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BWIFPINC WfcKTGOS, ETC. NION STEAM SHIP "COMPANY QF OLD. JPAIEE TEETH BOUGHT. -' - NEW ZEALAND, LTD. rWTANTJBD TO BUY, OLD FALSE ,Steamers will ho despatched as under _f¥ TEETH. Highest prices given in (cireumataneea permitting)- ' t ' - #^^s±"^; E .; u " hj b X = tet A m Fu*' _ ITTTELTON and WELLINGTON (Booting J: DONSTONE. Box 345, Christchurch. Passengers to alLWeat Coast i'orti)-- j ; Paloono, * Ditnedi" Warrvmoo Thursday, HfVKr 5 f For AUCKLANITvia LYTTELTON. XV su LINGTON. NAPIER, and GlSßOßNE—tl'aloona Tuesday, Dec. 8 4Dunedm •Monowai Sat., Dec. 12 *From Lyttelton. tTransMppins to Maheno at Auckland for Sydney. o____ The Very Latest: Gents' Clothes ni, Repaired, and Pressed by -- r. Levy, 39 Princes street. Household Furniture, | Exchange, J 213 \ r Orj get the best—nothing else—if you j JL say: "'B.L.* Whisky, p'.ease." rOUTH wha 'knows (to tobacconist): - " Packet of Red Jacket, please. It's I best for cigarettes." Warrimco Thuri , Dec. 10 5 Dunedm best for cigarettes." Fox""SYDNEY and HOBART from LYT- A RTIFICIAL Teeth, Old Gold, Silver, TELTON via WELLINGTON— £■*- Personal Effects m. any quantity Thurs., Dec. 10 Bought. I'ricdlander, 184 Rattray street, Duncdin. WE SS T o\°^^SST^ LU -i T hk m P[ -r.i betTotrono-of-lT^'. wtlW PT-VVOTTTH (earco only)- .-*- . bcst Umbrellas' >ho Uermana will get NEW PLYMOUTH (cargo only)- ■*; , bcst Umbrellas' >h<> iiermana will : Flora Tuesday. Dec. 8 Noon Dun licked. NEW PLYMOUTH via OAMARU, •\*7IIAT! Another r.ew Umbrella.-' . TIMARII LTrTELTON, WELLING-' JV I had it Re-covcrcd Lcthaby's, n TON, and NELSON (cargo only)— lost Office. Coring* Saturday, sth Doc. Noon Dun. jf-yH.' You have broken my bct>t cbi: OAMARU TiaURU, LYTTELTON. " Tako it lo Lcthahy's tobc jrpairctl NAPIER, and GISBORNE. Proceeds -> -piBHELLAS Re-covered" to insida wharf at both Napier and \J oll: . i JOUr ;lt j. c u i:i tVs, Gisborne (cargo oidy>- ____ mll , rsl v n S u„. M „'si, to insida wharf at both Napier and %J on: . i ]our ;lt j. c u i:i tVs, next Pest Office. KowhS b ° n,e ( Wedni y y7~Dec. 9 noon Dun fTUIOUSAND Shaves a' Shilling by getting . . J JL yot'ir Razors ground and set nt For TTMARU, WELLINGTON, and GREY- Lcthaby's. MOUTH— "- • ** Poherua Saturday, Dec. 5 Noon Dun pOST Blunt Razors, with address and li tzZT-rz J ' - -,- — JL liUimps; returned next day kc.-n. SUVA, FRIENDLY ISLANDS, and L-thaby, Stock Exchange, Duueim. Navua, 14th DfrnmberTfrom Aucklaud. /THE, whole story, of Rad Jacket Cigarette ..' . —■- c JL Uobaccu told in two words: Quality, CANADA, AMERICA. LONDON, Etc., via VANCOUVER— From Sydncv. From Auckland fakura December at December 2D tiagara January 21 January 26 SAN FRANCISCO— Economy." kf"AGNlFlCENT"whlsky7isu r t¥? - "8TL7, , • Wellington. * on '*, 199 Crawford street; 'phone 2,605. Steamer. Corinna Poherua Paloona Kowtai Cargo Received Till 9 a.m. 10 a.m. 11 a.m. Noon Day. Saturday Saturday Tuesday ' •"""■ I.EXEMA for aM Skin Disease?.—Cures , —— ecinnut, acne psoriases. varicose.ulcers, barber's rash, lupus, scalp diseases; instant I relief from painful irritation; consultations ! fre«. Hours: 11 till 3 p.m., Saturdays exj ciptcd. 75 Stuart st.cct (corner Octagon). Kowtai Noon , Wednesday T7TT for a king—'B L." Whisky. So pure, Tickets available for Stop-over cr Return ——~°°° ' —_ _ ——- by Messrs Huddart, Parker, and Co.'s steam- T3RIGHTON Coach leaves Green Island * M 3 Monday, Wednesday, and Fndav, on arrival 745 a.m. and 5.15 p.m. trains; Satur,HE VANCOUVER ROUTE, days 1.15 and S. 15 trains. Leaves Brighton .__. 