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. EXAMINATION RESULTS. The returns now completed show that tWI individual students enrolled for aaases held in connection with the college. At the main centre the afternoon and evening classes were attended by 1,024 students, and the day school by 280 pupils. .Outside classes wore as follow:—St. HQda’a College, 10 students; the Convent (Port Chalmers), 18 etudents; the Convent (Dunedin South), 25 students s Sanatorium (Palmerston), 56 etudents; y.W.0.A., 68 students.- . , The following is the list of diplomas (senior and junior) and certificates gained at the October examinations :—- EVENING CLASSES. —Senior Diplomaa.— William Charles Brotherhood (commercial course), 1912-1914. Richard William Fox (commercial course), 1912-1914. Flossie Jean Grant (commercial course), 1912-1914 Mabel Porteous (commercial course), 1912-1914 Emmie Margaret Roy (commercial course), 1912-1914. Francis Joseph Trayncr (matriculation course), 1912-1914 —Junior Diplomas.—* George Rowland Chipp (mechanical engineering course), 1912-1914. George Deans (commercial course), 19131914 Richard William Fox (commercial course), 1912-1914. Agnes Kate Good (commercial course), 1912-1914 Flossie Jean Grant (commercial course), 1912Jessie Henderson (commercial course), 1813-1914 , Rubina Jenkins (commercial course), 1915-1914. Ernest James Leslie (commercial course), 1915-1914. Ella Florence M'Millan (commercial course), 1912-1914. Leonard Wm. A. Miller (matriculation course), 1912-1914. Vera Lillian Milburn (commercial course), 1913-1914. Robert Alexander Munro (commercial course), 1912-1914. Frederick Btnart North (mechanical engineering course), 1912-1914. James Malcolm Patrick (mechanical engineering course), 1913-1914 Eugene Pollock (public service course), 1913Olga Bessie Perry (commercial course), 1911-1914 Claudine Provo (commercial course), 1911Martin Francis Bings (commercial course), 1913-1914. Harold Simmonds (mechanical engineer, fag course), 1913-1914. Peter Orr Smellie (commercial course), 1913-1914. Mary Alexandrina Sutherland (commercial course), 1915-1914. Lorna Weatherbnrn (commercial course), 1912David Weatherburu (plumbing course), 1913CLASS CERTIFICATES. (Names in Order of Merit.) ENGLISH. —Senior.— Examiners s Messrs J. Jeffery and A. M'Lean. First Class: Vera L. Milburn (Professor Gilray’s prize), Percy R. Scoble, Leonard W. A Miller, Mabel Porteous, Basil Hercua. Second Class: Agnes 0. Davidson, Martin F. Rings, Richard W. Fox, Ella F. M'Millan, May I. Brotherhood, Eileen Pollock, Eugene Pollock. Pass (no sertificate): Jessie Henderson, Donald SMackenzie, Frederick J. Hanson, Albert Gallien, Nonie E. M‘Mahon, William J. .Jack, May C. Young, Annie C. Kirkpatrick, Francis J. Traynor, Mary A. Sutherland, Isabella K. Polwarth, Elizabeth A. Robb, Margaret Rankin, Edward H. Downes, Frederick H. C. Jenks, Richard T. Dodds, Winifred M. Coupar. —lntermediate A.— Examiners: Messrs C. M. Smith, 8.A., and H. Chapman, B.A. First Class: Peter 0. Smellie, Oliver Scott, Freda Green, Rose Mitchell, Winnie Webber, Bobina Jenkins. Second Class: Norman M. Sutherland, Tui Warren, Thomas Bowie, Mary Deuchrass, Marcaret Mattingly. Pass (no certificate): Ernest A. Patterson, Caroline Grant, Margaret M'Lauchlan, Alicia Pizey, Thomas L. Steele, Frank Webber, Mary Somerville, Wilfred Longworth, Vernon Pike, Ida Smith, Arthur E. S. Davies, William Dawson, John M’Dougall, Henry L. Barnett. —lntermediate B.