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Wickets were soft on Saturday as aw- ' suit of the heavy rain of the previous r day. The Colts placed another win to their credit by disposing of Opoho rather easily. Grange, though only managing a moderate score themselves, had little trouble in beating Dunedin. Albion closed their innings too late to register a win against St. Kilda, who had one wicket m hand at the finish, but were hopelessly behind in the matter of runs. Thanks to a century by Siedeberg and some good bowling by A. P. Alloo, Carisbrook A beat ’the B’s just on time, after closing their innings with five wiokets down. Other good bowling performances were put up by Crawford, Stiglich, Eckhoff, and Beeby. "Following are the results : Albion t. St. Kilda. i The Albion wicket was, _ like all the others, heavy and slow—decidedly a batsman's wicket. The home team made full use of It, and put up 242 before closing down. Duthie left early, bowled by •Livingstone, but Frank Williams and Stewart made a bit of a stand. Baker and Binney also formed a partnership which proved difficult to dissolve, Binney playing a good, solid innings, while the Albion- skipper laid on the wood in yefreshing style, the rate of scoring having previously been slow. Binney hit one and Baker two 6’s. The Marks brothers having contributed double figures each, nine wickets wore down for 190, at which stage Baker might have taken the risks and "•closed. He did not, however, and Stiglich and Cameron added 62 more without being separated. ■ Stiglich’s was a lively innings, including no fewer than four 6’s—three in one over. St. Kilda began their innings abont 5.15, and as their game was, , naturally, to plav for a draw, play became very slow. batted nicely for 16, though he was missed early by Marks. W, Kerr the younger also showed very good form in getting 30. T. Livingstone , played a useful defensive innings, of 22. At 6.30 only five wickets were down, but play was continued, and William Kerr stayed for some time. The next three wickets went rapidly, and nine were out for 111 when the umpires drew stumps, leaving the game drawn. Scores : Albion.—First Innings. Duthie b Livingstone 2 Stewart st Kerr b Edwards 18 F. Williams b Livingstone 29 E. Williams b Edwards 6 Binney c M’Faull b Livingstone ... 37 Baker c Ward b Edwards 65 Strang b Livingstone ... 6 Jas. Marks b Livingstone 11 Jos. Marks b Edwards 14 Cameron not out 19 * Stiglich not out ... ... 33 Extras 2 Innings closed, nine for 243 Bowling Analysis.—T. Livingstone, 120 balls, 1 maiden, 79 runs. 5 wickets; Edwards, 144 balls, 7 maidens, 77 runs, 4 wickets; Harvey, 78 balls, 5 maidens, 27 runs; M’Carten, 60 balls, 2 maidens, 33 runs; Ward, 18 balls, 1 maiden, 24 runs. St. Kilda.—First Innings. " Ward c and b Stiglich ... 2 M’Farlana st Williams b Stiglich ... 3 M’Carten c and b Stiglich 16 . JiTaull b Stiglich _0 Kerr c Binney b Stiglich ... 50 , A. Livingstone c Duthie b Stiglich ... 7 T; Livingstone not out 22 Wm. Kerr b Jas. Marks 18 Harvey b Stiglich - 0 L. Edwards c Binnie b Stiglich ... 0 Extras 13 Nine wickets for 11l Bowling Analysis.—Stiglich, 156 balls, 9 maidens, 47 rum, 8 wickets; Jas. Marks, 48 beDs, 5 maidens, 10 runs, 1 wicket; E. Williams, IS balls. 