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MUSSELBURGH. The Breaking-lip ceremony of the infant classes of the Musselburgh School took place | yesterday forenoon in the infant room. J Messrs H. Hellyer and A. Wilson, mem- j bers of the School Committee wore present,, and briefly addressed the children. The prizes were then distributed by the Revs. R. Fairmaid, Seamer, Scott Allen, and J. F. Jones. The children rendered a programme of songs and recitations in a most creditable manner, and thoroughly delighted the largo number of parents and friends who were present. In the afternoon the breaking-up ceremony of the standards of the school was held in the St. Kilda Town Hall, Mr H. M. Ewing presiding. A programme ot patriotic ecnes and recitations was given by the pupils, who were heartily applauded. Mr C. Darling presented the Navy League prizes, and addressed the assemblage on the value of the British Navy, without which, he said, this fino country ■would soon pass under anothor flag. He said that the reason why there were so many countries allied with England was that* she stood for love, truth, justice, honesty, and righteousness, and so long as shV stood for these the British people j need have no fear of any German in alliance with the infamous and despicable | Turk. (Aprdause.) The other prizes were distributed by Mr W. T. M'Farlane (Mayor of St. Kilda), and the Revs. Fairmaid, H. Scott Allan, Seamer, and Mortimer. Following is the prize list: Standard Vl. Win. Riitchie (dux oi •chool) 1, Henry Luscombe 2; tarna Abernethv 1, Muriel Leslie 2. Standard V.—Jack Skene 1, Roy Dickie 2; Dorthy Strong and Dorothy J&eck (equal) 1. Dorothv Colo 2. Standard IV.—Thomas Wyatt 1, James Gore and Eric Swinton (equal) 2; lone Reid and Reno Winton (equal) 1, UUve Newall 2. Standard lll.—Stuart Robertson ami Jack Johnson (equal) 1, Leslie Croot 2: Lily Cole (Mr Scaless prize) 1, Doreen Clark and Bervl Dickison (equal) 2. Standard ll—Chas. Cnyzer 1, John Strong 2; Evelyn Peacock 1, Cora M'Kcn■ie 2. •Standard I.—Harry Barron 1. David j Kaye and Tom Gallagher (equal) 2; Alice Wilson and Irene Smith (equal) 1, Eileci Conpar 2. Lower Standard I.—Jack Thomas (-Mr Sineaton's prize) 1, Allan Mackersy 2; Edna Smeaton 1. Linda Mathewson 2. P. I. (Upper Division). —Murdoch Leslie 1. Reginald M'Kay 2; Olive M'Cracken 1. Hyacinth Thompson 2. P. 11. (Lower Division).—Arthur Skeels 1, Harry Harris 2, James Dove 3: Kitty. Bastings* 1. Enid Dunning 2. Connie Ewart 3. P. I. (Class ITT.).—Robert Esnuilant 1, Jack M'Lean 2. Harold Cooper 3; Jessie Ellis 1. Nora Usherwood 2, Annie Jack o. P. I. (Class IV.).—Fairlie Garbntt 1. Colin Tavlor 2; Maisie Gill 1, Winnie Nicnl 2. P. I. (Class V.).—Alex. Priest 1. Chas. Jones 2. Leslie Nicol 3: Jean Harris 1, Rita Gallagher 2. P. I. (Cla's Vl.).—Sydney Fish 1, Basil Smith 2; Mollie Stewart 1. Kitty Thompson 2, Nyra Harris 3. I Special* Prizes.—Diligence: Standard I Vl.—Kinsley Nelson, Madso Ledger- j vood. Robert Lines, Jas. Barron (Rev. R. j Fairmaid's prize). Standard IV., Frank i Cowley. Sturdard m.