—Hass mark®—Tan Amour J - 1, Margaret "Paterson 2. William Cnbitt 5, William Thorn 4, Rachel Stubbs 5, ■' Alan Simpson 6, Alex. Torrance 7. Walter Cnbitt 8; spelling, William Connelly 1. D. Hemingwav 2; geography. Frank Brown 1, T. Dagg 2; writing. E. Stuart. ; D. Cox; improvement. M. Hood; excellent work, J. Markby; progress, D. Waldie, W. Brinsdon; writing and spelling F. Reynolds; tewing, M. Paterson, E. Millar. Standard I—Class marks—lvy Still 1, , Myrtle Child? 2. Frank Thomson 3; read- * Inif, James Stuart; composition, Myra Williams i general excellence, George ; Kedzlie; sewing. Edith Haig 1, Ethel - Burns 2. _ "■ fines P3.-C!a sa mark? —"Mavifi Brown A 1. Doreen Sell and Jack Cbristi* 2. Jack t ■ Torrance and Williden 3: recitn- ; tlop, Clarence M'Ra* l ; arawinsr, Leonard Johnstone and Clarence Beer. Attend- : ancet Seven first class and seven second y xrius. ST. LEONARDS. '. The St. Leonard? School breakimr-up ' function wa? held in Kirur George s Hall , "• Vesterday. Archdeacon Wondthorre and Ihe Rev. A. Gray were present, and a letter was received from Father O'Leary repretting that another engagement! preVented his attendance. 'l'here was a good i jirttendance of parents and friends. 'Phe school pupils presented a pvogramrao of songs and recitations. The Archdeacon i V tiistrihnted the merit certificates, the junior & Christmas gifts presented by Mr Davies. - fcnd prizes presented by the Rev. A. Gray to the members of his Bible class. 1 Merit certificates were awarded as fol- ' -Jews;—A (for murks gained throughout ; •tho vear): First class—C’hrieaie Pryde, Pusan Robertson. Julia Maloney, Nancy 1 "" Nash, Constance Nash. Guy "Nash; second . plass—Alazlge Guyton Alarjorie Coutts, AI- ( King, Enid Uoyd. Leonard Bain. , "R (tor marks gained by examination): ! First clam —Nancy Nash, Constance Nash. , Guy Nash, Anne Shaw *. second class— ‘ Olvrirsie Pryde, ,Suean Robertson. Robert I MTntvre. Madge Guyton, Julia Maloney, Maggie Purvis, Gwen Day. May King, .Doris Lloyd, Jean Bain. Enid Lloyd, Mary I’orteous. Mr Gray’s Bible class prizes: William : ’{Maw, Chrlssle Pryde. Susan Robertson, : "Allan MTntyre, Nancy Nash. Doris Lloyd, j Percy Bain. I > : Competency.—Standard VI., Rt. MTn- < : lyre. ■ ‘ ’ 1 KAITANGATA. i The annual break-up in connection with ; the Kaitangata School took place on Friday afternoon. There was a good attend- - unco of parents ami friends. Appropriate ■ ipeeehes were made, and the prizes were j , presented by the Revs. M'Dowell and Stubbs. The school fife and drum band, • ■ “which has only been formed a short time, < Allayed several selections very creditably, j which reflects great credit on the instruc- } Aot (Mr Mechaelis). A bag of sweets was ( ■' Jianded to each child in the school. ] j The following is the prize list: — i I Standard I.—John Vickers 1, Samuel VVilson 2; Jane Welsh 1. Jemima Ramsay 2. Progress: Leonard Holden and Jessie M'lnnes. Certificates of merit: First class j —David ’Fronde, James Green. Hector ( iM.'Dowall, James Kyle, Henry I.eitjeh, I tiHugh M’Lelland. Douglas MTnncs, Robert 1 M'Millan, Robert Smith, Andrew Wilson, 1 35thel Wilson. Mary Greene, Eva Beadle, J Miriam Illingworth, Daisy Kaye. Sec- 1 ond class —Raymond Jarvie, James Kitto, 1 "James Pilgrim, George Waddingham, Jea- . Hill, Mar Thompson. Attendance cer- ] lificates: First class 7. second class 8. 