7 runs; Stewart, 18 Aalls, 1 maiden, 5 runs; Jno. Marks, 18 balls, 3 runs; Cameron, 24 balls, 6 runs; Duthie, 24 balls, 15 runs. The Colts v. Opoho. The Colts, thanks to Crawford’s bowling and batting, scored another easy win ■ ®n Saturday, when they met Opoho on , the Caledonian Ground. Opoho batted poorly, Kenny being the only one to , reach double figures. Crawford was in pood form with the ball. He got in a lot of work, and varied his pace, his i average reading seven for 21. Opobo’s Innings closed for the small total of 57. The batsmen were ail at sea to Crawford. ■ Kenny, Moore, Casey, and Kilgour batted with the most confidence. The wickets . fell as under :—One for 11, two for 21, three for 25, four for 34, five for 35, six for 48, seven for 48, eight for 60, nine for 57. and ten for 57. The Colts put on 142. Crawford got going with the bat, and scored 40. widen included two 4’s and nine 2's. His driving was a feature of his display. Alloo was next highest scorer with 23. Bell made 19, Chadwick 12, and Hayden 10. The side on the whole showed confidence. Their Wiokets fell as follow : —One for 22, two for 27, three for 71, four for 77, five foe 80, six for 88, seven for 103, eight for 134, nine for 139, ten for 142. Eckhoff captured seven wickets for 45. He bowled well despite an injured thumb, which required to be stitched. Scores : Opoho.—First Innings. Kenny c Galland b Shepherd 11 pavjoson b Crawford 6 Ingram b Crawford 5 Casey b Crawford ... 6 . Brown b Crawford 2 Kilgour c Shepherd b Alloo 6 Moore run out 7 Evans b Crawford 6 Anderson c Chadwick b Crawford ... 1 Turnbull not out 0 Eckhoff b Crawford ... 0 Extras 7 Total 57 Bowling Analysis.—Crawford, 17 overs, 8 maidens, 21 runs, 7 wickets; Shepherd, • 13 overs, 3 maidens, 22 runs, 1 wicket; Alloo, 3 overs, 7 runs, 1 wicket. The Colts.—First Innings. Bhepherd Ibw b Eckhoff 8 Chadwick c Eckhoff b Casey 12 • A. W. Alloo Ibw b Eckhoff 23 Bell e Kilgour b Eckhoff 19 Galland c Casey b Davidson ... ... 2 Crawford c Evans b Eckhoff ..., ... 40 Stephens c and b Eckhoff 5 - M’Mullan c Turnbull b Eckhoff ... 2 ' Hayden c Kenny b Casey 10 Satterthwaite b Eckhoff 3 Nelson, not out ... 2 Extras 16 Total 142 Bowling Analysis.—Casey, 12 overs, 50 runs. 2 wickets; Eckhoff, 20 overs, 2 maidens, 45 runs, 7 wickets; Davidson, 6 overs, 2 maidens, 14 runs, 1 wicket; Moore, 3 overs, |5 runs. Cabxsshook A v. Cabisbrook B. Carisbrook A secured a two-point win over tfie B’s after a not uninteresting mime, when it is remembered that the B’s were only dug out on the call of time i in fact, it is just a question whether (as the ninth wicket fell at two minutes to 7 by umpires’ time) De Beer need have left the pavilion, but as things turned." oqt, ho did, and Alloo managed to bag the tenth wicket in the final over, his fifth hall getting Hardie Ibw after the clock had struck 7, But it was a good sporting finish. The feature of the match was the fine innings of Siedeberg, who achieved the distinction of notching the first century •in senior cricket this season. The wicket ,WW» easy after the rain, and nope of the B’s stock bowlers could do any good, Nelms, in particular, being punished pretty severely* The first wicket fell at 55, the second at 136, the third at 166, and tho Innings was declared closed with ftvs -fickets for 206. Siedeberg’s 122 was a very fine effort, the runs being compiled by good «tro|ces aU round the wicket* His iultaentmty was compiled in something luce minutes, alter which, while declining to take undue liberties, be was mm aggressive, and wwhed the hundred after play. Thereafter he hit hafd with A minimum of caution, until rt.lgg be fell a victim tq Hurdle ibw. The total included 16 lours end two sixes, the latt«s 'being Off Ramsden and Nelson, the overs yielding J3 and 12 respectively. Of the others Adams got 20 and Nicolson " 23 hot out by nice cricket when tha innings was closed. The bowling analysis £ telle itfegjgs tabs '■ ... [rOjV| ftj* 4 ■ T * , : ( 5: ■‘ f ~ - ‘