—Eile-?n Scales 'Mr | Gardiner's prize), Eileen Scott (Mr Ben- I iiell's prize). Mavis Gardiner (Miss Gra- i iam'ii prize). Doreen King, Ethel Duncan j (Miss Graham's prize). Edna Wilson (Mr \ Kind's prize), Nora Rich (Mr Scaler's j prize), Erie Ewart (Mr Allan's prize), Cyril i Deaker (Miss Graham's prize), Linda White (Mrs Deaker's prize), Jack Stenhouse (Mrs Deaker's prize). Standard lE, Rem fry Harris. Standard 1.. Alice Diekioim. Lower Standard 1., Ralph Ueher-■w-ood (Mrs Skene's prize). P. n. (Upper Div.), Berta Nelson. Alice Priest. P. I. (Class in.), Eva Merry( Russell Caradus. Writing. Standard VI.. Mabel M'Cracken. Standard V., Eva Dickison. Standard. IV.. Thelma Brotherhood, Lilian Grav /Mrs McDonald's prize). Drawing. Standard VI.. Roland Vaughan." Walter I)unstan. Standard V.. Florence Robertson (Mr Skene's prize). ' Standard IV, Gladys Blacklook (Mia Hud- I Bon's prize). Ixiwer Standard L. Colin I "Waugh. Standard IV., Clarence Gault j (Mrs Hudson's prize). Recitation. Standard VI., Douglas Tavlor (Colin Allen Memorial prize), Elsie Keilan (Mr W. T. M'Forlane's prize). Standard V., Stanley Walker (Miss D. Hall's prize i. Standard IV.. Melba Norris (Mis Gray's prize). Standard 111., Jessie Ritchie', Colin Caddie (Miss Graham's prize). Standard 11., Nellie Ferguson (Mi* Gardner's prize). Composition.—Standard n.. Stewart Spenc*.* Standard 1.. Irnia Pierce. Lower Standard 1.. Jean Alexander. Handwork.—Standard 11.. Alfred Nottuan. Standard 1.. Neill Harris. Arithmetic. —Standard IV.. Vera Jolly (Mr Scott Allan's prize). Standard 1., Victor Rtid. Lower Standard 1.. Olive WaKhorne '-"•Irs Waugh's prize). Physical Exercises.—Standard 11., Cyril Towfer (Mrs Gardner's prize). Progress and Good Behaviour.—Lower Standard 1.. Arnold Foley (Mrs Usherrood's prize). P.II (Lower Div.), Claude Downes (Mis Usherwood's prize). General Knowledge.—Standard VT.. Lizzie Robertson (Athenceum prize). Lower Standard 1., lan Brown (Mrs Skene's priza). Swimming-—Senior championship medal, Wm. Ritchie ; junior championship medal, Btuart Muir. Sewing.—Standard VI., Agnes Hotf. ftandard V.. Winnie Esquilant. Standard V.. Flora M'Donald. Hilda Ash ton (Mrs M"Donald's prize). Standard 111.. Violet Stewart, Isabel Morton (enuaJ). Standard 11., Doreen Graeie, Lyla Cook. Standard 1.. Dulcie Brown. Lower Standard 1., Elizabeth Hall. Attendance Certificates. —Standard \ 1., first class 5. second class 9. Standard V.. first class 19. second class 8. Standard IV., first class 13, second class 14. Standard 111., first idass 29, Becond class 11. Standard If., lirat ula-ss 20, second clacs 6. Standard 1., tirst class 15. second class 8. Lower Standard J., iirst class 16, second cln«s 4. P. I. and IT., first class 17. second class 19. Total, first class 134, second flrji., 78. CHRISTIAN BROTHERS - - T!im annual distribution of prizes took alit'.v vesterday morning. TheXJev. Father Coffev, after' ?or tbe absence t>f His l.ordMu'p Most Rev. Dr Vcrdon. Oirin;; l<> ilim-ss. distributed the prizes. Trier.' \n-re also present the Rev. Fathers Bsi klev. CdiKiiaii. and Kavanagh. Brother O'Ryan. the principal, reported »a ii.l'iovv.-:—I have much pleasure in bcin.,' i;i a position to report a successful Tear's work The number on the roll has Veen veil up to the average, while the attsndaiii'C, with few exceptions, has been satisfactory. The religious aud moral tia-inii-.c o« the boys is regarded by us <H the first and principal of our duties, and I am pleased to bo able to state that our effort* in this direction have not proved in vain in the great majority of cases. The establishment of tho Sodality of the Anostlesliip of Prayer at the l>c- ' ginning of the year ka 3 exerted a great in the "realisation of such a desirable state of affairs. A good spirit of study pervaded the school during tho year* ai is evidenced by tho success of the various classes in the searching examination to which they wore subjected by the Government inspectors. No