1 "Attendance certificates in infant depart- 1 jnant: First class 16. second class 7. 1 Standard ll.—Leonard Hawkins 1, J George Burrows 2; Euphcmia Hay 1, Janet Penman 2. Progress: Gladstone c MiddlAnass and Doris Seaman. Certitl- i .rates of merit: First class—Leslie Dock- 1 «rill, Gerald Rodgers, Robert Miller, 1 'Sophia Barclay, Bessie Bennetts, Janet 1 Fronde. Maude Hall. Flora Hamilton, .’Violet Hawkins. lona Marshall. Beta Wil- 1 ison. Second ielass^—W illiaur Crowe, Al- j iiert Sutton, Stanley Carter, Alex. M'Far- c rlane, Alex. M'Ghee, Mary Franks. Elsie 1 (Kayo. Attendance certificates t First class "j 112." second vines 12. 1 t Standard Hl.—William Carson 1, Gor- a )don 2; Jeau Hamilton 1, Doris ! Cocker ill 2. Progress; JJenry Thompson I ■ ‘and Elizabeth Vickers. Certificates of 1 merit: First class —Richard Bennetts, r Walter Thompson, Harold Clements, John i Crowe, Florence Stokel, Jcaoio Brown, a Gladys Hale. Margaret M'Kinney, Edith C •Hill. Mima Hughes, Isa Welsh. Second j class—Neil M'Alister, Terence Pennell, 'Olive Morrison, Annie MTnnos, JanetCar•|jpp J Nellie Seaman. Attendance certifi- f StM: First olass 10, second claea 9. (■ Standard IV.—Selwyn Lane 1, Chris. _ Vickers 2 1 Colvio Gribben 1, Sophia Gage j 8. Progress i Milford M'Lennan and Mar- j garet Howie. Certificates of merit: First j class—James Bennie, Alfred Holden, Wil- _ ]iam Middleman, William Carter, James ] lliddlamaas, Noedeo Pennell. Second ekes f k»Percy Cockerill, George M'Ghee, Kit- t Aiener Thomson, Gertrude Hawkins, May j Beid, Gladys Hastings. Attendance certi- t Mites s First class 6, second class 8. , atndsid V.—Wm- Hill 1. Hector Tel- ( Ittd 2: Fanny Tripp 1, Jana Gage 2. ; Progress: George "Wilson and Christina ( Sfiffimi- Certificstee ol Merit i First class ( r-nTnWfr Barclay, Jane Graham Gage, i MeyHele. Second class—Wm. Shanks, i WIL N«wbnm, Bertha Todd. Attendance j Mviflastes: First class 6, second class 1. 1 gteadsrd Vl.—Ronald Aitoheeon 1, Ko- i , kett U*Auley 2; Annie Hamilton dux ol j »i»M (gold medal, presented hr Mr D. ] llifskll), Jane ATFadyen 2. Progress: ( iCnw Cffsxk and Madge Clark. Certifi- j «( mirit: First clasa—Adam Mar- 1 JtaMS By, JohTLeHch, Sthsl i ' ■ ■ ■ rm 1i In 9 i in rtes A>i ii IT i-*i si iWn ‘* s --

Froudo, May M'Qhee, Minnie Gillanders, Eileen. Bradley, Constance M’Crostie. class—Robert Newburn. Seniors— First 'elass, Catherine Pennell j second claeu, Frew Burris. Attendance certificates s First class 6, second class 2. I Special Prizes.—Navy league: Standard''Vl. Constance M'Crostie I, Adam Marshall 2; Standard V.-Wm. Hill 1, Christina Griffon 2, Bertha Todd 3. Sewj ing.- Standard IV.. Pretoria Kaye (prize | presented by Mrs I). Marshall); Standard j 11., lona Marshall (prize presented by (Mrs D. Marshall); Standard 1., Eva I Beadle (prize presented by Miss Christie); j Standard 111., Annie M’lnnes (prize pra--1 sented by Miss Christie). Attendance: ■ Medal presented by Dr Baird to James Hay for six years’ unbroken attendance. ST. PHILOMKNA’S COLLEGE. The closing of the school year was celebrated with an operatic and musical entertainment. There was a large attendance of parents and friends. The feature of the programme was the operetta ‘ Lily Bel!,’ tvhieh was admirably staged. The cast was as follows;—Titania (the Fairy ! Queen), Mias G. Davies; Lily Bell (her favorite). Miss D. Hall; Thistledown (a ; rival). Miss 31. Fenton; Heart’s Ease) (a i