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LIST OF CANDIDATES. Six members of the 1918-14 Parliament nave not offered themaalve* for re-elec-tion. Those are : Hon. J. A. Millar (Dunedin West), Mr John Bollard (Eden), Mr Thomas Buxton (Temuka), Mr T. H. Davey (Christchurch East), Mr E. H. Clark (Chalmers), and Mr W. H. D. Bell (Wellington Suburbs). Then there is Mr F. H. Smith, who has ipft Waitaki in order to throw down the gage at Timaru to Mr Jas. Craigie. "G-" signifies Ministerial candidate, “Lib.” Liberal, "O.” Opposition, “I.” Independent, “Lab.” Labor, “S.D.” Social Democrat, and ”P.” Prohibitionist. The following are the candidates, together with the results of the polling at the last General Election:— NORTH ISLAND. BAY OF ISLANDS. +Vernon Reed G. George Wilkinson G. +Dr Buck O. In 1911—V. H. Reed ("Wardist) 2,671; G. Wilkinson (Reform), 2,488. MARSDEN. +F. Mandcr G. E. C. Purdie O. In 1911— F. Mandcr (Reform), 3.120; C. E. Purdie (Wardist), 2,576. KAIPARA. +J. Gordon Coates G. E. Hoe O. In 19X1—First ballot: J. G. Coates (Independent), 1,843; E. T. Field (Reform), 848; J. Stallworthy (Wardist). 2,301. Second ballot ; Coates. 2,844; Stallwcrthy, 2,172. WAITEMATA. +A. Harris G. H. C. Tewslei* O. In 1911 —First ballot: E. W. Alison, jun., (Refonn). 1.575; A. Harris (Wardiet), 2,787; W. J. Napier (Reform), 3.034. Second ballot: Harris. 3,823; Napier, 5,416. AUCKLAND EAST. tA. M. Myers O. A. S. Holmes G. In 1911—A. M. Myers (Independent), 4,485: A. Withy (Reform), 2,490. AUCKLAND CENTRAL. +A. E. Glover O. M. J. Savage S.D. W. Richardson P. In 1911— J. C. Gleason (WarfistL 1,171; A. 35- Glover (Wardist), 4,061; William Richardson (Prohibitionist), 601; M. G. Savage (Socialist). 1,800. AUCKLAND WEST. +J. H. Bradney G. C. H. Poole O. In 1911— J. H. Bradnev (Reform). 4.273; C. H. Poole (Wardist). 3,146. GREY LYNN. tJ. Payne ... ... Lab. Hon. G. Fowlds Lib. Murdoch M'Lean • G. In 1911—First ballot: G. Fowlds Wardist), 5,117: W. H. Murray (Reform), 1,563; J. Pavne (Labor). 2.191. Second ballot: Payne, 3,470; Fowlds. 3,452. ■ EDEN. U. J. Parr O. W. R. Turk Lab. Wesley Richards S.D. Tn 1911— J. Bollard (Reform). 3,629; W. J. Speight (Wardist), 2,966. PARNELL. tJ. S. Dickson G. J. J. Sullivan O. In 1911—First, ballot: J- S. Dickson (Reform!, 5.535; Sir J. G. Findlay (Wardist). 2.971; M. J. Mack (Labor). 1-557. Second ballot : Dickson. 4,264; Findlay, 3.826. MANUKAU. tHon. F. W. Lang G. J W. M‘Larin 1 O. In 1911— F. W. Laug i Reform). 3,965; J. B. Morten Wardist), 1,435; R. D. Stewart (Wardist). 1,658. FRANKLIN. •fHcn. W F. Massey G. A. G,._C.-o ! nis ... 0. Tn 1011-J. W. M'Latin (Wardist). 