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V 1 ASta—■ AMUSEMENTS. QUEERS THEATRE. PERPETUAL PICTURE PALACE. Daily: 11,30 till 5.30; 6.30 -U1M0.30. A Pro-enunojvt Film Feature, Kalom's Greatest Pictorial Suocosa, TUB WEAR LING. Featuring the THE WEAKLING. Popular Beauty THE WEAKLING. Photo-play Actress, THE WEAKLING. Alice Joyce. A Keystone Hurricane Farcical Comedy, THE COATS TALII. THE COATS TALE. ■ • THE COATS TALE. The popular cry la for “ Keystone Comedies.” Here ie a positive winner—one out of the bunch. The Edison Company present n Strongly Dramatic Story, TREASURE TROVE. — TREASURE TROVE. TREASURE TROVE. WAR SPECIAL. WAR SPECIAL. ANTWERP UNDER SHOT AND SHELL. ANTWERP UNDER SHOT AND SHEI*L. ANTWERP UNDER SHOT AND SHELL. Soanes of tire Bombardment.—Flight of Antwerp Oltizen*.—Marines in the Firing Line. —Snipers at Work, etc., etc. SUPPORTING SUBJECTS; Sherlock Bcnohead Kalem Comedy AUSTRALIAN GAZETTE, No. 208. ONE PRICE TO ALL PARTS: ADULTS, SIXPENCE. CHILDREN, 3d. DUNEDIN PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY. GARRISON HALL, TO-MORROW (FRIDAY), DECEMBER 4. By Special Request, ‘MILITARY CAPRICE’ (SQUARISE) WILL BE REPEATED. Overture, 1 Triomphale ’; Prologue, l ln ‘Heaven,’ to the Opera ‘Mepliistophelea’ (Boiti), - Vocalist; Miss MABEL BSQUILANT. A limited number of Tickets on sale at door, or from members of the Society, 2s. E. S. WILSON, Secretary, WASTE PAPER. WASTE PAPER FOR SALE, In Lots to Suit Purchasers. Apply ‘STAR’ OFFICE. AMUSEMENTS. PLAZA PICTURES. 1 o'clock to 5.30; 6.30 to 10 p.nj. Entire Change of Programme. Headed by the Magnificent Star Drama, ATTHp MBHOY OF NIAGARA. This wonderful film is taken around the beautiful Niagara Falla. The scenery is most glorious, and Is unsurpassed, AT THE MERCY OP NIAGARA. AT THE MERCY OF NIAGARA. AT THE MERCY OP NIAGARA, AT THE MERCY OF NIAGARA. AT THE MERCY OF NIAGARA. AT THE MERCY OF NIAGARA. 3,000 ft, Most Beautifully Tinted. The) Photography Pronounocd Perfect, This Film is absolutely' new, and is shown at the Plaza for the first time in N.Z. College Life.—Temptation.—Home with Howes.—The Great Motor Smash.—Caught by Smugglers —Thrown into the Grtat Horseshoe Falls.—At the Mercy of Niagara., AT THE MERCY OF NIAGARA. AT THE MERCY OF NIAGARA, AT THE MERCY OF NIAGARA. AT THE MERCY OF NIAGARA. Tiro finest of feature films, shewing how a brilliant and promising youth is driven to become a member of a gang of smufrgH'ft. AT THE MERCY OF NIAGARA. A Woman Actually Thrown into THE FALLS OF NIAGARA. THE FALLS OF NIAGARA. ‘ Thrilling, Powerful. Exceedingly Sensational. In Three Parts. WAR NEWS. WAR NEWS. " WAR NEWS. WAR NEWS. Direct from the Front, In Eclair Journal 94. TOILERS OF THE SEA Victor Drama WIGG'S REST CURE Comic Rome and the Coliseum, Sbeniis Etc., etc. Price, for this Mammoth Programme: ADULTS, 6<i. CHILDREN. 3d. BEAUTY COMPETTTION. Special. Special. Special. BOTH EVENING SESSIONS BOTH EVENING SESSIONS, Tho Third Series of Entrants will ba Screened. DUNEDIN HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY'S SUMMER SHOW, GARRISON HALL, DECEMBER 11. Entries close at Secretory's Office, 1 Dow* ling street, on Wednesday, December 9, at 8 p.m. Thone 179. R. HANNING, Sec. GRAND PATRIOTIC AND RECRUITING MEETING. SOUTH DUNEDIN TOWN HALL. TO-NIGHT (THURSDAY), DECEMBER 3. At 8 p.m. OUR EMPIRE IS CALLING FOR MEN ! MEN ! MEN I AND OTAGO WILL SUPPLY THEM. BANDS, SONGS, RECITATIONS, and Stirring ADDRESSES by Powerful Speaker*. No Charge for Admission. No Collection. IT IS MEN WE WANT-NOT MONEY. Come Early and Pack the Hall, Parents of those who have volunteered for the front, mtv obtain tickets for reserved scats on application to K. S. Wilson, Empire Buildings. J. B. SHACKLOCK. Mayor. TO LET. GOVERNMENT NOTICES. TO LET (December Ist), “THE MANSIONS,” the well-known High-cla*s Boarding-house. For particulars apply JAMES ANNAND, 47 Stuart street. 