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IN FLANDERS. INTERMITTENT CANNONADE. I INFANTRY ATTACK FAILS. PARI. SI , December 4. (Received December 5. at 8.45 A communique states.- An intermittent cannonade continues between the YprcsKmilers Railway and the road from Becelairo to Passcliewiucic, where the German infantry unsuccessfully attempted to gain ground. GERMAN STORES FOUND AT YRRE-S. A TRAITOROUS MAYOR. T.ONDON, December 4. (Received December 5, at 8.45 a.m.) An officer, writing to iho ‘Manchester r Guardian,’ narrates that the Germans at i first spared the Ypres Town Hall. This f aroused suspicion, and a search revealed an enormous quantity of stores and am- > munition placed beneath the Town Hal!. | This had been done with tho Mayor’s con--5 nivanco when the Germans first occupied 3 ypres. As soon as the traitorous Mayor " was shot the Germans shelled the Town II all. | SAFETY OF PARIS [ SETS FREE FRESH ARMY. 5 (London ‘Times’ and Svdney ‘Sun’ Service*,) i 1 l_ f LONDON, December 4. ? It is asserted that now that the safety ■ of Paris is assured General Gallicnt will 1 shortly command a new army. IN POLAND. 3 MACKENSEN'S ARMY. HAS IT ESCAPED ‘i > (London ‘Times’ and Sydney ‘Sun’ Services.) LONDON, December 4. The Berlin Fiess admit that the. Germans suffered enormous losses in escaping ! ironi Lodz. ' 1 KAISER AT BRESLAU. MEETS VUSTJUAN COMMANDER. (London ‘Times’ and Sydney ‘Sun’ Services.) LONDON. December 4. ‘ A Berlin wireless message, states that the Kaiser had an interview at Breslau ' (Silesia) with Archduke Frederick, chief commander of the Austrians, and that both visited tho wounded in the hospitals. BAYONET TOOK BELGRADE, I ACCORDING TO AUSTRIANS, (London ‘Times’ and Sydney ‘Sun’ Services.) T.ONDON, December 4. The Austrians assert that they took Belgrade at the point of Die bayonet. AN EARLY PEACE WOULD SUIT*GERMANY, EVEN IF SHE GAINS NOTHING. (London 1 Times ’ and Sydney ’ Sun ’ Services.) j LONDON, December 4. At a confidential meeting of the leaders of Gorman political parties held in Berlin Ministers asserted that foe German armies are much stronger than the Allies’. After the war Germany would he able to reduce her military expenditure, hut an immense increase in the Navy was imperative. It was generally agreed that an early pear-' was desirable, even upon terms fixing a status quo ante helium. BERLIN SOCIALISTS HOT FOR THE WAR. (London * Times ’ and Sydney ‘ Sun ’ Services.) LONDON, December 4. The .Socialist party in Berlin propose to exclude Herr Licbknecht for voting against the '.ear grants in the Reichstag, BRITISH RECONNAISSANCE. OVER SINAI PENINSULA. NO SIGN OF ENEMY. CAIRO, December 4. (Received December 5. at 8.45 a.m.) British aeroplanes are constantly patrolling the Sinai Peninsula, but have discovered no sign of the enemy. Tho hostile camps' at Gatia and Birelnuss have been broken up, and the enemy have retreated to the east. Probably the Bedouins who attacked the cavalry patrol have received an unforgettable lesson. Tho desert has been inundated for many square miles to tho east of Port Said, which has rendered that place immune. Twenty of Captain Chope’s Bikanir camelry coastguard patrol, who have been missing since the engagements cabled on November 24, were compelled to surrender, and are now imprisoned near Jaffa. .....


