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AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS. To-day: 12 noon till 10.30 p.m. (non-stop). QUEEN'S THEATKE. PERPETUAL PICTURE PALACE. To-day and in future our Cosy Picture Palaco will bo Opened at 12 O'CLOCK NOON, And -will Run Continuously till 10.30 p.m. Last Day of Qui' Present Programme, Headed by THE SHATTERED TREE. A Picture Portraying Graphic Phases of Evervday Life. RETREAT FROM ANTWERP. The Film of the Day—even more, the Film of the Hour, for it catches at white heat the public interest in to-day's stirring events. Supporting Subjects: SACRED CITY OF BENARES. THE [RING'S __T HEATRE PULLERS' CONTINUOUS PICTURES. 6.30. EVERY EVENING 6.30. WAR—GRIM WAR, RETREAT FROM ANTWERP, With all its terrible privations. PATHK WAR GAZETTE The Latest News from the Front. IN ADDITION OUR COMPLETE PROGRAMME. TRAG ED Y—PATHOS—HU M OR. JOHANNA THE BARBARIAN. JOHANNA THE BARBARIAN. A Wonderful Lifo Pboto-Play. Just Come Along and See THE SKY PIRATE. THE FUNNIEST KEYSTONE YET. YOU MUST LAUGH. The Man with the Glovo Pickles, Art, and Sauerkraut Colored Pathe Scenic, j Yh o Special War Pictures will be Screened at 6.30 and 8.20. Yitagraph Comedy. | ADULTS, 6d. UDGET, No. 162. j r TOPICAL BUDGET, No. 162. ONE PRICE TO ALL PARTS: ADULTS, SIXPENCE. CHILDREN, 3d. NOTE.—The. Management of the New Queen's Theatre, have made arrangements whereby the ELECTION RESULTS will bo announced almost immediately tho results are known. CHILDREN, 3d. ,UNEDIN HORTICULTURE! ' SOCIETY'S SUMMER SHOW. EARLY SETTLERS' HALL, TUESDAY - , DECEMBER 15. BELGIAN RELIEF FUND. known. I Cut Flowers and Pot Plants on Sale in the ____ . ! Hall, entiro proceeds of which, in addition tq matpctV'B TTIVATTfV io P rofits from th,J Exhibition, go to the IS MAJhbl. 1 b j Belgian Relief Fund. Tv ~ „ „, , _„, ! Entries Close Secretary's Office, 1 Dowling Direction: George Stephenson and ; s{rpot; SATUKDAY D( 4 lllb<;r 12 , a . t 8 p.nT A - ijml °y- 'Phone 179. R, HANNING, Sec. By Arrangement with Edward Jasper. COMMENCING NEXT TUESDAY, 15th DECEMBER. For Five Nights Onlv and One Matinee. THE ROYAL PANTOMIME COMPANY, In the Funniest of all Pantomimes, ' HUMPTY DUMPTY.' 'HI'MPTY DUMPTY." Ber.iuif'.illv Stasrd. Regally Costumed. A WHIRLWIND OF FUN. Magnificent Stage Pictures, Including A GLORIOUS TRANSFORMATION, In Fiye Scenes, entitled • DREAMLAND.' 85 People Concerned in 85 85 This Production. 85 Tho Dresses, Scenery. Ballets, Specialties, Effects, Songs, Marches, etc, a Revelation. Gorgeous March of the Allies. " New Zealand Will be There." POPULAR PRICES: 4s, 2s 6d, and Is. EnriyDoors to Back Stalls and Pit, 6d extra. The Plan for tho Season OPENS at the DRESDEN on FRIDAY MORNING- at 9 o'clock. The School Holidays I are almost here! [PORTABLE HORNLESS GRAMOPHONES i. AND LYBICPHONES. Aro j'ou going' to ihe country or away camping during the Holidays;- 1 If so, you want Music, and plenty of it! MUSIC that won't entail work! MUSIC varied enough for everybody! MUSIC, Patriotic, Martial, Inspiring—and" Love Lilts! You can have all these, and more, by talcing wiih you any of-the follow • ing low-priced machines and a dozen o ' two of Records : THE "LYRICPHONE," Oak Cabinet, I ss. £6 10s, etc. THE "CINCH" GRAMOPHONE, £4. "HIS MASTER'S VOICE" GRAMO PHONE, £6 10s. All tho above are hornless, compact, and portable. More expensive qualities may also bo bad. DISC RECORDS at popular prices, donblesided. 2s 3d and 3s 6d each. RECORD-CARRYING CASES, 4s, ss, etc. A few pounds will buy a complete outfit ! Please, call and get particulars and hear some, selections. CHAS. BEGG AND CO., LTD., Gramophone Agents, Princes street. GARRISON HALL, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15. 'THE MESSIAH' By the DUNEDIN CHORAL SOCIETY, In <Vid of Red Cross Society, Belgian Belief, and Local Distress Fund*. «s„l«;«l-- Miss M Mitchell, Mrs H. E. Browning (first appearance m N.Z.), Mr E. Drake k.oioisv.. ..!«...