1,816; W. F. Massey -Reform), 5,779. RAGLAN. tR. F. Bollard G. W. D. Thompson O. J. Furness Lab. Tn 1011 —First ballot: A. Bell (Reform, unofficial). 894: R. F. Bollard (Reform), 2,433; J. C. Dromcool (Wardist), 750: W. Duncan . i Wardist!, 742; R. B. D. Hewett (Independent). 470, Second ballot: Bell, 1,853; B?I- ---. lard. 2.782. THAMES. tT. W. Rhodes G. E. H. Taylor 0. In 1911— T. W. Rhodes (Reform), 2,785; E. H. Taylor .'Wardist). 2,717. OHINEMURI. fH. Poland u - Joseph Clark G. In 1911—Fir«t. ballot : C A. G. Fletcher (Reform, unofficial). 43; p. H. Hickey (Socialist I, 1.674; N. Mltobie {Reform-, I. H. Poland Wardist!. 2.791. Second ballot.: Hickey, 2.134: Poland, 3.341. WAIKATO. +J. A. Young G A. Scholcs O. In 1911— H. G. Greccsladc (Wardjtt), 2,718; J. A. Young -.Refonn), 3,846. TAUBANGA. + Hon. W. H. Herrins G. R. D. Stewart O. In 1911— W. H. Henios (Reform). 3.790; R. King (Warfliat), 1,819. BAY OF PLENTY. +W. D. S. JlacDonald O. K. S. Williams G. In 1911—11. D. De Lutmir -'Reform), 2.642; W. D. S. Mac Donald (Wardist), .3,177. GISBORNE. tSir. Jaa. Carroll ... O. H. Do Lautour G. George Smith P. In 1911—Sir James Carroll Wardist), returned opposedTAUMARUNUI. +C. K. Wilson G. F. W. Short’and G. W. T. Jennings 0. In 1911— W. T. Jenniasß (Wardist). 2,621; C. K. Wilson (Reform), 2.746. HAWKE’S BAY. IH. M. Campbell G. Dr M'Nab 0. In 1911—First ballot; H. 31. .Campbell -Reform). 2,739; G. S. Cbphaiu (Wardist), WO; A. L. D. Frater (Wardist),_ 925; E. Lane - Independent). 401; H. I. S ini son -InfTenondcnt’). 1.807. Second ballot: Campbell, 3,030; Sirarcn, 2,873. NAPIER. LI. T. Brown 0. G. IV. Yenabke ... G. Tn 1911 —J V. Brown Wardist), 5,920: H. T. Hill -Labor). 2,856. WAIPAWA. fG. Hiinter G. A. K Jul! O. Tn 1911— G. Hunter (Reform), 3,589; A. E. Jail iWardist), 2,50. PAHIATUA. tJ. H. Escoti- G J. D. Matthews O. In 1911—First ballot: J. H. Escott (Re.’orm)', 2,231: W. J. Hawkins (Independent), RS2; R B. Ross (Wardist), 2.09 J. Second ballot; Escott, 2,832; Ross, 2,303. MASTERTON. dG. R. Sykes G. A. W. Hogg 0. In 1911—First ballot: A. H. Herbert (Reform, unofficial), 1,327; A. W. Hogg (Wardist). 2.366; G. R. Sykes (Reform), 2,293. Second ballot; Hogg, 3,664; Sykes, 3,245. WAIRARAPA. •{Sir W. C- Bnchama G. J. I. M. Hwnsby 0, In 1811-jW. O. Buehonan (Reform), 2.958; j. T. fi. fenwby (WwHjat), c. w. Tanner (Wdepenneak). Si. BQMO2IT. +C. A. Wilkinson ... ... ... G. D. L. A. Aitbary 0. In 19U—B. Dive (Befetot), 2,682; T. Mac* kenzie (Wardist). 3,009. By-election, 1912—0. A. Wilkintioa (Reform). 2.721; P, hi ixthaxy (W*rd»t), W32*