The B’s had something Under two hours in which to get the rpna, and although their total waa comparatively small, they nearly succeeded in making a draw of it, as • has already been indicated. A. B. Alloo got five wickets for 28, and iSiedeberg four at the same cost. The wicket favored the bowlers more later in the day. Altogether there were 19 maidens sent down during the B’s innings. , Cabisbrook A. —First Innings. Siedeberg Ibw Hardie 122 Adams c Hardie b Ramsden 20 Hay c Watson b Ramsden -. 16 J. Smith c Drumm b Hardie 2 Nicholson not out 23 D. Reid o Cameron b Nelson 14 Bannerman not out ' 9 Extras 10 Five wickets for (declared)... 216 Bowling Analysis.—Ramadan, 17 overs, 3 maidens, 54 runs, 2 wickets; Nelson, 11 overs,*74 rune, 1 wicket j Hardie, 9 overs, 1 maiden, 22 runs, 2 wickets; Tuckwell, 4 overs, 1 maiden, 17 runs; Westbrook, 2 overs, 14 runs; Watson, 3 overs, 14 runs; Cameron, 3 overs, 10 runs. Carisbrook B. —First Innings. Cameron st Martin b Alloo 15 Watson b Siedeberg 2 Westbrook b Alloo 0 Tuckwell b Siedeberg 4 Ramsden c Reid b Nugent e Bannerman b Nicholson-... 22 Price c and b Siedeberg 2 Drumm c Smith b Siedeberg 2 Hardie Ibw Alloo 30 Nelson b Alloo 2 Dc Beer not out 1 Extras 13 Total 96 Bowling Analysis.—A. P. Alloo, 18.5 overs, 6 maidens, 28 runs, 5 wickets ; Siedeberg, 15 overs, 8 maidens, 28 runs, 4 wickets; Bannerman, 10 overs, 4 maidens, 1 wide, 12 runs; Adams, 6 overs, 1 maiden, .13 runs; Nicholson, 3 overs, 2 runs, 1 wicket. Gkanoe v. Dunedin. Grange defeated Dunedin on the North Ground by 71 runs. Popple, who was the highest scorer for the winners, gave a fine display for his 45, this score including five 4’s and six 3’s. Paterson, who contributed 51, was the only other batsman to show any form. Beeby’s bowling had the Dunedin batsmen in trouble from start to finish, and was responsible for the fall of six wickets for 44 runs. Bryden (16), Maekersy (10), and Crammwl (10) were the highest scorers for Dunedin. The following are the scores: Grange.—First Innings. Popple c Graham b Maekersy 45 A. Graham b Maekersy 13 Chadwick c Gregg b Maekersy 16 Roberts b Johnston 6 Malcolm Ibw b Johnston 0 J. Graham b Johnston _5 Paterson c Hanna b Graham 31 W. Beeby c Wilkie b Graham 6 Henderson c Bryden b Graham 4 C. Beeby st Hanna b Maekersy 4 MKeich not out 0 Extras ... 6 Total 136 Bowling Analysis.—Johnston, 84 balls. 36 runs, 3 wickets; Graham, 78 balls, 26 runs, 3 wickets; Given, 30 balls, 18 runs; Maekersy, 102 balls, 50 runs, 4 wickets, Dunedin. —First Innings. Gregg Ibw b Graham ... .: X Cramond st Chadwick b Beeby 10 Bryden Ibw b Beeby 16 Hanna) b Beeby 0 Graham run out 9 Wilkie c 0- Beeby b Beeby 3 Howard st Chadwick b Beeby 6 Maekersy c Popple b Beeby 10 Johnston cW. Beeby b Graham ... 7 Given not out 3 Perry Ibw b Graham 0 Total 65 Bowling Analysis.—J- Graham, 84 balls, 21 runs, 3 wickets; Beeby, 84 balls, 44 runs, 6 wickets. SECOND GRADE. High School 102* (Hutchison 40) and 88 for four wickets, declared (Hutchison not out 29), defeated Christian Brothers 52 (Thorn 26) and 85 for two wickets (Thorn not out 50) on the first innings. In Christian Brothers’ first innings M’Naught took five wickets for 18 and Hutchison five for 29. •Opoho beat Albion by 43 runs. Albion were dismissed for 88 runs, Opoho responding with 131 (D. Eckhotf 47, Gra-in-m 26 not out). Morniagton defeated Grange on the first innings, (scores: Grange, 