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PEOPLE’S DAY. Tho weather was dull and a cold wind was blowing for tho people’s day of the Show 7 . The attendance was very large in the afternoon, when the special attractions were the parade of stock, and the hunting and jumping matches, and the pony trots. The judging of the draught horses, harness horses, and hackneys took place in tho morning. The arrangements were excellently carried out by the president (Mr T. T. Ritchie), the vice-president (Mr Arthur Johnson), and the secretary (Air H. V. Fulton). The St. Kilda Band, the 4th Regimental Band, and the Forbury School Fife and Drum Band played selections. The Committee of Management had made excellent catering arrangements. As hitherto, Mrs Beatson was in charge of the luncheon booth. With reference to the paragraph referring to the absence of some of the Taieri breeders’ horses in the breeding draught horse section yesterday, in which it was stated that certain challenge cups which had been won by a certain Taieri breeder were not forthcoming, the president, Mr T. T. Ritchie, showed our representative the cups referred to, which were displayed in tho stewards and judges’ luncheon room, to-day. And after the difference between Mr Patrick and the society had been fully explained by Messrs Ritchie and. Johnson (on behalf o? the executive) to our representative, it appears that tho society are in no way to blame, but rather the victim of uncalled for opposition. Light showers of rain fell shortly after 2 o’clock. A large number of ladies in motor waggons did good business on behalf of the Belgian fund. The various side shows also did well, and the exhibits by local firms were well patronised. WORKING DRAUGHT HOUSE?. Judging in this section was not commenced until after 10.15 a.m., but owing to the poor entries in several of the classes the time lost was quickly picked up, and the ring cleared in ample time for the parade and competition. The quality of tho horses forward left little to bo desired in most rings, hut there wore exceptions, and in at feast one case the judges, .Messrs Oormack and Rendal), asked the stewards for instructions in the case of tho only entry paraded before them, not being worthy of a first prize. The stewards said that the awarding of any prize rested with tho judges, and in this particular case a pink ticket was handed over, though tho judges freely stated that tho exhibit was not worthy of it. The opening class, geldings, 4yrs and over, was a fair one, and the winner, W. Charters’s Prince, is a true typo of draught horse. The town carriers’ horses, only three forward, were good, and the winner, Johnson and Robertson's, was a distinctly stylish horse well up to the requirements of tho class. H. Guthrie’s coal delivery horse was another good one, and though only beating two the opposition was strong. The spiing-van horses, up to 20cwt, wore * serviceable lot of ho ses, and the winner, F. J. Carter’s gelding, was a very noo horse. Tho 15cwt class mis a veiy tjg one, but the. judges said that several ci them were too heavy for the conditions of tho class. C. Reekie owned the winner, and he beat some, really good ones in tho placed horses. J. Rattigan had an attractive and active horse in the lOcwt class, which secured him the prize, and with almost a rmnful of milk carts, tho. Taieri and Peninsula Milk .Supply Company gained a first in tho most attractive trades display class. A. and J. M’Farlano won in the class for five turnouts without opposition. The tradesmen s turnout class was a. very big and good one, and after an hour’s consideration the judges divided it into light and heavy horse classes. C. Reildos’ horse again won in the heavy-weights, and IV. Duke and Sons in tho light-weights. ' HARNESS HORSES. In tho class for harness horses there were fair entries. The gig horses on tho whole wore a. poor lot. The Forbury Park Trotting Club’s special prize of £3 3s for the best dog-cart horse, 15.5 hands or over, went to Mrs Cntten. The same club’s special prize of £3 3s for the best buggy horso was won by Mr T. Lockheed, while tho special prize of £2 2s offered by tho president (Mr T. T. Ritchie) for the best gig horse was awarded to .Mr W. Taylor. The champion ribbon for best harness homo also went to Mr Lockheed. COBS AND PONIES.

