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FOR BURY. Itfiterday afternoon the infant class and Standard 1 of the above .school were dismissed lor the summer holidays, after giving a varied entei tainment of tongs and marches. Later on in the- afternoon Standards L. 11., and 111. broke up, the prizes being given out by Mr W. Fleming (chairiiu:ii"\>l the committee) and Rev. It. Fairmaid, in tile school gymnasium, which was cri;'.-.<ii.<l with ml cm eo. od paienis and visitors. In til-' ev.-ning prizes were distributed to Standaids IV., V.. and VI. by Mr J- B. Shatkiock (Major), Mr W. X. \!-Farlan-j i.Mavcr of St. Kllda. 1 . Mr T. K Sidev, M 1'!. tlie lte.v. A. J. S.amer. Kc-v. ra'iijuitrsou Jones. Key. Scott Allen, and ih.' Key. It. Fail maid. The Navy League puzes were piVwenwd by Mr T. K. >s;d-/s-, M P Appreciative lvfcrences wovo n.a'ae to the excellent work riono by Mr W. Eudey and iii.s ctatl'. During tho cvei'.i.ig an eMt.riaiitmeiit. consieting of patriolie and other aongs was given by the vii,kih:i: to llie ovident pieaouru oi the I'.UClleiitv Ttiij tolloYcitig is the prizo list : MaiKhml \'l (58 pupil«, -Mr Nelson). — Dux oi siivjol, (Kvid Me-nnu-:ai ineuali. K"y ilerbert 1, Robert Anker. 2, Hunt<.r Nelsun 5, Robert Smith 4, .m;iv Sowing" prize. Winn"- Crabuo (.Hit> Ludey's 1>,..-.-./" .AilH-iiieuni prize, j\c.nert Snutlr} Navy* League pri/.i-.- Roy lleibcit 1, tK.tsie. ji..iu:oi./ii"iv;\v a, r.ila Maxwell 3. General mint ccititicatcf. : class —Ruth .wilier, Joseph JJav.sun, Jet.iie- Banhomew, Ajoert -Norman, David baunu-eis, \\ nnuo Crahbe, Ami.-uri ; second clatis— Uh\.- Lai.~-. Alu'jt. Thuiiißou, Albert >.\s..~h, Li'V Biack icalpit l'orter, Goruon Fra-'ier, Joim MittJioll. J-etc-r 1 unlin. At-:ei-i.iuce ivrlitieau-s.. tiist 27, second 5. Sanoaid \. (70 munis, -Mr J. BorthwicK).—Dux of coi.-ri. loa. Lungiey. Liltaii j. i. lai. J.iiK '&, Anii.e t.iourlay 3, ■John \Vood-j 4, Wiiiiam .loihoti. 6; special piize. (Airs M'L'koic's), Joseph Dlciiisjn tgiMM i.-ondui.-t) ; sewing pn/.e, liielma. .Mewart i.Mta Lucas's pri/.c) : Navy League j.ii/.e.- ■■- Ida Lunge-y 1, J.nian \ oung 2. I..'un.i M'.Vulcy 3; gv-ueral merit oirtili-cat-.'.s: class- Hobt. Muni'o, Josaph Jbckison, .\JaiKie Edwards. John Davenpoit. George Fowlor. John Pearco. llcrotny ,-i..1, .tl.i.rv lux, John .Sharp, Edc Vincent. Harold' Napier, John Morris, Leonard , ,-.•>• ; sv'cvjiid i-iac-s—Charier Smilli, I.'aLy Baird, Emily llenders;oii, John Pope, iilili-..->, Ailhiir Daveis, Kuby Hodj-e, Jtnv Waiiihviusc, Lily Bartholomew, Basil liv-'azleuoid, James Sharp, I'rank Taylor, l-.milv Wii.vm. «y-riilicatt..s, ;i .,., '--A, ti ec:-ud 13. Slandaid IV (6:! pupils, Mr Egglcton).— Puv of class lill.i. Uoiv. Dons Whieler i,ml id:, iiix 1 Miiv Baird 2. Eva Connor 3, All'r.d l-'Ux-ido;-, ; i. Katie Wilson 5, Enid Beil 6. ,-H-uing prize. .May Bainl ; .swimiiimg prize ischnol beginneiw' ciiampionsliipi. t hari-'s Uiu-hie. Gem,rai merit certificates : First class -Ida. Rix, Jessie Hunter, Mais'u- A.nderson, Alfred Dray, "sydncy M'tlill, J-«j Larking, Winnie Nelson. AlbiTC Timlin, Bella Kilgotir, Douglas Nelson, G-orge (iraharn; teeond ela.vs—Thelmn liiihai'ilson. Lily Smith, Marion Riley. Getty Brown. John Napier, Liiv Steven's; Dorothy Ciilies, Maurice Uavcis, Thoimus Poter. Fred .Swete, Fi-ecl Lane. Attendance certiiicates, first 27, second 17. Standard 111 a (53 pupils. Miss Law-i-eiice).