— Examiners; Messrs J. B. Grant and J. M'Mullan. Firet Class i Alan M. Satterthwaite, James A. David Woatherstone. Second Class: Leslie G. Turner, Laurence St. V. Mercier, William A. Melrose, Edgar Bel worthy, Alexander R. Wilson, George Deans, Leslie A. Mew, Fred. S. North. Pass (no certificate): Ernest V. Moore, Fidore Facoory, John Q. Brooks, Walter Q. Matthews, Ernest J. Leslie, Arthur L. Marlow, James Steedman, William Carruthers. ENGINEERING CLASS. —lntermediate. Examiners: Messrs 0. D. Flamank and Charles C. Rawlinson. First Class: David F. Tait, James M. Patrick. Second Class: Hula R. Morton, Harold Simmonds, William R. Richardaon. Pass (no certificate): Gladstone Roberts, Glenroy 0. Young, Alfred G. Lorimer, Herbert J. Brown, Daniel J, N. M‘Fie, Thomas Davidson, Isitt Gibbs. COMMERCIAL CLASS. —Junior.— Examiners: Misses H. Kenyon, 8.A., and J. B. Wilson. First Class i Isabel Brook, Hilda G. Gunton, Jane Hendra, Fanny J. Gaylor, Emily Walsh, Harriet D. Hughes. Second Class: Christian Lawson, Muriel Humphries, Eileen Anderson, Janet G. Patrick, Florence Fail, Annie R. Maxwell, Janet Cairns, Flora S. Dodds, Jessie C. Wackledine. Pass (no certificate): Isabella Hawkins, Winifred Westfield, Sarah Kilpatrick, Bessie M. Bain, Mabel Goodall, Mary O’Neill, Elvira Smith, Jeannie Scott, Annie M'Connachie. Examiners ; Messrs R. J. Barrett and Thomas Begg. First Class: George Dunn, John Gray. Anthony Turner. Second Class: Stanley Muirhead, William R. Aitken, Robert W. Muirhead, Harold E. Taylor, Duncan Henderson, Gordon T. Mason, Percy L. SiedeJin, Leslie P. Duncan. Pass (no certificate) : Eric W. E. Secue, Matthew Faithful, Jas. H. Fahey, Henry Purvis, Victor Ja Meikle, Alexander Anoemn, James J. 'Adam, WiUiam P. Aston, William NTOonaachie-, Lester V. Cliff, James Reid, Roland Peters, Ernest U. W. Edwards, Reuben Jacobs, Alan J, Grant. Examiners i Messrs W. AUnutt and J. Mathieson. First Class: Gordon Wilson, John V. Rlaoh, Arnold Thornicroft. Second Glass: Erie Sunderland, Leslie Neill, Georgs E. Stanton, William Sherrill, Frank Crawford, Arthur P. A. Heather, William A. Davies, Ernest P. C. Lawrence, Donald G> Lister. Charles O’DriacoU. Pass (no certificate] i David A. Palmer, William R. Strathem, David H. Mason, Graeme E. Roberta, Jaa. Randle, Edward HDownes, William H. Le Brun, Neil I. MTOnnon, Charles Ogg, Geo. Carter, Yic- ’ idr L. Barton, Sydney Mills. Examiners: Messrs W. Eudey and J. Nelson. First Class ; Lewis H. Churchill, Eric Patterson, George Watson. Second Class: James Hill. George Patterson, Gavin 9. Nicol, A. Lindsay Muir, Robert L. Bowles, Jack A- Palmer, Robert & Krobli. P&& no certificate) : Duncan B. M'Farlane, Charles H,, Westland, Alexander White, James A. Bain, Claude A. J. Sinclair, William J. Russell, Alexander 0. Beveridge, Charles M'Gregor, Henry Merry, £(ero4ri_W. .Stevens, William H. Sanders, ir David'Sneddon, i LATIN. —Senior.— *£. . Examiners : Messrs M. Watson, M. and W&d'iiiiafc' \ Class;. -Maty Columb. .Second Srttj^hwaite.^ Pft» (no