Cobs and ponies are. always attractive exhibits at a show, and the interest taken in the allotment of awards i« evinced by the large numbers who look on from the ringside. It was thought by some that the advent of the popular motor car would militate against the breeding of all light utility horses, but enthusiasts in the breeding and exhibiting of these classes of animaJf. remained convinced that the effect of mechanical locomotion would not have a serious effect as far as the. quality was concerned. To-day’s exhibition of cobs was *t good average, one, but the quality was not an outstanding feature of the display, except in a. few isolated instances. The society were fortunate in securing the services ot Mr H. Ilaissall, of Tomoana, Hawke’s Bay, as judge, and the practical methods adopted by this gentleman in testing the various animals brought under his notice met with warm approval, not only by the owners of the exhibits, hut by the general public, who take a keen interest in the proceedings. When Mr I las.sal I had selected the animals which ho proposed awarding tickets to, lie mounted each one and put it through its paces. This is a custom which has been in vogue in the North Island for a number of years, and has found considerable favor. It has much to commend it, and it is to be hoped that it will bo more generally adopted at southern shows. In the class for 16-hand cobs there were 15 entries. They were a fairly even lot, the judge remarking that they were a good useful lot, but not of outstanding quality. The first prize winner (Mr Allan’s 'Chappie) stood out, and won comfortably. The names of exhibitors from north of Dunedin were prominent in the prize list, and they showed some good useful horses. HACKNEY HOUSES. The hackney section was not a particularly strong one in point of quality, and the* competition in acme of the classes was very restricted. On _ the other hand, there was keen competition in other classes, which quite mode up for the paucity of entries in other?. The class for mounted infantry homo was disappointing. Exhibitors lose sight of the fact that an infantry house, although not over 15.2. is expected to carry a weight of close on 15 stone. The bulk of the animals shown in this class to-day wore 13-stone horses —much too light lor the purpose intended. 'Tito following is the prize list:— HARNESS HORSES. Judge: Mr J. H. M’Niven (Hawke's Bay). Carriage entire horse.-—W. P. Reid (Maheno) 1, John A. Johnston (Highcliff) Pair of carriage horses, not under 15«r hands, shown in harness and driven.—Mrs Cntten (Anderson Bay) X. Pair of buggy horses, not over 151 hands, shown in harness and driven.—J. M. Samson (North-east Valley) X. Dog-cart horse, mare or gelding, not under 15.5 hands, shown in harness and driven). —Mrs Cutten X> Robert W. Trotter (Kurow) 2, Mrs F. J. Conn (Anderson Bay) 3. Buggy horse, mare or gelding. 15 hands or over, to be shown in four-wheeler and driven.—Thomas Lockheed (Balclutha) X and 2, Miss B. Roggers (Dunedin) 3. Gig horse, mare or gelding, not over 15 hands, to be shown in gig and driven.— Waiter Taylor (Dunedin) 1, R. Allan, juu(Fairliq) 2,

WORKING DRAUGHT HORSES. 1 Judges: Messrs George Cormack church) and John Rendall (Te Houka). Gelding, 4yrs or over.—W. Charters'a Prince I, C. Stevenson 2. Christchurch Moat Company (Dunedin) 3. Pair of geldings, the property of one owner.—C. Stevenson 1, Town carrier's horse, mare or gelding.— Johnson and Robexteon 1, Spencer red Dunkley 2, Tilbury forwarding Company 3. Horse up to 25cv?t, to be shown in harness (coal merchants only).—'Henry Guthrie 1, Johnson and Robertson 2, M'Donald and King 3. Spring-van horse up to 20cwt.—F. J. Carter 1, J. M. Kano 2, W. Dimford 3, S. Allison c. Display of five turn-outs. —A. and J. M'Farlano. Tradesman’s turn-out, single horse (50 points for horse, 50 points for turn-out). — Heavy horses: C. Reekie (Anderson Bay) 1, H. Guthrie 2, M'Gavm and Co. o. Light horses; W. Duke and Sons 1, D. Buchanan 2, J. G. Laurenson 3. Most attractive trades display (horses and vehicles). —Taicrl and Peninsula Milk Supply Company, Ltd., 1, A. and J. M'Farlane 2. Spring-cart horse up to 15cwt.—C. Reekie (Anderson Bay) 1, J. Wright, jun. (Mosgiel) 2, H. Logie (South Dunedin) 3, M'Gavin and Co. h.0,, Henry Guthrie e. Express horse up to lOcwt. —J. Rattigan 1, D. Snell (Momona) 2, D. Buchanan (Green Island) 3, J. A. Johnston (Highcliff) h.c., Thomson and Co. c. COBS AND PONIES. Judge; Mr H, Hassell (Hawke’s Bay). Cob (mare or gelding), not exceeding 15 hands; to bo shown in saddle and ridden. —R. Allan, jun. (Fairlie) 1, John Jenkins (Oamam) 2, Jas. W. Thomson 5. Cob (mare or golding), up to 14st, not exceeding 14J) hands; to be shown in saddle and ridden.—John Jenkins (Oamani) 1, A. Douglas (Waikouaiti) 2, Walker Bros. (Outram) 3. Cob (marc or gelding), not exceeding 14 hands ; to be shown in saddle and ridden. —A. W. Douglas (Waikouaiti) 1 and 3, Geo. Livingstone (Windsor) 2. Cob (maro or gelding), up to 15 hands; to be driven.—K. Allan, jun. 1, Jas. W. Thomson 2, A. Douglas 3. Pony, mare or gelding, not over 14 hands, to be shown in harness and driven. —Goo. Livingstone 1, A. W. Douglas 2, Tlios. Fogg 3. Pony, mare or gelding, not over 13 hands, to be shown in harness and driven. —Walker Bros. (Outram) 1, Charles Gleader (Wingatui) 2. Mies O'Leary (Henley) 3. Boy’s pony, mare, or gelding, not above hands, and thoroughly quiet, to ride, to be ridden by a boy.—Gordon Aitchison (Hampden) 1, Walker Bros. 2, G. Gieader 3 Pony, mare or gelding, not above 13 bands, and thoroughly quiet to ride, to be ridden by a bov or girl.—'Gordon Aitchison 1, Walker Bros. 2, C. Gieskr 3.