' STRATFORD. fJ. B. Hine (I. W. H. Hawkins 0. In 1911— J. B- Hine (Refonn), 5,005; J. H'Cfriggaffa (Wardist), 2,576. TARANAKI. +H. J- Okey G. D. J. Hughes 0. In 1911—0. E. Bellringer fWardist). 2.561; , W. Forbes (Reform, unofficial). 543; H. J. H. Okey (Refcrm), 3,315. FATE A. +G. V. Pearco G. J. Morrison 0. In 1911—P. O’Dca (Wardist). 2,236: O. V. Fearco (Reform), 3,246; F. Train (Waidiit), 536. WANGANUI. tW. A. Veitch ... Lab. F. Pirani * G. J. T. Hogan 0. In 1911—First ballot: J. T. Hogan (Wa rdist). 2,220; G. Hutchison /Reform), 1.690; C. E. Mackay i Independent). 1.117; W. A. Veitch (Labor), 2,295. Second bailor: Hogan, 2,353; Veitch, 4,115. WAIMARINO. +R. W. Smith 0. H. M. Sliced G. In 1911 —First ballot; F. F. IToctlr (Reform), 2,440; J. lvc;o (Wardist), 449; R. W. Smith (Wardlst) 2.895. Second ballot; Hcckly, 2,591; Smith, 3,071 OROUA. fD. H. Guthrie O. J. Morrison O. In 1511 —D. H. Guthrie (Refonn), 3,173; R. E. Horntlow 'Wardist), 2,934. RAN GITTKET. rE. Newman G. R. E. Hornblow 0. In 1911—C. B. Collins (Reform, unofficial), 295; W. Metdrum (Wardist), 2.057; E. Newman (.Reform), 3.065 PALMERSTON. +D. Buick G. J. A. Nash (1. E. H. Crabb O. J. Thorn S.D. In 1911—T>. Buick (Reform). 3,574; R. M‘Nab (Wardist), 2,542; W. Milverton (Independent’), 68; W. Thomson (Independent), 743. OTAKI. +J. Robertson Lab, W. H. Field G. In. 1911—Flint ballot: B P. Brown (Ecform, unofficial), 1.028; W. K. Field (Wardist), 1,743; C. A. W. Mcnekton (Reform), I. 4. Robertson (T.abor), 1,239. Second ballot: Field, 2,496; Robertson, 2,517. HUTT. tT. M. Wilford O. A. M. Samuel G. In 1911— J. W. MT'.nn (Reform, unofficial). 911; H. ,T. Reardon (Labor), 1.540; K. W. Shortt (Reform), 831; T. M. Wilford (Wardist), 5,471. WELLINGTON NORTH. +Hor. A. L. Herdman G. H. Holland S.D. W. H. Turnbull 0. In 1911— E. J. Carer (Labor), 1,185; A. L. Herdman (Reform), 4,193; Dr A. W. Tend (Wardist), 2.383. WELLINGTON CENTRAL. tHon. F. M. B. Fisher G. R. Fletcher 0. In 1911—First ballot; F. M. B. Fisher (Reform). 2,937; B. Fletcher (Wardist), 2.985; ' F. Freeman (Socialist), 180: W. T. Young , (Labor), 1,572. Second ballot; Fisher, 5 813; Fletcher, 3,632. WELLINGTON EAST. +Dr Newman G. D. M “Loren ... ... Lab. In 1911—First ballot. F. G. Bolton (Wardist.). 1.242: J. Erodie (Independent), 132; D. 11‘Laren (Labor), 2.969. Dr A. K. Newman (Reform), 5,371. Second ballot; M'Luren, 3,715; Newman, 3,780. WELLINGTON SOUTH. fA. H. Hindmarsh. Lab. J. P. Luke G. E. B. Williams 1.-G. In 1911—First ballot: W. H. V. Barber (Wardist). 1,264; A. E. Couzeus (Independent), 185; A. H. Hindmarsh (Labor), 2,670, R. A. Wright (Reform), 2.974. Second ballot: Hindmarsh, 3,593; Wright, 3,544. WELLINGTON SUBURBS. F. T. Moore Lab. R, A. Wright G. J. E. Fitzgerald O. In 1911 —First ballot: W. H. D. Bell (Reform), 2,431; J. E. Fitzgerald (Wardist), I. J. P. Luke 'lndependent), 1,052; F. T. Jlooro (Labor), 1,273. Second ballot: Be!!, 3,060;’ Moore, 2.661. SOUTH ISLAND. NELSON. tH. At.more G. T. A. Field G. In 1911—First ballot: H Atmoro (Reform). 