—Junior.— Examiners: Messrs M. Watson, M.A., and J. N. Stewart. First Class: Francis J. Traynor. Pass r (no certificate): Norman E. West, Albert • Gallien, William Hodgson. FRENCH. —Senior.— Examiners; Mrs F. H Campbell, M.A., and Miss Mildred Emery. , First CJass; Martin F. Rings. Second Class: Stewart J. Ballantyne, Cohn Campbell. Pass (no certificate); Lindo S. Abernethy, Eugene Pollock.. —Junior. — Examiners: Mrs F. H Campbell, M.A., and Miss Mildred Emery. First Class: Frederick North. Second Class: Douglas Craigio. MATHEMATICS. —Civil Service.— i Examiners: Messrs J. A. Moore, M.A., and A. Q. Johnson, B.Sc. Second Class: Eugene Pollock. Pass (no certificate): Francis J. Traynor. —lntermediate. Examiners: Messrs J. B. Grant and J. M'Mullan. Firat Class: Allan M. Satterthwaite, Donald M'Kenzie. Second Class : Frederick North, Alexander Wilson. Pass (no certificate); Walter G. Matthews., Leslie G. Turner. —Junior A.— Examiners: Messrs J. B. Grant and J. M'Mullan. First Class: William Shcrriff, John Riach, Mabel Porteous. Second Class; Henry Swanson, William Strathern. —Junior B.— Examiners: Messrs J..A. Moore, M.A., and A. G. Johnson, B.Sc. Pass (no certificate): David F. Tait, Herbert J. Brown. ARITHMETIC. —Senior. — Examiners: Messrs J. Rennie, M.A., and A. M'Lean. First Class : Francis J. Traynor, Eugene Pollock. Leonard W. Miller, Percy Scoble, Richard W. Fox. Second Class: Frederick J. Hanson, Vera Milburn. John H. Dyer, Jessie Henderson, Isabella K. Polwarth, Maw C. Young, Martin F, Rings, Leslie M'Millan, Elizabeth A. Robb. Chas. S. Munn. Pass (no certificate): Winifred M. Coupar. Mary A. Sutherland, Albert Gallien, Mav I. 'Brotherhood, Eileen H. Pollok, Ella F. M'Millan, Katherine M. Leslie, Nonie E. M'Mahon. —lntermediate. Examiners: Messrs E. J. Parr, M.A., B.Sc., and H. Chapman, B.A. First Class : George Deans, Rubina Jenkins, Margaret Mattingly, Norman M. Sutherland, Vernon R. Pike, David Weatherstone, Colin Moiklejohn, Ernest Alfred Patterson. Second Class : Grace Winifred Webber, Peter O. Smellie, Caroline Grant, Rosie Mitchell, Tui E. Warren, Thomas Bowie. Henry I. Barnett, Frank E. Webber, Ernest *t. Leslie. Pass (no certificate): John M'Dongall, Edgar Belworthy, Oliver Scott, Arthur E. S. Davies, Mary C. Deuchrass, Ernest James, Margaret A. M'Lauchlan, John A. Walsh, Ida M. Smith, Laurence Mercier, John B. Moir, Freda Green. —Junior.— Examiners: Messrs R. J. Barrett and Thomas Begg. First Class: Harold E. Taylor, Eric W. E. Secue, George G. Dunn, Victor L. Meikle. Second Class: Leslie P. Duncan, Robert W. Muirhead, Matthew Faithful, William P. Ashton, Ernest C. W. Edwards, Gordon T. Mason, Alan J. Grant. Pass (no certificate): John M. Gray, Henry Purvis, Stanley D. Muirhead, Roland Peters, Reuben Jacobs. William R. Aitken, James J. Adam, Frank Cheyne, Hugh E. R. Ash, Percy L. Seidelin. Alexander D. Henderson, William M'Connachie, Alexander Anderson, James H. Fahey. —Junior.— Examiners: Messrs W. Eudey and J. Nelson. First Class; Robert S. Pearson, Eric V. Patterson, George Watson, Robert S. Kroon, James Hill, Duncan B. M'Farlane. Second Class: Charles H. Westland. Gavin Sj Nicol, Claude A. J. Sinclair, Alexander C. Beveridge, William H. Sanders, Charles M'Gregor, Jack A. Palmer. Pass (no certificate): James A. Bain, George Patterson, Lewis H. Churchill, John A. M'Lennan, Alexander White, James Thomson, Robert L. Bowles, Henry Merry. Thos. J. Butler, Burton W. J. Hobbs, William J. Russell, James Peattie. —Junior.