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GOVERNMENT NOTICES. REGATTA AT PORT CHALMERS. DUNEDIN - PORT CHALMERS.—Trains will leavu Dunedin for Port Chalmers Lower at 7.22 a.m., 1015 a.m., 11.25 a.m., 12.15 p.m., 1.17 p.m, 2.30 p.m., 3.40 p.m., 4.10 p.m., 5.15 p.iu , 6.15 p.m., 8.5 p.m., 9.20 i p.m., 10.16 p.m., and 11.15 p.m. Trains will leave Port Chalmers Lower for Dtmcdin at 7.9 a.m., 8.17 a.m., 11.30 a.m., LIS p.m., 2.16 p.m., 3.40 p.rcy, 4.30 p.m., 5.3 p.m.. 5.35 p.m., 6.15 p.m.","' 7.0 p.m., 9.20 p.m., 10.15 p.m.. and 11.15 p.m. DUNEDIN - CLIXTON.-Tiic 5.10 a.m. Duurcliu-Ba.cluthn will NOT run. OTAGO CENTRAL.—Tnc Train usually leaving Dunedin for Ranfurly at 11.40 a.m. ' will NOT Icive until 1.30 p.m., Middlemarch 5.20 p.m., Hyde 6.20 p.m., Waipiata' j 7.20 p.m., Kamuily nnivo 7.40 p.m, SPORTS AT WAIPIATA. Train will ieavj Waipiata for Omakau and Intermediate Stations at 7.20 p.m'., arriving Omakau at 10.15 p.m. Train, will leave Waipiata for Middicmarch and Intermediate Stations at 6.25 p.m. OUTRAM BRANCH.—Train will leave Outram for Mosgiel tit 6.50 p.m., returning leaving Mosgiel at 7.55 p.m., connecting at Mosgiel with Trains to and from Dunedin. TTJAPEKA SHOW AT LAAVRENCE. LAWRENCE BRANCH.—Tho Train usu- , i.lly leaving Lawrence for Milton at 3.15 ;p.ii. will NOT leave mifil 420 p.m., WaiiaI luina 4.50 p.m., arriving Milton 6.0 p.m., i connecting at Milton with Trains for DimI edin and Clinton. J SFORIS AT BALCLUTHA. | CATLINS RIVER BRANCH.—Train will j leave Baiclutha for Catlins River at 5.30' a.m., returning leaving Catlins ttivor at 7.30 a.m., arriving Baiclutha 9.0 a.m. Tho Train usually leaving Baiclutha for j Tahakopa at 10.40 a.m. will NOT leave, until 11.25 a.m., connecting with 9.0 a.m.. ExI press from Dunedin. Owaka 12 50 j).m., MacI lennan 2.20 p.m , arriving Tahakopa 250 j p.m.. returning Tahakopa to Maclcnnan at 3.5 p.m. | SATURDAY' AND MONDAY. j 26th and 28ih DECEMBER. j RACKS AT WINGATUI. I DUXEDIN -PA LMERSTON.—Tho Train } usually leaving Dunrdin for Palmerston at j 5.27 p.m. will NOT leave (ill 7.35 p.m.. ; Waitati 8.48 pm., Scaciilf 9.18 p.m., Wai- : kovaiti 9.43 p.m.. Pnlnicrston arrive 10.18 j P DUNEDINAVINGATUI.—Trains will leave 1 , Dunedin for Wingaiui at 11.15 a.m., 11.18 i I a.m., 1130 a.m.. 11.38 a.m., 11.46 a.m., \ I and 12.15 p.m. The 11.15 a.m., 11.30 a.m., 11.38 a.m., and 11.46 <~.m. Trains and the I 12.15 p.m. Train on Monday will NOT stop I at Intermediate Slatiens. j Trains wTII leave Wingatui for Dunedin j at 5 5 p.m.. 5.15 p.m., 5.23 p.m.. 5.31 p.m., and 5.55 d.ui. The 5.5 p.m., 5.15 p.m., 5.23 p.m., and 5.31 p.m. Trains will NOT stop at Intermediate Stations. Tho Express Train leaving Dunedin for Invercargill at 4.15 p.m. will stop at Wingatui to pick up passengers for stations south of Clinton at which train is timed to stop. : MOSGIEL-DLNEDIN.