2,865; G. Bishop (Reform, unofficial), 379; W. S. Hnmpson (Reform, unofficial), 570; G. M'Mahon (Wardist). 800; W. G. Moffat (Independent), 1,571. Second ballot; Almorc, 3.655; Moffat t, 2.139. - MOTUEKA, tHon. R. M'Kenzio O. R. P. Hudson 6. In 1911— R. M'Kenzio /Wardist-). 2,710; F. W. 0. Smith (Reform), l,6 n 6. PULLER. +J. Colvin O. G M. Powell M. H. Gillen S.D. In 1911— J. Cob-in (Wardist), 3.115; P F. Munro Reform), 2.993. GREY. +P. C. Webb S.D. H. L. Michel O. In 1911—Sir A 3L Guinness (Ward's'), 3,677; F. C. Webb (Labor), 2.559. By-clection. 191.3—First ballot; M. Hannan (Wardist), 2.039; H. L. Michel (Reform), 2,139; Webb (Labor), 2,091. Second ballot : Michel, 2,811; Webb. 3,477. WESTLAND. +T. E. V. Seddon O. A. A. Paape G. In 1911— H. L. Michel (Reform). 3,172. T. E. Y. Seddon (Wardist), 5,445. WAIRAU. UJ. M'Callum O. J. Duncan G. G. Turner I. In 1911—First ballot: J. Duncan (Reform). 2,725; K. M'Caflum (Wardist), 2.467; A. Wiffen (Labor), 1.069. Second ballot: Drmcan, 3,036; M'Callum, 3,228. HURUXUT. +G. Forbes 0. W. A. Banks G. In 1911— G. W. Forbes (Wardist), 2.940: D D. Maefarlano (Refcmi, 2.001. KAIAPOI. rflon. D. Buddo O. D. Jones G. In 1911—First ballot: .1. H. Blackmoro (Independent, Wardist). 1.455; D. Buddo (Wardist), 2.219. R Mooro (Reform). 2.31!. Second ballot: Buddo, 3,000; Moore, 2,731. CHRISTCHURCH EAST. H. Hunter S.D. Dr Thacker O. G. D. Macfarlane G. In 1911—First ballot. F. R. Cooko (Socialict), 418; ,T. H. Diver (Wardist), 2,360; H. Hunter (Labor), 2.356; Dr 11. T. J. Thacker (Independent, Wardist), 2,492. Second ballot; Davsy, 4,042; Thacker, 2,861. CHRISTCHURCH NORTH. fL. M. Isitt O. H. F. Toogood G. In 1911—First ballet: J. D.Hu'.l ('Reform), 3,612; L. M. Isitt (Independent, Wardist), 4,134; J. E. Peihoriok (Wardist), 727. Second ballot: Hall. 3,878; Isitt, 4,627. CHRIST CHURCH SOUTH. +H. G. Ell O. G. R. Whiting Lab. F. B. Hughes G. In 1911—H- G. Ell /Wardist), 3,690: E. T. Howard (Socialist), 540; G. R. Whiting (Labor), 3,059. LYTTELTON. +J. M‘Combs S.D. M. J. Miller G. In 1911— O. Cook (Independent, Wardist), 2,081; G. Laurenson (Wardist), 1,160. By-election, 1913—First ballot: J. B, Laurenton (Wardist), 922; J. 31' Combe (Social Democrat), 2,075: M J. Miller (Reform), I. W. Radcliflo (Wardist). 97; H. T. J. Thacker (Wardist). 263. Second ballot: iTSombs, 2,628; Millar, 2,402. IUCOARTON. +6. Witty O. B. Bunn 0. In. 1911—First’ ballot: T. L. Drummond (Independent, Labor), 162: C. H. Enter (Reform). 2.059: D. G- Sullivan (Labor), 1,518; Q, Witty (Wardist). 3,062. Second ballot: JBnor* 8,605 i, sTitty, 3,976.