— Examiners: Misses 11. Kenyon, 8.A.. and J. B. Wilson. First Class; Jean Hendra, Janet G. Patrick. Hilda G. Gunton. Second Class; Annie R. M. Maxwell, Eileen Anderson, Emily Walsh, Isabel Brook, Doris H. Hughes, Florence Fail. Mabel Goodall. Pass (no certificate): Flora A. Dodds, Winifred Westfield, Agnes A. M'Connachie, Bessie M. Bain, Mary O’Neill, Christina Lawson, Elvira Smith, Sarah Kilpatrick, Janet Cairns, Jean Scott, Muriel Humphries. Jessie 0. Wackeldine, Fannv J. Gaylor, Muriel M. Curie. PENMANSHIP AND COMMERCIAL CORRESPONDENCE. —Senior.— Examiners: Messrs A. G. Melville and W, Alexander. First Class: Flossie J. Grant, Edith E. W. Davis, Ella F. M’Millan, Emmie M. Roy, Vera L. Milburn, Isabella K. Polwarth, Frank Neill, Iris A. Jacobs, May I. Brotherhood, Richard W. Fox, Laurence Mercier, Donald M. French, Vernon R. Pike, Nonie E. M'Mahon. Second Class; George Gibson, Cedric P. Carrington, Leslie G. Turner, Ruth J. IT. Pearce, Robert A. Munro, Peter 0. Smellie, Bertha Bristow, Frank Guthrie, Edgar Belworthy, William A. Melrose. George Deans, Mabel Porteous, Francis E. Davis, Leslie 11. Dewar. Pass (no certificate): Henrv I. Barnett, Florence Tyrrell, Victor L. Moore, Arthur E. S. Davies, James L. Johnston) John G. Brooks, Rachel Pitcher, William J. Jack, Harold C. Carter, Frank E. Webber. —Junior.— First Class: George Gladstone Dunn. Second Class: Stanley It. Muirhead, Frederick 11. C. Jenks, John A. Walsh, Eric V. Patterson, John V. Riach. William J. Russell, Arthur W. Taylor, Lester V. Cliff, Oliver Scott, Eric W. E. Scene, Duncan B. M'Farlane. Pass (no certificate) : Robert S. Kroon, George Patterson, Ernest C. W. Edwards, James W. M'Lean, Leslie V. Meikle, Lewis Churchill) Robert S. Pearson. —Junior.— Examiners: Messrs 11. Titchener, R.A,, and 11. Sykes, A.I.A, (N.2.). First Class: James Hill, James Thomson, Robert W. Muirhead, James J. Adam, Leslie P. Duncan. Second Class: Jean Hendra, George Watson, Robert L. Bowles, James Bain, Charles H. Westland, Doris H. Hughes, Iva Tansley, Pass (no certificate) : Henry Purvis, Leslie J. Walker, William Lockstone, Anthony Turner, Alexander R. Harris, James H. Fahey, Alexander L. Muir, William R. Strathern, Wilfrid Longworth, Charles A. M'Gregor, Herbert W. Stevens. BOOKKEEPING. , —-Senior. Examiners: Messrs J. Brown, F.1.A.N.Z., and Charles Grater, P.N.Z.I.A. First Class: Francis J. Traynor. Ivy Walker. Second Class; Ernest' E. Trenwith, Bessie M'Leffnan, Eveline Haig, William Charles Brotherhood, Vera Webber, Frank Neill, Claudine Provo. —lntermediate. Examiners: Messrs D. M. Eckhoff and J. Smeaton, A.P.A.N.Z. First Class: Malcolm S. Hendry, Agnes Good, Richard W. F ax, George Deans, Lornii Weathefbiim, Robert A. Munro, Peter O- Smellie, William A. Melroae, Gordon Dicltel. Seoooid Class: Percy R. Scoble, Walter J. Jarvis, Ivy J, Richardson, Jessie M. Wilsca, Winifred F. Davis, Edith E. Davis. John A. Walsh, Ernest A. Patterson, William Daglish, May Adair, Maxgl. J. M'Connachie, Ernest J. Leslie) Jean Paterson, Ernest W. Jowsey, John H. Dyer, Oliver Scott, Katie MTntosh. Pass (no certificate); Vernon It. Pike, Antiis Kirkpatrick,- Robert H. Robertson, John Gilks,. Kenneth TyriO, Leslie 6.1