—Dux of claps. \\ iniire-J Connor. Norman Kilgour 1, Richard Bain 2, Arthur l.ungley 3. Ha/el Edwards 4, Marjory Swete "(Mrs Dnniimond's prize) 5, Geo. Pocklington 6, Irene Evans (special) 7. Sewing prize., I-Jlen Simpson (Mrs Halligat.'s pri//.:) ; special prize. Agn«-s Wallace (Mrs M'Crone's prize). Merit certificates: First class —Eileen, Alan Ockwell. Oorge Bawdon, Mina Wills, Greta Paul, Annie C'legg. Henry Waugh, Henry Heazlewood, Ellen APNicoll, Robert Grant. Charlotte MatCrgly. Haiokl Boyd ; sc;cond c .] i]( .6 —Tiiomas liubbins, Beatrice Gray. Georgvi Petjie, Alice Anderson. Ada Clegg. Marjory Carey. Jean Ward, Wiifviti Grainger, David Porter. Leslie Glaistcr, Li.die Bonterey. Attendance ceitificates, 25. &cc-ond"l4. .standard 1J1.8.—31 pupils. Miss Brown. Dux of class : Arthur Michie. Special prize : Elsie Turner. Stanley Fox and Leslie Daveis (equal) 1, Evelyn Lumb and Harold Hambleton (equal) 2, Olive Brooks 5. Sewing prize : Muriel Day (Mrs Jas. Steven's prize). Merit certificates : First claes—James Ross, Ivy Pope. Edward Hotop, Mollie Bowie. Muriel Day; second class—Freda Bugden, Joseph "Shore, Thomas M'Crorio, Doris Smith. Barbara Roscnbrock. Attendance certificates : First 16, second 3. Standard 11.—84 pupils. MLse Kalston. Dux of class : Hester Young; Lily Cornish 1, George Prootor and Percy M'Fad,„en (equal) 2, Eileen Morton 3, Mona L'rawshaw 4 ; David Riddell and Thos. Bartholomew (equal) 5. Special for gene- I ral work : Cecil Johnston©, 'Beatrice Ham- j

bletcn. Alice Moss. Richard Hall. Sewing prize : General merit certificates : First chase— Dudley Porter, George Cohen. May Rix, George Pope, Isabel Barr, William Gourkv. Lina Kennedy. Mary Larking, John M'Neil. Fred Morris, Violet Dray, John Anderson. Edna Alexander, Mary Poeklington. John Marshall, Dong las Napier; second class—Oliver Nelson, Mary Barr, Colin Campbell. Rita D.jxoh, Grace Potter, Lucy Gilchrist, Allen M'Donald (2), Ruby Rosenbrock. Susan Barwell, John M'Auelin, Allen MTlonald (1), Ed-ward Miles, Ellen Jones, Isabel Muirhead, Maggio Krauso, Arthur Fisher, Jackson Grey. Attendance certificates — First 39, second 15. ■Standard I.—SO pupils. Miss Budd. Dux of class : Rita Black ; Gordon Connor 1, Emily Ross 2, Edith Beck 3, Irene Grainger and Walter Timlin 4, Duncan M'Donald 5. Special prize for general work : Peggy Turner. General merit certificates : First class—Frank Bradley, Jack Gallacher, Florence M'Laughlin, Wallace Gilliand. Jessie Betting. Iris Collett, Maud Petric, Isabel M'Kay, Jack Alexander. Fred Roberts, Harold Bain, Stanley Hitchcox, Archie M'Kay, Leo Heazlewood, Thelroa Barrow, Herbert Hodges. Cyril Rothwell; second class—Annie Wills, Edith Shilcock, Cornelius Bowie, Ernest .Niven, Willie Brooks, James Bulger, Winnie C'raiir, Mary Amouri, George Taylor, Sylvia Trainor, Lucy Ross, Louisa Kennedy, Huia Ockwell. Leslie Broadfoot, Gordon Lumb. Attendance certificates : First 38, second 16.