- M H f< Browning. CHORUS OF 120. ORCHESTRA OF 30. Leader of Orchestra, Mr J. Wallace. Trumpet Obblignto, Mr Oley JudcL Conductor, Sidney Wolf. PRICES OF ADMISSION: 2s and Is. Ticket* at Dresden, Begg and Co., Bible Depot, or any ™ m ** <**<?*£■ A. F. GRAHAM, Secretary. NORTH OTAGO JOCKEY CLUB. SUMMER MEETING. JANUARY 2nd and 4tli. SPORTING. AUCTIONS. OIUCKIiT. FRIDAY, 11th DECEMBER, At 2 o'clock. . , «*«~- w~ k grou nd, SALE B y~XucTION. TO-MORROW (THURSDAY'). On the Premise, St. Clajr, /-n „„.;„,, twi Corner of Richardson aaid Nile streets, at (Election Daj), th<j of Coughtrey street| St . o lair. Commencing at 1.30 p.m. STTPFRIOR MODERN HOUSEHOLD FUROTAGO v. COLT'S. XITUKE OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. ADMISSION, Cd; STANDS, 6d extm. y A MES SAMSON AND CO. Afternoon Tea Obtainable, 6tl. tl have been favored with instruction* from E. S. WILSON, the owner (who is giving up housekeeping) to Sec. O.C.A. sell by auction, on tho premises, the whol< 1 —— of her superior Household Furniture, etc., NORTH OTAGO JOCKEY CLUB. GRJLXJ> lE ON-FRAME i PIANO by Barnes and Mullins, London, ti SUMMER MEETING. j tirst-class instrument, practically new; fancy JANUARY 2nd and 4th. i velvet chairs, soagrass and occasional chairs, VERY HEAVY GREEN VELVET PILU Tn ,„v.mrnvc. .- att pirrvTC CARPET, vases, clocks, curtains, cushions. XOMINATIONS tor ALL EVENTS* LON(} MrR ROR, 9 high-back chairs (solid -* CLOSE on FRIDAY, December 11th, oak) 6ft oxf< . m iiiig dining table, MASSIVE at 9 p.m. MIRROR-BACK SIDEBOARD (walnut color), FuM Pro-ammo. ' Olago Witness,' Novem- extra heavy quaint, hronzo kerb and irons i. U.i iLv e ..iiii"K y ,~ coal vasei SUURn or rugs, easy chairs, E.7\. bcr 25th. WARE, CUTLERY and glas3 ware, hall cur. _„,,. , , , , n ti ; ns, runner, slip mats, barometer, palm NOTL.-Aroq, anee, for tho Redcastlo ;md HAXDSO ME REFLEX Handicap should rea<l i W)\,\ and NUI AJl]lißOni DUCHESSE PAIR, heavily brass. i *ov, as appear on ihc I rogramme. mounted bedstead, wire mattress and I*4G. M. PROCTER, ding, SUPERIOR EIDERDOWN QUILT, Secret an'. carpel?, 2 heavy d.i. beds (brass-mounted) Box 7, Oama.Pi. and beddin-r, EXTRA HEAVY BLANKETS, _ I sheets, naporv. etc., pictures, 2 duchesso SOUTHLAND RACING GLUTS. | chests, vashstands, linoleums, kitchen and ' cooking utensils, chairs and irLies, lawn STuM.MER MEETING, i mower" glaclstone bag. 2nd and 4th JANUARY, 1915. ' Tho above fumituvn was manufactured by o- mn STIVK nna ! M>-ssrs C. and W. Hayward, and has breu -VTOMIV-ITIOXS CLOSE on FRIDAY, | «?*" a rare opportunity for those in .search :< V U - 1 "- - lJ , ~ ~ .. oi good furniture. y 0 resekyß. m 'Referee* and 'Witness* ibis week, and i -- • ~B « be obtained at D..1.C. Office. ! SATURDAY, 12th DECEMBER, „- a c'vnrix! At 1.30 o'clock sharp. on ihe Programme. G. M. PROCTER, Box 7, SOUTHLAND RACING CLUB. summer meeting, 2nd and 4th JANUARY, 1915. £3.000-STAKES.-£3,000 can be obtained at D..T.C. Office. W. A. SAUNDFJ7S, Box 37, Tnverc riOTJCES. DUNEDIN CrrY COUNCIL. TEMPORARY CLOSING OF BOTANIC GARDENS. PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Duncdin City Council, having thn control of the. Botanic Gardens in the City of Dimedin, has, in pursunnco of the powers conferred on it by virtuo of " The Public Reserves and Domains Act, 1908," and of all other power* and authorities onabliii" it in that behalf, SET ASIDE"' THE EXCLUSIVE USE of the paid Gardens on WEDNESDAY, the 16th December, 1914, for the purposes of a GARDEN FETE bring held therein under the control of the Dunodiu Citizens' Garden Fete Socictv, and GRANTED authority for the : On the Premise;, Exeter street, Abboi.-f'>:d • In the Estate of Ann Sligo. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. i LEX. HARRIS AND <" ! jCSI have received innrwiions inmi ihi Trustees to sell by auction, Household Furniture, including— R.j,. mirror-door wardioben, duchc».