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CRICKET. —First Grade Dunedin v. Colts, on the Caledonian Ground.—Dunedin : Bryden, Graham, Grigg, Johnston, Mackersy, Hanna, Wilkie, Howard, Perry, Given, M'Kay. Umpires, Messrs Barron and Foster. Opoho v, Carisbrook A, at Carisbrook. — Opoho : Kenny, Davidson, Ingram, Casey, Brain, Timlin. Eckhoff, Kilgour, Moore, Brown, 0. Eckhoff. Carisbrook : Adams, A. P. Alloo, Austin, Bannerman, Bruges, Hay, Martin, D. M. Reid, G. R. Ritchie, Siedeberg, Smith. Umpires, Messrs Cavanagh and Croxford. Albion v. Grange, on North Ground.— Albion: Baker, Brinsley, Dnthie, Johnston, Marks, Satterthwaite, Stewart, Stiglich, . Strang. Williams (2). Grange: Becby (2), Graham (21. Popple, Henderson, Eckhold, Chadwick, Paterson, Holdaway, Roberts. Umpires, Messrs Stevens and Kamel. PI, Kilda v. Carisbrook B, at Culling Park.—St Kilda: M'Carten, M’Faull. Ward. Kerr, P. Edwards, W. M. Kerr, Harvey, Livingstone (2), Chapman, M’Farlane. Carisbrook: Austin, Westbrook, Tuckwell, Cameron, Watson, ■ Ramsden. Hardio, Drnmm, Spedding, Nelson, Do Beer. Umpires, Messrs Edwards and Brown. —Second Grade.— Dunedin !> v. Albion, on the Celadonian Ground. St. Kilda v. High School, at Calling Park. Anderson Bay v. Carisbrook D, on Carls brook Ground. Opoho v. Grange, at Opoho. Carisbrook C v. Christian Brothers, at the Asylum Ground. Dunedin C v. Momington. at Mornington. —Third Grade.— Albion A* v. High School, on the North Ground. ! Momington v. High School A. St. Kilda v. Albion B, at Culling Park. Opoho v. Christian Brothers, on the North Ground. Grange v. West Harbor, at Ravens bourne. School Matches. The draw is as follows: Senior.—High School A v. High School C. on High School No. 2; Christian Brothers -l v. High School B, on High School No. 1 Christian Brothers B v. Technical, on Christian Brothers’ wicket. Junior.—Albany Street v. North-east Valley, at Opoho; Maori Hill v. Caversham. on the Oval (Roid and Gray wicket) ; High Street, v. Momington, at Morninlon : George Street v. Macandrew Road, st Montccillo : Forbury v. Musselburgh, at Culling Park; Anderson Bay v. Ravensbourno. at Ravensbonrne; Normal v. Arthur Street, on the North Ground. League Matches. Y.M.C.A. v. Hillside A; at the Gardens. —Hillside: Paris, Rymonds. Deuehrass, Lear, Hayden, Harris, Withey, Burns, Drnmm, Edwards; emergency, Ingram. Reid and Gray v. Tramways, on the Oval.—Reid and* Gray : Churchill, Hodge, J Guthrie, Simpson, M'Dougall. Holt, Morgan, Burns, Harwood, Jenkins, Condon. Tramways : Weir, Pve. Paine, Bond, Webster, Ferguson, Jephson, Gilles, J. Mills, W illi.ims. Delemere; emergencies, M’Ken- | /le and Taskie. Standard v. Haywards at Montecillo.— Standard: Butler. M’Kenzie, Holloyman, Richmond, Kllis. Stubbs, Paine, Jarman, Arnunie. Pinder. Dodd; emergencies. Pago and Quest. Haywards : Butcher. Andrews, M'Dougall. M'Neil. Cameron, Sinclair. Williams, Gray, Barrow. Robinson, Mowbray. Hillside B v. Railways, on the Oval.