7 am. and 3.45 p.m. Williams and Hobbs, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, CANADA. Brighton House. T?OR Plumbing, Draining, Gasfltting try CANADIAN AUSTRALASIAN R.M. LINE, JJ Walter Foster and Co., Cargill's Corner. In conjunction with Kensington; estimates given. Telephone CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY, 1,024. To All Parts Canada, British Isies, and TfIfPORTANT.—Sav : "P,.L.' Whisky," be- ,_ . . . i 1 0??' .. . Jl cause no other spirit b so pure, so (Subject to Alteration.) bpnefipial From Sydney. From Auckland. PMlenual - MAKURA December 24 Dccsmber "_3 NIAGARA Janv(ny2l J«tmarv26 AH Steamers Fitted with Wireless Telegraphy. ILLUSTRATED PAMPHLETS FREE ON APPLICATION. Agents throughout Canada. United States, arid Europe: Canadian Pacific Railwav. UNION S.S. CO. OF N.Z., LTD., Managing Agpnts. JfOYAL MAIL SEKVTCE. Via SAN FRANCISCO to ALL AMERICAN POINTS, BRITISH ISLES, and CONTINENT. (Subject to Alteration.) WHITE Pine Borer killed or driven out by Lijrnolite. Particulars Keith RamDuncdin. ■ REFRESHING,' fuvteoratins:. Pungent. Stimulating; lots of other gocd things could he said of Symington's Coffee Essenco. WHEN ordering, always say "'B.L.' Whisky, please." NEW Paper Pattern^.—A splendid new range of "'Butterick" Paper Patterns; 8,000 in stock; any garment post free, lOd; send stamp for. free Monthly Fashion Book. Brown, Ewing. and Co., Ltd . Duncdin, sols ageiits. A L F. E. 1! R O W N, .505 GEOKGK STREET, Besides givincr tho ?.fnst Lih'Tai Discount on From Sydney. From Wellington. Cash Pi-.rchascr., sel!?. quality for quality, as i MOANA December 5 December 10 cheap, if not cheaper, than r.ny other grocer MARAMA January 2 January 7 Steamers Equipped with Wireless Telegraphy. For particulars regaiding Passages arjd UNION S.S. CO. OF N.Z.. LTD. WKM -SSiSSJ_S »■» e_iA«"««LIMITKD VUK M**VX LINE OF STEAMERS to O™ fT" "' "? °' SOUTHAMPTON and LONDON via and is the only method Montevideo and Teneriffe. which prevents the staiiu from reappearim;. Th* Largest Progs" Steamers in the New The Goods> afle . bcjng lhorouE _ ly cle ancd, Sailing (circumstances permitting): are tailor-pressed, and returned like new. or fruiterer in the City. Icturn Cash Receipts dated Nov. 9th, and cet money rcturnril in full. Al-"". BROWN, 30", Viporuo si.-i.. Tel. 030. EVERYWHERE von «ro vnu'll find J'B.L." I Whisky. People will liave it. arc tailor-pressed, and returned like near. Mamari.... 10000 Holm.>s iWellington |Dec. iailuko uii uxv. yyoivivo, | I (Wellington !jan. 157 Ge irge st-eet. 'Phone 459. Corlnthic.Jl3ooo Hart ,Wellington 'Feb. T-inni !innnnKTnfr H f+. lonio. ll3ooC|>tailc 'Wellington (April It"" Twin Screwa. Fitted wi»h wireless te.lo- • graphy. All passengers landed at South- tcurie no ampton. Passages from London may be TENOEKo, arranged here. ' T?or full particulars apply to the Agents: ' ■ "■C,~ I WY<\\~ ii 1 n.\~ "7m T I MORTGAGE'AND AGENCY A on MO>l). V IWjdr-r 7 V 1914. COMPANY OF N.Z.. LIMITED. MI", r , N!sl , A , ll:S( ' V™™ , -\. R^ir) ''->'<--E MURRAY. ROBERTS, AND CO.. LIMITED. ;Wa - ' '"»» :ul ' l m.,y be : DALOETY AND CO.. LIMFIED. « 6 my vx , cmmi .. fTVHE ' NEW ZE.VLAND SHIPPING ltcui-terM A:v!iitect. X COILPANY'S LINE I Union B.oik Jiiuldm-,,, Duncdi To Southempton (to land passengers) and j London via Montevideo and Teueriffe. i TENDERS will be icon .MONDAY, !><• ived until 12 o'clock -mbr-r 7('i, 2914, for ! ion ISiiildims.-, Duncdin. IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE. Steamer. From ITo Ss Turakina (2)... Somerset (2).. Remuera (2)... Ruahine (2).... Rotorua (Si - !Tons.