other proof of a close application to study need Bu given than to state that 21 boys succeeded in gaining the proficiency certificates and seven competency certificates. Five boys were successful in the Public Service entrance examination. It is with feelings of pleasurable- anticipation that Brothers and boys look forward to the sompletion. of the splendid new school now In course of erection in Dowli y street. We are confident that s> new eij, of successful effort in the cansa of Catholic education Will be ushered in on the completion of this most up-to-date educational Mt&bllahment, and ire all feel deeply *rateful to the prieata of the pariah, and '"wticulorly to the Rev. Father Coffey, for their effort* in tfcja connection. In , |b% irerl4 at. eporff our boy» hare more thait Jcfßtttafaoa- I»~*ae

Schools' Association football competition the Oiree teams entered by tho school carried off the two cups in the A and B grades and the banner in C grade. The medals presented to tho vvinnors of tho fiYO-a-side competitions in A and B grades wero also won by our boys. Tho cricket banner in the "senior schools' competition was again won by our team. Wo desire to thank the priests of tho parish for their zealous attention to tho spiritual needs of the boys. Wo also desire to thank our kind and generous friends who contributed to the prize fund; and last, but not least, we desire to tender our best thanks to Miss Hughes for hor great assistance in connection with tho school choir. —Prize List.— Dux of the school : Charles Tyke. Civil Service : Dux, Charles Woods. Other prizes in t!:L» class will be given on the publication of the results of the public examination. Preparatory Civil Mathematics : Donald Marlow. B English and Latin : John Doherty. Christian Doctrine : Edward O'Reilly. •Sixth Class.—Dux, Stephen Spain, Terence O'Brien, James Black, Francis Maroney, Sebastian Vallis, John Lynch, George Brown, -Vincent Pledger, George Mellor. John Burke, Kevin Thompson. Bernard Pimley, John Millar, Edward Fogarty, Fabian Dawson, Alexander Robertson, Francis Kennedy, Bernard Callaghan. Christian doctrine :J. Black. Bookkeeping : L. Cantwell. Composition : J. Burke. Proficiency certificates : John Burke, [George Brown, James Black, Edward Carolin, Leslie Cantwell, Bernard Calla- ' trhan, Fabian Dawson, Edward Fogarty, John Lynch. George Mellor, John Millar, Frank Maroney, Daniel O'Connor, Terence O'Brien, Vincent Pledger. Bernard rimley. Frank Kennedy, Alex. Robertson. Stephen Spain, Kevin Thompson, Sebastian Vallis. Competency certificates : William Creed, Eric Culling Thomas Fouhy, Alphonsus Gawne. John Rowo, Leonard Salmon, Leonard Toomey, L. Wakelin. Best all-round' sport : Edward Collins. Standard V.—Dux. A. Pacey; J. Smith. W. M'Dov.all. T. Doocev, F. Maloney. F. Carter. H. O'ReiHv, J. Walsh. R. Marlow, L. A. Gray, F. Donnelly. M. Collin?. M. Fenton, fc. Shiel, J. Dunne, and M. O'Connor. Prize for Irish history (silver Celtic cross) : M. O'Connor. Christian doctrine prize : F. Phelau. Standard TV.—Christian doctrine : G. Racklev. Dux: V. Spain; H. Cullen. F. Sligo, 'M. Lvns, F. Gotten. C. Wynne M." Wakelin." H. Burrell, J. Thompson. J. Pledger. W. Wilson. J. Shrehy. J. Cantwell. T. Fouhy. P. Valli-f J. Halley, W. Curtin. C. Valenski, P. Trail, G. Pearson. Standard lll.—Dux : G. Meynard : second. D. Rouchan; C. Carolin. If. M'Donnell. W. Brcokes. E. ~Recves, H. Brown, G. Clark, A. Pledger. T. Ronshan. Standard Tl.—T)ux : B. O'Reilly: D. Russell. A. Hare, C. Eraser.