58 and 117 for two wickets (White 67 not out, Keast 37); Mornington, declared with three wickets down f0a,i,63 (J. Haig 75 not out, J. Watson 37 not out). Dunedin C 67, Dunedin B 54 (Thompson 24). St. Kilda were dismissed for 93 runs, to which Anderson Bay replied with 114. Carisbrnok C 114 (Austin 53) defeated Carisbrook D 90 (Nicholson 28 not out). THIRD GRADE. High School A defeated Grange (playing four men short) by 10 wickets. Scores; Grange, 49 and 29; High School, 68 (Jones 26 not out) and 14 for no wickets. Mornington 133, High School B 39. Christian Brothers 91, Albion 54. • OTAGO v. AUCKLAND. A special meeting of the Otago Cricket Association will be hold this evening to reconsider the matter of the Otago visit to Auckland. Since the previous resolution was passed a tempting offer has been received from the Auckland Association for an Otago team to visit Auckland, so there is a probability oi the trip eventuating. The following players are requested to attend practice at Carisbrook on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, at 5 p.m.C. Chadwick, Bell, Galland, Shepherd, A. W. Alloo, Casey, Eckbold, Watson, Ramsden, Tuckwell, Austin, Crawford, Siedeberg, Bannerman, Bruges, Adams, Eckholf, Westbrook, Duthie, T. Livingstone. IN OTHER CENTRES. Auckland. —Matches begun the previous week were concluded on (Saturday in fine weather. Eden A (207 and 102 for five wickets) beat Parnell (151 and 92 for seven wickets) by 76 runs on the first innings.—University, (197 and 104 for six wickets) beat Eden B (183) by 14 runs on the first innings.—Grafton (445 for seven wickets, declared) defeated Waitemata (159 and 73 for five wickets) by 306 runs ■ on the first innings.—North chore (162 1 and 126) beat Ponsonby (109) by 43 runs j on the first innings, Wellington. —Weather fine end the wickets m good order for the commencement of the third round of the season. East Wellington batted all the afternoon against Old Boys, and knocked up 464. Midlano made 171 (his second century of the season) end Baker 112. the partnership producing 206 runs, which is only IS below the local record, made about 20 years ago. The other chief scorers were Hughes (60) and Hickey (26 not out). The HughesMidlane partnership produced 100 runs. Tucker (Old Boys) took seven wickets for 165.—Batting against University, North Wellington made 436 for nine wickets and declared (Wilson 165, IJiddleston 115). Dickson took four wickets for 97.—Central met Petone and made 133. Petope responded with 100- In their second innings Central made 26 runs without the loss of a wicket. For Petone Barber took three wickets for 29, and Findlayson three for 28. For Central Robinson took six wickets for 32. Christchurch.—The following were the scores in the fourth round of the first grade matches:—St. Albans (101 and 23 for two wickets), Sydenham A (149). Linwood (63), Sydenham B (102).—Riccartqn (63), East Christchurch (20 for four wickets).—West Christchurch for nine wickets batted all the afternoon against Kaiapoi. scoring 498 (Butler 118, Bryan Brown 93, Westbrook has been .added to the 19 players chosen for practice in view of the representative matches. The whole 20 are requested to attend at Carisbrook on Monday. Tuesday, and Thursday evenings Wednesday being utilised for the Colls Lpractica,

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CRICKET, Issue 15663, 30 November 1914

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CRICKET Issue 15663, 30 November 1914

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