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LATE ADVERTISEMENTS. AFTER THE ELECTIONS I A TWO-DAYS' SENSATION MOLLISONS CORNER. £2,500 WORTH OF SPECIAL PURCHASES. ALL THB "NEWEST GOODS, OF RELIABLE QUALITY, MARKED FROM 5/ TO 10/ IN THE £ BELOW USUAL RATES. EXTRAORDINARY BARGAINS AND SUPREME GOOD VALUE OFFERING FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11th and 12th. Commencing Each Dav at 9 a.m. A GREAT OPPORTUNITYj A SOUND INVESTMENT. READY MONEY SCORES EVERY TIME I MOLLISONS ELECTION BARGAINS., MOLLISONS ELECTION BARGAINS. 65 pair CHILDREN'S LONGCLOTH KNICKERS, trimmed embroidery; sizes 00 to 5. Usually 2s Cd to 2s lid. Now Is pair. 140 LADIES' FINE LONGCLOTH CAMISOLES, trimmed laco and embroidery. Usual price, 2s 6d. Now Is. 96 LADIES' FINE LONGCLOTH CAMISOLES, correct cut; trimmed lace. Usual price, 3-: lid. Now Is lid. 230 pairs LADIES' LONGCLOTH KNICKERS, trimmed with emoroictery and insertion. Usual price, 3s 6d, 4s 6d. Now Is lid, 2s 6d. 48 LADIES' LONGCLOTH NIGHTDRESSES, trimmul torchon laco and insertion. Usual price, 4s lid. Now 2s lid. 60 LADIES' LONGCLOTH CHEMISES, trimmed embro'deirr and insertion. Usual price. 3s 6d. Now is lid. LADIES' WHITE UNDERSKIRTS, trimmed embroidery and insertion. Usual price, 4s lid. Now 2s 6d. 12 dozen LADIES' WHITE COTTON UNDERVESTS, shaped waists, short sleeves, extra long. Usually 2s 6d. Now Is 6d. 36 LADIES' MERCERISED WOVEN SPORTS COATS, with belt and two pockets, all gocct colors. Usual prices. 15s 6d, 17s 6d. Now 7s 6d. 30 LADIES' MERCERISED WOVEN SPORTS COATS, with belt and two pockets, good colors. Usual prices, 32s 6d. Now 10s Gd. INFANTS' WHITE PETTICOATS, beautifully lucked and trimmed with embroidery and in-e-tion. Prices, Is lid, 2s 6d, '3s 6d. 4s 6d. CHILDREN'S WHITE PRTNCESS PETTICOATS, daintily trimmed with Val. 'ace, tucks, embroidery, and insertion. Prices, Is lid, 2s 6d, 3s 6d. INFANTS' CREAM CASHMERE FROCKS, with yokes and trimmed with tucks and silk embroidery. Prices, 3s lid, 5s 6d, 9s 6d. INFANTS' BIBS, in silk and cambric; n fine selection. Prices, Is 3d, is 6d, 2s ( 6d. j LADIES' BATHING SUITS. Theso are Travellers' Samples. Only ono of each shape and style: Canadian and other style*: all the very iatest. Prices, Is lid, 2s 9d. 5s 6d, 6s 6d. LADIES' BATHING CAPS, nil colors and shapes. Prbes, Is, Is 3d. Is 6d, 2s 6d. 48 CHILDREN'S FRILLED SUNSHADES, good quality, in Pale Blue only; always deli/nt the little girls. Usually 3s 6d. Now all Is each. THREE SPECIALS IN LADIES' HANDBACS At half usual prices; good shapes and qualities. Lot 1: Worth 2s 6d. Now Is each. Lot 2: Worth 5s 6d. Now 2s 6d each. Lot 3: Worth 10s. Now 4s fc'd each. A GLOVE SPECIAL—LADIES' 2-BUTTON SUEDE KID GLOVES, in correct shades of Beaver, Urown, and Grey; sizes 6 to 7. All at 2s 6d pair. LADIES' BLACK LISLE HOSE, embroidered fronts At Is pair. LADIES' BLACK CASHMERE HOSE, plain or ribbed; fine make; all wool; scamless. Is 6d pair. LADIES' WHITE KID GLOVES, sizes 5J to 71 Is lid pair. 100 dozen LADIES' FINE HEMSTITCHED HANDKERCHIEFS to go at Is Cd the dozen. Worth double. 75 dozen LADIES' HAND EMBROIDERED IRISH LAWN HANDKERCHIEFS to go at Is 9d the half-dozen. Worth double. 