KAVEXSBOURN'E. The break-up took place in the Coronation Hall yesterday at 2 o'clock. A number of parents anil friends were present. The children of the lower standards gave, some songs very nicely, ami th» Itev. A. Gray, the Mayor, Mr Harridc?, and Mr Haweridge addressed the children. The Mayor also presented Mr Grant with a handsomely-mounted pocket bonk, subscribed for by the pupils of Standard VI.. as a token of the esteem in which ho is held hv them. The following is the prizelist :—•' Standard I.—Class prize?— Charles Budge. Winnie Donaldson, Fanny Bclion. Peter M'Pherson. Jim Palmer, Fnd Booth, Arthur Ilill, Hilda Ward, David Melville, Ritii Pollett. lvv Favel. Re-uio Callon. Xellie Randall, George Sullivan. Dorothy M'Farlane, George Anderson, Albert Dennis:. AiilhniFtic," Charles Budge; re,'><ni.r, Rita Pallett and George Sullivan ; spelling. Winnie Donahhou : writing. Fred Booth and David Melville; drawing, Peter MTher.-on : bvushwnrk, David Melville : sewing. Nellie Randall: 10 first attendance prizes Standard IT.—Class prizes—Dons Veale, Agues Morcau, Frank Moulin. Clara M'Farlane, Doris Rcnnev, Phyllisßkukio, Mfred Hudson. Gordon Polktt, May Guthvie, .lack Gilland,>rs, Rita Callon. Nellie Churchill, Eustace Evans, James WatkniF. Isabel Cessford, Rowland Morenn. Lewis Gillanders, Jessie Budge. Mav Powell, Alan Gordon. Selina Connor, \\ ilhe Moulin, Wilfred Booth, Eunice Webber. Clarence Jacobs. Duncan MTherson. Hector M'Ewan. Arithmetic. Clara M'Farlane; reading, Phvllis Blackie;, spelling, hita Callon ; writing. Isabel Cessford ; drawinf, Duncan M'Pheveon ; briishwork, Gordon Pollett. . „ t .,, _ Standard lll.— Cl.vs prizes—Hilda Rennev 1. Jack Hawcrid-e 2, Eileen Mac<lonald 3, Stanlcv Milnes, John Melville, Daphne Monk."Basil Powell. Wri-lit Armstrong Thomas Callon. Philip Thormcrott. \lex^Edwards. Adderlev M'Ewan, ihelma Hudson, Maiv Sullivan. Arithmetic, spelling, poetrv, Hilda Renney ; writing, Macdonald ; drawing. Jack ilawIcridgo; geography. Alex. Edwards: history, Basil'Powell; composition, Philip Thornicroft. ... Standard IV.—Class prizes—Mona Reid 1. George Mullenger 2, Irene Thornicroft 3, George Crosbie, Norman Ireuni. Lizzie Budic, Joseph Snore, Roland i Guthrie, Ethel Perry, Laurence Gi.- I landers, Gladvs Wondhouse. Tony Ward. , Mbert Blaiie." Arithmetic, spelling, writing Mona Reid; tompositinn, grammar, historv, Gcorcsc Mullenger: geography. Norman Treurn: drawing. George Gros- | bin; special prize for tieneral excellence in written work, George Mullenger: tour first class attendance prizes. Standard V.—Class prizes : Bertha Rix, Craig M'Callum, Doris Blackie, Jean Smith. Spencer Milnes, Arthur Dooley, Ruth Hennig, Gwen Macdonald, Flossie Ferguson, Maggie Hill, Lily Monk. Elsie Boswell. Howard Grant, Jno. Gerry, Beatrice Ward, Lilla Kingston, Robt. Cessford. Wm. Budee, Louis Evans, Jessie Favel, David Blackie. Hilda Powell. Rachel Johnston. Arithmetic, history, and comprehension. Bertha Rix; spelling and reading, Craig M'Callum ; geography, Doris Blackie; read inc. Spencer Milnes; composition. Gwen Macdonald; writing, Lilla Kingston; essay—Maggie J fill 1, Jessie Favel 2; sewing—Bertha Rix 1, Flossie Ferguson 2: cookery (Ist year pupils), Elsio Boswell; woodwork (Ist year pupils), Howard Grant; shooting, David Blackie; Xaw Leacue prize. Gwen Macdonald : Athene urn prize. Bertha Rix; six attendance prizes. Standard Vl.