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■ ■* > ' HOW GERMANY MI.SCALCULATED. Tho following letter has been _ received by a Dunedin resilient from a friend who lives in a town in IrebntJ not far from Belfast. Tho writer,' who re-ide-1 for a | time in New Zealand, dates his co;nmuuication October 31 : We people in Ireland have been living through, most exciting times duiiira tlii> last year. We have" three- rival imaies of volunteers drilling, and gun ruiiiuin; (there are 20.000 1 omuls of ammunition j and five rifles in the room ne.\t to my | bedroom). Ireland has been in a ferment \ during the last two ye.ite on the Home j Rule question. It is well known r.nw j that the German GoveianneiH cetiiident ly believed that the Briti.-.h (i.iveriiiueot j would have their hands ..o full trying to preserve peace in Irelaml that m,r .army . and navy could take no patf in a foreign war, and the (iernians hoped to seize liiist good opportunity to go to war with France and Rti.-sia. _ did not . realise that while Iri.-;h political parti.-s j were preparing to go the full length <■/ _;iii j appeal to arm?, yet that the 'lerhr.ilion oi war with a foreign co.mlry wnihl cause both parties to drop '-In ir iintne: tie j quarrel to fill the rank.-; of lln- Brit Mi armv. Tftere are abotif 95,000 Jii-h Nationalists (Home Ruler.-) and about 15.030 Irish Unionists (Anti-Home Rulers) in the Imperial Army, and rival Irish I■. have been heard cheering for Iteini'ied (Home Rule) or Car on (Aiiti-1 ionic Rule) as tliev chirgci an! c-iutured German batteries. A few we -ks ago. dtainq J tho advance across the Ai„ie, the were being badly puni. hcil l>v (iennaiii artillery. Suddenly .1 jtnrc>r otiicer of tut; I Connau'ght Rangers niisc! at the eni oi a j rifle a green flat' and shouted; "Erin go] brach." (Gallic'for "Ireland for ever "I. j Both tlio symbol and the phrase anathema to" Inch Ami-lb-mo Rulers— The Rangers, accompanied by the Dublin J Fusiliers and th» Mun.-M: I'usilh-rs, leayted j forward in a charge, stormed the German j position, killing every German gunner, dismounted the guns, .srnar.hei tiie gun sights, shot the nrlillery horse.-:, destroyed tho ammunition, and mine bark with I the loss of half th"ir numb- r—the Mini-j sters In t G9O out of 9 i-j ~id. 'l'his was | done behind a flag, which Ivd it been dis- 1 played in Ireland, the per. 011 1 ;- -puusible j would, 011 convictii.,ll, bo ptmidied by J fine or imprisonment. 1 The Irish are, as a French tourist. Comtc de Mandal Graney, wrote 30 yea-.? ago, "an incoinpreheiisiiilo p-onle. ' Nil-] tionalist-i ami rebel ibstticis itt Ireland I arc, and a]way-; have b'cn. t-!;e best re-! cruiting ground for tiie leitidi Army. I The Irish' Catholics (i.b-b.-l; fio.oih Utr j more than their r.u-nci ical pi'iporti"U <;f | recruits to the .armv as compared with ' Irish Protestants. 'l'iny ate men of ilsc verv bigbe-.t fii'itine- o:iaiitv. \t .'does' the' Irish Catholic regit! had t ;; be! pushed and eulfed back by tluir oleeer.i while the men "begged for " p-.-f wan more ' go at them, Sor.'"' Had it not been ] ncce-sary to I'cep i?i (o>ie!; wit!) the. re- | treating" French line the iSviti.vh Army! rotild have held it.* crn-iiri.'l at M..;i::. r ,nd ; had it li'en doiihii.' in -i/.e j; v.c.ili have; cleared Bellini,l t> the (V;-man border, j The Boer Wei la.ugbl our nn-'ii tho ad- i vantage.i of open order find ticcurtito shoot- j ing. t ye--] :■■< l-" vr-t to.'- .J- ;.: tl - '..