Turner, Norman A. Sutherland, Frank Guthrie, Frederick H. C. Jenks, Cedric P. Carrington, George Gibson, Victor E. Moore, Laurence Mercier, James H. Ciosbie, Henry I. Barnett, Leslie T. Steel, Arthur E. S. Davies. —Junior.— Examiners :• Messrs G. Z. Lindley, F.I.A. (N.Z.) and R. F. Algie, A.P.A. (N.Z.). First Class Pass (no certificate); Thomas I*. James, Frederick J. Lawson, Isabella K. Polwarth, Jessie Henderson. Second-Class Pass (no certificate): Andrew R. Cairns, John V. Riach, Arthur W. Taylor, Duncan B. M'Failane, Georgo G. Dunn, Eric V. Paterson William J. Russell, Olive) B. Turner, William Sheriff. Third Class Pars (no certificate): Iva Tansley, Gordon T. Mason, Robert S Kroon, Hilda G. Guuton, James A. Bradley, Florence Fail, Agnes A- M'Connachie, —Junior.— Examiners; Messrs A. H.Templeton, R.A., and H. Sykes, A.I.A. (N.Z.). First Claes Pass (ho certificate): Leslie H. Scott, Daisy L. H. Mackie. Second Class Pass (no certificate); James Thomson, James J. Adam, James 11. Fahey, Ruskin Craigie, George Watson, James Bain. SHORTHAND. —Senior, Speed.— Examiners: Mise A. G. Anderson and ‘Mr Svdney Bridgman, teachers’ diploma, LP.S. One hundred and ten wordamper minute: Flossie Grant ; 100 words per minute: Jessio M. Wilson, Bessie 0. Perry, Catherine MTntoeh, Ella F. M'Millan, Agnes K. Good, Vera Webber, Emmie M. Roy; 90 words per minute: Edith E. Davis, Betsy Williamson, May Adair, Muriel F. Slater, Bt.-ey M’Lennan; 80 words per minute. Lorna Weatherburn, Provo, Elsie A. Dempster; 70 words per minute: Mabel Porteous ; 60 words per minute : Mary A. Sutherland. —Senior, Theory.— Examiners: Miss A. G. Anderson and Mr Svdney Bridgman, teachers’ diploma, LP.S. First Class: Thomas L. James, Emmie M. Roy, Margaret R. Davidson, Winifred Laiid,' Annie C. Kirkpatrick, Christina Lawson. Second Class : Lorna Weatherburn, Claudine Provo. Margaret M'Conmachie, Marv A. Sutherland, Jessie M. Wilson. Flossie Grant. Ella F. M'Millan, Jessie Henderson. Pass (no certificate): Muriel F. Slater, Elizabeth A. Robb, Eveline Haig. Mauitai Hellyer, Frances W. Davis, Agnes V. Good, Catherine MTntosh. Mary Somerville, Betsy Williamson, Bessie M'Lennan, Vera Webber, Bertha Bristow, Freda Green, Percy R. Scoble. —lntermediate.—Examiners: Miss A. G Anderson and Mr Sydney Bridgman, teachers’ diploma, LP.S. Pass (no certificate): Maude Blandfovcl, Doris Sunderland, Caroline C. Grant, I Rubina Jenkins. Mary C. Young. Malcolm S. Hendry, Tui E. Warren, Iris A. Jacobs, Thomas Bowie, Gladys Gilmour. —Junior.— Examiners: Miss A. G. Anderson and Mr Robert- Fraser. Pass (no certificate): May I. Brotherhood, Sarah Kilpatrick. Hilda G. Gunton. Lottie Keates, Mary- C. Deuchrass, _ Olive B. Turner, Nonie- E. M'Mahon, Alicia Pizey, Mary Williamson, Isabel Brook. —Elementary.