fairy in Titania’s train). Miss E. Tithor; ; Euaora (the Naiad Queen), Miss N. Rodi den; Chorus of Fairies—Misses M. Tither, > \ L. Doherty, K. M’Dovitt, B. Marlow, A. | Birch, M. Daniel. A patriotic action j song, ‘ Our Flag,’ by the junior pupils I was heartily applauded; three kindergarten children contributed enjoyable recitations. The chorus and tableau, ‘A Nation Once Again,’ pleased the audience. Miss Daisy Hall represented Erin. Two selections by the college orchestra and a pianofortij trio and duet by the senior pupils were excellently rendered. A most attractive item was the floral dance. The chorus. ‘ Come, Bing the Fairy Bell,’ terminated an excellent programme. The Her. Father Delaney, who presided iu the unavoidable absence of His Lordship Bishop Verdon. congratulated j the students on their excellent concert: and successful year’s work. He expressed ■ the wish that their holidays would be j pleasantly and happily spent, and that i during their vacation they would endeavor on every occasion to uphold the high reputation of their college. He hoped they would return invigorated and prepared to continue their studios with much success during the coming year. In conclusion, ho hcavtilv wished them every joy and blessing. The rev. father then distributed tho medals and prizes. The following is tho prize list : - Senior School.—

Matriculation and Civil Service Classes. —Christian doctrine (gold medal): K. M'Devitt. Good conduct (gold medal) : M. Tither. Dux (gold medal): M. Walsh. Higher mathematics: E. Tither; next in merit, K. M'Devitt. Latin; 31. Walsh 1, E. Tither 2. Essay writing : M. Tither. General excellence in class work; K. M'Devitt. Geography; E. Tithor. English history: M. Wabh 1, E. Tither 2. Junior English: K. O’Regan. Algebra: A. Carroll. Junior Latin: K. O'Regan. Penmanship: M. Tither. Dressmaking: A. Carroll. % Senior Division A. —Good conduct: N. Adamson. Arithmetic and geometrical designing: M. Johnstan. Vocal music: L. Doherty. General improvement: A. Daly. Improvement in music: N. Adamson. Art needlework: L. Doherty 1. A. Daly 2. Diligence: M. Johnston. Senior Division B.—Religious knowledge: M. Curtin 1, T. Nelson 2. English composition : M. Daniel 1, R. _ Murphy 2. Recitation: B. Meade. Application: E. Corrigan 1. 31. Curtin 2. Bible history: 31. Rodgers 1, B. 3leade 2. Freehand drawing and designing: 31. Corrigan. Elementary botany: R. Gare 1, E. Curtin 2. Order and neatness; L. 3lurphy. General knowledge: B. Meade. History: It. Carter 1, 31. Rodgers 2. Excellence in class work: M. 3l’3lahon. Mapning: P. 31oIoney 1, 31. Daniel 2. Reading: E. Curtin, T. Nelson. N. Kenn'’’ - . Mvgiene: R. Gare 1. E. Carter 2. Diligence; A. Beck. Comprehension : 1 L. 3lu;phy. Domestic science: 0. Chapman. Needlework : B. Gare 1, N. Butel 2. Physical culture; 31. Curtin. Class prize; B. Gare. Regular attendance (gold cross): A. Dyer, 31. M’Mahon. 31. Tylec, 31. Rigby) S. Daniel. Ornamental needlework; 0. Chapman 1. 31. Rodgers 2. Oil painting; 0. Chapman. Nature study and geography: N. Butel. —Junior School.— First Division.—Religious knowledge: 31. Bradley 1, K. Neill 2. General knowledge : H. Atkinson 1, B. 3larlow 2. Composition; L. Meade 1, J- M’Derraott 2. Penmanship; M. Pcegan. Spelling: IM. Rodgerson, M. Bradley, A. Birch. Bible history: B. Jlarlow. ‘ General improvement: Vv. Mulroonoy. Geography: H. Atkinsou 1, L. 3lcade 2. Handwork: M. Braillev. Comprehension: 31. Deegau I, K. Neill 2. Botany; A. Birch. .Second Division.