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WANTEDS, ETC. PUBLIC NOTICES. OLD FALSE TEETH BOUGHT. JANTED TO BUY, OLD FALSE I 1 . 'rEETH. Highest prices given in * fipSi;' Cash by return mail. Send 3. DU&Wpy Box 345, Christchurch. • JOHN BE ID AND SONS. Telephone 3,391. Telephone 190. OOKI The Very Latest: Gents' Clothes i ,„„,„„,„„„., T , * Cleaned. Repaired, and Pressed by ! AUCTIONEERS. LAND SALESMEN. REAL ESTATE, FINANCIAL, AND INSURPractical Tailor. Levy, 3D Princes etreet. "^ECON"STH AND~ S«cks"~"Wanted _ in any )_ quantity. Apply A. Moritzsoa and Co. \ ETIFICIAL Teeth"old~Go!d, Silver. * . Personal Effects in any quantity Bought. Fricdlander, 184 Rattray street, Dunedin. THE: War!—l'll bet you ono of Letliaby's best Umbrellas ihe Germane will get. ANCE AGENTS, A'ALUATORS. SURVEYORS. MONEY, SHAKE. AND LAND BROKERS, CORNER LIVERPOOL AND BOND STREETS, We make a SrECIALTY of the Management of Properties, the Collection of Rent?, and act as Attoniovs for Absentees. V*THAT! Another r.ew Umbrel!.' M I had it Re-covcrcd l.etliabv Post Office. .ii hour at Letliaby's, next Pest Offi' ' Shaves a Shilling by getC £233. ST. KIT.DA. £295. A ROOMS, ALMOST NEW. PANELLED HALL AND CEILINGS. BUILT-IN ** WARDROBE, CUPBOARD; lUJTLT-IN COPPER AND TUBS; WATER LAID ON. HUKUY UP FOR THIS. TERMS. 297 i AMATEUR OR PRACTICAL GARDENER. HERE is an OPPORTUNITY to create employment for OLD OR YOUNG.— J-ACRE, G chains frontage; LAY WELL TO SUN; OUT OF FROSTS; springs on propcrty: good soil am! well fenced; COTTAGE 4 ROOMS (good size, built 8 years), stand any inspection: bath, HOT AND COLO water, copper, tubs-, outbuildings: all inage Board rules. CHURCH, SCHOOL. P. 0., TELEPHONE BON. ~,£ CAN USE CYCLE. Tho lot £6OO, or would soil house and part ;lhaby. Stock Exchange, Duncdai. AWN-CX'TTINcT'i - pleasure - when your J Mower has hcen overhauled ar. Manson s, IDP Crawford streel : 'phone 2,603. BRIGHTON CoaevTloaves Giccn L-huid daily on arrival 7.50 a.m. and 5.15 p.m. trains: Satnnh.ys, 1.15 and 5.15 p.m. tiains: leaves Brighton 7 a.m. r.i;d 3.45 p.m.; also Mar.-e street daily 9 a.m. Williams and ""ebbs. "'Brighton House." iT'OR Plumbing, Draining, GasfHting try V Walter Foster and Co., Cargill's Corner, ivensingloa; estimates given Telephono 1,024. Pine Borer killed or driven oui v V by Lignolite. Particulars Keith Earn»ay. agent. Dunedin. ' EFRFSHTNG. Inrlcorat.tag. Pungent. j Stimulating; Jots ol other good things could be said of Symington's Coffee Essence-. SUBURBAN. WORKER'S HOME. ~ COMFORTABLE ROOMS, fireplaces in each; tiled grates and hearths. range cJ tiicd had;: built-in wardrobes, cupboard-; pantry; hot and -'old water, ha* It, cU-ctric light throughout; outbuilding; wi'h cnpp«r. tubs; sewered; drvins -reel; young fruit trees. 'PUIS FROPERTY HAS OVER, 80FP FRONTAGE." THE OWNER HAS LEFT DUNEtTN. AND WILL TAKE AN OFFER ON £COO. Small rlcpiMi. balance Unv interest ar.d easy 1.-nns 23?1 WARRINGTON. NEAR BEACH. £6O. NEAR BEACH. ONE-EIGHTH ACRE, PLANTED HEDGE. THIS MUST BE SOLD TO SETTLE ACCOUNTS. £6O. £4OO. ROSLYN. £490. FINEST VIEW TO BE FOUND OF HARBOR. .1 NEAT HOME of 4 Rooms; hj. and c, ckctric light; bath, copper, tub*: vcranWe have a •jwl .SUBURB. 1 : imbcr of HOUSES, Furnished and Unfurnished, TO LET in CITY CALL AND INSPECT OCR LIsTS. NEW Paper Patterns.