| From |To Sail_ I H0960 Wellington Dec. I I 1915 : 10500' Jan. 112500 I Feb. 12000 .March ■12500 I April (3) Triple screw. _ lowest, citations given Moss, Ltd., 281 Princes street. Henry F. FOR SALE (cheap), All Kinds Building Timber: space necessary for lanre j stocks to arrive; special concessions cash ! customers Keith Ramsay. Lower Rattray j street. _ _ _ IMBER - Merchant.—Howisor. 24 _ Fillcul street. All stocks ttnrmurhly seasoned. , m _ . ;-. , i Lime, Ce.-ncut. Lowest quotation on appli<2) Twin screw. (3) Triple screw. ..,.•' Fitted with Wireless Telegraphy. | cation. ACCOMMODATION IS NOT SURPASSED ; __„_.«.« BY ANY OTHER LINE. | MONEV. App".y 19 BOND STREET. Dunedin. ■ FAVORITE PASSENGER STEAMERS (Will S-il Circumstances permitting) . For SYDNEY via LYTTELTON. WELLINGTON, NAPIER, GISBORNE, and AUCKLAND—(Connecting with is. Riverina at Auckland) Victoria Tues., Dec. 15 2 p.m MOr.'EY TO LEND on Personal Security, also on L'i'o Policies, Bond Warrants, Freeholds, Leaseholds, etc. Bills Discounted, Icrse cr small sums, lowest current rates of interest. D. MOLONEY, Firwncc and Estate Agent. 90 PRINCES STREET, DUNEDIN. For AUCKLAND via LYTTELTON. WEL- r|MU>s>l MONE\ TO LEND ,„ Large or IJNGTON, NAPIER, and GISBORNE— A Swall bums, lor Long or Short Periods. Victoria Tues., Dec. 15 2 p.m at LOW EST CURUENT KA'IES OF INTEW«stralia Friday Dec. 18 3 p.m. REST. For SYDNEY and HOBART from Lyttelton C\LLAN ; via Wellington— C o-»;» • .■« o'Q Ulimaroa, Tliurs , 17th Dec, from Lyttelton fcolicito.s. For JIELBOCItNE via BLUFF and iXext dooi to Aucl HOBART— Han Wimmora Wed., Dec. 23rd 5 p.m. _.„,.„.- -v n ~T^ All Steamers Fitted With Wireless Tele- ; ]\/f ONE\ lO L, eranhy. , •"-■■ at c gmtjiij. FDMUND i Ticket* available by Union Company's „ „ F _ Dre „ Co Steamers and vice versa after first stage of J a x " ** " travel. REST. CALL AN AND GALL.\WAY. Solicit.cs, 219 Pr.nces street, Duncdin l.Ncit dooi to Auction Rooms of Messrs Alex. Harris end Co.). MONEY TO LEND on Freehold Socuritioa at Current Rjites. EDMUND J. SMITH, Solicitor. PUBLIC NOTICES. WOMEN'S FRANCHISE JUBILEE. 1893-1914. ONEY TO LEND, m any sum, on Mort••»!ro Sectiritv, lowett curreut rates. ADAMS BROS., Empire Buildings, Princes street. DUNEDIN SAVINGS RANK, established 1864, receives Dupusiis from Is to " " " PAMPHLET, containing the opinions of | £100; iutci-cst 3„ n'v cent, on monthly baiL those who assisted to pass th* Elec- ; nuces. Copies of inlc.i may be obtained on toral Act of 1893. under which the Ww:en ! implication, l'n d ssmith, n.una'gvr. of tbia Dominion gained the Parliar«rn«ry i -itktE ADVANCE from £3 upwards Furui- i Vote, can bo obtained at this Office. i \\ ture i,it e Policies, Bond Warrants, I PRICE THREEPENCE. Bills of Lading Otago Finance and Agency ONDON DENTAL PARLORS, j street, JJunediu. f ONEY TO LEND nt Current Rates. I The Homo of Modem Dentistry. SJJ* \ WANTED Lent' £5 upwards, furniture, promissory notes; confidential; easy And No Charge for Extractions when rgPgy* 3 W " C " Gr * ?> Zlb Vrinces ** r * ct ! Seta are Ordered. Tt/TOXEY Club.—Large or Small Loans, all j Particulars Hugh Mitchell. Stock Exchange. FEES ARE MODERATE, And GUARANTEE GIVEN WITH EACH SET. JORDAN. PITTAR. AND HENAGHAN. Stock Exchange Buildings. WASTE PAPER. INSURANCE NOTICES. TCfTASTB PAPER .W. In Lots to Suit (TB PAPER FOR In Lots to Suit Purchasers STANDARD rr VK F. AND M. INSCB. CO. OF N.Z., LTD. "DISKS ACCEPTED Fire, Marine, Workers' K Compensation (includng Special Do- - nitstic Servants' Policies), Personal Accident und Sickness, Mortgageo Indemnity, Fidelity Guarantee, Administration Bonds, Plate Glass. SALE, i burglary. Live Stock, Public Risk, Motor Car " j Comprehemive Covers. STAR' OFFICE. I Head Office; HIGH STREET. DUNEDIN.

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