—Christian doctrine : R. Brown 1. A. Nadi 2. Reading: E. Neil! 1, K. Over 2. Writing: D. Deegan. Diligence: N. Francis 1, G. Faulks 2. Geography : S. Daniel 1, R. Cantwell 2. Comprehension: IT. Harnill 1, 31. Tyleo 2. Nature study: M. Francis. Spelling: R. Brown 1, G. Faulks 2. Arithmetic: M. Tylec 1, N. Francis 2. Tables: A. Nash. Order: 3f. Francis. Coloring: S.. Daniel. Good conduct: H. Harnill. Third Division.—Writing: T. M'Carten 1, I. Pittfield 2. Arithmetic: D. Scully 1, E Nolan 2. Drawing: M. Dawson. Reading; 31. Rigby 1, M. 3l‘Carten 2. Mental arithmetic: E. Kcnnelly 1, H 31urray 2. Geography; K. Golden 1, D. Scully 2. Amiability: L. White 1, E. Kcnnelly 2. Sentence building: H. Murray. Catechism; I. Pittfield. Recitation: S. Mason. Tables: T. M'Carten 1, E. Nolan 2. Comprehension; K. Golden I. 31. Rigby 2. Bible history: S. Mason. —Kindergarten Department.— Grade I.—Drawing: E. Kearney. Arith metic: D. Mason. Tables: E. Meade. Catechism; E. Driscoll Shaw. Composition : W. Pettit. Bible history: E. Brown Beading: L. Carroll. Writing: R. Gray. General knowledge: J. M’Kewen. Punctuality; A. Murray. _ Spelling: J. Rodgerson. Coloring: E. Kearney. Word building: D. Mason. Home studies: E. Meade. Amiability: E. Driscoll Shaw. Picture stories: W. Pettit. Number: E. Brown. Comprehension: L. Carroll. Politeness: R. Gray. 3lental arithmetici J. MTveweu. 8.8. drawing: A. Murray. Paper modelling: J. Rodgerson. Grade ll.—-Catechism : 0. Dawe. Crayon drawing: W’ Francis. Tables: E. Kennelly. Writing: 31. Rigby. Drawing: E. M'Kcwen. Reading: T. Quinn. Number : W Francis. Neatness: 31. Rigby. Handwork; T. Quinn. Grade lll.—Drill and exercises: M. Kcnnelly. Drawing: 1. Scully. Number pictures: 31. Biggs. Pricking: 31. Pascoc. Recitation: 31. Ryall. Writing: K. Robinson. Reading: O. Rowland. Bible stories: M. Tylee. Politeness: 31, Ryall. Diligence: 6. Rowland. Regular attendance; 31. Tylee. Grade IV.—-Attention in class: 1. Brown. 3lat weaving: 31. Wilson. Tablets: 3f. Wingfield. Designing: V. Murray. Pricking: N. Kennelly. Stick laying : J. Faulks. 3[odelling: E. Fitzgerald. Block building: J. Blacklock. Coloring: N. Monaghan. Gifts: Lt 31‘Dowall. 8.8. drawing: J. 3l‘Carten. —School of 31usic.— Vocal Music, Trinity College: D. Hall (associate). Senior honors: Special mention —M. Walsh, I. Dawson; senior pass —K. 31‘Devltt. Harmony: Senior pass— M. Walsh; intermediate honors—K. 3t‘Dcvitt; intermediate pass 31‘Mahon, R. Gray; application to music —P. Hargreaves, 31. O’Kane, R. Gray. Practical examination. Trinity College i Intermediate pass—A. Beck, M. Cooney; application to music—B. Gare (violin). Junior honors. Trinity College—3l. Fenton (singing), M. 3l‘3iahon (piano). Harmony : Junior honors—-31. Belotti, M. Cooney, K. O'Regan, N. Adamson. Junior pass, Trinity College practical examination —M. Rodgers, B. Meade, N. Adamson, K. O’Regan, A. Daly. Harmony : Junior pass—3l. Deegau. - Preparatory honors. Trinity" College—M. Deegan, H. Atkinson. I. Gare (piano); harmony—3l. Tither, E-. Tither (honors); preparatory pass—L. Doherty (singing), M. Butler (piano); preparatory pass—l. Keligher. (harmony). First stops, Trinity College—F. Bradley. Lower division, Associated Board—3l. Curtin, R. Gray. Application to music—M. Curtin. Elementary division. Associated Board—M.