SUEZ CANAL. PROJECTED MILITARY RAILWAY UNDER GERMAN DIRECTION. COPENHAGEN, December 4. (Received December 5. at 8.45 a.m.) A message from Berlin says that the Turks, under German direction, are constructing a military railroad from Muan to the riim/. Canal! [Mean is in Palestine, south of the Dead Sea. 'Hie railwav would run to tlie north of the Sinai Peninsula, j PRECAUTIONS IN EGYPT A G AIN S T TI 'R KIS H 1\ V A SlO N. (London ‘ Times ’ and Sydney ‘ Sun 1 Services.) LONDON, December 4. Egyptian reports state that the Arabs are deeply impressed by the magnitude of the preparations to repel a Turkish invasion. The Egyptian officials behaved excellently. and prevented the Turkish agents from obtaining a foothold among the Arabs. Certain Bedouins, v.ho displaced a tendency to talk sedition, were gently but firmly encouraged to beta';-* theuiselves elsewlmre. | A PROMPT DISAVOWAL. * KITCHENER. AND THE INTERVIEWER. LONDON, Dr, ’ember 4. (Received December 3. at 9,10 a, in.) Lord Kitchener denies the accuracv ~f the language attributed to him in tin* Cobb interview (which appears in another page cf this issue . THE PORT CF LONDON'. SHIPPING CONGESTED, TILRURV DOCKS TOO SMALL. LONDON, December 4. iße.eivod December 5. at 9.10 a.m.) Tile 'Si;.!' says t!,a: Tilbury Dock-: .ireful!. and steamers aie 1-. leg in the river fhnnies wailing for berths, the ,onger.tioii being due to the war. Numbers of vessebwere held up for various reason.'.' and arrived together. Tin- Unum Ga.-t N-Company have also removed their boats from Southampton to Ti'bmy. An Atlanta: transporter bus arrived with nearly 14X00 t, ns, of African fruit. It G almost impossible to hire barge, and the sheds are , rammed with good;-. JEWS AND THE ARMY. .MEN AND MONEY GIVEN RABBI AS CHAPLAIN. (London ‘Times l and Sydney 1 Sun 1 Services.) I LON DON. December 4. j The Jews in Britain have contributed JD5.000 to the Army. 1 be Rev. Mr Adler is going to the front. Tin’s will be the lirst time in history that a Jewish chaplain has accompanied British tro.ips in the field. JAPANESE TROOPS. THEIR CO-OPERATION ADVOCATED. (London ‘ Times 1 and Sydney ‘ Sun 1 Services.) LONDON, December 4. M. Gustav Lcrve, writing to a Sociali-t organ in Paris, urges that Japan he invoked to send troops to Europe in order to shorten the wav. ' THE CHURCH OF ROME. TEMPORAL POWER OF THE POPE. (London ‘ Times 1 and Sydney ‘ Sun 1 Services.) LONDON, December 4. Count Dellatone (president of the Catholic Union), in a speech at Genoa, indicated that if the Holy See does not actually insist on the territorial question being raised ho intends to seek an international guarantee for the exercise of its powers, especially if Italy is involved in the war. FEELING IN SPAIN HOSTILE TO GERMANY. LONDON. December 4. The Spanish Press resent being misled early in the w-ar by Gorman stories. The papers arc not now printing German nows. Public feeling strongly favors the Allies. BELGIAN RELIEF. VICTORIA’S~GENEROSITY. LONDON, December 4. (Received December 5, at 9.10 a.m.) The Agent-General for Victoria (Hon. Peter M'Bride) has handed over to Count La Laing, the Belgian Ambassador, a further £4,000. Count La Laing expressed the Belgian Government’s profound gratitude for .Yis&ria'a ism/tutt?*

PORTUGAL. POLITICAL CRISIS. (London ’ Times 1 and Sydney 1 Sun ’ Services.) LONDON, December 4. A (Cabinet crisis lias arisen nt Lisbon, and a. change of Government is inevitable. No alteration in foreign policy is likclv. however. BUI .G A RIAN FIN A Nt; E. INTEREST PAYMENTS POSTPONED. SOFIA, December 4. (Received December 5. at 9.15 Bulgaria has notified English holders of 1903 loan bonds that payment of the coupon* has been postponed until the return of normal conditions in Europe. PATHIOTISM IN THE SCHOOLS. LONDON. December 4. |Received December 5. at 9.10 a.m.) The King and Queen have accepted copies of the Victorian school paper for grades seven and eight. The educational authorities in Britain have also extended favorable notice to the paper. A VEILED INTIMATION. AUSTRALIAN REINFOUCEMENTS. SYDNEY, December 3. Received December 5, at 0.15 a.m.) The papers are now publishing photographs of the embarkation of further troops for the tropics. THE EMDKN'S .MISSION. AFTER THE TROOPSHIPS. MELBOURNE, December 5. Received December 5, at 9.15 a.m.) Senator Pearce iMinioter of Defence) Gated in the Federal Senate that when H.M.A.N. Sydney encountered the Kmden the troop transports wore, within 100 miles. The Enid'-u’s commander undoubtedly intended to g'd amc.uic.