Lower Standard 1.—83 pupils. Miss Hopcraft. Dux of class : Doris Drav; Stanley Gillan 1, Robert Maxwell, Wilfred Wragge, and Alice Guthrie 2. Grace Barclav 3, Gladys Crowo 4, Colin M'Keich 5, Robert Matthews 6. Sewing prize : Doris Brown. General merit certificates : First class—Rita Wood, Dorothy Flock ton, Thelma Alexander, Vera, Rix, Mary Grainger, Daisy Mathie, May Gc-ddes. Hilda Penny, Gladys M'Crorie, Gwendoline Grant, Maud Cohen, John Jarvis. Frederick M'lvor, Emily Nelson; second class —Ernest Swete, Cecilia Huntei. Charles More, Hector M'Pherson, Eileen Anderson, Mary Steel. Irene Alexander. Clarence Wikon, Stanley M'Niooll, Blanche Ashton, James Wrirfit. William Grey, William Familton, Robert Dick, Frances Hordern. Hope Vincent. Attendance certificates : First 30, second 11. Infant Room.—Miss Hooper (matron), Miss Cowie, Miss Brook. Each pupil receives a booklet and a bag of lollies. Attendance certificates : First class 39, second class 17. CONVENT. PORT CHALMERS. The annual distribution of prizes in connection with the Convent School, Port Chalmers, took place on Wednesday. There was a lame- attendance of scholars (115). Prior to the distribution of prizes Father O'Reilly addressed (he children and advised them to enjoy their holidays to the. full, and at the same time to ! lx> kind to all around them, but especially jto their parents. Following is the prize list : I Dux. L Anderson ; proficiency medals—• P. Kncwstubb. I. Johnson, S." M'C&lhmi, M. Crnmcnd, P.. Albertson, and L. Anderson. Standard VIT.—R. Albertson. Christian doctrine; I' Knowstitbb. shorthand and i typewriting : 1. Johnson, general profii ciency : S. M'C'alJnm. French. | Standard VI —IT Parsons, arithmetic ! Mid English; N. Hardy, writing; N. • Johnson, history and civics; R. Austin, i drawing and coir position ; L. Percy, dej signing and spelling. I Standard V - -I: A-lbertsou, general pioififiency: J. arithmetic; V. ! Dougherty, spelling; E. Hardy, grammar; j 1.. Peivy. history ; P. Wohtrsdorf, eom- : position: C. M'Kewon, arithmetic; K: I M'Cnrmaclc. writing Standard IV.—Frank Holden, general proili-Mwv : II Wrilt-Tsdorf, arilhnietic ; M. Dougherty, designing; M. M'Kenzic, j drawing ; R. Knewstubb, reading; 0. ; Smith, writing: L. M'Kcwen. hido'y ; jT. Cabral, reading; W. Griff.n. arith- , metic ; E. Griff-m. spelling'; N. Hughes. i geography ; J. Brennan, zoology ; M. Tunjnage, Nature study; R. Flymi, composiI tir.ii. ' Standard HT.—L. M'Entee. general pro- ' ficiency : D. Par.s,->:is, geography and his- ; tory ; W. Dougherty, arithmetic ; J. Grif- , fen. : M Ama.liitano, drawing ; ■ ].'. M'CV-rmaek. writing j Standard II. —M. Wcifersdorf, reading; ! M. M'Entc-e, general proliciency ; L. Brennan, reading : N. Brennan, spelling ; N. attend.vtieo at Sunday school: It. | Carvel 1, drawing; A. Crnmond, writing; L. Dougherty, spelling; C. Eastgato, writing ; A. Kastgate. punctuality ; R. OrihVn, arithmetic: I). Ceddes, Nature .study: W. Johnson, drawing: J. M'Cillnm. geography ; G. M'Kenzie, comn<-<sit.ion ; F. Sirep.