— Examiners: Miss A. G. Anderson and .Mr Robert Fraser. Pass (no certificate); Fanny J. Gaylor, William C. Brotherhood, Florence A. Tyrrell, Janet Cairns, Jane Hendra, Isabella Hawkins, Elvira Smith, Muriel Humphries, Jessie C. Wackeldine, Florence Fail. TYPEWRITING. Examiners: Mr Walter G. Walker and Miss A. Griffith. Third Year. First Class: Besie Pony, Ella F. M‘MTlan. Second Class: Frances W. Davis, Irene J. Wynne, May Adair, Eveline Haig. Second Year. First da's : Vera L. Milburn. Second Class; Doris Sunderland, Rubina Jenkins, Mary Somerville. First Year. First Class: Mary A. Sutherland, William Shcrriff, Olive B. Turner, Ernest J. Leslie, Funny J. Gaylor. PRACTICAL MATHEMATICS. —lntermediate. Examiners: MessrsW. L. Harrison, M.A., and William Phlllipps. i Second Class: William Bracks. Pass (no certificate): Rowland E. Hayward. Examiners: Messrs G. A. Turner and H. M'Donald. First Class: Ralph B. Hamilton, H. Simmonds. Second Gloss; James M. Patrick, William G, Robert?. Pass (no certificate): Donald S. MacKenzie, Leonard W. A. Miller, Allan M. Satterthuaite, Colin G. Meiklejohn. Alfred G. lioritncr, Hula 'R. Morton, Leslie A. Mew, Walter G. Matthews. —Junior.— Examiners; MessrsW. L. Harrison, M.A., and William Phillipps. First Class: James B. Doako, Joseph A. Davie. Second Class: Arnold E. Thornicroft, James N. Wilde. Ronald Chipp. Pass (no certificate): Thoma-s J. Banks, Stanley T. Bcnnot, Ralph E. Barclay, Edward H. Downes, Leslie Neill, Frank Crawford, Arthur F. A. Heather. Examiners: Messrs G. A. Turner and H, M'Donald. First Class: Ralph B. Hamilton, Henry S. Jarratt, Donald Boardman. Second Class: Alfred W. Triggs, George Carter. Pass (no certificate) : Norman M'Kinnon, Murray S. Cox —Applied.— Examiners; Messrs J. A. Moore, M.A., and A. G. Johnson, B.Sc. Second Class: Rose Watt. ELEMENTARY CHEMISTRY. Examiners: Dr J. R. Don, M.A., and A. G. Johnson, B.Sc. First Class: Leslie M'Millan (University prize). Second Class: Rose Watt. Edward H. Downes. Pass (no certificate) i Henry Laing. PHYSICS. Examiners; Messrs J. A. Moore, M.A., and A. G. Johnson, B.Sc. Second Class: Henry Laing. MECHANICS. —Senior. — Examiners: Messrs A. Morrison and R. H. Cunningham. First Class: Francis H. Coatsworth. Second Class: Rowland E, Hayward, William Bracks. —lntermediate. Examiners: Messrs A. Morrison and R. H. Cunningham. First Class: James M. Patrick, Roland J. Chipp, Thomas Banks. Second Class: Harold Simmonds, Georgo Lindsav, James M. Allan, Alfred G. Lorimer, Claude M. Waters, Henry C. Bryant, Albert Carr. Pass (no certificate): Daniel J. N. M'Fie, John Fox Thomas Davidson, Reginald V. Hanna, William H. Devlin. —Junior.— Examiners: Messrs R, M'Lintock and W. M'Cullough. First Class: Arnold Thornicroft, Alfred W. Triggs, George Carter, Frank Crawford, Henry S. Jarratt. Second Goss: James B. Doako, Joseph A. Davie, David A. Palmer, Thomas H. E. Downes, Charles O’Driscoll, Stanley T. Bennett. Pass (no certificate): Charles Ogg, Leslie Neill, Donald 0. Lister, Donald- Boardman, Eric Sunderland, Gordon Wilson. STEAM. —lntermediate.—■ Examiners; Messrs A. Morrison and R. H. Cunningham. First Gass: Francis H. Coatsworth, Albert W. Kummert, Alfred j. F. Smith. Second Gass: Rowland E. Hayward. Pass (no certificate): James 0. Deer. —Junior.-^" Examiners; Messrs A, Morrison and R. H. Cunningham. First Gass: James M. Patrick, Thomas J. Banks, James M. Allan, George Lindsay, Henry C. Bryant, Claude M. Waters, Norman Macdonald. Second Class: Harold Siinmonds, Albert Carr, Ronald Ghipp, Thomas Davidson, John Fox, William G. Roberta, Wilfred P. Bryant. Pass (no certificate): Daniel J. N. M'Fie, James N. Wilde, Reginald Hanna, Huia R. MorI ton, Alfred Q. Lorimer,. .