--t them. The Sydney was acting «>n convoy duty at the time, AUSTRALIA'S NAVY. THE BRISBANE BUNGLE. MELBOURNE. December 5. (Received December 5, at 10.50 a.m.) In the Federal House of Representatives the Leader of the Opposition (Mr Cook), rriti.--.iiig the delay in the completion and launching of the cruiser Brisbane, stated that if she, had been ordered in England at the same time as the cruisers Sydney and Melbourne £109,000 would have been cated. and she would nave been in nun mission two years ago. It appeared tint tbe. boat bad been built in the ride of a lid! without provision for floating ),--r. and now it required a costly dam to get her mu. NEARING A MILLION. i SYDNEY. T)e,cmLei- 5. I t Received 1), ember 3. at 10.50 a.m.) The war fund' now total £630,C00. WOOL EXPORT. LONDON. December 4. (Re. eiv-.-.l !lec.-nibei 3, a, 11.40 a.m.) The luve decided in permit the export,y.iou of ne-riiio wools to the United Mate- on 1 1-bn tm y guarantees being I’ortiuomii.g. NEWS FROM CONSTANTINOPLE. THE PEOPLE FED WITH LIES. GERM'NS MAKE ENORMOUS REQUISITIONS. ! LONDON. December 4. tßeceived December 5. a: 12.50 p.m., '1 ha ' D -i’ - (, in oniric'.- ’ < airo -.-m rospundent ;avs that an Englishman who escaped from t 'i-.idmil Ample states that tbe war news pnbb'ued there asserts (hat Hie English and tin- Allies arc thoroughly beaten on land and sen, Iml there ,i. strong anti-German parly, and I hen* will lie n great revulsion when the impudent make-tu li-we is diseuvereil. I here is, he thinks, bound to be bloodshed. The Germans have made enormous requisitions for the army, parte uiaily in Thrace, where the inhabitants are .starving. The rlr-rer- of coal already have been i minced to 10.000 tom.-. The quality of 1 tbe coal has gtcatly reduced the Goebeit's j speedEverything is quiet and orderly in Egypt.’ Reports continue of the Turks massing in Syria. FOOTBALL MATCHES TO STAND. LONDON, December 4. The four National Associations have recommended tbe emuintuition c.f football, except the international am teats. A RECRUITING MEETING. HIGH SCHOOL 01,1) BOYS ( ORBS SUGGESTED. An enthusiastic meeting was held at Palmerston North List evening for the purpose of fostering the recruiting movement to supplement the Exj-editionaiy Forces. A resolution was carried that, it is cle.'i ratio to organ!?' a corps of old boys of the secondary schools of tho Dominion. Such a body of men, inspired by the esprit do corps which animated them at ‘■ch.iol. would bo a most desirable adjunct to our A deputation was appointed to wait upon the Hon. Janies Allen in connection with the matter. A big dernonutration to foster the movement is to bo held on Saturday, December 12. DUNEDIN WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION. Work will ho going on all next week between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. A few articles have boon cut out and are ready for making up for British and Belgian cases. These may be taken away and completed during the holidays by helpers, as no work will be done at the hall in this connection until February. , Tha donation cf £lO 6s 5d by the j women of Mormugton, acknowledged yesterday. is for the British and Belgian ; fund, not for cardigan jackets. 1 Two little boys have offered 14 canaries to be sold for the benefit of the British and Belgian fund. Miss R-dd sends us £1 Is for the Belgian fund. A Hawera message states that at a ball held on behalf of the Belgian relief fund on Friday night £4CO was raised by the sale of Belgian flags. The total amount realised was £SOO. This money -will be j>ent Aj’El&at once. F

THE SPY DANCER. Mr E. Marshall King K..C, who is one of the leading barristers practising in London. has addressed to 1 Tho Times ’ a strong remonstrance against tho lukewarmness of tho authorities in allowing Herman spies to roam about England, as they are doing just now. “When J was in Hamburg in 190-1,” Mr Marshall Hall writes. “I was told by a German business man that the Hermans wanted tho English colonics and trade ; that they were preparing for war with England ; "and that that war musttake place any time after 1913. He said, also, that Germany had prepared the most minute scale maps of England. Hint every portion of it had boon surveyed, and that there was; a perfect system of trained spies in this country distributed through tho country in various districts, and that in tho event of a German invasion eacli spy had his specially-allotted task and the necessary