Pony, mare or gelding, not above 12.2 hands, and thoroughly quiet to ride, to bo ridden hv a girl.—Miss O’Leary 1, Miss E. Ritchie 2, John Cameron 3. Shetland pony, mare.—Roderick MacKenzic 1. Shetland pony. mare.—Rods nek MacKenzin 1. Shetland pony, gelding.—Roderick MacKenzie 1. HACKNEY HORSES. Judge.: Mr H. Hassall (Hawke’s Bay). Hackney gelding or filly, 3yrs old; to bo shown in saddle and ridden.—John Sutherland (Allanton) 1, Geo. Girle (Otokia) 2, Hackney mare or gelding, syrs old ; to bo shown in saddle and ridden.—Miss Chrissio Reid (Otokia) 1, D. Snell (Momnna) 2. Horse (mare or gelding), not over 15.2, most suitable and adapted for mounted infantry corps; to be shown in saddle and ridden.—Thos. Lockhead (Bnlclutha) 1, R. Allan, jun, (Fairlie) 2, John R. Dickson 5. Hunter, any ■weight, to qualify over hurdles 3it bin.— Mrs F. J. Conn 1. Robert W. Ti'otter llvurow) 2, T. Hobbs (Waimate) 3. Hunter, any weight (open to bona fide members of Otago hunt clubs) which has followed club runs at not less than six meets. —Mrs F. J. Conn 1. James Mowat 2. Roadster or hack (marc or gelding), up to 15st; to be shown in saddle and ridden. —Robert W. Trotter 1, George Grant 2, George Kain (Beaumont) 3. Roadster or hack (marc or gelding), up to 13st: to bo shown in saddle and ridden. —Mrs F. J. Conn 1, A. S. M'Kay 2. Roadster or hack (marc or gelding), up to list; to be shown in saddle and ridden. -r-John Jenkins (Osmani) 1, Thomas Lockhead (Balclutha) 2, R. Robinson (Outrani) Lady's horse (mare or gelding), which has been thoroughly broken as a lady's hack; to be shown in saddle and ridden by a lady.—Miss Chrissie Reid (Otokia) 1, Thomas Lockhead 2, T. Hobbs 5. The champion ribbon for the best saddle horse was awarded to Mr R. W. Trotter's Union Jack, who was first in the lostroadster class. SHOW EXHIBITS [By Akjjawgkment.] W. STUART WILSON ANJ) CO.MOTOR CYCLES. This firm is again exhibiting the beet in motor cycles—B.S.A-s Triumphs, and Douglases. The Triumph Junior shown has been described by ‘ Motor Cycling ’ as one of the most fascinating and best' little machines it has ever been our fortune to inspect. It is fitted with a two-stroka (valvekes) engine. The machine, complete weighs, with full supplies of petrol and oii, only 1251b. The fact that it is a Triumph is sufficient guarantee that it is the last word in reliability, strength, and economy. Its hill-climbing qualities are amazing, going where all higher-powered machines will fail. Mr IV. Stuart Wilson and Co. arc also allowing a latest model Douglas, which has a very bnsinesa-liko appearance, and the manner in which these machines art- proving their mettle week by week and month by month in competitions in New Zealand proves conclusively their sterling worth. A 4. h.p. Triumph, with side car, shown ie a per-fect-looking combination. A 4 h.p. B.S.A. with a counter-shaft three-speed is a machine that gives one the impression that the motor engineer has almost reached perfection.

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THE SUMMER SHOW, Issue 15660, 26 November 1914

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THE SUMMER SHOW Issue 15660, 26 November 1914

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