— Hillside B: Anderson, Berry. Convoy, Evans. Gilchrist, Hands, Ross, Guthrie. Melville. Wilkinson. Hurndell: emergencies—Morris. Carter. IE E. Shaddock, Ltd. v. Orakanai, at Wait.iti. —H. E. Shaddock: Henderson, M'Kinlay. M‘Dennett, Rosevear. Webh, W. Martin, Torrance (2), Rice, Arm'd, Hodge; emergencies—G. Torrance. Tonner. Spence, Johns. BOWLING. —Association.— St. Chur v. Kaikorai, on KaikoraiGreen. —St. Clair : Ball, Pope (s) ; Stevens, Levido. Williams. Maddox (s); Harrison, D. Gillespie. Duncan, Giles (s). Wakari v. Caledonian, on Wakari Green. —Caledonian : W. Dunford, A. J. Sinclair, E. Hocking. J. Collin* (s): C. Farra, A. Walker, C. Billie, J. Fruish (si ; W. Hendry. G. Edwards. J. Veitcli. A. M‘Donald is). Otago v. Taieri. <m Taieri Green.— Otago: M'Gregor. Cameron, Crawford, H. I. Smith’ fs) : Lucas, M'Kinnon, M‘Lachlan, Watts (s) ; Columb, Strang, Kay, Melville (si. Taieri: R. Muirhead, P. Bryce. S. Cousins, J. Tail (s) ; H. Donald, G. "Gordon. A. Cameron, W. Carswell (s); F. Bryce, C. Findlay, J. A. M'Kinnon, D. Stevenron (s). f’o-lyn v. North-east Valley, on Roslyn Green. —Roslyn : Wright, Farley, Wilson, A. Matheson. fs) ; M’Gillivray, Hamel, Matthews, MTaddcn (s); Roy, Wood, Alcock. R. H. Scott (s). North-east Valley : Pinnock, Russell, Bcgg, Hutchison (s); Williams. Bryant, Dryden, Bawlinson (s’* ; Hatfield, Burgess, H. Cope, Burt (s). Balmacewcn v. Kaituna. on Balmacewcn Green.—Balmacewcn; Moore, W. E. Smith. Jones. Balk (s); Bright, Millar. S. N. Brown. Wright (s); Gamble, Anderson. C. A. Wilson. Thompson (s). Dunedin v. Momington, on Dunedin Green. St. Kilda s'. West Harbor, on West Harbor Green.—West Harbor: Burke, Cranson, Veale, J. B. Hutton (s); J. M. Hutton. C. Baird, sen., C. E. George, C. Baird (s); Lind, Kellett, Gibb, Portmsn (s) ; Grant, Donaldson, J. Kay, Mullinger (sj. —Centre.— St. Clair v. Kaikorai, on St. Clair Green.—St. Clair; Henderson, Rnhen, Jolly, Colo (s'l ; Hastings, Fraer, Kingston, Foster (?): Hicks, Spaul, Seddon, Piddington (s). Green Island v. Caledonian, on Green Island Green.—Caledonian : T. Lamb, J. Carroll, H. T. Andrews, J. Scott (s) ; L. Dicfcel, J. Ross. F. Foley, D. Cormack Is); J. Clarke. L. Tuckey. G. Lyng. J. Dev (s). Otago v. Fairfield, on Otago Green.— Otago: J. M. Brown. Gascoigne. Glover, Hamilton (s); King, Bills, Kemnitz. C. H. Smith (s): Paterson, A. M'Leod, Falconer, Mark (s). North-east Valley v. Roslyn, on Roslyn Green. —North-east Valley: Thomson, Flamank, Bennett, Abbott (s); M‘Donald. Murray, Watkins, M‘Kay (s); Hungerford, Lindsay. Grace. Allan (s). Roslyii: Falconer, Chisholm, M'Dougall, Gregory Is); Gordon Scott, Simpson, Miller, D. "Scott (s); Lcijon, Timson, J. Scott, R. Crawford (s). Balmacewcn v. Kaituna. on Kaituna Green.—Balmacewen ; Aitken, Tyrrell, Kirkwood. Martin (s): Haig, Passmore, Latimer, Beeby (s); Owen, Grater, J. S. Wilson, Armstrong fs). Dunedin v. Momington, on Momington Green.—Dunedin : G. M. Pizey, R-. M. (Marks, W. Austin, J. G. Bentley fs); T. Walker, W. Grindley. W. H. Adams, D. Robertson (s); T. A. Maitland, H. H. 5. White. F. Peake. T. Neill (»). St. Kilda v. Port Chalmers, on Port CValmers Green. —District.