I Bradley, A. Pellet, E. Butel. ’ Application to music—-A. Pellet: primory division— M. Rodgers (violin), W. Harty (violin), L. Meads (violin). The singing class presented for part singing received a most favorable report from tho examiner, Special mention —N. Rodden, G. Davies, B. Marlow. M. Tithor, E. Tither, K. M’Devitt, L. Doherty, M. Johnston. ■ —Special Prizes.— 1 Civil Service Class t Navy League examination—M. Tither, K. M'Devitt, I. Ward. Education Board Proficiency Examination.—L. Doherty, M. Johnston, A. Daly. Cookery (City and Guild of London). — M. Belotti. Art Studio.—Special mention: Painting in oils—M. Belotti, M. Cooney, K. M'Devitt, B. Gare. —Exhibition of - In one of tho class rooms specimens of work done by tho students in painting and needlework were laid out. The display was highly commendable. OUTRAM. Tho annual concert and distribution of prizes took place in the Societies’ Hall on illiursday evening, Mr J. W. Blair (chairI man of School Committee) proriding. The j hall was crowded. The chairman con- ! gratulatcd the school on the excellent work iof the vear. Tho Rev., W. Spence pre- | sented trie prizes. The programme opened I with patriotic songs (’ Rule, Britannia,’ * Scots Wha Hae,’ and ‘ The Ministrel I Boy') by the school choir. George Southgate followed with, a recitation. The infants gave a pretty item, ' Musical Farmer,’ and a good dialogue came next, ‘The Doctor,’ by the junior class. Douglas Little amused the audience with his “stump spe'ech.” May Snow contributed a recitation, and the* infants again gave a pretty fairy song. A dialogue, ‘Uncle Norton,’ closed the first half of the programme. The national songs of France, Ruesia, and Japan opened the second part. This was followed by a recitation by Lorna Inglis. The infants contributed a pretty dialogue, ‘ Mother Goose.’ The next item was considered the best on the programme. It was a pretty ribbon dance I by the senior girls. The senior boys came | next, with a dialogue, ‘Have a Shine,’ and j drill, ‘Silent Gourkas,’ the last named being a masterpiece and deservedly encored. The National Anthem was sung, and the prizes distributed. Miss Smith, who is leaving for Anderson’s Bay School, was presented with a beautiful pendant from the pupils. The following is the prize list: Standard Vl.—Dux of the school, Douglas Little; Ernest B. Lawson 2, John B. Inglis 3. Writing: _ Douglas Little. Drawing: John B. Inglis. Standard V.—Ellen Wyllio 1, Catherine Thomson 2. Mary Andrews 3. Writing r Mary Andrews. * Drawing: Janet Chisholm. Sewing: Ellen Wyllio (2), Agnes MilkStandard IV.—lsabella Wyllio 1, Mabel Dow 2, Elena Strong 3. Writing: Isabella Wyllio. Drawing: George Southgate. Sewing: Florence ShuffiU. Standard lll.—Amv Robertson 1. Myrtle Watson 2. Thos. Hayes 3. Writing; Lilian Fowler Drawing: Thomas Hayes. Sewing: Amy Robertson. Standard 11. —Lorna Inglis 1, Lucy Shufliil 2, Alan M’Bryde 3. Writing: Avis Southgate. Drawing: Lucy Shufliil. Sewing: Avis Southgate.

Standard I.—Christina Campbell 1, Graham Wyilie 2, Thelma Bunt 3. Writing: Christina Campbell. Drawing: Thelma Bunt. Sewing ; Christina Campbell. Special Prizes.—Mental arithmetic : Standard VI., J. B. Inglis; Standard V., Catherine Thomson; Standard IV., Ero Southgate. Recitation: Senior room (Standards IV., V.. Vl.)—Best boy, Ero Southgate; best girls, Alice Snow, Catherine Thomson. Junior room (Standards 1., 11., and HI.): Best boy, Thomas Hayes; best girl, Lorna Inglis. Progress: Standard VI., Percy Watson; Standard V., Agnes Mills; Standard IV., Florence Shufliil; Standard 111., Dorothy Dutton; Standard 11., Albert Blair; Standard I. : ■Mona Welch and Madge Laing. Physical drill: Best boy, Janies Hayes ; best girl, Agnes Watson Rosie Withers. Conduct: Best boy, Arthur J. Anderson; best girls, Annie ' M’Lood. Composition (Navy League prizes): Standard VI., Douglas Little; Standard V., Mary Andrew 1, Ellen Wyilie 2. Diligence during sewing; Isabella Buchanan, Laura Little, Margaret Robertson. Gardening: Vanco Hannah and Roderick Brenssell.