50 SUPERB FRINGED TAPESTRY TABLE COVERS. High-grade Goods. Full weight. Good colorings, self, and wilh bolder. ONE-THIHD BELOW LIST PRICES. A SAVING OF 6s 8d in the POUND. Size 2 x 2 vards Tapestry Covers, lis 9d. For. 7s 6cl. Size 2x2 yards Tapestry Covers, 21s. For 13s 6d. Size 2 x 2i yards Tapestrv Covers, 21s. Foi 13s 6d. Size 2 x 2.1 yards Tapestry Covers, 22s 6d. For 15s.' Size 2 x 2A vards Tapestrv Covers, 25s 6d For 17.? Cd. Size 2 x 2£ yaids Tapestrv Covers, 28s 6d For 2K Size 2 x 2A vards Tapestry Covers, 42s 6d. For 305". " Size 2x3 vards Tapestrv Covers, 17s 6d. For 10s 6d. Size 2x3 vards Tapestrv Covers, 255. For 15s. Size 2x3 vards Tapestrv Covers, 30s. For 21s. 150 CHARMING TRIMMED HATS, exclusive! models; no two alike; all reprebtAMDß a.m> fluuiMi riAio lmo A CARPET BARCAIN. iha£m A g pLEN . D T D L]NB 0F GOOD TAPESTRY 150 CHARMING TRIMMED HATS, exclu- | SQUARES (Seamless); all now designs sivc models: no two alike; all repre-| and „ ood co i or j ngs . sentativci of the very latest style tor midsummer wear. The true value is p or 2 0. s 6d. from 30s to 425. Price This Week is Xo 2 . + 01llVj s ; /#u 2 iyds x 3yds, 48s 6d. 10s 6d each. l.'or 32s 6d. 430 PRETTY UNTRIMMED HATS, in Vo 3 . 2 olllv size 3vds x 3y ( 52s 6d. Chip, latest coloring correct slmnes. 3yds x 3yds, 52s 6d. including "Dolly A arden " and sailor No 4 . 2 onlv. mzo 3vds x Svcis, 57s 6d. styles; a fine variety of the highest- y or 3 g s 5^ class goods. Usual prices range from >j o & . & onlV( H j KC » 2; v ,l s x 3ivds, 635. For 5s Cd to 10s 6d. Pnco This Week, all 42s Is lid each. xiw , r , „„ le . T7>T , No. 6: 2 only, size 3yds x 3Jyd.s, 635. For 260 LADIES' HOLIDAY and SEASIDE 42 < HATS, in correct shapes and shades. jj 7 ." 4 on)v 6ize 3v(ls x 3v( i :i 85s . p or AVorth 3s 6d. Price This AVcek. all is 57s 6tl each. 240 FRILLED EMBROIDERED PILLOW 400 CHILDREN'S* and MAIDS "SUN- CASES, fine make. Worth 2s. Now all SHINE," "BEACH," and "PICNIC" ls „ ac i,' HATS, all good quality straws, correct GENUINE IRISH TABLE DAMASK, Halfshapes, comfortable, pretty, and a perfect shade Usually 23 6d. This Week, all 6d each bleached, of good wearing quality; splendid designs. -Bin wide. Usually 2s. Now ls 6d yard. A Few EXCLUSIVE ENGLISH MODELS,! 66in wMe ; Usually 2s 6d." Now Is lid yard in charming styles, at 21s. ~p m w i,i e . Us-iallv 3s. Nov.- 2s 3d vard. 120 boxes LOVELY MILLINERY " FLOWERS, the newest Continental shades; a charming lot. Worth 2s to MOLLISONS DRESS BARGAINS. 3s 6d each. All marked Is spray. I ioin NEW SPONGE CLOTHS, for CosI and Holiday Dresses, in Creain, AN EXCEPTIONAL BARCAIN. j Grey, Cinnamon " Lime Saxe, Tan. LADIES' TAILOR-MADE TWEED COS- j ctc " Usl!ally 2 ' 6fl iNow a " U T, UM » S Vn latM rli SKt; -T** ta i lor " lincd - Tho NEW FROSTED CREPES and SPONGI Usually 50s. To go at los each. rRFPFK double width all loudim lr^X Y > , COA T IN , G SBRC f -SnH >toti°* nlso Wttc. Usualfy 2s ll"f TUMES. tailor-cut, dressy, and useful; ,', ~ , -, J some 50 LOVELY ENGLISH TAILOR-MADE COSTUMES, in summer tweeds; the last word in perfect style. Usually 84s. Price now 21s. MOLLISONS HOLIDAY LINES. i 300 LADIES' AVHITE EMBROIDERED ! BLOUSES. prettily trimmed, the j daintiest shapes. Now 2s lid and 3s lid. i SPECIAL OFFERING of 350 LADIES' \ WASHING BLOUSES, in Jap. crepes; colors Navy, Saxe. Sky, Cinnamon, Mauve. Champagne, and Grey; aiso in Navy, Now ls lid yard. 40in BROCADED SHANTUNG, in Tan, Vkux Rose, Navy, and White. Usually ls ill. New ls vard. 40in CREAM PIQUE, suitable for Youn^ Ladies' Holiday Dresses. Usually ls 6d. Now 