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NION STEAM SHIP COMPANY OF '.. NEW ZEALAND. LTD. Steamers will ba despatched oa under (circvunstances permitting):— Passengers to all West Coast Ports)— kfMJWIHM For AUCKLAND via LTTTEI/TON. WELLINGTON, NAPIER, and GISBORNTWANTEDS, ETC. OLD FALSE TEETH BOUGHT. j WANTED TO BUY, OLD FALSE ] TEETH. Highest prices given in j Ntw Zealand. Cash by return mail. Send |J. DUNSTONE. Box 345,' Christchurch. ECOND-HAND Sncka Wanted in any quantity. Apply A. Mriritzsonand Co. TjTIFICIAL ""Teeth, ~0!d Gold, Silver, JSI Personal Effects in any quantity j Bought. FriedL?nder, 184 Rattray street, i Dunedi" -■■ --■ —~ . mz^&mssfflißmmßmm £* wm\ A*s A^i'tsr u&mw tTranshippuig to -daii Sydney. *J For HOBART and MELBOURNE via : TELTON and WELLIXGTONWarrimoo Friday Jllth Dec. S^Hl-l For SYDNEY"iwd HOBART from LYTTELTON via WELLINGTON— Manuka Thurs., 10th Dec. Another Umbrella? No, I it Re-covered Lethaby's, nest OH! You have broken my best chira. Tako it to Lcthahy's to be impaired. UMBRELLAS Rc-covcred and Repaired in o'io hour at Lethaby's, next Pest Ofiice. WE9TPORT and GREYMOUTH via tTUIOUSAND Shaves a Shilling by setting OAMARU TIMARU. LYTTELTON. A your Razors groiuid and set at WELLINGTON, PICTON, NELSON, Lethaby's. and NEW PLYMOUTH (Cargo only)- -jy O^T Bltmt~lTar.ors. with address and 13 Pukaki Wcdncs., 16thDue. Noon, Dun. _£" stumps; returned next day kc-:n. NEW PLYMOUTH via, OAMARU. Lethahy, Stock Exchange, Dunei.u. TIMARU. LYTTELTON, WELLING- T AWX-CUTTIXG a pleasure when your TON, and NELSON (Cargo only)— JL* Mower has been overhauled at ManCorinna 'Monday, 4th January Noon Dun. son'*, 199 Crawford street; 'phone 2,605. OAMARU, TIMARU" LYTTELTON. T3RIGHTOX Coachlccivcs Green Island NAPIER, and GISBORNE. Proceeds -O daily on arrival 7.50.a.m. and 5.15 p.m. to* inside'wharf at both Napier and tiis- trains; Saturdays, 1.15 and 5.15 p.m. trains; borne (Cargo only)— , leaves Brighton 7 a.m. and 3.45 p.m.; also j Kow j lt j Early Manse street daily 9 a.m. Williams and —■—^zn —-~~....,..~^-,. -.c-r i Hobbs. " Brighton House." SUVA, FRIENDLY ISLANDS, and ~ ; FOR riumbing, Draining, GasfUttng try Walter Foster and Co., Cargill's Corner, Kensington; estimate* given Telephono 1,024. VJ7HITE Pine Borer killed or driven out 1 by Lignolitc. Particulars Keith RamSA.MOA 1-4 UK iiumDing, uraining, Uasmttng try ~,, «*' . f ~ ,1.1,„,i MS Walter Foster and Co., Cargill's Corner, ivua, 14th December, from Auckland. -■„,„.. ta ». ma .e* tnven Telenhono ' CANADA, AMERICA. LONDON, ETC.; 1,024. via VANCOUVER— IT7HITE Pine Borer killed or driven out From Sydney. From Auck.aud. »« by Lignolitc. Particulars Keith Ramakura 24thDecember 29th December gay. agent. Dunedin. tegara 21st 26th January tVeFRFSHiNO Pungent. : SAN FRANCISCO — AftJ stimulating; lots ot other cootl trimzs From Sydney: From Wellington, could be said of Symington's Coffee Essence. oana 10th December IV KW Paper Patterns—A splendid new j _ : — j ii range of " Butteriek " Paper Patterns- I Cargo Received— B>ooo in stcck . any garnienl po3t { C ee, iod; | Steamer. Till ~U a - send stamp for free Monthly Fashion Book, i 'arrimoo Noon Friday Brown, Ewing. and Co., Ltd . Dunedin, sols | nkaki 10 a.m. Wednesday j agents, ! Tickets available for Stop-over or Return . j, v v B R O W N REFRESHING, Pungent. Stimulating; lots of other cood things ■by Messrs Huddart, Parker, and Co's steamCANADIAN AUSTRALASIAN R.M. LINE, In conjunction with CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY. To All Ports Canada, British Isles, and Europe (Subiect to alteration). From Sydney. From Auckland. MAKURA 24tb December 29th December NIAGARA 21st January 26th January All Steamers Fitted with Wireless .305 GEORGE STREET, I Besides giving tho Most Liberal Discount on HE VANCOUVER ROUTE. Cash Purchases, sells, quality for quality, a.