-on. writing ; R Anialtitano, arithmetic ; P- Flynn, reading and sp lling ; N. Troy, reading : N. M'Cormack. wi.iling. Standard L--M. Albeits'.n. arithmetic: T. H""h<-s. drawing; L. Crnmond, sp -lling; H. Cramond, writing; L. Poin-herty, rending ; J. CnnVe. drawing; S. Gcddrs. readiim : E. Holden. arithmetic; M. J'u'oii", writing: V. Kirk wood, spiling; W. Lindsay, writing; E. Potter, drawing: p. Smith, reading. Special Prizes.—Most popular boy, Ixjonard Anderson; most popular gill. Phillis Knewstubb. Music. —Highest marks, interim diete division. Ida Johnson ; highest marks, junii r division, Lyiia Percy ; highest marks, preparatory division. Leonard Anderson ; highest' marks, first steps, Robert Flynn. Attendance medals, Robin Arstin, M. Tuimage. Sundav school attendance S. M'Calluni i and T. Cabral. j Special prize Kiiidergart'.-n School.—Michael Monti. Christian doctrine; Ilaiold M', : table* ; Lindsay Madigaii, ii-i-ding; Fran-, cis Cabral. singin" : !'"ii. lyad- ; ing ; Kitty Smith, Christian doctrine';: John Amalfitano. at'endarce ; Joseph' Anuilfitaii'i. drawing; Robert Lindsay, tables : Frank Monti, reading ; Jessie j East gate, punctuality ; Rita, Hughes read- , ir.g ; Lena Poli, spcihn::; Mina attendance; Cyril Ciamond. plastic,t.o : ! Mina Kirk wood. attendance; Gilbert; Shanks, spelling ; John Cvddr-s. writing: : T-.rence Flvnn. singing: Willi' Papons.: spelling; Deni* Monti, paper folding; Alick Davis, re-'ding : James Kemp, spelling; Stanlev Holden. writing: John Glen-: carry, singing; Monica King, writing; I'velync Do"ghcrtv, singing; Edith Dougherty, attendance : Monica Glorig yrv, letters; 'Kr.thle-m M'Cormaek, tab V:; Thelma M'Entee, writirc;: Alk-e Shanks, spelling; Mary r:«ddo-. 1.-tfer?, ; Alice Murray, letters; Wilfred Alieiton, countiiitr: James Cabral, attendance; MalK?l Woodward, letters. i

SAWYERS BAY. The break-up ceremony in connection with the Sawvcrs Bay Svhool was held in the hall on Thursday evening in the presence of an assemblage of parents and friends that filled the building to overflcrv incr. Mr W. H. Horn, chnirman of tin School Committee, presided, and prtid a hisrh tribute to the teaching staff and children for the excellent year's work, as revealed bv the examination reports. Mr P. J. Marfell, secretary, also epoke, and thanked the following for donations ta the prize fund :—Messrs Mithaelis. Farquhar, and Hallenstein (dux gold medall, the Navy League (Otago b.anch), Messrs Duncan and Simpson, Mrs Snow. Mrs Finlav. Mrs Pithie, Mrs E. Tiffanv, Mirs W. T*iffany, Mrs Stewart, Mrs Jack. Mrs G. Mitchell, Mrs Dowries, Mrs Marfell, Mr Marfell, Mr Ivan Dowxie*, Mr

Laky. Mr Green. .Mr Kvdd, Messrs Lore Bros., Mr:; J. Miller, Mr Pithie, Mr P. Harkness, Mr F. Lor.