— Kaikorai v. Taieri, on Taieri Green.— Taieri: A. Wedderspoon, 6. Gibson, H. Millar, W. Allan (s); W. H. L. Christie, J. Thomson, D. L. Christie, A. M'Leqd (s); J. Wedderspoon, J. Whitson, J. Gilligan, D. Gibson (s). Wakari v. Caledonian, on Caledonian Green.—Caledonian: C. Dunford, A. F. Browne, J. Reddington, W. Foster {»); G. Cap.-dick, R. T. Wheeler, D. Smith, J. Cewie (s); Vf. 8. GJ*«e, A. Arnutxeig, 1). Ssott, D. Salmas (e). Otago v. Fairfield, an Fakflali Green.Otago: A. C. M'Leod, Stekea, Btiinkfl, Caoke (s); Brewer, Fountain, Den, Spnevman (s); Ringer, Cassels, J. Brown, Kelson (s). North-east Valley v. Roslyn, on Northeast Valley Green.—North-east Valley ; Rigby, White, Beswick, Gray(s); Barber, King, A. Cope, Barnes (s); M'Callum, Ross, Wright, Dunn (s). Roslyn; Hamway, Mo reliant, Dovi,<, W. A. Wilkinson

(s) ;■ Mustard, Allan, A. Crawford, Wedderspoon (s); De Beer, J. H. Matheson, G. A. Scott, Fountain (a). , Dunedin v. Green Island, on _ Green Island Green. —Dunedin: H. G. Williams, J. Rodger, W. D. Wyatt, A. Gillies (s); J. H. Wilkinson. J. Hutchison, A. Gregorv, W. M'Laren (s); A, Summerfield, i. B. Frame, J. White, A. ,1. Rawlinson (a); H. C.’ Wilson, J. G. Short, A. Black, jun., E. Harraway (s). St. Kilda ,v. Port Chalmers, on St. Kilda Green. —Unofficial Matches. St- Clair v. Kaikorai, on St. Clair Green St. Glair : Marshall, Coxon, Scurr, Ballard (a); Ritchie, Bourne, Munro, Buxton (s). Dunedin v. Otago, on Otago Green. Dunedin v. Momington, on Momington Green. LAWN TENNIS. A. Gbadb. Roslyn v. St. Kilda, at Roslyn.— Roslyn: S. Macdougall, G. Black, L. M. Paterson, H. J. Lousley; Mrs i Misses Macaulay, Duncan, Wheeler, ht. Kilda: Hart, Tregear, Robertson, Hart; Misses Faulks, Hodges, Cole. Moana v. University, a.* Andereon Bay. —Moana; Harraway, Nicolson (2), Lewis; Misses Campbell, Bagley, Renton, Meenan. Kaituna v. Balmacewcn, at Anderson Bay.—Kaituna: Bray, Wilkie. Nicolson, Oxford; Misses Marks, White, Black, Murrav. B Grade. —First’ Section. — Cosv Dell No. 1 v. Moana No. 1, at Cosy *Dell. Hanraro v. Roslyn, at Hauraro. Kaituna No. 1 v. Balmacewcn. —Second Section. — Cosy Dell No. 2 v. Caversham, at Anderson Bay. „ . Kaituna No. 2 v. Anderson Bay, at Kaituna. . „ ~ Moana No, 2 v. North-east Valley, at Moana. MOSGIEL SPORTS HANDICAPS. Tho following handicaps have been declared for the Moegiel Harrier and Amateur Athletic Club’s sports ; —. Two-mile Open Handicap.—J. Dea^ s °n scratch, M. Mickleson 10 yards, C. Frye 35, G. G. Wellman 35. G. Crimp t>s, F. Frye 65, E. Orchard 90, J. Swanson 100, L. Henderson 115, H. Robinson 120, A Frew 125. W. M‘Lcod 125, F. Orchard 180, F. Frew 180. R. Sevmour 200, W. J. Stewart 200, W. Muirhead 210, D. Findlay 230, J. Haigh 250.

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OUTDOOR SPORTS-TO-MORROW, Issue 15673, 11 December 1914

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OUTDOOR SPORTS-TO-MORROW Issue 15673, 11 December 1914

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