—A splendid nev range of " Butt crick " Paper Patterns. , B.GOO in stock; any garment post free, lOd; j eerjd stamp for free Monthly Fashion Book. ! ""_""" ~~__ '!_""'" - - —■ - Brown EwinK. and Co.. Lt/.. Dunedin. sole j SIEVW RIGHT, HAGGITT. AND CO.. LTD L y. E. T! R O W N. i REGISTERED LAND AGENTS, SHAREBROKERS, ETC., Fruiterer and j Telephone 750. EMPIRE BUILDING S, PRINCES STREET. Telephono 750. •s givinr tho Most Liberal Discount, on ' Purchaser, sells, quality for duality, as I .C'Q'T.X '.£2 rt . Deport)—PRACTICALLY NEW 5-ROOMED HOUSE, WITH ALL CONif not cheaper, than any othrr grocer swO Itl VENIENCES, including bathroom, hj. and c. water, rlectiic light, and drainor fruiterer in the City. j age. This property can be secured on MOST EXCEPTIONAL TERMS, a.-, the gi<-atc.' turn Cash Receipts dp ted Nor. 9th, j portion cf the purchase money BEARS NO INTER.EST. About 2s &1 per week is all and get money returned in full. that is required for interest, and ev.-rvthing paid over this amount is in REDUCTION BROWN, 305 George street. Tel. 930. I OF PRINCIPAL. This is A GLORIOUS OPPORTUNITY FOR A NEWLY-MARRIED DRY CLEANING. /~\UR Process of Dry Cleaning of Suits and Cjstii'iiet 's tho only method which prevents the «tain; from reappearing. TO PROPERTY OWNERS.GOOD FREEHOLD SECTIONS in UP-TO-DATE HOUSE of 5 or 6 ROOMS. DUNEDIN for <m '—MUSSELBURGH: NEW 5-ROOMED HOUSE, with seullciv, bathroom which prevents the "tain; from reappearing. Z&O I O (with pedestal .bath and bann), b. and c. electric light, tiled healths and Tiiß Good;, afte- being thoroughly cleaned. drained to sewer. THE TERMS ARE EXCEPTIONALLY EASY—viz.. £3O ... , ,' ,',.". DOWN, balance, including pavmeut on account of principal and interest, at 16s per are tailor-pressed, and returned uke. new. wcck tlurin . ; llle period 0 f i uo \ vai . and £1 per week afterwards. TAYLOR'S CITY DYE WORKS. 137 Gorge ot'eut. 'i'hone 453. -SOUTH END: SPLENDID 4-ROOMED HOUSE __ _. J«J venience, including largo scullery, bathroom, hj. and c. 1 and grates (including the kitchen:, steel ceilings throughout, built-i I robes, crockery case: large iv.ows ; drained to rcruia'ions I ACRE SECTION, in garden. etc.; SEPARATE TRAP ENTRANCE. ill a very sunny snot, and (.LOSE TO Id SECTION. ONE QIWK This pr.pc: ONEY TO LEND on First and Second On Freehold or Leasehold Securities. STATIIAM AND ASPIXALL, solicitors, 94 Princes street. Dunedin. MONEY. 'ONEi* TO LEND, Large or Small Sums. TONKINSON AND WOOD, Solicitors, No. 1 Dowlinz street. s}f>Z(\ (£75 Deposit).—ST. CLAIR: EXCELLENT 5-ROOMED HOUSE, with all owOO" conveniences, including electric light, porcelain bath and ba-dn: drained to .OSE TO CAR. POOA- CITY (NO CARS REQUIRED): NATTY .l-EOoMED' UOI.'SE: good-sized 3is-<J,i>\J rooms; DRAINED to D.ii. regulations This is a NICE Ll'1 V J"LE I'R'.iP.KKTY. most conveniently sit>.ut-.-d, and is one that will nnpcal to '.hose, on the. look-out for :i home for which CAR FARES DO NOT HAYE TO BE CONSIDERED. SMALL DEPOSIT only required. 