-, Ma- W. Tiffanv, Mr W. H. Horn, and Mr R. Andrew's, ihanks were also accorded lo Mesdames Laley and Keltic: for judging the sewing. M.' G. D ; Falconer was present on behalf of the Navy League, and presented the prizes for essays and sbootin:z. He also presented the committee's shocking prizes. The Rev. Mr Marshall, conductor of tho daily Bible class, presented attendance prizes find mementoes to the following: May Wallis, Violet Prattloy. Gordon Prattley, Hazel Wallis, Jean Parker, Waiter Wallis, Myra White. Eltie Mitchell, Alex. Harkness. Cecilia Nikand-er, Gladys Pidgeon, Jack Miller, David Louie, Bessie Patterson, Lucy Ellis, Charles Parker. Violet Mcnzies. Ekie Kydd, Laura Wallis, Win. Ma.shall. James Boyd, Adrian Lome, Lettie Downes. Eva Meimes, Percy Wallis, Annie Kydd, Artluir Eribnan, Geoffrey Robertson. Beatrix Hill, Frank Menzies, Louise Hill. Edna. Doeherly. Alfred Wallis, Kay Gikson, Alicia Horn, Willie Wallis, Fred Pitliie. ' A ton cert programme, consisting of songs, recitations, da no**., and physical I drill, was carried out in a manner that re- : fleeted the great caro and attention that I must- have been bestowed upon the children by I heir teachers. During the programme Miss May Wallis, a. senior pupil, ! sang 'Please Give, Me a Penny' in tho character of a Belgian lassie. This item brought a shower of coins to the stage, and the proceeds were donated <o tho Belgian relief fund. The proceedings terminated with votes of thanks and th* National Anthem. The. following is Ihe prize list:— Standard Vl.—Albert Long, dux of the school (gold medal). First class —David Lonie, Ella Pitliie ; second class—Thomas M'Connell. Violet Menzies, Mary Wallis. Sewing. Mary Wallis 1 ; woodwork. David Lonie (special prize.); cookery. Ella Pithie (special prize) : Navy League essay, Ella Pithie 1 : shooting—Albert Long (Navy League silver medal I 1, David Lonie and Thomas M'Connell 2. Standard V.—First class—Miles Middleditch, Mary Long. Constance Laing, Greta. Finlay, Annie Pithie, Catherine Sanders; second class—Baden Evans. Geoffrey Robertson, Eric Miller. Mildred Manning; third class—Finlay Bayne, Cecilia Nikander, Lucy El/is. Sewing—Constance La i:ig 1. Marv" Ldiiff 2, Annie Tithie 3! woodwork. Miles Middleditch (special prize) ; conkerv, Greta Finlay (special prize) ; Navy Leatrue essav—Greta Finlav 1, Mary Long 2: 'shooting, Miles Middleditch 1. Standard IV.— First class—Gwennie Laing. Gladvs No rah Pithie, Hilda ! Evans. Amelia Paranthoiene. George Wal- \ lis, John Cook ; eetond class—James Bell. i .lames Kvdd, John Parker, James Pithte, Rnita Parker: third class —Martin Harvev, Thomas Robinson, Gordon Prattley. ScAvinir—Gladys Long and Norah Pithio Standard lll.—First class—Ethel Middleditch. Adrian Lonie, Alex. Harkness; second class—Ethel Lean, Bella Brandham, Marv M'Connell. Fie/1 Ellis, Fred Miller; third c-iasf Melville Gibson. Willie Marshall. Sewing—Elsie Kydd_l, Ethel Middleditch 2. Clarice Bayrie 6. Standard ll—First class—Myrtle Middleditch. Doris Stewart, Gladys Pidgeon, Alicia Horn: sci ond class—Virginia Middioditrh. lw Long, Tx-ttie Downes, Alice Ailan. Phvlhs Pi.'ittley, John Miller; third cjars J :i! iei Lowe. Mina. Harvey, Gordon Foigie, Raymond Gibson Sewing—Lettie Downes l.'Mina Harvoy 2, Alice. Allan 3. Standard I.—Finn class— Orwenme Briv-.*,, Jrhn MYidb- ; ''.•• u, AR""1 Olsen, Stuart Penv, Percy Wallis; second class■--Jan.-P Povd. Charles Parker, Hazel Wal_ lis; thin) class—Agnes Manning, Fred Pit'hir. James Pottizrew. Mary Low. Sew-in-.