material for performing it.” This warning coming from the pen of such a man as Mr Marshall Hall, who is one of England’s brainiest men, is not to be lightly set aside. CARTOONS ON THE WAR. One naturally finds that both British and Herman cartoonists are making plenty of capital out of the war. Perhaps one of the cleverest is a post card of a steam roller—Russian, of course—rolling relentles.Ty along a road (with a signpost pointing to Berlin',, on which is standing a German policeman, not unlike the Kaiser, holding up his hand to stop the. traffic. It looks as if it is going to be awkward for the policeman before long. Another de- | picts the Herman eagle with all his tail feathers gone, and tho British lion looking on in scornful pity. The latter is represented as saying: " 1 thought you were an eagle.” Perhaps the. best of all appeared in a recent edition of the ‘People’ newspaper: Mrs Kaiser, with a Gorman helmet on her head, is standing on the battlements: beneath there comes along, dusty road a very dejected-looking Kaiser, with his moustaches drooping down, followed by lew equally dejected-looking soldiers. “ Seems like our Bill coming home," >hc s.-iy,. shading her eyes with her hand. “ lie said he would bo dining in Paris." The Herman attempts at. caricature represent the Allies generally being transfixed by a bayonet, or kicked along by a valiant Herman soldier. The Britisher is always shown as a lanky individual smoking a huge pipe, and is supposed to have enlisted only on account of the. pay he gets ; while the Russian is only thought of as a thieving looter. Tho Herman cartoons are all more noted for vulgarity than for wit. AMUSEMENTS QUEEN'S THEATRE. The ehildren's matinee held this afternoon was numerously attended. To-night, tin- series of pictures which have met with universal approval will he submitted for tho last time. Chief among the attractions are the Kalom drama ‘ The Weakling.’ featuring Alice Joyce, and a hurricane comedy ‘ ’the Coat’s Tale.’ whieh it need hardly be stated is a Keystone produc-iviii. PLAZA PICTURES, The latest edition of (he Eclair Journal, which is included in the current series of pictures at the Plaza, contains many interesting war pictures. The Selig drama entitled ‘Price of Vanity" and the E-sanay comedy ‘ Siippery Jim in High Life ’ are two capita! pi, tores, HAVWARDS’ PICTURES. The current programme, at the Octagon Hail, which will lie shown for the last time to-night, includes a number of war pictures, showing in its grim realism the savagery of the great Conflict. ‘ Ancient Egypt ’ is of particular interest just now, because of Hie fact, of our E.xpeditiona-y Tone having landed there. ‘The Inspector’s Story’ is (lie chief dramatic film, and other pictures are ‘The Davis (up, 39M.’ ami ‘Hoczn Liar's Haine Hunt.' FI TiLEHS’ PICTURES. The chief film of interest at (he King’s Theatre is the ’ Pat he War Gazette,’ which gives -.levs of Antwerp under shot and sir'll, and of many other interesting incidents connected with the war. The, other pictures of the programme, which v ill for the last time to-night, are ' hire; of Ambition.’ " Recreation.’ am! oilier sc-nie and emnic films. ‘DANTE,. THE IMMORTAL.’ The a'lKive is the subject of a recital to be given by the Rev. I’. Knight, 8.A.. of Chri-tijiurvli. in Octagon Ha.ll on Monday .‘fight. It will he illustrated hv 100 picture-. The Mayor will piesl-le. HIRTOX COLLEGE. On Monday evening next a reunion of jaist am! present pupils connected with tho above college will take place. The meeting will follow I he, ‘"breaking-up” ceremony. and it i-; hoped (hat everyone who has at anv time had the privilege of attending Hirton College will, if possible, bo present. CAVERSH.-i.M BAND. The Caversham Band have arranged a choice, programme for to-morrow’s concert at the Hardens. In addition to the hand selections, which will include Elgar’s famous patriotic song ‘ Land of Hope and Glorv ’ (euphonium), the selection ‘ Kenil wortli,’ and ‘ II Bravo ’ (baritone), there will bo introduced a male quartet partv selected from onr leading singers, who will render ‘ Tho Belgians Battle Prayer ’ and ‘Tho Druids Hymn of Praise,’ which were specially selected as a fitting tribute to the superb fighting of the Belgians.

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SUEZ CANAL, Issue 15668, 5 December 1914

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SUEZ CANAL Issue 15668, 5 December 1914

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