-c rlicsts, lrast-nio-jnt-.d double iron bedsteads. fenders, oilcloth, single iron bidstcad, wini maltres'--es. kanok niiiurts=es, kitchen table, oc'eas'io'ial jabh'', ror-king chair, colonial sofa, chairs -.vas'nsfaiids and ware, locking-glasses, ! meat safe, toibt chosU, crockery, preserving pan, kitchen utensils, garden tools, wi'ingei, etc., etc. MONDAY, 14th DECEMBER, At. 12 30 o'clock. At Land Stlc Rooms, 213 Princes street. ! Instructed by J. J). M'Lean, Esq. (who i: loaviug Dunedin for the North). OHX GEEIUN AND CO, «5d Society, bv its member* and bfficors, to O will sell by auction, demand tho following fee or charge for ad- MODERN SIX-ROOMED RESIDENCE ~ii«ion to the Gardens on the afore- ar.d STABLES COMPLETE, with bay winmentioned day—that is to .say, for adults dows, portico, nice wide hall, largo rooms, ONE SHILLING (Is) and for Children SIX- beautifully decorated with self-colored papeTS, FENCE (6d). And tin; said Gardens arc set handsomely stencilled; tile, hearths and apart for the purpose aforesaid, so (hat the grates, latest gas fittings, bathroom, tculleiy, nublic shall not be entitled to adoiiasion to hot and cold water, pantries and linen presaj tho said Gardens oi, that day e#*ept upon drained to sewer, washheus;, fowlhouse, fowl p-ivment of the charge therefor hereinbefore run, stable, trap shed, large open shed (cmi« mentioned. i«?ntly suitable for motor garage, carriage, G. A. LEWIN, i\\prf>-scs. or cart*) Town Clerk. WE WILL FINANCE ANY BUYER. Dunedin, 2nd December. 1914. BOROUGH OF ST. KILDA. TOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, all IS Persons owmn.i UNREGISTERED DOGS will be PROSECUTED. A Penally for Non-registration is £5. Bv order of the St. Kilda Council J. B. DICK, Town Clerk. St. Kilda. 9th December. 1914. BOROUGH OF ST. KILDA. I TOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all j Persons found USING A HOSE with- ' wtit first having obininrd pcrmiwiou from the , Council will be PROSECUTED. • The Fee , for permission to use a. Hose is Ten Shil- ■ lings per annimr ~.,,,. ~ I Bv order of the St. Kilda. Council. 3 J. B. DICK, Town Clerk. St. Kilda, 9/12.14. I GOVERNMENT NOTICES. Office of Public Scmce Commissioner, j Wellington, 2nd December, 1914. j APPLICATIONS will be received by tho j undersigned up till noon on the 17th i DECEMBER, 1914, for tho POSITION of ; ENGINEER, "Te. Waikato Sanatorium. Further particulars may be seen in the j ' New Zealand Gazette' of tho 3rd December, , 1914, or mav be obtained from the Perman- ' ont Head, Public Health Department, Wellington. Tho appointment will ba subject to the provisions of the Public Service Act, 1912. Salary, £225, from which £25 will be dc- : ducted for house and other allowances, j General Division. j A. J, H. BENGE, Secretary, j TUESDAY, 15th DECEMBER, At 12.30 o'clock. At Room?, 204 Princes etreet. WAREHOUSEMEN AND MANUFACTURERS. CURB AND CO. have received instruc lions from Messrs J. Hordern and Saiw to sell by auction as above, PART ALLOTMENTS 2 and 5, BLOCK 111., Township of South Dunedin, containing an area of 1 rood 18.8 poles, together with the Rubst&ntial BRICK BUILDING thereon. The Section is one of tho bc*t in the south end of the City, being just short of \ of an aero, and hn« a frontage of 100 ft to King Edward street, by a depth therefrom rf 155 ft. Tho situation is all that could be desired, being on the main thoroughfare to St. Kilda. with the electric tram service passing the property, and within three minutes' walk of Cargill's Corner. Tho Building is ox-r.ptionailv' substantial, having only been buiit eome three years, and is well suited for the requirements of a tradesman cariyinj heavy stocks or a manufacturer. Messrs Hordern and Sons having retired from business, the property is for bona fidu sale. We invito inspection of anyone in eearcb of good freehold jp-emices. SCURR AND CO., Auciiouem. J time, it is found impossible to classify Advertisements that, come ii: after noon. After this hour they cannot be clftsuined. We would therefore request Advertiser* tc kindly bear this in mind, and send ia tiMfar Orders Sari/,

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