MECHANICAL DRAWING. —Senior.— Examiners; Messrs E, H. Drew and J. Davidson. First Gass; Alfred J. F. Smith, Henry C. Bryant. Second Gass; Francis H. Coatsworth, Thomas J. Banks, Roland J. Caipp. Pass (no certificate): Albert W. Kummert. —lntermediate.—, Examiners- Messrs’ E. H. Drew and J. Davidson. First Gass: James M. Patrick, Norman' A. Jj. M'Donald,' Harold Simmonds. Second Clare i Glenroy 0. Young, William H. Devlin, Thomas Davidson, James M. Allan. Pass (no certificate) : James N. Wilde, Huia Rs Morton, Wilfred'P. Bryant, David F. Tait, Herbert J. Brown, Alfred G. Lorimer, James C. Baylee, Daniel J. N. M'Fie, Gladstone W. Roberts, Reginald V. Hanna, John Fox. —Junior.— Examiners; Messrs E. H." Drew and J. Davidson. First Gass: Ralph B. Hamilton, Alfred W. Triggs, Henry S. Jarratt. Second Clafs: James B. Doako, Albert Carr, William Bodgerson, Joseph A. Davie. - —Primary.— Examiners; Messrs E. H. Drew and J. Davidson. First Gass (no certificate) ; Leslie A. Mew, Gordon Wilson, Frank Brough. Second Class (no certificate); Norman IM'Kinnon, David A. Palmer, Eric Sunderland, Charles O’Driscoll . Examiners: Messrs E. H. Drew and H. P. Lindsay. First Class (no certificate): Arnold Thornicroft, Donald Lister, Sydney Mills, George Carter. Second Class (no certificate): Andrew H. Gunn, _Arthur F. A. Heather, Charles Ogg, Leslie Neill, James Randle, Frank Crawford, Donald Boardman, Thomas H. E. Downes, Norman A. L. M'Donald. CARPENTRY. Examiners: Messrs Charles E. George and A. Selby." Fourth Year. Pass (no certificate): William J. Pearson, Leonard J. Wraigbt. Third Year. First Class: John L. Chisholm, Samuel S. Plumb. Second Year. First Class: Russell Meiklejohn, Robert Armstrong, Eric A. Bagiev, Alexander R. Carter. First Year. First Glass: William F. Oxley, George T. Bailey, Alan Wright, Alexander b. Hart, Herbert George. Second Class: Allan Douglas, Charles H. Swanson, Leslie Carnegie, John D. Stables. PLUMBING. —Theory.— Examiners: Messrs M. G. Scott and G. W. Davies. Third Year. Pass: Gilbert Weatherston, Ronald W. Connor, Geary Thomson, Clifford J. Whelan, Ernest Sinclair, Duncan M'Ewcn. Second Year.— Pass: David J. M'Nab, Eric J. W. C-on-palton, James A. Freeman, Matthew I. Coxon, Writer J- Knox, Edward R. Scott, William Dawson. —First Year. — Pass : David Weatherstone, Robert Ferguson, E. Sexton, William M Connachie, Alexander D. Henderson, Victor L. Barton, John Varley, W. Mitchell, Charles Shadwell, James Laing. —Practical. — Examiners : Messrs W. Philip and M. G. Scott. Third Year. Pass : Leslie Bissland, Ernest Sinclair, Geary Thomson, Gilbert Weatherstone, Ronald W. Connor, Duncan M'Ewen, Clifford J. Whelan. Second Year. Pass: David J. M'Nab, Edward R. Scott, Walter J. Knox, Matthew T. Coxon, Eri J. W. Congalton, James A. Freeman, William Dawson, Henry C. Sankey. First Year. Pass : William M'Connachie, Victor L. Barton, E. Sexton, Robert Ferguson, James Duncan, James Laing, John Varley, David Weatherstone, W. Mitchell. PAINTERS’ WORK. —Painting, Graining, Marbling.