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AMUBEMENTS. (HE OCTAGON. HAYWABBS', Again TO-NIGHT, :ifc 8. Last Chance. 'MEW QUEEN'S THEATRE. .AMUSEMENTS. The Most Popular Pictura Theatre In the Dominion. TO-MORROW, at 2.30 and 8 p.m. PERPETUAL PICTURE PALACE. Not the Interesting Subjects. WAR SCENES AT ANTWERP. Daily: 11.30 till 5.30: 6.30 till 10.30. THE LATEST LONDON .NEWS. A Veritable Feast of Good Films. By T. R. Bray, the Noted Cartoonist, A Pre-eminent Film Feature. HEEZA LIAR'S GAME HUNT. Kalem's Greatest Pictorial Success, The Funnicsf Skit Ever Produced THE WEAKLING. Featuring' the ANCIENT' EGYPT, THE WEAKLING. Popular Beauty Interesting firm Many Points of View. THE WEAKLING. Photo-play Actroa THH DAVIS OUr, 1914, THE WEAKLING. Alice Joyce. The Blue Ribbon of the Tennis World. A Keystone Hurricane Farcical Comedy, Alfo, the Powerful Picture Drama, THE COAT'S TALE. Tho Drinker, the Abstainer, the Neither. ■ TUB COATS TALE. Thero is hero a Strong Lesson in THE COAT'S TALE. THE INSPECTOR'S STORY. The popular cry is foT " Keystone Comedies THE INSPECTOR'S STORY. Here is a positive winner—one out of tl Interesting from the fctart, end one sees bunch, the conclusion of this great play 'with tear- Tho Edison Company present a Strongly dimmed eyes, yet with :t sudden feeling of optimism ami an awakening confidenco in tho power and goodness of humanity. Other Films ara also rhown. APPROPRIATE ORCHESTRAL MUSIC. 6d and Is. Res. Dresden, Is 6d. 'Phone 3,091 after 6.30 p.m. LATE ADVERTISEMENTS. Dramatic Story. TREASURE TROVE. - TREASURE I!ROVE. - TREASURE 'PROVE. • WAR SPECIAL. WAR SPECIAL. ANTWERP UNDER SHOT AND SHELL. ANTWERP UNDER SHOT AND SHELL. ANTWERP UNDER SHOT AND SHELL. Scenes of t?ie Bombardment.—Flijrht, of Antwerp Citizens.—Marines in tho Firing Line. —Snipers at Work, etc., etc. SUPPORTING SUBJECTS: Sherlock Brnebcad Kalem Comedy AUSTRALIAN GAZETTE, No. 203. LO KEONGS SALE. SUPPORTING SUBJECTS: Buy Now Your Xmaa Presents. Sherioclc Brnebcad Kalem Comedy Choice Selection of DOLLS and TOYS. AUSTRALIAN GAZETTE, No. 203. CHINESE TUSSORE. White and Colored . SILKS. ONE PRTCD TO ALL PARTS: JAPANESE CREP.ES, White and Colors. ADULTS, SIXPENCE. CHILDREN, 3d. HAND-EMBROIDERED SILK BLOUSE ' ____, LENGTHS. SILK HANDKERCHIEFS, Embroidered and LATE ADVERTISEMENTS. Plain. —— ■ JAP. FANS, UMBRELLAS, and NO SHORTAGE OF DRUGS. LANTERNS'. TTTTTLKINSON AND SON, Chemists, havo Jn=t Landed, CHINESE WATER LILIES. YV i„ stock FULL SUPPLIES OF ALL T O KEONG, 117 GEORGE STREET. DRUGS. Chemicals. Patents, etc. Regular LATE ADVERTISEMENTS. LO KEONG, 117 GEORGE STREET. DRUGS, Chemicals, Patents, etc. Regular importations coming to hand. Doctors' Presorptions Dispensed at USUAL PRICES. OLD age commands respect. Watson's Purity and Accuracy Guaranteed. No. 10 is highly esteemed because very J9l PRINCES STREET and 297 GEORGE old and fully matured. STREET, DUNEDIN. THROW YOUR HATS UP IN THE AIR! IT'S HARD WORK TO KEEP "TO EARTH" WITH VALUES SUCH AS THESE. MILLINERY. 100 SPECIALS FOR SATURDAY. DAINTY WHITE HATS, covered crowns, trimmed flowers. Weiv. 10s 6d. Sale price, 4s lid. TAN SAND SAXE STRAWS SHAPES, trimmed flowers and ribbon, new styles. Wcra 10s 6d. Sale price, 4s lid. LADIES' UNDERCLOTHING. LADIES* CAMISOLES, daintily trimmed with lace or embroidery, with or without puff sleeve, six patterns to choose from. Ware 2s 11. Now is lid. LADIES' LONGCLOTH NIGHTDRESSES, with squaro yoke of embroidery or shaped collar, edged with embroidery or lace fronts, trimmed with tucks and insertion. Were 4s lid. Now 2s lid. W. PENROSE AND CO., GEORGE STREET. Why these noteworthy prie-es? Our meaning is clear. We are happily placed in having ro many remarkable lines in stock at a time when supplies are dillicult to get. Higher prices could be got for any of these