10UI yard. THE LAST LOT! 22 nieces GENUINE TUSSORE SILK. Xo'thing better for soasidc and holiday wear. Usually 2s. Now Is yard. A FEW BARCAINS FOR MEN. Champagne, and lirey; also in is aw, Saw and Grey Striped Nurse Cloth; Tho Correct Shapes in MEN'S STRAW aH sizes; with new polo Coll 5s lid All marked 2s lid. BOATERS. Now ls lid. Usually 5s 6d. 36 LADIES' NEW CREPE WASHING I The Highest Grade in MEN'S STRAAV FROCKS, with barque; in Grr-v, Brown, i BOATERS, all sizes. Usually 7s 6d. Cream and White. 21s. For 10s 6J Now 3s 6d. Cream and White. 21s. For 10s 6J Now 3s 6d. each !The Latest DOUBLE LINEN COLLARS 28 "MODEL" ENGLISH TAILOR-MADE j at half-price; perfect shape and quahty; COSTUMES, exchisivo in style iv.d mate- I sizrs 14i to 17. 6d each, or 2s 6d halfrial; handsomely trimmed, silk-lined. dozen. Usuilly C auinfas". Now 425. 90 dozen MEN'S NEW SILK WIDE-END LADIES* "HYTONE" WASHING. OVER- TIES. All ls each. ALLS—tho best yet produced. Usually MEN'S HOLIDAY SHIRTS, newest shapes Ss 6d Now 3s 6d and colorings. Ah at 2s lid. A few LADIES' REAL PANAMA HATS. 33 pair. MEN'S BEST PETONF, TWEED correct shapes, with black velvet band. TROUSE {S, tajlor-mado, latest, cut, all Usuallv 353. Now 12s 6d. sizes. AVorth 21s. Now 10s 6d pair. SPECIAL "IN LACE NECKWEAR.—A Great - Offering of 200 NOVELTY LACE HABERDASHERY SPECIALS. SUNSHINE, PETER PAN, and other COLLARS- 18 styles; all tho very 8 dozen good HAIR BRUSHES, screwed latest Us'ially 2s to 3s 6d. Now all ls backs. All Is each. latest. us.Miiy **. w * DREADNOUGHT HAIR NETS, best make. A ORFAT SUNSHADE BARGAIN.—I2 All Is 3d dozen. LADIES' SILK SUNSHADES, Best DOME FASTENERS, Black and White, new colorings, novelty long handles. all sizes; 15 on card. IOJd per dozen Usually 15s. Now all'6s 6d each. cards. HABERDASHERY SPECIALS. 8 dozen good HAIR BRUSHES, screwed backs. All Is each. DREADNOUGHT HAIR NETS, best make. All Is 3d dozen. TWO DAYS OF BARCAIN-CIVINC MOLLISONS CORNER, I7NNY SECTION, OEOBGB STREET, REQUIREMENTS Arc being Shown in All Departments. MILLINERY. MTLLINERY. MILLINERY. Choice Designs. DTJTHIES, DEAPERS. GEORGE STREET. SEASIDE RESIDENCE. ;OR SALE. Modern SEASIDE RESI- ' DENCE at Broad Bay; six rooms, with all conveniences; well sheltered. For particulars apply at 20 CRAWFORD STREET. _ APEJR for Wrapping-up For Sale. Apply ... 'Star* Office Bxxnd street, NEAV STYLES IN LADIES' BAGS. WE HAVE JUST OPENED UP a very fine selection of Ladies' Bags from the best English houses. We have tho following modern styles:—Moire, Mirror, Kodak, Saberta<sh, Burlington, and Trapeze, in hard-erained Moroccos, Seal, Suedes, and Puma Oalf. Every bag guaranteed. Prices moderate. Inspection cordially invited. J. WILKIE AND CO., Princes street. THE NEW AMERICAN SODA FOUNTAIN Is Now Open at THE SAVOY. THE SODA FOUNTAIN is one of tha Most Popular Institutions in th» Uniteo States and tha big cities of Austrabn. Its Delicious Drinks take the place of Afternoon Tea during the Summer, being Cool. Refreshing, Novel, and Mcst Enjoyable lee Cream Sodas, with Pure Fruit Flavors ivrith or without Straws)._ Exquisite Beverdges comprising 12 varieties, 6d per glass, aerrcd with Biscuits.. THE SAVOY, "Restaurant de Luxe," Moray place (corner Princes street). WASTE PAPER, WASTE PAPER FOR SALE, In Lots to Suit Purchasers. AnpLr 'STAR* OFFICE,

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