-; cheap, if not cheaper, than any other grocer 3TRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, CANADA. or fruiterer in the City. Return Cash Receipts dated Nov. 9th, RADIAN AUSTRALASIAN R.M. LINE, and get money returned in full. In conjunction with ALF. BROWN, 305 George street. Tel. 980. ILLUSTRATED PAMPHLETS FREE ON The Goods > afte * bein = thoroughly cleaned, APPLICATION. Agents throughout Canada, United State 3, and Europe: Canadian Pacific Railway. UNION S.S. CO. OF N.Z..LTD-. Managing Agents. DRY CLEANING. |"|UR Process of Dry Cleaning of Suits and Costuuiei is too only method which prevents tho stain j from reappearini,'. arc tailor-pressed, and returned like new. TAYLOR'S CITY DYE WORKS, 137 Ge irge st-eet. 'Phone 453. fN order to have :ho 'Star' out in good i MAIL _ ' Advcrxisfments tint come in after noon. VT« fIAN - TrRAMfT«?rn in After this hour they cannot, be classified. Via BAN JKAJNCISCO to Wp lhercfore r£qutst Advertisers to ALL AMERICAN POINTS, BRITISH kindly bpar this in mind, and send in their ISLES, and CONTINENT. Orders Early (Subject to Alteration.) From Sydney. From Wellington. TENDERS. MARAMA January-2 January 7 ~ MATTAI January 30 February 4 T ARGE STOCKS OF SEASONED RED Steamer, Equipped with~WirclessTelegraphy. "NE, OREGON, and other IMPORTED For particular* regarding Paisair-s m A t .. . • ij- -v» , ■ Fireiglits 'apply ~ ''* ..--,. , .--.- ■■- -. •». - UNION S.& CO. OF N.Z., LTD. II. V. HADDOCK, LTD., JHAW, SAVILL AND Richardson street. COMPANY, - LIMITED, TIU& ii.UvjfcA;i IdNE OF f.EAMERS to SOUTHAMPTON and LONDON via _„ c . , , ..,,„.„ , «:r. Brt vpn Montevideo and Teneriffe. Full Stocks ot JAKRAH and bbASONLD Tho Largest Passenger Steamers in the New JAKRAH FLOORING on hand. Zealand Trade. Sailing (circumstances permitting): Tons. Master. ; Mamari—.loooo Holm-s IWellingtoirDec. I. (Wellington Ijan. Doiinthie... 13000 Hart ,Wellington Feb. ' Tainui. 10000 Moffatt Wpilington |Mch. * T ' Jri " ct;s s " rue( '' - ,l ' ; * t " Jlll "»- Jonio. 13000 Starlt 'Wellington (April M^niT Mrrnt. from n«r .-,™n s.iw-, TENDERS. IARGE STOCKS OF SEASONED RED J I PINE, OREGON, and other IMPORTED 11. V. HADDOCK, LTD., Richardson street. ARR A H J A E R A II! Full Stocks of JARRAH and SEASONED JAKRAH FLOORING on hand. MIIXAR'S WEST AUSTRALIAN ILVRDWOODS COMPANY, LTD. ANTED. Tenders £nr Painting. No. 4 aamui. r uuuu. J u<. na tt Jonio. |l3ooo|Starlt 'Wellington (April I TTMMP.EK direct from our own s.-»w-> lowest cuotalions given. griphy. ~M"v*n£Z£u landed'"aT'South- Moss - Lui - 281 Prir,ces streetampton. Passage* from London may be riOB SALE (cheap), AH Kinds Building arranged here. J Timber: space lieecs.-ary t'oi- large For full particulars apply to the Agen stocks to arrive; special concessions cash I NATIONAL MORTGAGE AND AGENCY 1 customers Keith Ramsav, Lower Rattray COMPANY OF N.Z.. LIMITED. street. ™h^ H AKD B CO A I!ni??ED LIMITED - tTIMBER Mercha„t.-Howisov~24>il,,, l l DAI.GKTV AND CO.. LIMITED. I|_ strcct A „ stocks thlrolv „ h i y Eeasono( ]. i NEW 1 -~ COMPANY'S LINE To Southampton (to land passengers) and London via Montevideo and TcuerilTe. MOST MODERN PASSENGER STEAMERS IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE. Steamer. Tons.' From |To Sail "i I !" 1914 Torakina (2) ilo96oiWellington Dec. j ' | 1915 Somerset (2) 110500 ijan. Remcera (2) ! 