5 -ROOMED Brick House To Let; every convenience. Apply 934 Castle street, ySAO LET, 10-roomed House, Manor place; JL electric light, and every convenience; 27s 6<l. Telephone 1,440. DCROOM St. Clair; nil up-to-date 'improvements; 255. Address '‘Tern;,” ‘Star’ Office. TO LET, comfortable 3-roomcd Cottage: tubs and boiler. Apply 32 Russell street. a -ROOM New Brick House, stables, 55 Marts; laggau; 2 Furnished Rooms; 5-room Coi-r-age Castle. Thone 420. TO LET, 5-roonicii House, 406 Cumberland street. Apply Ahum and Sons, Cumberland STrcct. ISAO LET, Furnished, 6 works from 28ih De.l comber. C-roomed House; every convenience; telephone; on hill, centre town. “J..” ‘Star Office. • rSM> LET. 4-roomed Brick House. penny .a.. s-p.-tiou. Castle street ; mil. 10s. Apvdv 408 Ca-tle si reek riAO LET. 4-voonuul House (good repair;. JL near Dunedin Railway Elation; good j grt on ; S'. 33 Athol place. | <;»«•- Can- slre.Ct, (ilrnroy. modem 5-roomnl j tit) House; rent 14-. Apply 85 Canongale died. TO LET, Office end Use of Board Room; suit secretary. Box 48S. MAORI HILL (dose tram).—-6 Room®: modern: balli, hot and cold; tin? vitw ; 15?. Patersons. Rattray street. OG'S Co¥nEß—s' Rooms, bal'h, copper, and nil's; smilaijts; 10s fid. Paterson*, 142 Rattray ?lreel. ffU)“LI>TT .•ioctric light.. X al! convenin'!-*?. nice, garden. No. 2 Osmond street. Snulli Dunedin. rrto LET, 4, 5, C, 7-roomed i louses. City jJL and -iiburbs; io-.v jcutal'. Bryant. agent, O-la-on. 1~~P IVE-ROiJMiTd Hou ?a. newly done up; bat'll, gas, etc.; over shop; 11s. ./. Carroll, 153 Walker street. TO LET, 4-roomed Cottage. 415 Cumberland fired "’.car Hanover street); bath. tub?, etc. fpO~LET~.'oTi7?«T'’bavid’“streeT.. CaverJL »ha.m: rent il«. I townie Stewart, and Payne, solicit ors. Liverpool street. rjAO LET', One comfort able Room; coalJL house and conveniences, fireplace; 3s per week. Apply T.«iv.renoo’s -More, Castle sU'cci. BOARD AND RESCDENCE. JACKSON’S Private Hotel, Dowling street, Dinner 12 till 2; Tea, 5 to 7; Social* and Parties catered for; comraittea room. First-class Accommodation Visitors. GLADSTONE HOUSE, Moray place ('phone 2.130). —Best, Accommodation visitors; personal supervision. Moss and MfPhersou. lADY recommends quiet, comfortable J Homo for young lardy in business: moderate. “ December," ‘ .Star ’ Office. .TTXTANTED, Two Single Rooms for ten Tti days, with board; central preferred; state ferine. “Ladies.” ‘Star.’ W. ANTED, by young lady engaged during day, Board and Residence; terms moderate. Address “Central,” ‘Star’ Office. HOLIDAY RESORTS. NUGGETS, Miolyneu*.—Mrs Campbell’s, Seaside Accommodation; trap meets passengers at Romahapa on application. Telephone Tokata. |W ARRINGTON. —To Let (for January), VT- comfortable Cottage, 5 rooms. Box 310, P. 0., Dunedin. •W AN 3 T ”PED To Rent (till end January), 4-roomeil Furnished Cottage. “Seaside,” ‘Star’ Office. XX f ANTED. Seaside Furnished Cottnge. TT Waitxti, Puketeraki, Warrington, Waikouaiti: Christmas to end January. Pa Tawhiri, Sawyers Bay. RELIGIOUS. ANDERSON BAY PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. fJTHE NEW CHURCH WILT. BE OPENED .SUNDAY, 6th DECEMBER. Service.*,—ll n.m., Professor DICKIE, M.A.; 2.30 p.m.. for the Sunday School Children, Young People, and Parents, Rev. E. A. AXELSEN and Dr BOWIE, of Ambrim; 7 p.m., Dr BOWIE. ANNUAL SOCIAL. FRIDAY, 11th. Tea in Sunday School Hall at 6.30 p.m. Public Meeting in New Church at 8 o'clock. All friends heartily invited to be present. GEORGE E. WHITE, Horn Secretary. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE. DUNEDIN. A SMALL QUANTITY OF FLOUR FOR -oX DISTRIBUTION TO BAKERS will arrive in Dumxlin on or about; sth DECEMBER. Applications will be received by me from Bakers in Dunedin and Suburbs up to SATURDAY, the sth in?!.. Applicants should .state in writing particulars of their output of bread during the last three months, and alto the quantities of flour they have on hand or which they have arranged to purchase. Delivery will bo at the Railway Station, Dunedin. Terms on application. W. MILLER, ; District Agent, j December 2. 3914. G - Mt& * nnilE ORDINARY MEETING of tbs I OTAGO LAND HOARD fixed for the 9th December WILL NOT BE HELD. A Meeting will be held at this office on WFjDNK.SDAY, 16th December, at 10 K. T. SADI), i.'omraisiioncr *e Crown Lands. Dis.l ric- Laud ami Survey Office, Dunedin. 2nd December, 1914. AUCTIONS. FRIDAY, 4:h DECEMBER, At, 2 o'clock. At. l’reuii-e=, No. 39 M'Bride street. South 1 )uncdin. In the E-Hate of M. J. Jamieson. SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND FURNISHINGS. WALNUT GRAND PIANO (LAURINATi. SITTi: IN SADDLEBAGS. HANDSOME MJRROK-UAC'K SIDEBOARD, A X M I X ST ERCAIIP KTS , OYE RM A NT K f-S. OAK HALL STAND AND SEAT, tikduoom suite. ALCOCK 7ft BILLIARD AND DINING TABLE, with Accessories (in firsicla-* order). 4 LEX. HARRIS AND CO. have received imbrue!ions to sell, s-< above. Walnut, piano (L.nirinal), handsome mirrorback sideboard. Axtmnster carpets, suite in hearthrug?. ornaments and vt’M. ma'-ivc walnut overmantel, flower stand* and plant?, electroplate, china, and t-n -lal. bras* kerb? ami brasses, dining table, curtains, pictures. Axmlnster bail carpel, linoleum, oak hall ftand, oak hall seat. euriiiins, whatnots. heavy brassmounted bedstead*, wire and flock raat-Irt>?,-s. single iron bedsteads and bedding, blanket*-, napery, bedroom sttilo, mirrordoor wardrobes, duchesso chests, marble-lop wasiistands, rattan chairs, chest/* drawer*, conch wire shakedown.', kitchen furniture, utensils, mangle wringer, ALC-OCK 7 ft, BILLIARD DINING TABLE, with accessories (in fiivt-cla>B eriien. Also. Valuable Leasehold Corner Section, with a modern 6-rootne.d Dwelling; bath, hot and cold water, electric light, drained to sower. A well-built, bouse, elofc- penny soot ’Oil car. FRIDAY. 4th DECEMBER. At 2 o'clock. A! Room?, 204 Prince? street. GENERAL HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. tjJCUR.R AND CO. have received instruct—* tions from Mre Matthews, who is leaving Dunedin, to sell by auction, os above, UPRIGHT GRAND PIANO igteckner), DINING SUITE IN SADDLEBAGS (7 pieces). Brass-rail bedsteads and bedding, washstands and ware, duchesse chests, Hnoteum*, Scotch chest, f.owing machine, spring couch, tables, chairs, pictures, ornaments, kitchen and cooking utensils, etc., etc. Also, under instruction? from the Assignee, 10 genta’ tailor-made suits, watches, clothing, jewellery, Idoz. 51b tins best Ceylon tea. REMINDER. SATURDAY, sth DECEMBER, A t 1 o’clock. SALE BY AUCTION UNREDEEMED PLEDGES. At Reruns, Dowling street. JAMES SAMSON AND CO. have been favored with instruction* from tho Manager of the Union Pawn Office, Arcade, to sell by auction, at their rooms, Dowling street, aa largo catalogue of Unredeemed Pledges, including— Diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald 1 , and pearl rings, ladies’ and gents’ gold and silver watches, bangle*, bracelets, pendant*, wedding rings, gold and silver brooches, gent*’ gold alberta, e.p. ware, fancy goods, goats’ gem rings, ladies’ gold muff chains, gantff gold watch chains, etc., etc. £te lull

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Page 5 Advertisements Column 7 Evening Star, Issue 15666, 3 December 1914