AVON. +G. W. Russell O. H. D. Aclanrl G. D. G. Sullivan S.D. In 1911—First, ballot; J. O. Jameson (Reform). 1.062; J. M'Ccmbs (Labor), 2,817; G. W. Riueell (Wardist.), 3,040; W. R. Smith (Labor). 793. Second ballot; M'Combs, 3.533; Russell, 3,854. ELLESMERE. +Hon. R. H. Rhodes C 4. J. C. Free O. In 1911— G. Armstrong (Independent, Wardist), 1,519; R. Heaton Rhodes /Reform), 3,100: F. Rowell (Wardist), €9l. SELWYN. tW, J. Dickie O. G. Sheat G. Joseph Hamlet G. Tn 1911— W. J. Dickie (Wardist), 2,734; G. A. C. Hardy (Reform), 2,463. ASHBURTON. +W. Nosworthy G. W. P. Ma&lin O. In 1911—First ballot: J. Kennedy (Wardist). 1,534; W. S. Masiin (Wardist). 1,153; J. M’Lachlan Wardist), 418; W. Nosworthy (Reform). 2,864. Second, ballot: Kennedy, 2,319; Nosworthy, 3.252. TEMUKA. C. E. Kerr G. J. Talbot O. Tn 1911— G. W. Armitage (Reform), 910; T. Buxton (Wardist), 2,902; W. Jeffries (Reform), 1,530. TIMARU. fJ. Craigie O. +F. H. Smith G. In 1911—First ballot. W. Angland (Independent), 497; J. Craigie (Wardist), 5,152; J. 11. Mooro (Reform), 1.923; J. Reader (Labor), 1,636. Second ballot; Craigic, 3,906; Moore, 2,680. WAITAKI. Norton Francis G. John Anstey O. In 1911—First ballot: J. A. Macphsrson (Wardif ti, 1,736; W. G. Paul (Labor), I. F. H. Smith 'Reform), 2,047. Second ballot: Macpherson, 2,525; Smith, 2,6C9. OAMAEU. tE. P. Lee G. J. A. M'Pherron O. In 191.1—' T. Y. Duncan (Wardist), 1,805; E. P. Lee :Reform), 3,169; R. Milligan (Wardist), 1,318. CHALMERS. W. D. Mason O. J. M. Dickson G. G. S. Thomson 1.-Lab. In 1011—First ballot; E. 11. Clark Wardist). 2,850; -T. M. Dickson (Reform), 1.376; J. T. Johnson (Independent), 1,476; A. P. M'Caxthy (Labor), 578. Second ballot: Clark, 3,029; Johnson, 2,703. DUNEDIN NORTH. fG. M. Thomson G. A. Walker 0.-Lab. In 1911—First ballot: R. R. Douglas (Indersendent). 2,420; J. Loudon (Wardist), I, ;G. M. Thomson (Reform), 3,797. Second ballot: Douglas, 3,423; Thomson, 4,182. DUNEDIN WEST. W. Downie Stewart G. J. T. Johnson O. W. E. J. Meguire ... 1.-Lab. In 1911—First ballot: H. D. Bedford (Reform), 3,635: J. A. Millar (Wardist), 3,958; J. W. Munro (Socialist), 778. Second ballot: Bedford, 3,822; Millar. 4,461. DUNEDIN CENTRAL. tC. E. Statham G. J. W. Munro ... 0.-Lab In 1911— J. F. Arnold fWardist), 2,498; D, Macphersou (Labor) 1.152; C, E. Statham (Reform), 4,042. DUNEDIN SOUTH. +T. K. Sidev O. T. H. Dalton G. In 1911— J. E. MacManus (Labor). 3,426; T. K. Skley (Warduli, 4,171. CENTRAL OTAGO. tH. Scott, G. j IV. A. Bodkin O. j In 10:1 —J. Bennetts (Wardist), 790; W. 1 D. Mason .Wardist), 1,544 ; R. Scott (Re- I form), 3,354. \ BRUCE. tHon. J. Allen - ... G. 0. R. Smith O. In 1911— J. Allen (Reform), 3,133; P. MKiniay (Wardist), 2,463. CLUTHA. tA. S. Malcolm G. J. E. Jenkinson O. In 1911— G. Livingstone (Wardist), 2 246; A. S. Malcolm (Reform), 2,621. WAKATIPU. tHon. W. Fraser G. Joseph Stevens O. In 1011— W. Fraser - Reform), 2,755. .!. Horn (Wardist), 2,482. MATAUEA. fG. J. Anderson G. W. G. Mchuffey ... Q. In 1911— G. -T. Anderson (Reform), 3,D96j J. Mac Gibbon (Independent), 2,239. INVERCARGILL. tJ. A. Haran O. J. F. Lillicran G. In 1911—First ballot: 11. Fa train 'Li bor). 2.043; T. Fleming .Reform), 2,104; J. A. llanan (Wardist), 3,115. Second ballot; Fleming. 3.069; Hanan, 3,756. WALLACE. tJ. C. Thomson O. A. W. Rodger G. I In 1911—A- Carmichael (Reform). 1.190; J. King (Reform, unofficial), 683; J.C. Thomson (Wardist), 3,,152. AWARUA. tSir Joseph Ward O. J. R. Hamdton G. In 1911— J. R. Hamilton (Reform), 2.263: W. A. Morris (Labor), 162: Sir J. G. Ward (Wardist), 2,893. tSat in the 1913-14 Parliament.

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ELECTION DAY: THURSDAY, Issue 15668, 5 December 1914

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ELECTION DAY: THURSDAY Issue 15668, 5 December 1914

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