07ITK— ANDERSON'S BAY close to 2d section: NEW BUNGALOW; 5 ROOMS, Cft* I It> with porcelain bath und large basin, hj and c. water olectnc and p'ujj for electrio iron, latest tiled hearths, gratis, and mantel?, built-in wardrobes, lino catrance hall, SEPTIC DRAINAGE; in fact, EVERYTHING AS YOU WOULD WISH IT; FINE SECTION; sunny position and sea. view. TERMS. ONEY" TO LEND on Personal Security, | W. 11. Skene . also on Lifo Policies, Bond Warrants, j S. A. Sheen, eho'ds. Lta<ehoHs, etc. 1 tjz-vtt Bills Discounted, lergc or small s ewest current rates of interest. D. MOLONEY, Firmnce and Estate Agent. ?0 PRINCES STREET, DUN'EDIN. rjnRUST 3 -"- Sic.a'.l Sums, for Long or Short Periods a: LOW fc'aT CURRENT RATES OF IXX& REST. CALLAN AND GALLAWAY, Solicitors, 219 Pr.nccs street, Dunedin t.Next door to Auction Rooms of Messr3 Alox. Hints and Co.). iTONEY TO LEND cu Freehold Securities ros denosit CII ♦X at Current Kates. *-* clc l >OMt - ' "" r A JI JOHN SKENE AND SON, HOUSE AND LAND AGENTS. VALUATORS. FINANCIAL AGENTS. 22S PRINCES STREET (next to Wren's). £SO DEPOSIT. BALANCE (£425) A3 A RENTAL, TO PAY PRINCIPAL AND INTEREST. NO MORTGAGE REQUIRED. INTEREST 5 per cent. 5 per cent. INTEREST 5 per CHEAP MONEY'. CHEAP MONEY. CHEAP MONEY. And Remember it's a Id Car to Mornington. Workers, here's YOUR chance of acquiring a. good freehold at n lory figure, situated in Lower Bellekuowcs—sunny Belleknowes. About j-acro of land and a good Family Residence of 6 rooms; built 8 or 9 years; bay windows, bath, hj. and c. water, wardrobrs, cupboards, pantry, washhouse, copper, tubs; LATEST SANITARY DRAINAGE. A rooniv, commodious house. 3 minutes from Id car. £475. £175 buvs t!ii- Hous". and ihe tV-rms are easv and rate of interest, low. SEE I'.s TO DAY. ' DON'T LET THE OTHER CHAP GET IN AHEAD OF_YOU, BUT" GET GOING NOW. TV" E. VALLEY (just off car line, and on suiuiv sidu of Valley).—Practically new !* o Two-roomed Cottage; scullerv, washhouse. w.itor laid on: nice level section (freehold). TDK TURNOUT COMPLETE FOR £IPO. £l6O. Workers, 1-ere'a :i chance. £25 deposit. Call and see us at once. Don't delav. EDMUND J. SMITH, Solicitor, | N.Z. Express Co.'s Building, Bond street. ["ONEY TO LEND, in any sum, on MortL gago Security, lowest current rates. ADAMS BROS., Bnopirc Buildings, Princes street. T-vUNEDIN SAYINGS BANK, estabUshed U 186-1, receives Deposits from Is to j U00; interest 3.: per cent, on monthly bal-j u:ecs. of rules may no ot tamed on! ipplicution. Fftd Smith, li.anager. \ V%TE ADVANCE fto.i. £3 iipwa:ds~Fu7uT- j » V ture Lite Policies, Bond Warrants., IJiIU °/ r V adi Vf p nf " ud S g - cncjr DUNCAN STRI~ET.-Good Home, 6 rooms; .0 Ltd, n Empire. Buildings, Princes all eonveiiieiices; line sunny freehold ,ec trect, Dunedin. 1 CPnn CiAVERSHAM. —Barrraiu. only £400; £SO iL.wn. balanc? as a t:-nla(. Snug 5-roon-d /" House, nieelv sittirued on rise and alotigtide ear; bav windows, concrete, base; g.-.s. 2 bui'.t-in wardrobes, 2 built-in bookcases and cupboards; b.ith, basin." hj. an.l •■. water; wi>shlioti;c, copper, tubs: veiar.d ill at back. House is in good order: built, about 10 years.; position Al. Small Freehold Section; and at £4OO it's CHEAP. CHEAP. Easy terms. C:ll or write for fuller panict.lars. nT~and~~e.' s. paterson,""" LAND AGENTS, SURVEYOKS, SHARE AND LAND BROKERS Etc, DOMINION CHAMBERS, 142 RATTRAY STREET (opposite Wood's Private Hotel). A CHEAP HOME, CLOSE OGG'S CORNER AND WORKSHOPS.—Firti-cla. s House of 6 rooms, bathroc.ui, scullery, copper and tubs, gas; workshop; garden; asphalt paths and yard: modern sanitation; £25 deposit, balance as j-rnt'! \Vorth itirpcet.ton. "Only £423. DUNCAN STREET.