-Gwennie Bayne 1, Hazel Wallis 2. Class P- —First 'last —Edith Olscn. I DoV.thv Hill, Mad-c Cook; second class 1 \rtlutr' Erdman. Olive Horn, Fred 01sen, ! J ;l ck Middleditch. I.olkth Henderson, i Mvra White. Ethel Mitchell. Jcesie Cook; ih'iid < lass-Hilda Middleditch, Mimel Waid, < .libel Mains, Alice JJayne. Sewi in-, Dornthv 11:11. ! Each child in the ir.fant department re- ! eeived a honk. Aliendai.c.- . er.iliratcs: First class 21, second class 19. The Naw Lcazno prizes wore presented ]a<= J . cvi iiinir bv Mr G. 1). Falconer, student rd-"'ioPiir'vJ Hi- m.ido a:i interesting and li-'ni/t stiri-iiiL- Navy speech, and perform* d tl-c- honors ailiuiiah-ly. PORTOBELLO. Th<* li>-eaking-iip i.-ermeony and distriinition of 'prizes at the j'oltouello School took place ou lino- day aiU-rm-n, a, la ntimber <>t the parents and ine.ncls or i tit pupils bring l-rescn:. Address we.e de Imrcd bv the el-airman Mr ». 1». and ihe Hev. G. M'DonaKl. and ir-ciiaiions and s.uig., va-re rendered by the pupils. The following is th • prize list: Standard Vl.—Fh-i <-;"><?: John St-aton, William t»-ary. Irene Ungn-'S, MayC.msi.oiiii F.i:a v t'l-0.-.dley. x/cond class: James' D.c'il.n. Whi.aiif ->ti<i. r.^.:. Standa.d V.-l-:.-l u;l*: fciratlord Ridlev >iav Vi' .:;. Ctirisuna Ocrmaii. Se r'-'d' c'a-"-• Hoi-i'i't Bnintun. Lindsay Clark, Wiiiiir'-d Wjiumi. J«=*ie Geary ■Siumlnid JV.--Kirst c>:*> : . A.ylrocv i'achel .Minlicll. Jessie Jjewis, MavTs Anckuon, Violrt d yG ili'i;--<i" Se-ond class: 1 nomas Dickson, 1.-lin M'OutiHy, lUj.and llamershon, Ivan i',nl.loi). \';oiet It%.'"■'•. •l«sie Poolscu, Chariot u- Wil.-n. . lii.—Fu-t. class: Janet Chislv'im. Muriel l.'icta-.'i. Second Kunui'l liaii.t-n, -duir Clark, Alexaituer S.-.lton. 'ihird Standard 11.-First class: Josephine DY'i-on Mar aril, ik.u-.ili. Pliyllis jlor-l-i.'a.n t .,!.n ..a.s: William Hansen, \ihn Giaiiam Dickson, William 'Xi't'aitrc'v. M-'.ii..'-'. I'ouUcn, Hector Dick-'s!,ii",.lo'-.:piiim.' i'--..'.hant, Rosina Gill. ' S.'ai.daid 1.- -1 ■■■■■■i da.-*: Margaret An-du-son. Vera i>.c. ; .-,,,.. St.:.,nd da.,: C ..irne Wi~aii. Ce rg>- AlCartney, WilHam bur dd I'o.ock, Evelvii Leathlev. Third ch-s : \°"7}*. Sarah 'Forsyth. < -eary, \\ ilhaiu Raiiev. Alfred llarwood, J«in«. LroM. Soivinp J'rJz l -...-Si:.m!ard__ \I : May CI is.hohu 1. E.::.ny B:o:i,iley 2. Standard V. : May Wlr.t.Hi 1, <■*««? ?. SUmdard IV.: V...-;-t 1. Mavrs ■\ncier- i 2, i"bar;'.t".e Wils-ai 3. Standard' HI ' Janet Chi.-lioim 1. Siundar-l 11.-. Maigaret D.uga!. 1, Phyllis Morrison 2 ' S'. ' li'av.i 1- '■ era lJickson 1, Louisa For : yth 2. \\ !•■!'!•■ Prizes. —Standard VI.: J. Huebc-.."" Stai.dard V.: M. Winton. Staii.'uitcl IV.: J- ,Pom.*u. Standard 111: Jaia-t Cna.noini. Standard 11. : Piiyllis Monieou. Sui-.dard I.: Vera Dii'k/»i;ii. , ~> Attendance Ceriif:c:de.-,—First class 10. second class 6.

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SCHOOLS BREAK-UP, Issue 15680, 19 December 1914

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SCHOOLS BREAK-UP Issue 15680, 19 December 1914

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