12500 ;Feb. Ruahine (2) — iMhrch Rotorua (3) 12500 I April (2) Twin screw. (3) Triple screw. Fitted with Wireless Telegraphy. ACCOMMODATION IS. NOT SURPASSED BY ANY OTHER LINE. Apply 19 BOND STREET. Dunedin. lviine, Cement. Lowest quotations cation. EDUCATIONAL. ' IHE LAXOKR DRESSCUTTING SCHOOL, 13 High street (opposite D.1.C.). CLASSES DAILY. 10 tj 12 and 2 to 5. MONDAY and THURSDAY EVENINGS, 7 to 9 Patterns Cut to Measure :i Specialty. Prospectus cm Application. Miss C. STEWART. Principal. FOR SALE. :EET. Dunodin. TJ'OR SALE. Centrifugal also Duplex ' — A 1 Pumps; en water iOOgal to I UDDART PARKER LIMITED Pu^P s j FAVORITE PASSENGER STEAMERS -f Engines Boilers, Pumps, Hydraulic (Will Sfcil (circumstances permitting) Machinery, Jaclcs, Pulleys, Blocks, etc. For SYDNEY via LYTTELTON, WEL- /QUOTATIONS «i ivcu and Indents Executed I LINGTON. NAPIER. GISBORNE, aud \J, f or : ,n cMjse", cf Mining and other j AUCKLAND — Machinery. R. B, Denniston and Co., Stuart j (Connecting vrith «.s. Riverina at Auckland) street. Victoria Tues., Dec. 15 2 p.m ' For AUCKLAND via LYTTELTON, WELLINGTON. NAPIER, and GISBORNEVictoria Tues., Dec. 15 2 p.m Westralia Friday Dec. 18 3 p.m. For SYDNEY and HOBART from Lyttelton via Wellington— I Westralia *Friday~Dcc"lß "3pirn. TO LFaND on Personal Security, ». r.-»Tr.xT-r.i. j niDivm c t ui» ->•*-■- also on Lite Policies, Bond Warrants, For SYDNETt and HOBART from Freeho , d3i Leaseholds, etc. via Wellington— ' Ulimaroa, Thurs, 17th Dec, from Lyttelton Bills Discounted, lergo or smad sums, For MELBOURNE via BLUFF and EOBART— Wimmera Wed., Dec. 23rd 5 p.m. All Steamers Fitted With Wireless Telegraphy. Ticket* available by Union Company's PUBLIC NOTICES. WOMEN'S FRANCHISE JUBLLEE, 1893-1914. lowest current rates of interest. D. MOLONEY, Finrnce and Estate Agent. 90 PRINCES STREET, DUNEDIN. Steamers and vice versa after first stage "of rpRUST MONEY TO LEND, in Large or travel "' A Sui-ill Sums, for Long or Short Periods a! LOWEST CURRENT RATES OF INTfr ] CALLAN AND GALLAWAY. i Solicit.irs.-219 Pr.nces street, Dunedin (Next door to Auction Rooms of Messrs Alex. I Harris and Co.). I ( A PAMPHLET, containing the opinxna of Harris and Co.). JSL those who assisted to pass the Bleo93- U ° d !s o™'*}? 0 ™'*}? V™ 3 6* Ti/rONEY TO LEND en Freehold Securities of thw Dominion gainedl the Pcrl.'att«inar, J>l at Current Rates. Vc *^^So ba obtamed a * * h " ffice - EDMUND J. SMITH. Solicitor, PWCE THREEI'ENCE. N . Z . Express Co.'s Building. Bond street , ONDON DENTAL PARLORS. -m,rONEY TO LEND, m any gum, ou jrortLi ___ JjA. sago Security lowest current rates. nn. tt «it a t, x. . ADAMS BROS., The Home of Modern Dentistry. Hmpire Buildings. Princes street. nwUNEDIN SAVIN OS BANK, established EXTRACTIONS ABSOLUTELY PAINLESS, Jj 1864, receiver Deposits from Is to And No Charge for Extractions when £100: interest 3i per cent, on monthly balSets ore Ordered ar.ces. Copies of rules may bo obtained on application. Fred Smith, tr,anag<*r. - I FEES ARE MODERATE, VV ture Lite Policies, Bond Warrants, ' And Bills of Lading Otago. Finance and Agency j aUARANTSB GIVEN WITH EACH SET. *"?* UUi ' dlUSS ' FEES ARE MODERATE, And JORDAN. PITTAR, AND HENAGHAN, ' Stock Exchange. Buildings. . WASTE PAPER. ASTE PAPER FOR SALE, »» . In Lots to Suit Purchasers MONEY TO LEND at Current Rates. ' The Trustees Executors, and Agency , Company of New Zetland, Limited. . WANTFD Lcnc", £5" upwaids, furniture? ' promissory r.otes; confidential; easy repayments W.'C. Gray, 225 Princes utreei ONEY Club.—Largo or Small Loans, all classes security; easy repayments. STAR' OFFICE. I Particulars Hugh Mitchell, Stock ExchuDge. [

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