— Examiners : Messrs A. Gillies and P. Findlay. First Class: William M'Phail. Second Class : Duncan M. Church, Alfred W. Boulton. Pass (no certificate) : Frederick Harrison, Llewelyn S. Milburn, William A. Seaton. COOKERY AND DOMESTIC ECONOMY. —B Certificate.— Examiners: Mrs J. Thomson, Miss B. Hodges, and Miss D. Little. First Class : Jeannie Chisholm, Winifred M'Hutcheson, Isabella Watt, Margaret Gordon, Margaret Johnson, Isabella Findlay. —C Certificate.— Examiners : Mrs J. Thomson, Miss B. Hodges, and Miss J. Melville. First Class : Mrs 0. Goodridgo, Mary Alexander, Rita Bagley, Sybil Bagley. Second Class : Hazel Carrol, Agnes Davidson, May Ireland, Madeline Perry, Hope Bremner, Ruth Calvcrley. OCCUPATIONS OF STUDENTS, 1914. Accountants 2, apprentices 4, baker 1, blacksmiths 5, boilermakers 2, bookbinders 3, booksellers 5, bookkeepers 5, bootmakers 2, boxmaker 1, brassfinishers 5, builder 1, butchers 2, bricklayers 2, cabinetmakers 16, cadets (post office, lands, telegraph) 6, carpenters 36, carters 3, cashier 1, chemists 18, clerks 105, companions 3, coachbuildora 5, compositors 3, cook 1, dentists 4, domestic duties 27, drainers 2, draughtsmen 2, drapers 3, dressmakers 21, electricians 19, engineers, 69, factory hands 5, farmers 6, foremen 2, fitters 5, gardeners 5, grocers 5, groom 1, hairdressers 2, home duties 87, housekeeper 1, ironmongers 4, ironturner 1, jewellers 2, joiners 9, laboratory assistant 1, laborers 5, linotype operators 3, ladyhelps 4, machinists 9, managers 2, mattressmaW 1, matrons 2, messags boys 15, milliners 2, mil! workers 5, miner 1, nurses 33, nurseryman 1, office boys 38, office girls 35, painters 11, packer 1, patternmakers 5, piano expert 1, plumbers 67, printers 11, purser 1, readers 3, retoucher 1, salesmen 4, soleawomeh 10, scholars (private and Catholic schools') 61, secretaries 3, shipwright 1, solicitor 1, shop girls 6, shop boys 9, storemen 5, students 12, tailors 2, tailoresscs 11, tea trade employees 2, teachers 26, telegraph mesengers 25, typists 56, upholsterers 33, University students 55, waitresses 2, warehousemen 2y, wool sorters 2, day scholars 286, no occupation or occupation not stated 251; total, 1,481. AGES OF EVENING STUDENTS.

'Male. Female. 15 years to 14 years 17 16 14 years to 15 years ... 85 56 15 years to 16 years ... ... 123 67 16 years to 17 years 110 54 17 years to 18 years 102 S3 18 years to 19 years 48 28 19 years to 20 years „ ... 36 35 20 years to 21 years 30 37 Over 21 or age not stated 140 184

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TECHNICAL COLLEGE, Issue 15664, 1 December 1914

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TECHNICAL COLLEGE Issue 15664, 1 December 1914

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