—The Train usually j leaving Abbotsford for Dunedin at 52 p.m. will leave at 5.0 p.m., Green Island 5.3 p.m., i Burnsid© 5.6 p.m., and Cavcrsham 5.11 p.m. Tho Train usually Icavinar Mosgiel for | Dunedin at 5.10 p.m. will S*OT leave, till : 5.25 p.m , Wingatui 5.35 p.m., Dunedin arI rive 6.2 p.m. I MONDAY, 28th DECEMBER. | OTAGO CENTRAL BRANCH.-The Train I usually leaving Dur.cdin for Ranfurly at 11.40 a.m. will NOT leave until 1.30 p.m., ! Middleman!! 5.20 -p.m., Hyde 6.20 p.m., 1 Waipiata 7.20 p.m., arriving Ranfurly 7.40 I p.m. j SPORTS AT RANFURLY. j Train will leave Ranfurly for Omakau and i Intermediate Stations at 8.0 p.m. Train will leave Rinruriy for Middicmarch nnd Intermediate Stations at 6.30 p.m. EXTRA EXPRESS TRAINS. WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, 23id and 24th DECEMBER. CHRISTCHURCH-DUNEDIN.—An Extra Exnrcss Train will leave Christcburch at 9.10 a.m., Oamai-u 2.15 p.m., Maheno 2.42 p.m., Hampden 3.15 p.m., Palmerston 3.55 p.m., arriving Dunedin 6.0 p.m. Stops at Maheno, Herbert, Hampden, Hil!gro\c, Palmerston, Waikonaiti. Seacliff, and Waitati to ipick un or pet down passengers, and at Part Chalmers Upper to allow passengers to alicdit. Holiday Excursion Tickets from Oamaru and stations south thereof to Dunrdin and Tnterrncd'att* Stations will NOT be available by the Down Express Train arriving Dunedin at 3.55 p.m., aI?o by the Down Mail Train arriving Dunedin 9.0 p.m. on Thursday. DUNEDIN AND BALCLUTHA. WEDNESDAY. THURSDAY, AND SATURDAY. 23rd. 24th. and 26th DECEMBER. Holiday Excursion Tickets from Dunedin and stations south thereof to Baiclutha and Intermediate Stations (including stations on Lau'renco and Catlins River Branches) will NOT be available by Down Mail Train leaving Dunedin at 8.30 a.m. Holiday Excursion Tickets from Baiclutha and stations north thereof (and from tions on Catlins River and Lawrence Branches) to Dunedin and Intermediate Stations will NOT be avnilab'o by Up Mail Train nrrivmg Dunedin at 6.38 p.m. DUNEDIN-BALCT.UTHA.—Express Train for Baiclutha will leave Dunedin at 9.0 a.m., Mosgiel 9.24 a.m., Allanton 9.34 Henley 9.54, Waihola lO.ld a.m., Milbuni 10.22 a.m., Milton 10.35 a.m., Stirling 11.5 a.m.. arriving Balclutlia 11.12 a.m. Connects with Lawrence and Catlins River Branch Trains. Stops at Cavcrslinnr and Mosgiel to pick up passengers, and at. Allanton, Henley, Titri, Waihola, Milbum, Milton, and Stilling Li pick up or set down passengers. Express Train will leave Balclutlia- at 4.10 p.m., Stirling 4.17 p.m.. Milton 4.50 p.m., Milbum 4.58' p.m., Waihola 5.12 p.m., Henley 5.25 p ;u., arriving Dunedin 6.12 p.m. Connects with Trains from Catl'ns River and Lawrence Branches. (Will NOT connect with Lawrence Branch Train on Saturday.) Stops at Sfirlin'/, Milton, Milbum, Waihola, Titri, Henley, Mosgiel. and Cavcrsham to pick up or *et down passengers. LAWUENCjv BRANCH.