—Class prizes : Dux, Alico "Richilale U'ibl m«IM presented by Mr J. Bhukio. Mavov oi West Havbovl •, Henry Blanc (proxime aeccssit to dux, gol<l medal presented bv Mr E. Pollett) : May Cranefield, Walter Boswell, Anton Baird, Henry Morgan. Writing and arithmetic. Alice* Richdale : spelling, geography, and history. Hermon Morgan; leading, comprehension, composition, and drawing, Jlenrv Blanc; science. Anton Baird; mental arithmetic, Walter Boswell; sewing. May Cranefield; cookery (2nd year pupils), Alico Richdale; woodwork (2nd year pupils). Henry Blanc ancl Craig M'Callum (equal); Navv League prizes, Mav Cranefield and Alico Richdale; Ravensbourne Public Library prize, Henry Blanc; four first class attendance prizes. I Standards V. and Vl.—Rev. A. Gray's I Bible class : Magu'ie Hill, Bertha Rix, Alice Richdale, Mav Cranefield, Frank Milnes. Gwen Macdonald. Jeaji Smith, He.inon Morgan and Arthur Dooley I (equal), Jessie Favol, Rachel Johnston. j Special prizes were presented by Mrs Barclay., Misses Barker, Crosbio, Dunn, HuttoiC. Messrs Robb. Milne.«. Hudson, Sligo, Turner, Hawcridge. C. W. George, Ravensbourne Public Library, Dunedin Athenaeum, Otago Branch Navy Leaguo, Rev. A. Gray, Bible class prizes. Donations of lollies were made by Messrs C. Hudson, Smith and Rodgcrs. and E. Cross land. All pupils in infant room received a book, and all ptvpils in infant room and in Standards I. and 11. received a packet of lollies each. MACA"NDREW ROAD. The prizes in the lower standards wer© distributed yesterday afternoon.,. The South Dunedin Town Hall was crowded in the evening, when the senior scholars received their prizes. The chairman of the oamraittoe (air G. F. Bowley) • presided. He said the progress oi the

had been an increase of the roll from 400 to 600 during the past four years. He wngratnlated tho head master (Mr G. W. C. Macdonald) arid his -staff on tho work 'done during tho i»st year. They were to bo comuiimentod on the fact that 85 per cont. of those who had secured prizes ! had sacured certificates for regl'.ar atI tendance. Tho staff was also to be congratulated on tho very favorable reports that the inspectors had sent in showing the proficiency of the scholars. A musical and elocutionary programme had been arranged, the singing of the children in tho "patriotic choruses being especially yood. The various items were enthusiastically applauded. On the motion of Mr Bell, a vote of thanks 'was passed to tho head master and staff for the excellent work. The prizes were then distributed by Mr Maedonakl, who remarked that it was feared that tho prizes available would be few this year, in consequence of the war appeals, tout as a matter of fact they wore able to give mora prizes this year than in any former year. The following is the prizo list : Classes P. (Misses Whinam, Hughes, Haig, Phillips, and Appleby).—Class prizes: Doris Toye, Mary Hughes, Irene Gillespie. Lindsay, Fahcy, Florence Doucall, and Maruaret Logie (equal), Alico Powell, Alexander Cvanefield. Lower First' Standard lMi;s Davie).— Class I-rizes: Daisy Porter (Mr Davie's prize), Betsy Hughan, Robert M'Bcath. iMr Davie's prize),'Vera Jones, John Robert, Rosina Nelson. Eric Lushic, Jessie Sainsburv. Arithmetic, Doris Anscombe (Mrs Baxter's prize); progress, Ivy M'Donald (Mrs Bateman's prize); brushwork, Ivy Anscombe; writing. _ Percy Powell; 'good conduct, Elvira Kennedy (Mrs Low's prize). | Standaid 1. (Miss M.A.).