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Mr H. Y. Widdowson, S.M., presided in the Police Court this morning. George M‘Kay was fined 10s for drunkenness, in default 24 hours’ imprisonment. Margaret Walquist, similarly charged, was fined 20s or three days, and a prohibition order was issued against her. A first offender, on remand on a charge of drunkenness, was fined 5s or 24 hours, and was ordered to pay 15s gaol expenses. A prohibition order was issued against a man on the application of his wife. The price of bread in Wellington is to be raised on Monday to 4£d per 21b loaf. The president of tho' Master Bakers’ Association in that city considers that tho importation of Canadian wheat will not cause the price of bread to bo lowered, as by the limn it is milled the flour will cost £l6 per ton. Some flour is also coming from Am Francisco, but it cannot bo supplied to bakers cheaply enough tc* permit of_ a reduction in tho price of bread, which, he says, may go up to 6d per 21b loaf before many weeks pass. The position in Dunedin is that the bakers are still selling at Bd. They met on Thursday, but did not come to any decision. Whait will bo done is hard to say, but it may bo pointed out that, according tea the tariff adopted by the United Master Baker*’’' Association of Yen’ Zealand, with which most of the local unions are affiliated, tho price of the loaf should be 9d when flour is at £35 per ton, so if there is a rise in bread the, public need not be surprised. Tho following are tho official figures for the Tcmuka electorate on the licensing poll:—Local Option: For Continuance, 5,089: for No-license, 2,458. National Prohibition: For Prohibition, 2.656; against Prohibition, 2,858. A Hastings message states that Patrick Edward Duigan has been committed for trial at the Napier Supremo Court on a charge of theft of two cows. Bail was fixed at £IOO.

The Valuation of Land Commission, since leaving Dunedin on Thursday evening, have taken evidence at Gore, Edcndale, Mokotua, and Invercargill. The members and staff went through to Christchurch to-day by the second express. A brief sitting will bo held in tlio latter city on Monday, and that evening they will leave for Wellington, where they will sit on Tuesday morning, preparatory to adjourning for the Christmas holidays. It is anticipated that the taking of evidence will not be completed until the end of January. The Rev. F. G. Gumming, agent for the Patients and Prisoners’ Aid Society, who made his annual appeal for funds to provide Christmas cheer for those in his care, has been rewarded with a substantial response of £25. Mr Gumming wishes to thank those business firms and others who contributed so liberally.

The efforts of Mr All..Li nicy, of tho ‘Humply 1) empty ’ Company in aid of tho Belgian fund resulted in unlooked-for (substantial assistance this afternoon. His persevering methods appealed to Mr H. Lethaby, who expressed his readiness to hand over half an acre of land near tho Green Island railway (station to the fund. Needless to say, tire .offer was accepted. The section will be submitted to auction in an interval at His Majesty’s to-night, and should it fail to draw the reserve (£100) it will be handed over to the patriotic Committee for disposal, the proceeds to bo applied to Belgian relief purposes. Tho outward-bound express trains from the City to-day presented a holiday appearance. Huge trolley loads of luggage and a. buzz of excitement were oushanding features at tire railway platform, and tho 11.14 a.m. express train for tho north consisted of two large engines and 14vehicles. Reports from the North. Island indicate that the grain crops there are languishing for lack of moisture. Many agriculturists, despairing of their cereal crops developing into sufficient length to be manipulated by the binder, have turned in shock to eat them off. Crops all over are very light, and the yield will he much below the average. On the other hand, both grain and grass crops in Southland and South Otago promise well, notwithstanding tho unfavorable climatic conditions which have prevailed during tho past three months. , Mr Baulin’s weather forecast, for to-day isStrong N.E. and N.W. winds, with rain showers. - ’ Tt is not generally known that power is given, under section G6 of the Reserves and Other Lands Disposal and Public Bodies Empowering Act, 1914, to the Ocean Beach Domain Board to regulate tho conduct and clothing of persons bathing on or in tho vicinity of the Ocean Beach. The attendance at the Public, Library for the month of November was 21,26 d, as against 19,923 for the same mouth of last year. In the lending library 7,172 tickets have been issued to date. The stock of books in all departments now numbers 22,C69 A boy aged 12 was charged in the Juvenile Court this morning with stealing tho sum of £2. The senior sergeant said that the, lad entered a shop in St. Hilda and stole the money from a till. Ho had been before the Court previously. Dir Axelsen said that the lad was bright and intelligent, and was in the Siaili Standard. He was well looked utter at home. The Magistrate adjourned the case until February 3 for the purpose of seeing how the boy behaved himself in the meantime. Our Lawrence correspondent informs us that two parties of surveyors are now on the ground preparatory to cutting up in suitable-sized areas for closer settlement tho land recently acquired by tho Government from Messrs .Ino. Mundell (of Bellamy Station), Jno. Brooks (Big Hill), and Biathwayt (Beaumont). Tho acquirement from Mr Mundell comprises 1,536 acres of freehold 'land on the north s’do of the main road from Evans Flat to within a mile and a-half of Beaumont, as well as the goodwill and improvements on seven adjoining runs, embracing an aggregate area of 28,345 acres. Tho freehold will afford a valuable frontage to tho runs, which are noted for their high-class grazing capabilities, and ars certain to tc in strong demand when available for closer settlement. Mr Brooks’s land is 2,0C0 acres in extent, and will bo cut up into agricultural and grazing farms, and a limited area set aside for joint farms. A portion of Mr Blathwayt’s property is also to bo set aside for fruit culture, and the balance, as in the case of Mr Brooks’s | land, for agricultural and grazing pur- I poses. Mr Blathwayt’s property is handy ' to the Beaumont, and ie served by tho I railway line, now in running order. The | cutting up of all these properties, with 1 the subdivision of the runs, should give a I most desired impetus to settlement in the j |Tuapcka and Beaumont district*, j