lines, but Penrose's way is against all high prices. Our meaning is clear, cur values proclaimed. DAINTY BLOUSES AT SALE PRICES. DAINTY ROBES FOR SUMMER. A iino of DAINTY WHITE CREPE BLOUSES, fasten at front, low collar. Were 4s lid. Now 2s lid. Neat SUMMER ROBES, in striped print, low collar, i|-s]ccve, shades Skv, Navy, and Holio. Were 12s 6d. Now 7s lid. STRIPED PRINT ROUES, fastening at back, low collar. J-slove, shades Grey, Reseda, and Blue Were 15s 6d. Now 10s 6d. SMART ROBES, in White. Pique, fastening at front, low collar of colored crepe, I-slceve. Were 13s 6d. Now 10s 6d. DAINTY ROBES, in White- Crepe, fastening down front, low collar and belt of Bulgarian trimming, immiiatiou basque on skirt. Were 18s 6d. Now 14s 6d. WHITE PIQUE ROBES, trimmed with buttons, low collar, and Were 255. Now 15s Cd. W. PENROSE AND CO., GEORGE STREET. SPECIAL BARGAINS IN DRESS DEPARTMENT FOR SATURDAY. SOME REMARKABLE ITEMS. TO NEEDLE WORKERS, FANCY EMBROIDERY WORKERS. To-morrow wo arc offering about 3,000 yards of 20in wido JAPANESE SILK, in rich shades of Browns, Navys, and Greens, at 3Jd yard. These Silks arc suitable for all kinds of Fancy Work, Cushion Tops, Casement Curtains, hat trimming, etc. The prica is noteworthy, 3ijd yard. These Silks are usually sold at Is yard. 40in wido Handsome VOILE EMBROIDERY, for dross, neat designs, 3s per yard. 50 pieces of PURE INDIGO PRINTS, Navy grounds, with small designs, a good washer, 3;{d per yard. 50 pieces of Double-width CORDALINE DRESS MATERIAL, for Summer Dresses, a bargain, Is yard, in Mole, Navv, Fawn, and Saxo. "^ 10 pieces of Black-and-White Checked DRESS MATERIAL, double-width, washes splendidly, Is yard. 5 pieces* of Double-width CREAM. CORDUROY, a splendid material for children's wear, Is yard. 20 pieces of GREEN BATISTE, for lininss. Usual price, 3Jd. Now 3d vard. 50 pieces of 50in wide ALL-WOOL SERGE. Usual price, 3s 3d. Special price, Is 9d yard. 50 pieces of 50in ALL-WOOL SERGE. Navv U«iial price 3s lid. Special price, 2? 3d yard. PIQUES. WHITE PIQUE, with small spot design, 9?d. PLAIN PIQUE, 9M Is Is 3d, and Is 6d yard. ~\Y. PENROSE AND CO.. AND E. W ATKINS. WE ARE NOTED FOR OUR VEILINGS. Lovely Patterns from 9<l yard. NEW MASCOT VEILING MEETINCS. TOnCE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a - ' MEETING OF TRUSTEES will be held in the Office, 105 High street, Dunedin, on TUESDAY, the. Bth inst., at 3 p.m. G. L. DENNISTON, Vice-president. WHY PAY MORE? BEEF. Sirloin ... . Prime Ribs . Chucks from . Corned Round Corned Roll . Rump Steak . Topside Steak Stewing Steak is ... sid Short, Legs ... 5. 111 ... 4j<i Loins 5> und 61d Fore* 4i ill ... 5Jd Chops 5i ik ... 9d Tripe 7. calr 7d Mine* 5< teak 6d Melbourne San*. 5' Beef Sausages 4< Thi,= Season's Lamb—tcr, 5s Cd; forcquarfer, 4s 6d. AMES WRIGHT, CARGILL ROAD. WATSON'S Nc. 10 is a litt'o dearer incst, whiskies, but is worth CORPORATION NOTICES. 1 u i.j-i, CHARMING HOUSE, one story; 7 Authorising tho Sale of Land in the Borough "rooms, St. Clair; absolutely modern; of Morninrton under the Public Works tip-top order; nieo garden and position. Act, 1908. Also other St. Clair Houses, including a specially good furnished place. City: Very LIVERPOOL, Governor. central brick 9 Rooms; a really superior re- ORDER-IX-COUN'CIL. sidence. We have a number of Houses To Afc lh( . (i ovol . nmt)lt Houro at Wellingtor BOROUGH OF MOENINGTON. EXTRACT FROM 'NEW ZEALAND i GAZETTE.' 19th NOVEMBER. 1911. Let m City anil cuDunia, ranging irom o (jlis s ; xtcenlh dar ol Xovcmber. 