—Good Home, 6 rooms; bathioom, scullery, e. : pnr;- and tubs, and all convciiieiices; tine sunny freehold section; good view; garden,' etc. Terms, only l/TONEY TO LEND at Current Rates. .Ci The Trustees Executors, and Agency lorupauy of New Limited. k\7 ANTED Lenc' £5 upi™7ds,"7urniture. t? promissory r.otes; coufldeutial; easy ■epajments W.'C. Gray, 225 Princes street ONEY Club. -Largo 01 classes security; t all convciiieiices; tine sunny freehold section £6OO. KOSLYN (fronting TOWN BELT).—Pretty V venience, including electric light, drainage, elevated level oeoticn, laid out in garden A reallv Kood and cheap proper! v. ON RISE (close GEORGE STREET" PRJPGL). room, hot and cold water, i/ieei/i? iight, c robes, workshop, and all in g> y\ older, wit view: easy term-". £490. th e\e.ry modern con—Almost New Uou=r oppcv and •■ übs, cui 'articulars Hugh Alitchell, Stock Exchange. sy renayiner.U. ! CLOSE ROSLYN TRAM.—Good aUNGALOW; electric light, s TPENDKKS ar ». 12th in^t. the bcattmon ■.ert at:d Co.'s, ir.der.-igned. .1. irehitect. iuvii'Ml nil nocn on the or ERECTING a STORL . Phus to be seen at HerI.awienee. and with tho A. BURNSIDE. registered I ARGE STOCKS OF SEASONED RED UNE, OREGON, and'other IMPORTED IMBERS. Lowest Quotations. H. V. HADDOCK. LTD., •lllcy. goo,', 2-ruoiiied Cottage, 1 y warm situation and splendid view. Terms if required, ididly-built House of 5 Rooms; plases. including hot. and cold water, cupboards and wardrobes; line froe- :■« and 'awn: tomato-house; asphalt is for sale a bargain. Easy terms. ARR A H J A R E A II! bathroom (enamel bath>, hot and cold water, electric light, soullery, pantry, expensive papers and frieze*; line rorn-.-r section, garden niid fruit tiV.">, iicdgcs; lino view; terms to suit. Oulv £l2O. £35 PURCHASES, on sunny'si.le of North-east V.illcy. goo,'. 2-rooined Cottage, 1 freehold i-acre section, laid o :) t in oidcr: very warm situation and splendid view. This is a d eided bargain, (.mner left. Otago. Terms if required. JIAOKI HILL iwith Fine 'View over City).—Splendidly-built House of 5 Rooms; plastered throughout; with ail modern conveniences, including hot. and cold water, waihhouse, copper and tubs; drained :..-. sewer: cupboards and wardrobes; line freehold sunny section, tastefully laid out t:t garden and 'awn: tomato-house; a-sphalt p.vhs and ya:d. This i> a good propeitv. ,-.110 is for sale a bargain. Easy terms. TO City and_ Suburhs,_.-,r. Houses. Call and ~-c our lis.. ' BURTON AND PATTERSON, ALBION CHAMBERS, 41 HOWLING STREET. DUNEDIN. Telephone 3do. Telephone 530. FOR SALE. FOR SALE. FOR SALE. A GREAT BARGAIN, ST. CLAIR.—7n Hi a very best part, sunny, elevated Freehold Section, next tram line. 66ft frontage, handy to the Reach; together with a G-room-id Residence, bathroom, washhouse, tubs, copper: all drained under the now rc-u'a-Uor.s. ONE OF THE CHEAPEST PROPERTIES ever offered in St. Clair. °The land alone is worth more than the money. Easy terms can be arraivcJ if desired Price. £475. FREEHOLD SECTION, together with homely little Cottage, containing 4 rooms, and fitted up with every convenience and comfort; drained to Drainage Board regulations. This delightful little property is situated in North Dunedin, within a "feuminutes' walk of the penny tram section. Tho house has recently been painted and papered, and everything is spick and span. The price is i ANOTHER BARGAIN.