A very enjoyable evening was spent in the Leith. Valley Hall on Wednesday, when Mr G. Donaldson /chairman of tho committee) presided. Tne new arrangement of distributing the i/ntv., . ..c was evidently appreciated by the parents, who turned out in great numbers. The prize-giving was interspersed by various items by the school children, their three chorus songs being specially appreciated. After a few remarks by the chairman, and a vote of thanks to tho children for their performances by Mr Butler, the meeting terminated witn cheers for the several prize-givers The following is the prize list: — - Standard Vl.—Kitty O’.Neill 1 and dux of school, Hector Somerville 2. Standard V.—Arthur Booth 1. ■Standard IV.—Willie Hunt 1, Teannie Butler 2, .Sibbley Paul 5. Standard 111. —Sidney Booth 1, Maggie Donaldson 2, Ruby Booth 3. Standard II. —Lizzie Gray 1, -May Braid 2, James Donaldson 3. Standard I.—Gwen Harbour 1, Maude Braid 2, Letitia Jackson 3. Special prizes: Mr Kemmtz’s medal, Kitty O’Neill. Athenaeum (general knowledge), Hector Somerville. Mrs D. Harbour’s (highest marks), Hector Somerville, Kitty O’Neill. Mrs Somerville’s (silver thimble), for best sewing, Agnes Maxwell. Mr Donaldson’s (sewing), Aletha Booth. Mrs G. Butler’s (arithmetic, Standard II.), James Donaldson. Mrs Mewhinney’s (conduct), Janies Gray. Mr E. S. Clarke# (diligence), Walter Booth, Maggie Donaldson. Mr Q. Butler’s (composition on ‘The Present War’), William Hunt. Proficiency certificates : Kitty O’Neill and Hector Somerville. First class attendance certificates, 7. MOMONA. The breaking-up ceremony at tho Momona School took place on Friday evening, when an interesting programme was presented by the children. The following is the prize list: Standard VI. —Thos. A. Moynihan 1, Peter Ford 2, Alfred Bruce 3. Writing: James Walker. Arithmetic; Thomas M’Millan. Sowing: Winifred Harvey. Darning: Maggie Ford. Standard V.—Eric Swanson 1, Katie Bruce 2, Gladys Price 3. Writing: Jessie Moore. Sewing: Katie Bruce. Arithmetic : Eliz. Bremner. Standard IV.—Harold Amos 1, Olive M'Neill 2, Nancy Hackett 3. Writing: Annie L. Bruce. Sewing : Annie L. Bruce. Standard lII.—Wm. Bruco 1, Michael Hackett 2, Ella Ford 3. Writing: William Bruoe. Sewing; Elma Price. Standard ll.—Colin Hewitt 1, Winifred Haatie 2, Jetaio Walker 3. Sewing t Winifred Haslie. Brushwork : Winifred Hastie. Reading and recitation; Annie Moore. Standard I.—Walter Bruoe 1, George M'Leod 2, N’ctta Warren 3. Sewing: Alice Wright. Dux of sdhool, Thomas A. Moynihan. . ST. CLAIR. The prize-giving meeting was going or. when we went to press yesterday. As arranged, Mr C. Ruhen (chairman of the committee) presided, and Mr T. K. Sidey, M.P.j handed out the prizes. Mr Ruhen said that according to the examinations Mr Pope and hie staff had done an excellent year’s work. Mr Lenihan and Miss Lyders, who had" joined the staff during the year, had fully justified the very high recommendatidns with which they came. The committee had* thought the new building would be commenced, if not completed, by this time, but circumstances Tbeyond their control had been against them. As far as he knew, the new •Re had been bought and paid for. The committee had been in communication with the Minister of Education, but could get AO satisfaction. He thanked Mr X. K-

Sldey, M,!P., for the greaf assistance ha had given them in getting their new school.

Mr Sidey congregated the people of St. Clair on the progress of the school, and spoke of the urgent need to go on with the now building as soon as possible, as extra space was needed, the gymnasium having to bo used for class work, while repairs and drainage works were called for, and it would be a waste of money to spend it on the olcf~premise. Mr T. J. Walker, who acted on behalf of Mi‘ O'. Darling in preenting the Navy League prizes, called attention' to two points about the British Navy—first, that m its century of sea mastership it had never provoked nor entered upon a fleet action at sea; secondly, that it was the model of the Japanese'navy, the youngest navy in the world, from which fact he drew the argument that the old Navy was still quite up to date. A hearty vote of thanks was accorded to the Navy Leagiie. Short speeches were also delivered by the Rev. W. J. Ashford and the Rev. John Miller. The children’s entertainment was highly enjoyed, especially the singing of the infants under tho direction of Miss Alexander. The following names were inadvertently omitted from the Moray Place School prize list, Standard VI. :—Singing : Fred 1 Canter. Athletics: Wilfrid Tonkin. Diligence; Myrtle Scene, Henry B. P. ‘ Lucas, and Fred Canter.

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SCHOOL BREAK-UP, Issue 15681, 21 December 1914

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SCHOOL BREAK-UP Issue 15681, 21 December 1914

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