-"• ! as voji' e-ble scrve-e ;., .0 t,o--d. 1 ;a in I our p;'pci-.s that X-.v Zeala-rl lot v.o ' time in gc-tting to wore: in Mcnioa, and . that Australia has fell-,wed .-mil in Ger-1 man New Guinea. Botita i; the right | man in the ritjiit place in Sooth ilrifi. , It i.- much bt Iter that a Dntoi I'/ionier \ -liodi Kdpprcs ,'•: l.hilch id.i Hi ,11 than ;/ ■■ Premier of I-riti-h firigin-tiiere is_ lose hliiiiood of a>iy r:ftcrm.itli of race bitter-; ties-:. ; i The Can, dians have ---nt a splen-iidly equipped force of -~0-.OIJ m- ;i ' and qidoh firing aitiMcry. '!-ic miiiti-y forr.cjec.-b-nt .if ' 'l"ii • Tho.e.s ' dcecrib'.t-t it as li.t: r-'.d v.i""evi'-.i! militaiy ' fotee Oi'.: ever r;v, ed till' '■ 1.1.-ld ic 'J!I.-V came in 32 tian | o■ to, -.vith an e court (c b'-iltl.' "r-icet-s. lh • I rae-j.or: ■ :'cceoed thcee ahre-i-t at it:'ervch. of -Kid v :'■:•. the next three in '■>■.- h;:lf a mi!- Ichhi'). . This order was pre. erved from ihe St . Lawrence estuary io i'lymnnth Sc.o.d. !t must have been ;t i:o;;::!:r-:.; tj.;.-! ;>. ■• they steamed bit"! 1 ■■■;■:■• ph. hl.l-.A bojtes re/it at ihv Ko'.to-i ■-,: X 'da- id;.Bay these 301 years,Je-'t 1 cod! ;i ! ::i , ; t imagine .1 moving of it; v.-.-.t. :-.- a- tie' Canadian squae'ron .a':.- to .vichnr ,ah;'<i.-t within hail of the !„y,-!h-r yven v.-liert; Drake, lriving )■■.■ i.t I iuf-.un: ! 1 -:i of tiie approach of the Anna da " -rooped and finisher] the cram-." Thi-- war will decid- the o-;e.t:on of the Briti-h .-v-t'-m '-f i-:-!i >).■;'.•] !--:-,-n vcr.-ns G f -.•man bo;, e r -c, end 1 have no fear oi the re-'h. Vie eon iii u/.i of Belgium is appai'bur - hum red.--. ■■>: thousaiids of fjidaian fic>;!:-s are \><-'n<;'. pro- . vided for in "Great i/bit-in and !_;•■ 'and. Two hundred perm!" ; o ihi. (•»-■. 1;. of v, horn I ail one, Jia - ." tnvl.-it k u ;-, i.iai.o: ,-;'o 50 Belgian f ■ rni?s" ■.- for a v,-:r or lood they can be loov'd-l for. Tim 1';!:■-■ lit •-•-•.> people- t'dl ■ f the r..'-t :-•.-- • . ; I'.. h- .•.-. - . ;i and crirl by fb-.-man. <■''(■■; aiol .-■: coo a v o un .■!■]-■ at lb;.-. 'i :;■■ '■ b ;.".- ;i i ! ea seems to be to put di-'.yn r-li o;.pt, .itioti !,v terrori lh' 1 r-ojedce: , lm( t!i» r-ooiii has be-'ii the reverse of what they ~-,> j pected. I It is n frichtfnl .state of tiff airs for our ■ troops in the trenebo*, up to im-;;- )'•: -e-; in '.viitcr for day.-, at a (iem. Some of them are ho ae here perm re;" f;ii;K--; fioin rlieumatisin, and pn-: tiutt.nia has token a heavier toll to n lh,- <bo mans. Tiie sinhing r,f the ej o.r ■ Ifawhe by a (b-rman .submarine was, a btl ioen-irj athe crew weie almo.-.t e-t-l.t iv ■]■: J.-i.-h, a p-ood many from t'j;- .'.\ Ko-t \".'c have numbers of ".one b 1 o- 'y; ~... ;,,...,. so you will understand the -■ thing-, a ■ brought home very rlcirlv !c, \< .,. ] -.. b.;u tho winter were over, b". :o-,e tdi'- to-a four months will be \-ery liard on our ' men at the, front. We ni--- ret living or sending any ("!tr:Tm;:s gifts litis aeon, except, of course, to »-,-,-:ui{.-, bttt instead are devoting tho inomy to omfovt.-, warm woollen clot.hine. etc., for the ir,.> the front. That, is tlm least we uooeo-stay-at-homes can do. T do v, i.-h 1 cotihl ; put back Anno Doiniiii (!'!-.■'.■ and toocilvi years, 1 v.ouid taint a band in tin: gaao". I I envy those who are able it, r/<...

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IRISHMEN ALL, Evening Star, Issue 15678, 17 December 1914

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IRISHMEN ALL Evening Star, Issue 15678, 17 December 1914