—This Property is close to the centre of tho town, and consists of a 5-raomed House and s- acro Freehold Section. Fuller particulars of this property can be had on application. We have a Large List of PROPERTIES of all sizes FOR SALE in SOUTH DUNEDIN INTENDING BUYERS o: Property in this locality will do well to get a iistfrom us. There is a very natty Cottage in FaivceU street that we can thoroughly recommend. It contains 5 rooms, "verandah front, bay window, etc.; drained to sower, and electric light installed. There is a fairly largo section, and plenty of room for a garden and fowl run. 'till Stocks of JARRAH and SEASONED * ricc ' i 4/ 0' 7 mm-Mr n fintave 1 , FREEHOLD SECTION, together with homely little Cottage, containing 4 rooms and JALLAH 1-LOOKING on hand. flUcd up , vith cvory convenience and comfort; drained to Drainage Board re-uia-tions. This delightful little property is situated in North Dunedin, within a°few lILLAR'S WEST AUSTRALIW HARD minutes' walk of the penny tram section. Tho house has recently been painted and - ' * papered, and everything is spick and span. The price is i WOODS COMPANY., LTD. ANOTHER BARGAIN.-This Pronertv is close to the centre IT ANTED. Tenders Sor Painting. No. 4| oil ~ ""~ '" OI lais TT . unices street, .uus.tlburgn. _ We have a Lar ,, c Lht of PROPERTIES of all sizes FOR SALE in SOUTH DUM-'DIN rIMItEK direct from our own saw-mills; ! INTENDING BUYERS o: Property in this locality will do well to get a iist'from icweei r.uotationa given. Henry F. j us. There is a very natty Cott.ige"in FaivceU street that we can thoroughly re03S, Ltd., 281 Princes street. commend. It contains 5 rooms, "verandah front, bay window, etc.; dralne'd to TiOR SALE (cheap). All Kinds Building sower, and electric light installed. There is a fairly largo section, and plenty of i Timber; space necessary for lam ' room [ OT a " ardon aml fowl run ' ocks to arrive; special concessions cash Thcro 1S illso ANOTHER PROPERTY in RICHMOND STREET that, is worth consideristomers Keith Ramsav, Lower Rattray ! } n S; . IT , IS A BARGAIN OF BARGAINS. 4-roomed House and 15 Poles of Freeho4d Land for tho price of £250. The house is drained and in good ordc pTAIBER Merchant.—Howisor, 24 Filloid L street. All stocks thoroughly seasoned, ime. Cement. Lowest quotations on applittion. "N order to have tho 'Star' out in good INSURANCE NOTICES. STANDARD F. AND 11. INSCE. CO. OF N.Z., LTD. JISKS ACCEPTED Fire, Marine, Workers' it orner to nave tno cxnr out in good .ILL Compensation (lnc/udi-ij: Special Do- CT.ASSES D-MLY 10 to 12 and 9 +n ■; tmio, it is found impossible to classify a :«stio Servants' Policies), Personal Accident MONDVY and THURSDAY dvcrtisements that come ir. after noon, und Sickness, Mortgagee Indemnity, Fidelity JiUINIJAI ana 7\o 9 LVtNINGft, tier this hour they cannot be classified. Guarantee, Administration Bonds, Plate Glass. *>.*>„.-.,„ r\„ +„ \r„f.., o •1. Ve would therefore request Advertisers to B'irglary, Live Stock, Public Risk, Motor C*r lutterns Cut to Mcdjure 3 Specialty, indly bear thi« m mind, and Bend in their, ComprehtiwiTe Covers. «- Pr< ?P ec ilSlS !^} , »^£ p, !S a - 110 ?- , i Head Office: HIGH fiTBEEX. DUNEMrr. EDUCATIONAL. THE LANGER DRESSCUTTING «. „.„ —. ~.„., ILtJ . XJ . . SCHOOL, KS ACCEPTED Fire, Marine, Workers' IS High street (opposite D.1.C.). Compensation (inc udi-i E Special Do- CLASSES DAILY, 10 to 12 and 2 to 5. Miss C. STEWART. Principal.

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