A first offender brought before Mr J. Watson, J.P., this forenoon at the Port Chalmers Court was convicted of drunkenness and discharged. “ It’s an ill wind,” etc. This year has been the windiest early summer we remember. Day after day a brisk breeze, sometimes half a gale, from the southwest, with occasional variations from the north-east. Gardens have suffered most severely. By way of some set-off to these grievances, the growth of weeds on the sides of the suburban highways has been checked. Does this appear to bo a small matter ? Perhaps so; but not in reality. An old resident of the Flat, who takes an unofficial interest in public matters, reckons that the scorching winds have done from £3OO to £4OO worth of streetcleaning in that district this season. The traffic returns on the 'pity Cor poration tramways for the fortnight ended the 12th inst v as compared with the corresponding period of last year, were as follow :—l9l4—receipts £2,908 IQs 3d, mileage 49,190 miles; 1913 —receipt £2,732 lls 4d, mileage 50,765 miles. Just before the express for the eouth left Auckland last night an intending passenger was attacked by three men in an isolated corner of the platform, and was relieved of £39. The man, who was much excited, rushed up to the police, but his assailants, whom he declared he had never seen before, but who knew where lie kept his money, had made good their escape. Last night, in the Roslyn Methodist Church, Kaikorai, a farewell social was tendered to Miss Freeman, who for some nine years has been organist of the church. The Rev. J. T. Pinfold (presided, end gave an address appropriate to the occasion. Songs were rendered by Messrs Paterson, Crerar, Moore, and Sunderland, a duet by Messrs Ramage and Rowe, and recitations by Messrs Crerar and Webster. The choir, under the baton of Mr Sunderland,, sang the Russian hymn and the ‘ Marseillaise.’ On behalf of the choir, Mr Paterson presented Miss Freeman, who is shortly to be married, with a clock, and Mr Jamieson, on behalf of the trustees and other friends, presented her with a purse of sovereigns. Mr W. Clyde responded on behalf of Miss Freeman.

The Library Committee of tho City Council report that the annual stock-tak-ing of the fiction section of the lending department was accomplished during the month of November. Tho result is regarded as most satisfactory, there being only three books missing from the slock, and one volume which had been issued could not be traced, making a total loss of four volumes for the 11 months, while 11 of tho volumes reported ns missiing last year have been recovered. The total number of books of fiction issued for the 11 months ended November was 110.874. The lending library was opened on the 3rd July, 1911, with a stock of 3,535 volumes of fiction, which now numbers 6,206 volumes. Tho total number of fiction books issued since-that time is 376,078, and out of this number only 22 volumes have been lost, or oho in every 17,000 issued.

Soriie months ago the Dunedin Chamber of Commerce undertook to make a donation of £lO 10s per year by way of prizes to encourage the study of commercial subjects in the Otago University. The following students have been reported as being successful in obtaining these prizes : —(1) Host student in first year of professional course (in Law, accountancy, and auditing), prize £4 4s, to be applied towards next year’s fees, Ernest M ‘Gregor. (2) Bast student (advanced) in accountancy law, prize £2 2s, in books, A. 0. Wilkinson. (3) Best student in advanced book-keeping and accounts and auditing, prize £2 2s. in books, to be divided : Advanced book-keeping and accounts, Ghas. T. Lee, £1 Is; advanced auditing, Richard J. M'Laren, £1 Is. (4) Best student in mercantile book-keeping (students taking professional accountancy course excluded from competition), prize £2 2s, in books, Harold C. Green.