— Class prizes: Florence Greenhalgh, Wiliiam Hollander, Dorothy Mitchell, and Ethel Huston (equal). Elizabeth Young, Gordon AVaid, Olive Fisher, Andrew Dunean and Harold Rowley (equal). Handwork, Jessie Reeves (Mrs Rowley's prize); Kileen Connolly; 'progress, Dorothy Wilson (Mrs Fisher's prize) ; conduct, John Teasdale (Mrs Swan's prize); arithmetic, James M'Kenzie, Nelson Blackburn. Standard II (Miss flattings). Class prizes: Doris Lumsden (Mr Hastings prize), Ernest Herring, James Crust, Henry Duncan, George Huteliings, Walter Eraser, Annie Duugail, Allied Reynolds and Feiecia Montgomery (equal). dewing, 1) nis Baicman, Doris Lumsden; brushwork, Thomas M'Grath (Mrs Fisher's prize). Arthur Reeves; progress, diaries Fisher and Ivy Henderson (Airs Batcman's prizes); geiieiul proficiency, Osgood Garr (Mrs Carson's prize); speed and accuracy in arithmetic, Gladys Peterson (Mr Lumsck'ii'6 prize); mental arithmetic, Arthur Carson, Doris Lumsden (Mr Herring's prize). Standard 111. (Mrs Alexander and_ Mr Crimp).—Class prizes : Ernest Marshall, Marcus Harvey, Douglas White, Margaret kelson. Helen O'Rawe. and Muriel Cunningham (equal), Julia Holt. Sewing, Catherine Cooper (Mrs Nelson's prize), Muriel Cunningham; progress, Ernest Bump (Mrs Duncan's prize), Agnes Hargreaves (Mrs Bateman's prize); general piotieiency, Cullen King (Mrs Carson's ! prize) ; " handwork. Arthur Ashley, Gwcnyth Lcwio; writing, Charles Ilarnian. j .-ta.'.dard IV. Mr Alloo). —Class prizes : Colin Siddell (Mrs Howorth's prize). Albwl i Lilly and Kenneth M'lr.due (equal), May • .Matthews (Mrs Duncan's prize), Dorothy i Emerson and Theresa Harrop (equal), Leslie Austin ; piogress, William Yates, Mar-jni-ie Duncan (Mrs Lilly's prize), Elizabeth Howorth; good conduct and conscientious ■ work. Winshell Bcruiic (Mrs Foster's prize), ! Edna Rodger ; speed and accuracy in arithmetic, Linda Cockburn, Dallas Maxwell iMrs A. S. Coutts's prize); mental arithmetic, William Clydesdale.; William Cunningham ; swimming, Frank Henderson (Mr Hinton's prize); sewing, Eileen Sanders (Mr Allocs prize), Rose Fester (Miss Davie's prize); writ,ng. Doris (Jiles (Mrs It'.xluer's prize). Standaid V. (Mr Walton).—Class prizes : Albert Hiaton, Leslia Scott, Edward Thomson and frweLl Kir.g (equal), Edward Christenson and NVssic Berngreen (equal), Ethel Johnson. Gymnastics, Walter Mitchell, '(Catherine Ryan (Mrs Mear's prize) ; cookery, Nessle Verngreen ; woodwork, Charley Finlayson (Mis Rowley's prize); sewing.. Ethel Johnson, Miriam Baiher (Miss Whinum's prize) : genera! knowledge (if current events, Leonard Philp; progress. Agues Kut-h (Mr C. F. Johnson'* prizo) : progress an<l recitation, Minnio Doull (Mis "Moore's priz-e); progress, Mbert Taylor- (Mr Walton's prize); iuatne-. and Rccuiiuy. Winifred Cockburn (Mr Herring's prize;. Standaid VI. (Mr Smeaton). —Class prizes: Bessie Westwood, Valentino Fa hey, Helen While. Victoria Peterson, Ivy 'Olsen, Lilian Johnson; woodwork, Charles. Ingram and Alfred Gillies (eoual); cookery, Lilian Johnson and Ivy Olsen (equal)'; shooting, Drayton Mackie (Mr Bewloy's prize); Charles Ingram, Mary Devlin ; Athenaeum prize, Lilian Johnson ; committee's .special prizes, eseay on 'The War.' Wallace Scarf e. Helen : White; general improvement, Wallace Scarfe ; writing; Nicholas Montgomery (Me ! I'.niithwaite's prize); <lux I'-'.v, -Maurice jl'aldcr; dux girl, Ella Waugh.