1914. ss,™,, street, 6s (xl, and 10 Rooms. v I «. '' lo L O rl°™a Offic°es F " r 4fu d s HIS EXCELLENCY 6 THE GOVERNOR IN Houses, Shops, Stores, ana Unices, .ice us coiTXCn about letting your house, or give us a call ~ . „,, ~~. if you wish to rent one. by section thirty ot the Public JOHN REID AND SONS, LTD. Hoiks Act, 1908 'hereinafter tea-mod "the ' said Aet") ; it Is enacted that u it, is found HO LET (December Ist), "THE MAN- that, any land he'd, taken, purchased, or _L SIONS " tbo well-known High-class acquired at any time under this or any Boardin"-bousc. For particulars apply ' other Act, or Provincial Ordnance, or otberJAMES ANNAND, 47 Stuart street. wise howsoever for any publio work is not require I for such public work, the Governor -ROOMED Brick House To Let; every ""».V by Onler-iu-Council, publicly notified convenience. Anply 534 Castle street. and gazetted, cause, tho same to be sold under the conditions set forth in the said "V 3 LET, 10 roomed House, Manor place) Acfc . . electric light, and every convenience; Al ' ld v .i lcrcxs Q me ,„ o rial has been laid 27s Gd. ;releplione_l,44o : befoi'o tho Governor by the Mornington SIX-ROOMED Brick Bungalow, St. Clair; Borough Council (hereinafter ca'.lerl "the all up-to-date improvements; 255. Ad- said Council"), accompanied by a map. r-et-dress ''Term," 'Star' Office. ting forth that certain land was acquired IOHLCT - House, penny for tramway purposes: ,--,,, section, Castle street; rent 10s. Apply . And whereas the said laud as de.-enbed /ico r> i< m the Schedule hereto, is not now rcmiirrd 108 Oast.c sx-revt. — ; __ by tho for tllß pu ,. pMe3 tt f ore . TO LET, 4-roomed House (good repair). 8a y > au ,i ie t . a jd Council desires io sell \\\i near Dunedin Railway Station; good j s „ mo . x green; Bs._ 33 Athol place. j Xow, therefore, His Excellency the Governrtn T/Fyr Office and Use of Board Room; nor of the Dominion'of New Zealand, in near Dunedin Railway Station; good j s „, ; Bs. 33 Athol place. nrVD LET, Office and Use of Board noora; 1 h-ji »i A suit secretary. Box 483. . 1 pursuance and exercise ot the powers and ——■—■ i" tj 1 .iT v~yT authorities conferred upon him by the »aid L\ 5-roomed Housoj electric light, Act and acti) by Rnd wiUl the '. ldyico yll(1 conveniences mce garden. No. 2 MJ , iCllt of tho Exe . uijve Counoil of the said itrcct, South iJunedin. r> o „,i n i olli doth herebv authorise the land FIVE-ROOMED House, newly done up; I described in the Schedule hereto to be dealt bath, aa.s, etc.; over shop; lis. J. I with and sold in the manner prescribel by Carroll, 153 Walker street. 6-roomed Houses; b. and aud following sections of the said Act, . a water; drained; 10s and 15s. 74 SCHEDULE. TO LET, 4 and 6-roomed Houses; hj. and a water; drained; 10s and 15s. 74 Dundas street. nud subject to the idiiious of the thirtieth Approximate. «roa of the piece fl\o LET 4, 5, 6. 7-roomed Houses, City authorised to be sold, IS 84 pervhefi. A and 'suburbs;' low rentals. Bryant, Portion of Allotments 9 and 10, Block Vl., Octagon. Township of Mornington, Borough of Morn- -" ' ~ be 7 ington. ~X In the Otago Land District-, as tho Rams . xl , , , anover tireex;: fe mors (p2rtic ,, larlr deUneated on the plan bath, tub;, etc. marked P.W.D. 36,659, deposited in the TO LETT, Six-roomed House, Upper Walksr office of the Minister of Public. Works at street; newly renovated. Apply 74 Wellington, in the Wellington Provincial DisManor place. -ROOMED House; stable, conveniences, J drained; new'.y renovated; rent 14s. 14 Oxford street, South Dtinedin. 5 Rooms, N.RV.; h.c. water, eopper, tubs, bath. Apply 8 Arnold street, N.E.V. 15s. A. Griffiths, Caveraham. afICT . pm on SATURUXyi December ISU .0 LET. Two Unfurnished Rooms, also 1914. GTTO. E. PEARCE, . Furnished: bath, hot water. 72 Fillue-1 Town OJark. etreet (corner Cargill street), A Anderson Bay, 4th Dwambsr, 1914* trict, and thereon colored green. J. F. ANDREWS, Clerk of the Executive Council. BAY TOWN BOARD. 10 PER. CENT. PEiNAXTY ON HATESmimviM.

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