Notification of Sunday services as enumerated below appears in our advertising columns:—Anglican: All Saints’. Presbyterian : First Church, Knox Church, St Andrew's, South Dunedin, North-east Valley, Caversham, Morning-ton, Musselburgh, Roslyn, St. Clair, Chalmers. Methodist.; Trinity. Central Mission, Mornington, Cargill Road, Belleknowcs, Woodhaugh, North-east Valley, Dundas Street, Kew, Abbotsford, Kavensbourno. Boslyn, Maori Hill. Congregational : Moray Place, King Street, Leith Street. St. Clair. Baptist: Hanover Street, Roslyn, South Dunedin, Caversham, North-east Valley. Church of Christ: Tabernacle. South Dunedin. Filleul Street. Mornington, Christadclphians, Choral Hall, Theosophy, Christian Science. At the Octagon Hall an after-church carol service will be given by the Central Mission Choir, under the couductorship of Mr W. R. Don. Several leading soloists will take part. New season’s photographic goods: Excellent stock now arriving. Cameras from 6s. Send your order early to H. J. Gill, 11 and 13 Frederick street, Dunedin. 'Phono 1,144. •—[Advt-3 Under the auspices of the Dunedin Presbytery a service of thanksgiving and intercession will be held on Christmas Day in First Church, at 10.30 a.rn. The special note of thanksgiving ia in connection with the hundredth anniversary of tho first preaching of tho Gospel in New Zealand by Samuel Marsden, in tho Bay of Islands. The world-wide war presents an irresistible call to intercession on the day that commemorates the birth of the Prince of Peace. The Rev. W. Scorgio (Moderator-elect of tho General Assembly) and tho Rev. G. H. Balfour will give short addresses, and the Moderator of the Presbytery will preside. On Sunday night, at All Saints’, Christmas carols will be sung by the choir. The Rev. C. 11. Allen will sing ‘ Nazareth ’ as an ollcrlorium.

On Sunday evening, after the usual service, the Trinity Church choir, assisted by Misses Frances Grant, Nellie Dcnscm, Reno Aslin, Messrs W. H. Harrison, W. G. Gemmell, and Master 6. Swift, will render a song sendee of Christmas carols. Watson's No, 10 is a little dearer than most whiskies, but is worth the money.— [Advfc.] At St. Clair Congregational Church tomorrow evening the Rev. W. J. Ashford’s subject will be ‘The Darkened World and iho Christmas Hope,’ and at the close Christmas carols will be sung by the choir.

The Caversham Baptist choir will giro a programme of Christmas music, on Sunday evening, at 8 o’clock. A collection is to bo taken up on behalf of the Belgian fund. Mrs Munro will sing ‘ O Thou That Tellcst,’ Mr J. Leech ‘Star of Bethlehem,’ and Mr H. E. Clark ‘Nazareth.’ Among the choral items arc ‘Arise, Shino’ and ‘And the Glory.’ Railway arrangements for the Christmas holidays are advertised in this issue. The Peninsula Ferry Company advertise their Christmas time-table in Lus Issue.

Api important general meeting of the Otago General Laborers' Union will be held in the union’s hall, 95 Stuart street, on Wednesday evening.

Speight’s ale and stout are acknowledged by the Dominion public to be the best on the market.—[Advt.] To-morrow evening, at Hanover Street Baptist Church, the choir will sing a number of carols at the close of the service.

The St. Kilda Municipal Band will play at the Second Beach, St. Clair, on Sunday afternoon, and at the band rotunda, St. Kilda, at night, commencing at 8 o’clock, when a special programme will bo submitted, including a number of eacred and Christmas music. A large gathering is anticipated, especially at night, when the first of ai series of Sunday night outdoor concerts will be given. Troubled with insomnia? A glass of Wat■=on’s No. 10 makes a splendid nightcap.— [Advt.]

Getting married Christmas? Get our 50pacre catalogue; an cye-opencr; prices and styles unsurpassed. Martins, Octagon.— [Advt.]

Heceived on behalf of Hr Talboys's appeal for giving a Christmas treat for those in receipt of charitable aid outside the Benevolent Institution: Dr Lyth, Palmerston, £1; James M. Gourley, 10s. The Maheno is advertised to run to North Spit and Maori Kaiit on Sunday, the fiOth inst,, at excursion rates. Ladies recommend Marlin’s Apiol and Steel Pills. Sold by oil chemists and stores. See you get the genuine.—[AdvtJ The special mission conducted by Mr Forbes M‘Leod in the South Dunedin Gospel Hall has been attended with much success during the week. It has been arranged to continue the meetings to-morrow evening and on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings*

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Evening Star Issue 15680, 19 December 1914

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