MAORI HILL. There was a largo gathering in the Coronation Hall at '.Maori Hill yesterday afternoon. Mr S. N. Brown (chairman of the committee) presided. The Chairman referred to the progress which the school had made. 'the roll number at present was 338, which was the highest number yet attained. Tho attendance during the year had reached tho high percentage of 94—a highly satisfactory result. Ho was glad, too, that tho class of leaching had been excellent, as was proved by tho fact that tho inspectors, in their annual report, stated that in the matter, of order, discipline, tone, and manners tho position of the school was excellent. In the Maori Hill School, however, under the able management of Mr Fitzgerald, they had always had a most creditable record from tho inspectors. "Mr A. Walker, M.P., gave a short nntlress, and "Mr G. M. Thomson presented the Navy League prizes. During the "afternoon the school band, under Mr -Stewart, played selections, ittclud;ng tho evergreen 'Tipperary'; the pupils of tho upper standards, conducted by* Mr Fawcett, contributed rongs and rouiMls; and the girls of the lower standards, conducted by Miss Wilson, sang the ' Rainbow' sow*. The prizes weio distributed by the chairman, Messrs Walker, Thomson, and members o£ the coftimittee. On the motion of th<» chairman, a vote of thanks was accorded the staff for tht work done during the year. The infant department and Standard I. had their prize-giving ceremony in ths Coronation Hall yesterday -morning, when there was a large attendance of children an-d parents. Mr P. L. Clark, who presided, addressed the gathering, and presented the prizes to the infants. Mr dimming presented the prizes to Standard I. A programme of songs and recitations was gone through, and a very fine tableau, ' Children of the Empire,' was presented 'by some pupils of Standard I. Mr Clark conveyed the thanks of the committee and parents to Miss Andrew and her assistants (Miss Smith and Miss Appleby), and also to Mis 3 Valentine (Standard I.) for tho splendid work they had done throughout tho year. Mr Fitzgerald also addressed the gathering. Each child received a bag of sweets, .preeontod by Mrs Wood and Mr Armit. CONCORD. The break-up took place yesterday. Fuze-winners : Standard V.—Marv Chamber* dux, Ivy Burgoe* 2, David Miller 3. Standard IV.—Mary Samson 1, LaviniA Hatcher 2, Elizabeth Poland 3. Standard lll.—Ralph Slado 1, Cecil Yates 2, Jessie M'JVlillan 3. Standard II. —Elizabeth Nairn 1, Sada Martin 2, Jamos Keen an 3. Standard I.—Vivian Samson and! Annie Tombs (equal) 1. Eileen Hatcher and Phyllis Tombs (eqaal) 2. Attendance.-—Ten first oiglifr

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SCHOOLS BREAK-UP, Issue 15680, 19 December 1914

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SCHOOLS BREAK-UP Issue 15680, 19 December 1914

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