—The Train usually lcnvin? Milton for Beaumont at 10.0 a.m. will NOT leave Mil 10.45 a.m., Waitahuna 12.0 noo-.'. Lawrence 12.45 p.m., arriving Beaumont 1.30 p.m. The Train usually leaving 1 Beaumont at 155 p.m. will NOT leave until 2.0 p.m., Lawrenco 2.55 p.m.. Waitahuna 3.25 p.m , arriving Milton 4.37 p.m. (On Saturday will NOT leave Lawrence until 4 20 p.m.) CATLINS RIVER BRANCH.—The Train usually leaving Baiclutha for Catlins River Branch at 10.40 a.m. will NOT leave until 11.25 a.m. ('connecting with 90 a.m. Expresi from Dune 1 in). NIGHT TRAINS. THURSDAY, 24th DfICKMBKR. CHRISTCHURCH-DUNEDIN.—Train for Cbristchurch will leave Dunedin at 10.45 p.m., Waitati 11.38 p.m., Seacliff 12.1 a.m.. Waikonaiti 12.20 a.m., Palmerston 12.46 a.m., Hampden 1.23 a.m.. Maheno 1.56 a.m., Oamaru 2.27 a.m., arriving Christchureh 8.15 a-.m. on Friday. Takes passengers from Dunedin for Oamaru and Stations north thereof only, Stops at Port Chalmers Upper, Waitati. Seacliff, Waikouniti, Palmerston, Hampden, Herbert, and Maheno to pick up passengers for north of Oamaru, and at Glenavy, Studholme, Timaru, Temuka, Orari, and Ashburton to pick up or *et down passengers; alsw al any other station north of Oamaru' to allow passengers from south thereof, to alight. Train for Dunedin will leave Christchurch at. 10.35 p.m.. Oamani 3.57 a.m., Hampden 5.0 a.m., Palmerston 5.42 a.m., Waikonaiti 6.7 a.m., Seacliff 6.35 a.m., Waititi 6.58 a.m.. arriving Dunedin at 7.55 a.m. on Friday. Stops at Rolleston and Rakaia to pick up and at Ashburton, Orari, Temuka, Timaru, Studholme, Glenavy, Oamaru, Maheno, Herbert, Hampden, Hillgrove, and Palmerston to pick up or set down passengers; aUo at any other Station south of Oamaru to allow passengers from north thereof to alight. DUN EDIN-OAMARU.—Train for Oamaru and Intermediate Stations will leave Dunedin at 11.0 p.m., Waitati 12.15 a.m., Seacliff 12.50 a.m., Palmerston 1.55 a.m., Hampden 2.45 a.m., Maheno 3.33 a.m., arriving Oamaru 4.12 a.m. on Friday. Will NOT atop between Pelichct Bay and Port Cliklmere Upper i inclusive) except to pick up passengers for north r.f Port Chalmers ( DUNEDIN-INVERCARGILL.—Train for ' Invercargill will leave Dunedin at 11.15 p.m., Moiriel 11.45 p.m., Henley 12.13 a.m.. Mil- ' tori 12.50 a in.. Baiclutha 1.40 a.m.. Clinton : 2.55 am., arrivin? Invercargill at 5.45 a.m., 1 on Friday. Will NOT stop at stations be- ' tweeu ..Dunedin and Mosgiel (inclusive) ex- j cept to piok up passengers for south of Mos- < giel. South of Mosgiel will stop were re- \ quired to pick up or set down passengers. Train for Dunedin will leave Invercargill . ib 11.20 p.m., Clinton 2.40 a.m.. Balclutlia 5.50 a.m., Milton 4.20 a.m., arriving Dun- * 6<Sa a* M£La»m*j>a. Ed4aa L*

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